Le Wand Gee — Test & Review

   Kari Masterson
Jun 27, 2024

Kari Masterson
: 40
: Advanced
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: Queer
: We-Vibe Melt

  • Love the idea of a luxury toy
  • Want to upgrade your current G-spot vibe
  • Are looking for a multi-use toy
  • Are looking for a quiet G-spot vibe

  • Are unsure what type of G-spot toy you like
  • Need a budget friendly toy
  • Care about using the vibe in partner play
  • Are looking for a light weight toy


The Le Wand Gee operates as a multi-use vibrator wand. The Gee can be used internally and externally. The shaft of the vibe is flexible and ends in a flared, bulbous head designed to target the G-spot. The vibe’s end can also be used to stimulate the clitoris as a lay on vibe. The Gee is 2.1 inches wide and 6.5 long, and it is made of smooth, sleek body-safe metal and soft silicone. The wand has 15 differing modes of operation—14 patterns and one steady mode; The modes all have six levels of intensities that can increased or decreased. The Gee has a travel lock for worry-free travel and is marketed as a whisper quiet vibe. It is also shower friendly and USB rechargeable.

Le Wand Gee -

First Impressions

When I first received the Lee Wand Gee in the mail, I was interested to see how I would like the toy. I’ve tried several G-spot toys and am tuning my preferences. I appreciated the weight of the toy; I find the toy to be heavier than my other G-spot vibes and enjoy the sensation of having a weighted handle. The Gee definitely stood out compared to my other G-spot vibes in design aesthetics too. The shiny metal handle and the soft rose shaft of the Gee are certainly display-worthy. I wish the box the Gee came in would allow the Gee to be displayed because the vibe is such a visual sight!

The Gee in Play Mode

When I used the Gee, I ended up having mixed feelings about the wand. The two main features I enjoyed about it are its strength and vibe sensation and its use as a lay-on vibe. I was surprised I enjoyed the Gee as a lay on vibe, because I was thinking of the toy as only a G-spot vibe. The head of the vibe provides broad and strong vibrations, and I enjoyed these vibes for direct clitoral play. The vibrations didn’t feel strongly “rumbly” as described on the box but a mid-way between rumbly and buzzy, which I enjoyed. There are several main features I disliked during play with the Gee. For G-spot and lay on play, I wish the handle of the vibe was longer — then I’d have more ability to maneuver and access the vibe. My partner found the handle too small as well. They said the metal handle made it difficult to grasp onto the wand while trying to maneuver the vibe during partner play. With their mobility issues, they also found the wand too heavy for prolonged use. I also wish the buttons were on the other side of the handle when I used the vibe on myself. Since the buttons are on the side against my body (the vibe is curved in a way to promote this way of holding the vibe), the buttons became squished between the handle and my body.

Le Wand Gee -

The Le Wand Gee feels and looks unique in several ways. The Lee Wand is marketed as a light-weight G-spot vibe, but I have a couple of other G-spot vibes and the Lee Wand is certainly the heaviest of the group. The wand is approximately half a pound. The weight of the vibe is not necessarily a negative: I personally find the weight of the handle a fun, contrasting sensory experience with the light, silicone shaft of the wand. However, some may find the weight of the vibe a limitation in using the toy. The actual look of the Gee does stand out compared to my other G-spot vibes: None of my other vibes have a metal handle, and the light blush-pink color of the shaft’s silicone is refreshing amongst my numerous bright pink vibes.

Le Wand Gee -

I rank the Le Wand Gee mixed in the ease-of-use category. The wand has three buttons: An up and down button (which also functions as the off and on button) and the mode button. I love how I don’t have to cycle through modes to increase or decrease the vibration strength and turning off and on the vibe is no-nonsense given the up and down correlates with the on and off button. Furthermore, each of the buttons has a simple visual sign if you forgot which button is which. The negatives of the vibe’s use are mainly the weight of the vibe could be too heavy for some, and the length of the shaft and handle may be too short for your preferences and needs. The charging of the device is through lifting a silicone cover on the handle’s end and then inserting a USB charger into that area; I found this charging system easy to use.

Le Wand Gee -

In general operation, look, and feel, the Gee wand doesn’t disappoint in terms of quality—I only have a few negative mentions. The wand is lovely to look at! The silicone of the shaft and the handle’s metal seamlessly blend together (there is no apparent ridge or tiny gap where the two materials meet). The vibe stands out in its beauty with the gold metal handle and light pink silicone of the shaft. The Gee’s shaft is moderately flexible and yet it is also sturdy. The buttons on the handle are easy to locate and press: The buttons are slightly raised and are covered in the same pink silicone as the shaft. Although I do find the charging system easy to use on the Gee, I wonder if the silicone cover over the charging port will eventually wear down, because the silicone cover is just a small piece of thin silicone material. Lastly, the signs on the buttons require extra cleaning and care since the signs on the buttons are indented into the silicone.

Le Wand Gee - <

The Le Wand Gee is one of the most expensive vibes in my collection and despite its positives, I won’t be using the Gee regularly in my play. Through trying several different wands now, I know which features are important to me in a G-spot vibe toy, and this toy lacks some of the features that are important to me. I also find the vibe has issues when being used in both solo and partner play. I feel the one-year limited warranty could be longer given the larger price tag too. I think if you know you like the shape and specific features of the Gee wand (such as its power, smaller size, and moderately flexible shaft) and are looking to pamper yourself with an upgrade, this could be a worthy vibrator to invest in.

Le Wand Gee -

The Le Wand Gee promises to be a quiet, light-weight wand that offers external lay on and internal G-spot stimulation with rumbly vibes. I find the Gee falls short of being the best lay on or G-spot toy option, but there are several aspects of the vibe that definitely stood out to me. I did enjoy the quietness of the vibe, and among my vibes, it is one of the quietest. The vibes are also not as rumbly as I had hoped, but I still enjoyed the moderately rumbly, strong vibes, especially as a lay on vibe with the broadness of the shaft's head. I really liked how the mode button is separate from the increase and decrease buttons--there's nothing more frustrating than trying to increase a vibe's strength and you accidently hit the pattern/mode button! The main aspects I didn't like about the vibe are the handle size, the location of the buttons, and my partner found the wand too heavy for prolonged use.

Le Wand Gee -

The Le Wand Gee comes in a paper box with a picture of the wand on the front of cover and features of the wand and what you are buying on the back of the box. The box opens by lifting and removing the front cover off the back of the box (the front and back of the box are two separate pieces). On the box, I like how you can see the wand clearly and the details of what you are buying, which includes the features and all the items that come with the Gee. However, I feel for the price, the box could be sturdier and more usable. For example, the entirety of the box could be a thick, sturdy material and the box could open on a hinge for easy access.

Le Wand Gee -

The Gee is made of body-safe silicone and metal. The wand feels and looks high-quality: The silicone of the wand is very silky, and the handle of the wand (the metal piece) is smooth to the touch. The metal handle also shines and reflects light on its gold surface. The wand is waterproof, and you can use a toy-safe cleaner and rinse to keep the Gee clean. The toy is very easy to clean except the handle's buttons, where extra cleaning is needed: a soft bristle brush or similar instrument will be needed to clean the area. When cleaning, care also needs to be taken around the charging port to assure the silicone cover is properly sealed. The Gee can be stored in the black, draw-string fabric bag it comes with.

Vibration speeds6
Vibration patterns14
Length6.5 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Diameter1.4 inches
MaterialsSilicone, Metal
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableBlack, purple, and pink

Le Wand Gee -

  • Powerful
  • Luxury design
  • Quiet operation
  • Multi-use toy
  • Flexible and sturdy

  • Expensive
  • Short handle
  • Toy weight will be a limitation to some
  • One-year warranty only

You may have heard of the luxury brand Le Wand for its powerful wand vibrators; The brand has a new vibrator for internal and G-spot play called Le Wand Gee. The Gee lives up to the brand’s reputation in being beautiful, powerful, and is easy to operate. The wand also has an amazing number of differing modes—a total of 15. For myself, I found the Gee has a limited use in my vibe collection. The vibe is not ideal for playing with a partner (especially if heavier toys are a limitation), and I prefer a longer wand for G-spot stimulation. I also think the location of the buttons is not ideal for solo play. However, if you have found you like the general shape and length of the Le Wand Gee in other vibes and you don't mind where the button location is on the Gee, the Gee wand could be a beautiful upgrade with its design aesthetic, vibe motor strength and mode ability, and its simple and straight forward operation.