Inmi Ride N Grind Test and Review

   Edie Billhimer
Mar 27, 2024

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Enjoy grinding to orgasm.
  • Want a hands-free toy you can use solo or with a partner.
  • Love targeted and wide-spread stimulation.
  • Need a toy that's disability friendly.
  • Get off on textured clitoral stimulation.

  • Are looking for a penetration toy.
  • Don't enjoy external anal stimulation.


The Inmi Ride N Grind is a soft, supple grinder that features a beautifully textured clitoral stimulator and an external anal stimulator. Both motors are powerful, have 10 settings and can be used separate or together. And when combined, you get incredible, all-over stimulation! You can use this grinder with the buttons on the product, or operate it via the small, lightweight remote control. It's shaped so that you can straddle it or place it against your body while lying down, and the height makes is incredibly comfortable for riders. The Ride N Grind material is a smooth and silky silicone, with just enough squish to allow you to sink into the toy. This toy is perfect for those who love to grind, either alone or with a partner. Plus, I highly recommend it for people with mobility issues, post-menopausal folks not wanting penetration, and those transitioning.

Inmi Ride N Grind -

Mama’s First Grinder

When you get to be my age, and sex is a bit more of a struggle, you look for toys that aren’t huge, or can be used externally for pleasure. And considering I have more clitoral suction toys that any one person needs, I wanted to try something different. Furthermore, since I’m a total cowgirl queen, I thought a grinder would be suitable. So, I was sent the Inmi Ride N Grind to test and review.

The Box Turned Me Off

Right off the bat, the box turned me off and made me question testing the Ride N Grind. On the box was a tight, young, 20-something, legs spread and riding the product. The photos consisted of her nakedness from the front and back. I laughed hysterically because, since gaining some post-menopausal booty, I assumed I would bury this thing and need help from the local fire department of extricate the toy. In addition, I somehow thought it would be too difficult for me to straddle, considering I have a disability that makes my hips pop out of joint if my legs are spread too far. So again, I questioned whether or not the toy would be too short for me to comfortably ride. Well, I was so wrong on every single aspect. I overthink things, for sure!

Pre-Gaming Thoughts

Aside from the above fears, I LOVED the way the Ride N Grind felt! It’s heavy on the bottom, to keep it upright, and covered in the softest, squishiest silicone! The texture on the clitoral stimulator was soft, yet firm enough to feel amazing. Then, I realized the anal stimulator was the perfect size and shape for optimal sensations without actually penetrating. I played with all of the buttons, which lit up and worked well. I synced the remote control and loved operating the toy even more! So, before even trying the Ride N Grind, I thought it was a well-made, quality product that would suit a huge number of people. But then came the test….

Giddy’ up!

Testing sex toys is a weird thing. I mean, I just can’t get a new toy, rip it out of the box and try it out. I have to be in the mood. So with this grinder, the more I thought about it, sitting over there in the box and in the company of a few other new toys, the more my interest was piqued. So, when the time came, it was a spur-of-the-moment, I’m in the mood sort of thing. I grabbed the lube, fired up the Ride N Grind and got the ride of my life! First and foremost, I didn’t need the fire department to pry the toy out of my ample butt cheeks. Plus, the height of the toy was much better than I thought! I was able to comfortably straddle it and it stayed in place! I was even able to play around with the different settings without going to O-town right away. This thing FEELS AMAZING! The texture is insanely good with plenty of bumps to grind against!  And the anal stimulator combined with that gave me a targeted AND diverse stimulation that I felt throughout my entire vulva. WOW!!!

So Many People Will Love This!

After I came back down and was laying here in bed, basking in the glow of a stress-relieving climax, I started thinking about how many people would enjoy this product! Of course, older women, like myself, would enjoy it without worrying about thinning tissues and penetration. However, in thinking about people with mobility issues, I realized how wonderful it is because of the size, the shape and the remote control. Plus, Trans people would benefit from this too, especially those with a small penis/clitoris! So yes, I find the Inmi Ride N Grind a fantastic toy for so many people! And if you’ve never tried a grinder before, and this piqued your interest, GO FOR IT! You will be glad that you did!  

Inmi Ride N Grind -

The design of the Inmi Ride N Grind is well thought-out and borderline genius. It's the perfect height for riding and the texture for grinding is absolutely well-done. The anal bump, is also well-designed, as it gives you all of the stimulation, minus the penetration. The materials are soft, smooth and perfectly squishy, which adds to the overall feel and experience. The size, lengthwise, was also carefully thought-out to fit most bodies, and the bottom-heavy base keeps it upright for the entire ride. Combined, every single aspect of the Ride N Grind is far better than I thought they would be. And in my personal experience and opinion, this one is a must-try! Beautiful, comfortable, easy-to-use and REALLY gets the job done.

Inmi Ride N Grind -

I have loved many toys over the years, but this one is getting rated highly, for a reason: it deserves it. The Inmi Ride N Grind is the perfect size, shape, height and weight that's suitable for so many types of people. You can control the toy by the buttons on the end, if you choose to use it lying down. Or, you can use the remote while riding solo or teasing a partner - and it reaches up to 24 feet away. The remote synced in mere seconds and the buttons are raised, so easy to feel and operate. All-in-all, the Ride N Grind is incredibly simple to use as well as being suitable for post-menopausal women, those with mobility and grip issues as well as Trans people seeking stimulation for small clitorises and penises. Why this toy isn't WIDELY available, is beyond me!

Inmi Ride N Grind -

The only reason I took away 2 points from a perfect 100, is that the box makes the product appear cheap. HOWEVER, once you have the Ride N Grind in your hands, you will swoon! The silicone is incredibly supple, with just enough squish to make grinding comfortable. The bottom of the toy is weighted, making it stay in place during use, while keeping it from toppling over. The remote is small, but has raised buttons for easy feel and press. Sound-wise, it's pretty darn quiet, especially when your entire under-carriage is covering it! The Ride N Grind is sturdy, well-made and just gorgeous!

Inmi Ride N Grind - <

Now, let's talk about price. No, this isn't a Bluetooth, uber-fancy, high tech toy. However, it's rechargeable, can be operated by the buttons or via the remote control. It's made from high-quality silicone that's insanely soft and slightly squishy. The Inmi Ride N Grind includes charging cord and the remote control battery, as well as instructions. And even though it doesn't include a storage bag and the box is flimsy, it's still 100% worth the money. And with the price of good, quality sex toys, this one gives you ALL of the quality, without the stupid-expensive price tag. This affordable find is a must-have for anyone who loves riding and grinding.

Inmi Ride N Grind -

The Inmi Ride N Grind out-performed my expectations! The vibrations were a nice combination of buzz and rumble and the toy, overall was quiet. It didn't overheat (thank goodness, considering I'm riding it). Charging was fast and the battery is still going strong. I'm not sure how long the remote battery will last, but it was nice that it was included. The dual motors are extremely strong and both have enough speeds and patterns to allow for edging. And finally, with two ways to operate it - via the buttons or the remote - it makes the Ride N Grind suitable for many different ways of playing.

Inmi Ride N Grind -

The packaging was a total and complete turn-off for me. The box that the Inmi Ride N Grind is what you'd imagine seeing in those nasty XXX-rated book stores with $1.00 peep shows and tons of porn in the back. Furthermore, it's definitely NOT suitable for homes with small children, as there is nudity on the box - front and back. Sure, it shows how to ride the toy, but was it necessary to have porn-esque pictures of the perfect girl with the perfect body? In addition, the box is flimsy, with a flimsy plastic tray inside, neither of which won't last beyond taking the toy in and out a couple of times. This is definitely a product that NEEDS a storage bag because the box needs to be trashed on day 1.

Inmi Ride N Grind -

The Inmi Ride N Grind is created with high-quality silicone that's silky-smooth and slightly squishy, making it incredibly comfortable for grinding. Although the product doesn't state whether or not it's waterproof, I would guess it's waterproof enough to wash, but with the buttons on the end, it shouldn't be submersed and ridden. I used water-based lubricant, which made the Ride N Grind super-slippery and clean-up was a breeze with mild soap and warm water. As far as storage goes, it doesn't come with a bag, so I'm using the box until such time I can purchase a storage bag.

Vibration modesTotal 20
Vibration speedsEach motor has 3
Vibration patternsEach motor has 7
Length6.6 inches
MaterialsSilicone and ABS plastic
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote Controls

Inmi Ride N Grind -

  • Two motors which can be used separately or synced together.
  • Includes a remote control for true hands-free use.
  • Soft, supple and squishy silicone for a comfortable ride.
  • The perfect height and weight to keep the toy in place.
  • The right length for clitoral and external anal stimulation.
  • Great for older people, those with mobility issues, and those in transition.

  • Doesn't include a storage bag.
  • The packaging is tacky and includes nudity.

The Inmi Ride N Grind surpassed my expectations in every aspect! It's comfortable to ride, the material feels amazing against the body and the handy remote control makes solo and couple play so easy and convenient. Most of all, as a person with a disability, everything about the Ride N Grind was sheer perfection - from the height to the remote control. I can't recommend this grinder enough for anyone wanting to experience hands-free play and complete and total vulva sensations!

To use the Inmi Ride N Grind. long-press the clitoral stimulation button and the anal bump button to turn the toy on. Then, press the center of the remote control to sync them together. Now, you can operate the Ride N grind with the on-product buttons or by using the remote control.

No, there are 2 motors, 1 for the clitoris and 1 for the anal opening. However, the power is so good, you can feel the vibrations from one end to the other.

The riding portion that hits the clitoris is designed with 5 horizontal bumps that go from the top, then down toward the vagina.

Unless you are into anal gaping, the bump that vibrates to stimulate the anal opening is quite large, giving you stimulation all around the vulva without penetrating.

You can ride the Ride N Grind by straddling it on the bed, the floor or wherever you choose. Or you can sit on it while using a chair.

The Ride N Grind has a magnetic connecting USB compatible charging cord.