Magic Motion Flamingo — Test & Review

   Alice Lainey
Apr 17, 2024

Alice Lainey
: 28
: Fair - I've used the basics, but am looking to indulge in new and exciting possibilities!
: Female
: Heterosexual

  • Want internal vibrations during vaginal intercourse.
  • Like stimulation while pegging a partner.
  • Enjoy hands-free toys.
  • Enjoy the ability to control a toy via app.

  • Do not like internal vibrations.
  • Want an internal sex toy that has individual vibration units for the clitoris and g-spot
  • Have difficulty with sizing for internal-use toys.
  • Want a toy-controlled app that can be used spontaneously or while clothed.


The Magic Motion Flamingo is a beautiful looking sex toy. Designed in an elegantly curving, bright pink style, it is described as being made with "liquid silicon," which was quite comfortable and easy to use. It has a clitoral rest, but the vibrations only take place with the insertable g-spot stimulator. The Magic Motion Flamingo is also app-compatible, and Magic Motion describes this discreet toy as ideal for couples who want to take their sex life out of the bedroom and into the real world.

Magic Motion Flamingo -

Solo Play

Upon first opening, cleaning, and charging the Magic Motion Flamingo, I decided to first use the toy solo. Insertion was easy and comfortable, however, I found the controls difficult to navigate and adjust during solo play – particularly when sitting up rather than laying on my back. So, as Magic Motion proposes this as a toy one can use in public with the help of their app, I connected it and brought the vibrator to my (private!) office, where I attempted to conduct my usual work day while using the toy on myself. aThis was a thrilling experience, and the app has several modes. Connected via bluetooth, you can use the Magic Motion Flamingo app to use the vibrator in free control mode, chat control mode, music mode, game mode, and training mode. Training Mode was my favorite, as its guided control over the toy proved a fantastic way to tease myself without the help of a partner.

App Troubles

However, as much as I enjoyed using the Magic Motion Flamingo and as powerful as the orgasm was, I did find myself often frustrated with the app’s connectivity. I would be on the brink of climax…and then, the bluetooth would go out. Or the app would crash. This experience seems to be quite common among app-connected toys, as the bluetooth is not meant to function through the human body. However, if you are looking for a toy to tease and play with a partner out in public, this one may not be for you!

Strap-On Play

I next decided to use the toy while pegging a partner. This was less successful than the solo play, as the toy had a tendency to shift while inside of me, often hitting strange angles or vibrating in uncomfortable places. Again, the placement of the controls, paired with the placement of the strap-on, made changes to the speed of the vibrations difficult, and when I switched to the app to adjust, the bluetooth connectivity proved faulty again. Also, I am a huge fan of clitoral stimulation, and the Magic Motion Flamingo does not have any, which was problematic for helping me achieve orgasm. I did not ultimately climax with the Magic Motion Flamingo during this trial, but enjoyed the sensation while with my partner.

Intercourse Play

I also tried using this toy while having intercourse with my partner. Given the relatively small size of the toy, we were able to have sex with the Magic Motion Flamingo inside of me. Again, the lack of clitoral stimulation made orgasm beyond my reach, however, the additional g-spot orgasm during sex made for a fun experience!

Magic Motion Flamingo -

The design of the Magic Motion Flamingo is outstanding. Its lines are elegant, the feel is smooth, and once inside, it is comfortable to use, even for extended periods of time. While the pink color is abrasive, it bucks modern trends of soft, sterile colors, so it's a welcome change to the norm! The one design flaw, to be discussed in a later section, is the location of the control buttons.

Magic Motion Flamingo -

The Magic Motion Flamingo has some ease of use problems. There are two sets of controls - one for powering the toy on, the other for controlling the speeds and vibrations - and neither of them are very easy to use. The power button is not intuitive, meaning that I often had a difficult time telling if I'd turned the toy on or not. Its indicator light is very faint, and as a result, it's not effective at communicating when the toy is successfully powered down. The control button, on the other hand, is not responsive. Perhaps this is due to the silicon used on the toy, but in any event, I often had difficulty during sex adjusting the speed due to this issue. The app, as already discussed, also had difficulty. Unless you are sitting with your legs spread, your pants off, and the phone very nearby, it would disconnect frequently.

Magic Motion Flamingo -

This product does not feel cheap. It's a beautiful piece of sexual hardware, and is both exceptionally sturdy and nearly silent when in use. The silence of the toy is especially remarkable, given that this is a toy that is meant to be used discretely or in public. I was highly impressed with the quality of The Magic Motion Flamingo on nearly every level. Even the app, connectivity issues aside, was thoughtfully constructed and had a variety of different modalities for any kind of sexual experience.

Magic Motion Flamingo - <

At the current prices online, The Magic Motion Flamingo is right in the sweet spot. It's not a cheap toy that will break in a manner of weeks, nor is it a top-of-the-line budget buster. For the high standard of the materials, as well as the app compatibility, it is a perfect marriage of a reasonable price with a quality product. It also comes with a carrying bag and sleek packaging, which levels up the overall value.

Magic Motion Flamingo -

Magic Motion, in their marketing material, promises a toy that is ideal for partners looking to try their sex play outside of the home, as well as for women who like to be teased from a distance. By this measure, I don't feel that the Magic Motion Flamingo lives up to its performance goals. Its app connectivity is frustratingly inconsistent, and anyone hoping to have a vaginal orgasm while in public may find themselves disappointed. However, with a long battery life, fast charging, and super-quiet vibrations, the Magic Motion Flamingo toy does win on many other fronts.

Magic Motion Flamingo -

The packaging is lovely. With simple photographs of the toy against a white background, along with diagrams to display the toy's various features and quirks, the Magic Motion Flamingo box is simple but highly effective. Its white, black, and pink box give it a feminine quality, but not overly so, making it feel like a high-value product. Included in the box is a grey carrying bag as well, which elevates the entire experience.

Magic Motion Flamingo -

The body-safe silicone is a great material to use in a toy like the Magic Motion Flamingo, and it was very easy to clean with classic sex toy cleaner and hot cater. It comes in a soft and discrete storage bag, making it easy to store and put away for later use. Waterproof, it is also safe for use in baths, lakes, pools, or showers. The Magic Motion Flamingo is also light-weight, making it ideal for travel - or for slipping back into your purse after using it in public!

Vibration modes7
Length10 inches
Insertable length2.8 inches
Diameter1.2 inches
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote ControlsApp
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailablePink

Magic Motion Flamingo -

The app functionality of the Magic Motion Flamingo vibrator truly takes this toy to another level — when it works. If you’re looking to take this toy outside, or even while wearing clothes, the bluetooth will no doubt disconnect mid-use. However, for controlled bedroom play, the Magic Motion Flamingo is a great choice, and its app offers so many different ways to play!

  • Elegant design
  • Strong vibrations
  • App-Enabled
  • Quality Materials

  • App Prone to Failure
  • Difficult to adjust vibrations while in use
  • Difficult to turn off

The Magic Motion Flamingo is a high-quality vibrator with excellent features, but its diminutive size, app connectivity, and internal-only vibration may leave some users frustrated.

Magic Motion’s website does have a section for online manuals, but I wasn’t able to get it to work correctly. There is a physical manual that comes with the toy, however.

The Magic Motion Flamingo has seven modes on the toy itself. When paired with its partner app, it has nearly endless modes and possibilities.

The Magic Motion Flamingo can be remotely controlled through bluetooth, via the Magic Motion app.

The Magic Motion Flamingo can be used outside of the home, but bluetooth connectivity issues may cause the toy to not function as intended.

The Magic Motion Flamingo is waterproof and able to be used in a variety of settings.

On the back of the Magic Motion Flamingo, there is a very small charging port, circular in appearance. Though it seems too small for the charger provided, it does fit! Simply nestle the charger into the port, adjust as needed, and then press in when you feel the external port and internal port align. Your vibrator should light up slightly to indicate it is charging.