LELO Dot Cruise — Test & Review

   Cassie Mørch
Nov 16, 2023

LELO Dot Cruise — Test & Review<

Cassie Mørch
: 25
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
: Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Dildo

  • Absolutely love pinpoint stimulation
  • Bullet vibrators don't quite do it for you
  • Want a versatile vibrator that can used on the labia or nipples as well
  • Want a premium quality vibrator
  • Like the Cruise Control feature
  • Are willing to splurge on a quality vibrator

  • Prefer more broad clitoral stimulation
  • Need to have full control over the settings in order to orgasm
  • Have a clitoris that gets easily overstimulated

The LELO Dot Cruise is an upgraded version of the original LELO Dot, a luxury vibrator designed to provide ultra-pinpoint stimulation. This vibrator features a special vibration tip made of soft and flexible silicone. When activated, the tip vibrates in a unique elliptical shape that tickles and teases any sweet spot it comes into contact with. It has a stunning and practical loop handle for an ergonomic grip, and an easy to use three-button control panel. This clitoral vibrator is USB rehargeable and 100% waterproof. Hold on, you haven't heard the best part yet. You can sit back and relax as you let the LELO Dot Cruise take the wheel! With the Cruise Control feature, the intensity of the vibrations increase by 20% when pushed firmly against your body.

LELO Dot Cruise -

Expanding My Pleasure Horizon With Ultra Pinpoint Stimulation

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about how good the LELO Dot Cruise was going to be. I’ve always preferred the sensation of broader stimulation or clit suckers. Bullet vibrators have always been slightly underwhelming to me. At this point, I had made peace with the fact that I probably just wasn’t into pinpoint stimulation. Well, the LELO Dot Cruise proved me wrong! The Infinite Loop™ technology means that the soft, flexible, silicone tip moves in an elliptical movement. This motion feels like a light teasing tickle when barely touching the skin, while the sensation is much more intense when completely surrounding the clitoris. I was surprised about how much I actually liked the ultra-pinpoint stimulation as opposed to the “regular” pinpoint stimulation from bullets or other smaller vibrators. Better yet? The vibrations are actually super rumbly and spread the pleasure deeper into the surrounding tissue. It also feels great to use on the nipples and labia! Sensation-wise, this design definitely taught me something new about what I like!

Turned it On, Lubed it Up, And Dot Dot Dot…

After getting to know the LELO Dot Cruise a bit more, I took it out for a proper spin. I really wanted to see what this vibrator had to offer. Similar to the original LELO Dot, this model is designed to help you achieve multiple orgasms. The Infinite Loop technology supposedly avoids any numbness during longer sessions, since the stimulation isn’t relying on direct contact to the skin at all times. I’d say this was a success! The vibrations felt deep enough to satisfy, while the surface-level stimulation itself allowed me to feel less overwhelmed after every orgasm, and more excited to just keep going! And so I did. Over and over and over again. The loop handle also makes it really comfortable to use for longer periods!

Cruising Away!

So, the main difference between the original LELO Dot and the new LELO Dot Cruise is, obviously, the Cruise Control™ technology. This is a special feature patented by LELO, that helps maintain a steady flow of intensity from the vibrations throughout use. Instead of using the controls to help build towards a climax, the Cruise Control provides some interactive assistance. When the toy is pressed harder against your body (which, let’s be honest, mostly happens when you’re ready for more stimulation) the intensity of the vibrations can increase with up to 20%! This allows you to lean back and rely on the Cruise Control to help you build towards orgasm without having to fumble around with the controls. I did have a lot of fun with this feature! It was really cool to feel like you were kind of interacting with the motor. That said, I though the Cruise Control was a bit unreliable or confusing at times. It was difficult to know how much the intensity was going to increase each time. So, while I had fun with playing around with the feature, it may not be great for when you need to be in full control over what’s happening on your vulva. Given that the Cruise Control is not a feature you can deactivate, you should be aware of what you’re signing up for with the LELO Dot Cruise.

LELO Dot Cruise -

So, let's start with the aesthetics. I adore the cute, elegant and luxurious design of most LELO toys, and the LELO Dot Cruise is not exception. It's available in three cute pastel colors: green, yellow, and pink. Of course, I love the look of this baby pink and the metallic accents on the handle itself. I definitely think the LELO Dot Cruise looks like a luxury sex toy! Not only is the handle pretty, it also provides a really secure and comfortable grip. The star of the show, that pointy tip at the very top, is actually super soft and flexible! I believe this is the key to the amazing sensations. The tip is pointy enough to provide some super precise stimulation while it's flexible enough to feel super comfortable on even your most sensitive spots. The subtle ridges on the side of the "shaft" don't add much to the sensation, but certainly helps differentiate it from the original LELO Dot vibrator.

LELO Dot Cruise -

The LELO Dot Cruise may seem a bit mysterious at first glance but I promise, it's not difficult to use at all! I think it takes a little bit of guidance and exploration to figure out what feels good where, and that always varies from person to person. Once you've gotten the hang of it, using it will be a breeze! I also found the buttons very easy to use. They're pretty selfexplanatory and intuitive when it all comes down to it. The (()) button turns on the toy and scrolls through patterns, while the (+) and (-) buttons control the intensity of the vibrations.

LELO Dot Cruise -

There's no doubt that the LELO Dot Cruise is a high quality sex toy. LELO as a brand is well-known for producing high end self-pleasure items that both look and feel luxurious. I think the quality of the LELO Dot Cruise is evident in most of the areas I inspect when reviewing a product. I see a high quality design with quality materials. I love the glamorous (and useful!) packaging, the warranty, and innovative features, I also often find that deep and rumbly vibrations are a good sign of a high quality product.

LELO Dot Cruise - <

Let's face it, LELO products aren't known for being super affordable. While the LELO Dot Cruise certainly isn't the most expensive LELO item out there, it's not cheap! Now, if I didn't personally enjoy the sensations that the LELO Dot Cruise surprised me with, I would definitely say it was overpriced. Since I love them so much, I'm a bit more perplexed. I know this price range is way out of most people's sex toy budget! I do think there are cheaper alternatives out there in terms of sensation, but none that offers the Cruise Control feature. I will say that I think it's a bit too overpriced compared to the original LELO Dot vibrator. I like the Cruise Control, but I'm not sure it's worth spending that much more on compared to the price of the original. Although, if you know you want that Cruise Control, I will say that this vibrator is worth saving up for. My pleasure horizon has been expanded by this little clit vibrator, and I'm pretty sure I would buy it again if I had to.

LELO Dot Cruise -

I didn't quite know what to expect with this kind of vibrator, so I'd say it exceeded my expectations! I loved the pinpoint stimulation, and the vibrations were still surprisingly rumbly. That said, the rumbles weren't overwhelmingly loud either. It's not completely silent, but I'd still say it's quite discreet, and pretty roommate-friendly! Even though I used it for... quite a while... there were no issues with the vibrator overheating or the battery running out before it was supposed to.

LELO Dot Cruise -

I will always be a sucker for pretty packaging. I can't help it. If it's sleek, elegant, and shiny, I just get excited! It comes in that classic black cardboard box from LELO with a plastic "window" displaying the toy nestled neatly in some black foam. Under the pretty facade is where it gets real good! The LELO Dot Cruise comes with its own soft, black storage bag! There's also a small sachet of lube, a small warranty registration card, a charger, and a user manual. It's anyhing I could ever ask for when buying a new vibrator - especially at this price!

LELO Dot Cruise -

The LELO Dot Cruise is made of silicone and ABS plastic. Both are materials that are non-porous and 100% body safe. The LELO Dot Cruise is also fully submersible and ideal to bring with you in the shower or bath! This also makes it super easy to clean. Simply rinse off any residue, use a mild soap or sex toy cleaner to lather it up, and rinse again. Once it's completely dry, you pop it into the little storage bag and tuck away until next time. Since it's made of silicone, I only recommend using a water-based lube with the LELO Dot Cruise. Other lubes may damage the material over time. During storage, make sure to keep it separated from other silicone toys, since friction can also cause some damage over time.

Vibration modes8
Length6.5 inches
Width2.4 inches
Height1.8 inches
MaterialsSilicone & ABS plastic
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
FlexibilityFlexible tip
Colors AvailablePeach Please, Lemon Sorbet, Pistachio Cream

LELO Dot Cruise -

I think the Cruise Control actually has two special features. The soft and flexible silicone tip oscillating in that unique elliptical shape feels comfortable yet stimulating on the clitoris (and anywhere else really). I think the flexibility makes it unintimidating and super pleasureable. What makes it stand out from the original, however, is the Cruise Control feature. Being able to lean back and relax without having to fumble with buttons is a sweet treat. Also, it’s fun to be able to feel like you’re “interacting” with this feature, making solo sessions seem more engaging!

  • Premium quality
  • Soft, flexible tip
  • Unique Infinite Loop™ Technology
  • 100% waterproof
  • Cruise Control™ technology assists you as you build towards orgasm
  • Loop hande for secure grip

  • Expensive
  • Cruise Control™ may not work for everyone's preferences

The LELO Dot Cruise has quickly become another favorite for me! It has opened my eyes for this kind of unique stimulation. I don't think we need to divide to the world so harshly into lovers of pinpoint stimulation and broad stimulation, because the LELO Dot Cruise has impressed me to the point where I'm rethinking which sensations I actually prefer. What I do know right now, is that I could come forever and ever with the help of this baby. I like that this is the kind of vibrator that is designed to avoid numbness during intense masturbation sessions, and I must say that it has succeeded. I felt like I can continue with ease after every orgasm. That said, the orgasms aren't quite as "deep" since most of the stimulation is happening very superficially. Although, using the LELO Dot Cruise with a dildo or g-spot vibrator is a game-changer. You heard it here first! Now, I do think the Cruise Control is a question of personal preference. I know that a lot of people prefer complete control over which sensations are happening when. I am pretty okay with playing around with this interactive feature, and actually like how it's great for fun couple's play because of this!

Still have some unanswered questions about how this vibrator works? Well, you can also check out the official LELO Dot cruise user manual here!

When you press the toy harder against your body, the Cruise Control will adjust the intensity of the vibrations, increasing them with up to 20%. This is a great help in building towards orgasms without having to think about using the buttons.

Lube up the tip of the toy and turn it on by pressing the (()) button. Try to placing the soft tip right on, above, under, or around your clitoris. Experiment with the sensation and try out different angles, directions, or intensities. The LELO Dot Cruise also feels great on the labia or nipples as a nice way to warm up.

Technically, yes. It's safe to insert the tip of the LELO Dot Cruise internally. However, it's not necessarily designed to provide intense internal pleasure, so don't be surprised if it doesn't quite hit the spot for you. Of course, feel free to use it like that if you enjoy it! I definitely get the most out of it when used externally.