Fun Factory Volita — Test & Review

   Jennifer Carlisle
Jan 18, 2024

Jennifer Carlisle
: 27
: Beginner
: Female
: Heterosexual

  • Are looking for a toy great for traveling
  • Want a not so intrusive toy to start with
  • Are looking for a vibrating, almost flicking sensation in your toy
  • Are looking for an easy toy to manage and clean

  • Have gripping or mobility problems
  • Don't wanna replace batteries
  • Are looking for an extra spicy toy in your life


The Fun Factory Volita is a sleek and smooth toy great for someone who has no experience with toys or for someone looking to expand their collection. With simple easy to follow steps this eliminates any mishaps or fumbles in the bedroom or even on the go.

Fun Factory Volita -

Personally, the Volita is something I was not expecting. As a beginner I was unaware of what awaited me in the nifty little packaging and I must say I was not disappointed. Both in solo play and couples play this toy went above and beyond. To my amazement it is only powered by a single battery. Unfortunately because of the single battery power, gripping the toy firmly in different places other than the base can make the vibration stop. This did cause a bit of frustration during play, but once safe hand placement was established the experience was explosive. Play consisted of both “on” and “off” vibration play to see what the toy was actually able to withstand and do. It passed each test with flying colors. Comparing the Volita to oral sex is a bit on the basic side for me and a touch less intense than what I would prefer, but as a little helper during couples play is a better way to express my happiness with the product itself. Overall, the Volita is more so a great assistant in couples play than in solo play in my sexual experience. I am more of someone looking to hurry to my destination and be quickly satisfied during solo play as it is more of a spur of the spare moment versus cutting out the time in the day to spend it with my husband. 

Fun Factory Volita -

The design of this product was a bit humorous to myself and my husband with its vibrating tips, which made it a perfect icebreaker for bringing new items into our sex life. The smooth design made it great for playtime although the gripping end could be a bit longer. The quietness of the product when turned on is actually surprisingly quiet making this a great start to our collection. This would also make a great travel companion during holiday stays to give yourself or your partner a bit of relief from all that family stress without letting the whole household in on your dirty little secret.

Fun Factory Volita -

This toy is fairly easy to use, although instructions are rather limited and more of a way to show off more of their products. It is as simple as unscrewing the base, placing the AA battery inside, returning the base to its original place and turning it to the “on” or “off” positions. From there you are able to play for up to four hours on a single battery. This toy can be a bit sensitive to grip as I have stated before, so this may not be suitable for those who have gripping and/or mobility issues. This slight problem can also place a very small learning curve for buyers. Overall though it is easy to use leaving me with a review of 98/100.

Fun Factory Volita -

This product does not seem to feel cheap by any means. The material is a slightly textured silicone but in my thoughts has an overall smooth feel to it. It has a slight bit of weight to it which makes me feel a bit more comfortable using it for play in water based areas or if it is to fall abruptly from a decent height without creating much if any damage at all. As I have stated before this toy is also surprisingly quiet. I was skeptical as some who advertise a “quiet” toy have reviews that say otherwise. This toy was true to what it said though allowing quiet play for those looking to have a quick discreet session or those with noise sensitivities. Overall this part of the product receives a 100/100 in my personal opinion.

Fun Factory Volita - <

I don’t believe this product to be the cheapest nor the most expensive on the market. After being around other product sellers and seeing the price of their product I feel that this price is fair and a happy medium of product pricing. The only thing that was included with the product was a card simply stating, “ I licked it, so it’s mine.” which I found humorous but not necessary. I personally believe I pay for a product and only the product, anything else with it is just an awesome bonus. With that being said for the price and what I received, this was a fair price.

Fun Factory Volita -

Overall I think the product meets what is stated on the website. The vibration was great and stayed quiet during use. Battery did not seem hot during use. After a good amount of time of use in a water based environment the battery seemed like it got weak and didn't want to work. After allowing it to dry out, using the same battery, there were no issues. With this in mind, light water play is probably the best form of water play with this toy. The product was nowhere near painful and was very easy to lubricate if needed to prevent any pain during use. Although it is not rechargeable it states a single battery is supposed to last up to four hours and from my experience this could be very true as we still are on our first battery after multiple uses both solo and couples play.

Fun Factory Volita -

This product box is not discreet by any means. With the product image directly on the box, I am very pleased that they shipped it in a discreet packaging bag. The color of the packaging was nice and professional. The packaging fits the product firmly inside it leaving very little room for much of an instruction manual for the buyer or user. Instructions claim the Volita to be waterproof and not intended for anal use . There was some information on the inside of the box but if I am being honest, my husband and I were too excited to try it out and damaged the box making most of it unreadable before he tossed the packaging away.

Fun Factory Volita -

All of the Volita seems to be body-safe and non porous being made from 100% Medical grade silicone giving a high quality feel by weight and texture of the product. It says you can use warm water and a safe soap to clean it, but I would recommend an actual cleaner made for toys instead especially if you are sensitive to soaps. Storing the product wouldn't be difficult but it does not come with anything to place it in, so make sure to find or have a place strictly for your toy to keep it clean and ready to go for anytime you’re in the mood.

Vibration speeds1
Length6.3 inches
Width1.2 inches
MaterialsMedical-Grade Silicone
Battery Life240 minutes
RechargeableNo, Uses 1x AA Battery
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailablePurple

Fun Factory Volita -

The vibrating tips are probably the best and only special feature on this vibrator.  Although they are two separate tips they are close enough for penetration causing no issues in snag or hang ups along the way but yet enough room for stimulation on the outside of the body as well. Personally I have never used another toy like this so I can not give any other information on how it compares to other products on the current market. 

  • Up to 4 hours of play
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to use
  • Great for beginners

  • Battery-operated
  • Vibration stops if gripped incorrectly
  • Instructions are limited

In conclusion to this review, I do believe with the easy to use and clean features, look, and feel of this product that this is a great toy that is available for anyone looking to try something new. Saying that testing this product was a pleasure is more than just a pun, but the honest to god truth. If you are looking to purchase this toy, do not hesitate, you will not be disappointed!

You can find a user manual for the Volita can be found here on Fun Factory’s website.

Yes, this product is quiet compared to a lot of products on the market.

This product size is 6.3 inches in length and has a slight texture to the silicone. I would suggest pairing this toy with a lube to eliminate the possibility of being uncomfortable.

Yes, it has a silicone outside making it easy to keep clean and safe to use.

The battery (not included) can last up to 4 hours.