Liberator Fascinator Birdi Sex Toy Strap — Test & Review

   Rachel Worthington
May 23, 2024

Rachel Worthington
: 26
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
: We-Vibe Tango X

  • Are looking for a way to play with your toys hands-free
  • Want to get more use out of your Liberator Wedge or Ramp
  • Love the idea of a sex toy mount but don't have the budget for one

  • Don't own the Wedge or Ramp
  • Don't have any flared-base dildos to use with it
  • Find it difficult to straddle a wide object

The Liberator Fascinator Birdi Strap is an attachment for their Wedge or Ramp sex positioning cushions that allows you turn them into a sex toy mount! It features a piece of fabric made from the same moisture-resistant Microvelvet as other Liberator products and two adjustable straps that go around each end of the cushion to secure it. There are two sewn-in O-rings that can hold a variety of toys, including dildos with a flared base, wand vibrators, and even Fleshlights!

Liberator Fascinator Birdi -

I’ve been thinking about the idea of a sex toy mount for some time now, and gazing longingly at things like the Liberator Bonbon. I have a few dildos now that I really want to use hands-free but they either don’t have suction cup bases, like the Tantus Curve, or are too short to comfortably ride on, like the Vixen Tex. Plus, the idea of riding a vibrator is so appealing, I can’t tell you! However, I live in an apartment with very limited space, and I already own the Liberator Wedge, so getting a toy mount was only a distant dream… until I discovered the Liberator Birdi strap!

Testing It Out

Getting the strap onto the Wedge was fairly simple, though I did take a little while deciding which way round the Wedge should be, and which hole should go on top. It turns out that almost every toy I tried worked better with the smaller O-ring, as it was more snug and less likely to move around. First, I put a few dildos in and wiggled them around a bit — they didn’t budge! Actually riding them was pretty easy too, though I found that my thighs had to go much further apart than I would usually prefer. Normal toy mounts are usually quite narrow, but the Wedge and Ramp are wider and have uneven sides that makes it feel a bit awkward to do at first.

Sex Toy Innovation is Great, But Not Always Perfect

It’s a great idea that Liberator have come up with in the Birdi. As someone who doesn’t use their Wedge all that much, I think it’s fantastic that I can use this accessory to make it a more versatile product. However, I also believe that it suffers from some first-timer issues. The biggest one is that, while they say it can be used with all kinds of toys, not all toys fit so well in the strap. I tried using the Lelo Soraya 2 rabbit vibrator, and while it did go in the hole, as soon as I tried to use it, it got pushed down into the hole. The same happened with the Dame Arc — anything that doesn’t have a flared base may end in failure. The other issue is that the O-rings are not elasticated, which I think could really elevate it. If you look at a fabric strap-on harness, the O-rings are often stretchy and pull in toward the dildo to keep it secure. Perhaps they could remedy these things in future versions of the Birdi?

Liberator Fascinator Birdi -

The Birdi has a fairly simple design, but it works. It would be nice, though, if it came in different colors. My Wedge is black, so it doesn't matter too much, but if you have a different color variant, you won't be able to have it all matchy-matchy.

Liberator Fascinator Birdi -

The Birdi is quite simple to put onto the Wedge or Ramp, though it may take you a few seconds and a bit of adjusting to get right. You can also tighten or loosen it easily for different kinds of toys. My one tip is to always try the smaller hole before the bigger one (unless you have a giant dildo, of course) — I had a few toys that I thought would only fit in the larger hole, but they were much more snug and secure in the smaller one.

Liberator Fascinator Birdi -

This a well-made product that feels good to the touch and looks good to the eyes. The material is thick and soft, and nothing is left un-hemmed or un-bound. My only issue is that there's no elastic in the O-rings, which I think could have really helped create a snug fit with some toys.

Liberator Fascinator Birdi - <

The Birdi is certainly cheaper than any other sex toy mounts from Liberator (their cheapest one is listed at $95). For that reason, I think that if you're interested in the idea but don't want to spend $100+, then the Birdi is a fantastic option. However, it's still not cheap. If I didn't already own the Wedge or Ramp, I would be very unlikely to spend this much on the off-chance that it might fit another cushion I have at home.

Liberator Fascinator Birdi -

I think Liberator are, perhaps, a little too generous when they talk about how versatile this product is and how many toys it can be used with. It works by far the best with flared base dildos that can perch on top of your Wedge or Ramp — other toys can work, but it may be difficult to use them to their fullest. Plus, I have no idea how you would fit a Fleshlight in there, like they suggest.

Liberator Fascinator Birdi -

The packaging of the Birdi is very minimal, but it works just fine. It comes in a cellophane bag with a cardboard insert that has a picture of the toy on it. I would have liked it to come with a separate storage bag, as I probably won't have it on the Wedge all the time, and would like to protect it from dust and dirt.

Liberator Fascinator Birdi -

The Birdi is made from moisture-resistant fabric, so it won't absorb as much as regular fabric, but it can still get dirty with use. Luckily, it's machine-washable, so you can pop it in the washing machine whenever you want to give it a refresh.

Length8 inches
Width6 inches
DiameterO-Ring 1: 1.5x1.1 inches, O-Ring 2: 2x1.5 inches
FasteningSide-release clasps
MaterialsMicrovelvet (Polyester), Nylon, Hard Plastic
WaterproofMoisture-resistant liner
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

Liberator Fascinator Birdi -

  • Soft, moisture-resistant fabric
  • Can be used on other cushions and pillows
  • Cheaper than a regular sex toy mount
  • Machine-washable

  • Expensive for what you get
  • May not fit all cushions, including smaller Liberator models like the Jaz

I think that the Liberator Fascinator Birdi is a fantastic solution for those who own a Liberator Wedge or Ramp and want to make it useful for solo and hands-free play! It works best with flared-base dildos, but you can fit all kinds of sex toys inside. However, if you don't already own one of those products, the specific shape and design of this product makes it much less versatile than you might hope for.