Lovense Ambi — Test & Review

   Naomi Bowman
Feb 9, 2024

Naomi Bowman
: 22
: Intermediate
: Female
: Bi Sexual

  • Want a good quality personal vibrator!
  • Are new to toys and need something easy to use
  • Are looking for a strong but quieter toy

  • Like bigger handles to hold on your toys
  • Are looking for a toy to use on more than just the clitoris
  • Don't enjoy small toys


The Lovense Ambi is made out of a soft, body-safe, waterproof silicone. It is a small toy with a sleek look. Its unique shape is made to fit the clit and stimulate every spot! This comes with pre-programmed vibrations like all toys do but if you download the app, it gives you many more options! You can have someone else control the vibration from long distance and you can connect your music platform of choice and it creates patterns based on the song that's playing!

Lovense Ambi -

First Impressions

When I first got this toy, I was surprised about the shape of it but loved the quality of the silicone. I have never seen a bullet vibrator with such a unique shape. After learning that it is designed specifically to sit perfectly on the clit and vulva it made so much sense! The Ambi is a vibrant pink and made from a soft, waterproof silicone. Then, my concern was how strong the vibrations would be because of how small it was. To my surprise, this is actually one of the strongest vibrators I have!

So Many Options

This toy has some basic, pre-programmed vibration options, but when I downloaded the app, I was surprised with the choices! We had so much fun controlling the toy with the app, making custom patterns and our favorite part, linking it to our Spotify! We were a bit confused as to the reasoning of having a music service connected to a sex toy. But, when it’s connected it to your account, it makes vibration patterns based on the song that’s playing! We tried so many different songs and each pattern was different — it was great!

Slightly Uncomfortable to Hold

For us, the size of the handle was almost an issue. Obviously bullets are small, but the handle on the Ambi is shorter and skinnier. It was easy to use alone, but when we were trying to use it during sex, it was pretty tough. With how small it is, it’s hard to keep a good, comfortable grip on it. Again, that may not be an issue for some, but for us it was a challenge.

Lovense Ambi -

This is a wonderfully designed toy. The shape is designed specifically to stimulate both the clit and vulva at once. it is made out of a vibrant pink, soft silicone which gives it a very high-end feel. My only complaint is again the size of the handle. It can be slightly uncomfortable to hold but isn't too bad when you are using it alone. Besides that, this is a luxe feeling toy without the luxe price.

Lovense Ambi -

The Lovense Ambi is such an easy toy to use. It has easy on and off and easy to switch through vibrations. The app also is very easy to use and easy to connect to. But again, the handle is small which can be hard to hold onto. This would be a toy i would recommend to beginners because of the ease of use!

Lovense Ambi -

The vibrator itself is a high quality super soft silicone which is also waterproof. It is a powerful and quite vibrator but hold a full charge very well. it also charges pretty fast. the only quality issue with this product is the charger. it has a standard cable but the mount you put the vibration on to charge is a thin plastic and tends to tip over while charging.

Lovense Ambi - <

This toy is absolutely worth it. It comes with a charging dock and small black storage back. But also, you get the unique shape made to stimulate the clit and vulva and with all the ways to play in the app, you are getting a amazing toy at a great price. While this may not be as cheap as other options it is worth every penny!

Lovense Ambi -

This toy did more than I expected it too honestly! With how small it is I was expecting the vibrations to be decent at best but its amazing. It gives strong, low, quite vibrations and so many different options for vibrations when using the app. The battery also lasts significantly longer than i expected it to and charged faster than I thought it would also.

Lovense Ambi -

The Lovense Ambi is not package is not very discreet as it has a picture of the vibrator on the side of the box but looks sleek and expensive . Inside the box it is very organized and clean looking. It over all has great packaging but not discreet.

Lovense Ambi -

This is made out of a high quality, waterproof, body safe silicone. This is an easy to clean toy, just run it under warm water and used your preferred mild cleaner! For storage just use the small black bag it comes with and put it in your nightstand drawer!

Vibration speeds3 (+ more in-app)
Vibration patterns4 (+ more in-app)
Length3.4 inches
Width1.1 inches
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time80 minutes
Remote ControlsApp controls
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailablePink

Lovense Ambi -

  • This is a very easy to clean and store toy!
  • So many different pattern options, with the app the options seem limitless!
  • Super easy to use and so much fun!

  • Very small handle can make it hard to use during sex or even just to hold
  • The charging doc is low quailty. Make sure it doesnt tip over!
  • Seems to be only comfortable to use for stimulation of the clit/vulva. I couldn't find many other ways to use it.

The Lovense Ambi is a must have! This toy so much fun to play with all of the features it offers. It comes with pretty standard preprogrammed vibration patterns which alone are great. But if you download the app, it allows you to create your own patterns, have a partner control the vibrations and you can even link the app to your music platform of choice and get new patterns based on the song that's playing! The only down side to this toy is how small the handle is. you almost have to hold it like a pencil and due to the size its hard to use during sex. This is such an easy but fun toy to use, I would recommend to any one especially to beginners or to someone just looking for a nice personal vibrator!

The Ambi is not designed to be used internally. You could, if you wanted to, insert either side of the hammer slightly into the vagina or anus, but it would only go in an inch or so at most. The handle of the Ambi is not meant to be inserted at all.

You could say that! While the Ambi doesn't look like most other bullet vibrators, it is a small vibe that's designed for clitoral stimulation! It has a broad side and a more pointy side, so you can enjoy pinpoint or broad stimulation, depending on your preferences.

Using the Lovense Remote app, you can control the Ambi vibrations without touching the toy itself. However, you may struggle to keep it in contact with your body without using a hand to keep it in place.

The Ambi comes with a magnetic charging stand that you can place it on top of to charge it up. The stand has a USB cable to power it, and will only work if the Ambi is positioned on it properly. If you're having trouble getting your Ambi to charge, turn it 180 degrees on the stand and a red light indicator on the toy should turn on.