Fun Factory Bootie Fem — Test & Review

   Cassie Mørch
Jan 2, 2024

Fun Factory Bootie Fem — Test & Review<

Cassie Mørch
: 25
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
: Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Dildo

  • are looking for a beginner-friendly butt plug
  • want a small butt plug to use during vaginal penetration
  • need a wearable butt plug for public play
  • love sex toys with cute designs and colors!

  • are expecting a lot of added stimulation to vaginal penetration
  • are more experienced and crave something larger or firmer
  • prefer the sensation of metal or glass butt plugs

Fun Factory Bootie Fem is a soft, smooth, and flexible butt plug with a unique tulip-shaped tip. The tip along with the asymmetrical T-shaped base are designed to elevate your double-penetration, PIV or DIV (dildo in vagina) experience. The Bootie Fem comes in beginner-friendly size that will neither overwhelm newbies nor bore the more experienced users. Perfect for solo play, couples play, and even for wearing comfortably out and about!

Fun Factory Bootie Fem -

I Could Never Resist Cute Sex Toy Aesthetics…

Obviously, the Fun Factory Bootie Fem is adorable. It’s much smaller than it seems in pictures, the unique tulip tip is actually quite pretty, and don’t even get me started on the dusty rose color! For me, the Bootie Fem scores a few easy points from the get-go, just by looking pretty darn cute!

Comfort & Insertion

Again, the Fun Factory Bootie Fem looks a lot bigger than it actually is. I would actually classify it as a small butt plug. This makes it pretty accessible to beginners. To my surprise, it was also incredibly flexible! The size and flexibility ultimately made it quite comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. In terms of insertion, I was a bit apprehensive about the tulip tip design. It didn’t seem logical to me that this “open” taper would be easy to insert – especially for newbies! This is where the flexibility comes in! The tip can actually be pinched together slightly to make that initial insertion a lot smoother. Even so, the tip of the butt plug is so small that it doesn’t prove too much of a challenge for your sphincter. Fears debunked!

Does it Live Up to Expectations of Elevated Partner Play?

Now, while it may have been more comfortable and easier to use than I expected, I wasn’t as pleasantly surprised by the design in action. The tulip tip is designed to push against the back wall of the vagina while inserted in the rectum. This is supposed to help angle any vaginal penetration to better target the g-spot. Now, I like the concept of this but I definitely wasn’t sold on it in practice. It may just be my anatomy that doesn’t work with this design, but I didn’t feel like it did anything special for PIV sex compared to other butt plugs I’ve used. On the contrary, I actually prefer using my larger metal butt plug for this. The weight and firm material feels bit more impressive for double penetration play. However, for easy solo fun, or if I ever feel like wearing a comfortable butt plug out and about, I would go for the Bootie Fem!

Fun Factory Bootie Fem -

Even though I like the aesthetic of the Bootie Fem, I was a bit skeptical of the ergonomic design at first. It didn’t seem like it would be very easy to insert. Although, I was pleasantly surprised at how small it actually was. The tip was just petite and flexible enough to be easy to handle. The asymmetrical base also makes vaginal play a lot easier while wearing it. I'm not sure if "lube channel" in the middle of the tulip tip actually does much in terms of keeping things lubricated. The good part is that it's not more difficut to clean than any other regular butt plug. And that tulip tip is pretty dang cute to look at!

Fun Factory Bootie Fem -

As I mentioned earlier, I thought the Fun Factory Bootie Fem was going to be almost impossible to insert! This was not at all a problem to the degree I thought it would be. While it may take a few tries, it goes in pretty easily because of the flexibility! Once it was in, it also stayed in there pretty securely. Surprisingly comfortable to wear and a lot more accessible for newbies than I originally thought.

Fun Factory Bootie Fem -

The Fun Factory Bootie Fem is definitely a high-quality product. Along with other products from Fun Factory it is made of quality materials and features uniquely ergonomic designs. I definitely don't think it feels or looks cheap! The only complaint I have is that the finish on silicone toys from Fun Factory is sanded down, making it more matte. The material attracts a lot of dust and hair and requires a bit of a rinse before use.

Fun Factory Bootie Fem - <

The Fun Factory Bootie Fem is a bit pricey for a simple, small silicone butt plug. Although, I do think the unique design adds a little extra element of fun. It's definitely made of high-quality materials, and a unique design. So, while I do think it's not the cheapest option out there, I still think it's worth getting, if you think you might like the aesthetics and the unique features. Although, keep in mind that the tulip tip may not do as much for PIV penetration as you might hope!

Fun Factory Bootie Fem -

As mentioned earlier, I'm not quite sold on the Fun Factory Bootie Fem being especially great from PIV or DIV sex. The design is well thought out but doesn't perform well in practice in my opinion. Perhaps if the tip itself were bigger or the material firmer, it would actually make a difference. However, as a regular beginner-friendly silicone butt plug it performs pretty well. It's comfortable for wear for longer periods and perfectly discreet for public play. It also picks up vibrations quite well, so pressing a vibrator up against it while inserted it can feel really nice!

Fun Factory Bootie Fem -

The packaging for the Fun Factory Bootie Fem is quite simple. Compared to the packaging for some other Fun Factory products it's quite minimalistic. A simple cardboard box with some basic information on it. There's also a small pamphlet with user instructions and additional tips and ideas for how to use your new product. Simple and to the point. However, at this price, I would have liked a storage bag included in the packaging.

Fun Factory Bootie Fem -

The Fun Factory Bootie Fem is made completely of 100% body safe, non-porous silicone and is fully waterproof. It's super easy to clean and maintain! Simply rinse of any residue, lather it up with some mild, unscented soap or sex toy cleaner, and rinse again. Dry it off thoroughly and store it somewhere safe away from lint or dust (this is where a storage bag would be great!). If you want to keep your butt plug completely clean in between uses or sterilize it before someone else uses it, you can easily boil it in some water for a few minutes.

Length3.3 inches
Insertable length2.79 inches
Diameter1.14 inches
Colors AvailableRose, Dark Taupe

Fun Factory Bootie Fem -

The Fun Factory Bootie Fem has that unique tulip tip design that supposedly has a few different purposes. Fun Factory also describes it as a “lube channel” that helps keep the bulb nice and lubricated during use. I’m not sure if it makes that much of a difference if I’m honest, but the concept it pretty nifty! The tulip tip is also supposed to be ergonomically designed to elevate vaginal penetration while wearing the butt plug. As mentioned above, I didn’t find this to be particularly impressive in terms of sensation. On the flip side, the tip wasn’t as difficult to insert as I thought it would be. I also think the tip makes the butt plug look pretty cute and unique!

  • Unique tulip-shaped tip for extra stimulating vaginal penetration
  • Asymmetrical T-shaped base for good vaginal access
  • Flexible base and neck for comfortable wear
  • Quality materials
  • Easy to clean and sterilize

  • The tip can be tricky to insert at first
  • Does not do much for PIV or DIV stimulation

Overall, I think the Fun Factory Bootie Fem is a good quality butt plug with a cool concept behind it. Although, I feel like some of the features work better in theory than in practice. As a basic silicone butt plug, it definitely gets the job done, adding a little extra stimulation to your usual fun. It's surprisingly beginner-friendly, easy to insert, and comfortable to wear - even for longer periods of time. For partnered play and double penetration purposes, I personally would prefer using a larger metal or glass butt plug because it just feels a bit more intense. However, for elevating my solo adventures or potentially wearing out and about, I'd still enjoy the Bootie Fem.

Anyone with an anus! Well, anyone with an anus who wants to. Obviously, some of the design elements are crafted with vagina-owner anatomy in mind. Although, that doesn't mean anybody else won't find some pleasure in using the Bootie Fem. It can still provide some added stimulation to any orgasm!

Since the Bootie Fem is made of 100% silicone, you should opt for a good water-based lube to avoid damaging the material.

The design of the Bootie Fem makes it easy and comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. You could wear it all day if you make sure to reapply lube generously, ensure your own comfort and safety at all times, and reinsert it every few hours or during bathroom breaks. Although I don't recommend waering it overnight.