Je Joue Hera Flex — Test & Review

   Cassie Mørch
Feb 9, 2024

Je Joue Hera Flex — Test & Review<

Cassie Mørch
: 25
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
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  • feel like your anatomy hasn't worked well with other rabbits
  • want to be able to customize the shape of your rabbit vibrator
  • enjoy broad clitoral stimuation
  • like the idea of a flexible stem
  • love soft and squishy silicone vibrators

  • prefer rabbit vibrators with bunny ears or texture on the clitoral stem
  • enjoy something with a girthier insertable shaft
  • are on a budget


The Je Joue Hera Flex is an elegant rabbit-style vibrator that offers a lot more flexibility than your average rabbit vibrator. The unique "Body Flex Technology" allows you to adjust the shaft so it will fit your anatomy perfectly. The shorter stem for clitoral vibration is really wide and flexible. This stem covers a broad area of stimulation while allowing you to adjust the pressure against your clitoris with the level of flexibility it offers. The whole toy is covered in luxuriously soft, smooth, and squishy black silicone. Not only does it look and feel amazing against your skin, it is 100% non-porous and body-safe.

Je Joue Hera Flex -

Did I Finally Find The Glass Slipper of Vibrators?

It’s safe to say that, in the past, I’ve had big hopes and dreams of being blown away by the joys of using a rabbit vibrator. I’ve also tried my fair share of rabbit vibrators before. I’ve tried different designs, different sizes, different features. None of my experiences were anywhere near mindblowing. It just always felt like the fixed distance between the clitoral stem and the insertable shaft didn’t match the proportions between my clitoris and vaginal opening. This just led to a lot of disappointment and I was close to giving up on ever finding a rabbit vibrator that could show me a good time. Enter the Je Joue Hera Flex. Because of the poseable shaft and the super flexible stem, it seemed like I might be able to customize my rabbit vibrator experience. Perhaps this elegant little vibrator could be the perfect fit?

A Flexible Fit For Everyone

When I first took the Je Joue Hera Flex out of the box, I was so excited by the soft and squishy silicone surface. It felt so comfortable to the touch! Next up was the poseable shaft. It’s so easy to move around yet holds it’s shape pretty well. That little part of me that still wanted a great rabbit vibrator experience gave a little happy flutter. Even though I haven’t tried it myself, this products actually reminds me of the We-Vibe Nova 2, which I’ve heard amazing things about in terms of flexibility.

Real Life Isn’t A Perfect Fairytale…

When it came to trying out the Je Joue Hera Flex I experimented with posing the shaft in a lot of different positions and angles. This way I could really discover what worked for me. Somewhere along the way I actually was able to find a position that allowed the toy to hit all the sweet spots at the same time! Succes! I enjoyed the dual stimulation that actually felt comfortable for once, and the vibrations were nice and powerful. While the Je Joue Hera Flex did give me a customized fit and a great overall masturbation experience, I still wasn’t completely blown away. Using this rabbit vibrator actually taught me something important. After trying it a few times and experiencing only moderately exciting orgasms, I’ve actually come to conclusion that vibrations in general just aren’t my favorite thing in the world. Whenever I’m looking for mindblowing pleasure, I prefer using powerful clitoral suction toys or insertables that can provide some really firm internal massage, like glass dildos or metal dildos. So, even after finding that rabbit vibrator with a perfect fit for my anatomy, it wasn’t quite the happy ending I was hoping for.

Je Joue Hera Flex -

I absolutely love the overall design of the Je Joue Hera Flex. It's simple, elegant, sexy, and wonderfully bendy. I adore the adjustable shaft and very much appreciate the wide stem for broad clitoral stimulation. The only thing I would change is the handle. I would make it slightly longer or create an ergonomic design for better grip. I felt like it was a bit difficult to hold and my hands did tend to cramp up during longer sessions. However, I do reallyl iek the soft and squishy silicoen that covers the handle!

Je Joue Hera Flex -

In theory, the Je Joue Hera Flex is super easy to use. In practice, it does have a bit of a learning curve. As with all adjustable or poseable toys, you just need some time and practice to figure out what settings or positions work for you and your body. At first I thought the controls were a bit confusing to use, until I discovered that I didn't know there was a thrid button! My bad. The three buttons actually make it easy and intuitive to scroll through the different vibrations speeds and patterns.

Je Joue Hera Flex -

I think the Je Joue Hera Flex is a premium quality product. It looks and feels pretty sleek and luxurious but it is slightly more affordable than other high-end sex toys. Made of 100% non-porous, quality materials like silicone and ABS plastic, this little vibe is safe to use internally, easy to clean, comfortable on the skin, and also fully waterproof! It's also USB rechargeable and the adjustable feature works really well. In conclusion, there's really nothing to complain about in terms of quality.

Je Joue Hera Flex - <

Now, since I would consider the Je Joue Hera Flex to be somewhat of a luxury sex toy, I wouldn't expect a very cheap price tag anyway. However, compared to many other high-end products like this, it's actually quite moderately priced. Of course, it's probably not something I would recommend to someone on a tight budget. But for anyone who really needs a good quality, flexible rabbit vibrator, this one is worth saving up for!

Je Joue Hera Flex -

Now, as excited as I was about the Je Joue Hera Flex, I was a bit dissappointed after using it a few times. Although, this is more of a personal issue of me discovering that vibrations don't feel as good to me as other types of stimulation. The shaft held it's shape pretty well during penetration, but I did feel like the clitoral stem was difficult to position properly. I did enjoy that the vibrations were pretty powerful and the patterns did actually feel quite nice. However, some of the vibrations felt a lot more buzzy than rumbly, and I usually prefer deep, rumbly vibes.

Je Joue Hera Flex -

The packaging for the Je Joue Hera Flex was actually quite pretty and simple. The box itself matched the subtle, sleek, and elegant look of the toy itself. A slide-off box with a plastic display window to show the vibrator itself nestled in foam. Underneath the charger and informational pamphlets were tucked away. One thing I was a bit disppointed about was the lack of a storage bag. I woud expect a vibrator at this price point to include a storage option, especially a product with such a smooth and flaweless surface. I wouldn't want to damage it in storage.

Je Joue Hera Flex -

Since the Je Joue Hera Flex is made of non-porous materials, silicone and ABS plastic, it is both 100% body-safe and super easy to clean. It's also completely waterproof! After use, simply rinse the toy with warm water and wash thoroughly with a mild, unscented soap. Dry off completely and store it somewhere safe from dust, lint, and direct sun. Try to avoid storing it close to other silicone toys as the surfaces can be damaged over time. During use, it's recommend to only water-based lube with the Je Joue Hera Flex.

Vibration speeds5
Vibration patterns7
Length7 inches
Insertable length3.5 inches
Diameter1.2 inches
MaterialsSilicone & ABS plastic
Battery Life90 minutes
Charging Time60 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
FlexibilityFlexible stem and poseable shaft
AdjustableShaft is adjustable

Je Joue Hera Flex -

One of the things that makes the Je Joue Hera Flex stand out to me is definitely the poseable insertable shaft. It really was a gamechanger for me in terms of actually enjoying this type of vibrators. The shaft is super easy to adjust and it actually holds its shape very well during use! Not only does this special feature make it a lot more accessible for a lot of different body types and anatomies, it also makes it easier (and more pleasurable) to enjoy the Je Joue Hera Flex in a lot of different positions. Simply adjust the shaft so it presses nicely against your internal sweet spots in whether sitting, standing, squatting, or lying down on your back or stomach.

  • High quality materials
  • Easy to use controls
  • Shaft is adjustable
  • The stem for clitoral stimulation is very flexible
  • The soft, squishy silicone around the handle provides a good grip

  • A bit pricey
  • Vibrations are a bit buzzy

Even though I've struggled to enjoy rabbit vibrators in the past, I was willing to give it one last shot with the Je Joue Hera Flex. It seemed like the flexibility and the poseable shaft was the solution to all my earlier problems of feeling like my anatomy didn't match up with the design of most rabbit vibrators. Thanks to this little toy, I can now conclude that I have not given up on rabbit vibes forever. My experience with the Je Joue Hera Flex was actually really nice. Although, I have also come to the conclusion that vibrations may just not be as pleasing to me as other sensations, such as clitoral suction or vaginal thrusting. Maybe it was never really a problem with my anatomy, but more an issue of whether or not I actually enjoyed the sensation of dual stimulation with vibrations. Either way, I'm glad this product could help me figure that out. For the first time ever I could customize my rabbit experience and enjoy everything that has to offer! I would totally recommend this vibrator to anyone who has ever felt like their anatomy wasn't great for rabbit vibrators. It's not the cheapest product but it definitely is a high quality toy that looks and feels super luxurious.

The Je Joue Hera Flex Whilst your toy is water resistant and is capable of safe use both in the bath or shower, it should not be submerged for prolonged periods of time and should be dried completely after such use.

Since the Je Joue Hera Flex doesn't come with a storage bag, I recommend purchasing one on your own. You can also store it wrapped lightly in some fabric, keeping it safe from dust and lint or any damaging materials.

While it is mostly recommended for vulva and vagina owners to use for dual stimulation on the clitoris and in the vagina, it's not necessarily a bad idea to use for anal play. Now, since you can't really sterilize the Je Joue Hera Flex because of the motorized parts, I wuldn't recommend switching between using it anally and vaginally. However, if you or your partner owns a prostate and loves perinuem stimulation, the Je Joue Hera Flex might be a nice little toy for that kind of anal play. The flexible shaft can help you target the prostate with delicious vibrations while the perineum is pampered with that wide stem.