NEW Tenga Iroha Sakura — Test & Review

   Holly Wood
Jul 5, 2023

Holly Wood
: 31
: Advanced
: Woman
: Queer

  • Like clitoral stimulation
  • Want something small
  • Want something quiet and discreet

  • Do not like clitoral stimulation
  • Want something that packs a high power vibration
  • Want something that it app controlled
  • Want more water play


Introducing the mesmerizing new Iroha Sakura by Tenga, a delightful masterpiece designed to awaken your senses and transport you to a world of unparalleled pleasure. Like a delicate blossom blooming in the spring, this innovative adult toy embodies elegance and sophistication in every aspect. Crafted with utmost care, this rechargeable toy is made of bodysafe silicone and TPU. Unleashing a symphony of sensations, the Iroha Sakura offers a myriad of tantalizing features. Its silky-smooth exterior gently caresses your most intimate areas, while the whisper-quiet yet powerful motor hides within, ready to whisk you away to new heights of pleasure. With its multiple vibration patterns and intensity levels, this toy becomes your personalized pleasure companion.

Iroha Sakura -

I love the look and feel of this toy! Immediately after opening, I ran to my partner to show him how buttery-soft and delightfully squishy the material was. The ergonomic and small design fit perfectly in my hand and allowed my to easily reach around my (currently pregnant) belly. I initially used the two-pronged end to cradle both side of the clitoris; however, I found more pleasure in using the soft, flat squishy surface to lay flatly against my entire clit and maximize the surface area of pleasure.

Iroha Sakura -

Like a delicate blossom blooming in the spring, this innovative adult toy embodies elegance and sophistication in every aspect. The Iroha Sakura toy boasts a unique and graceful design, inspired by the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms. Its sleek and ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hand, allowing for effortless control and maneuverability. The Sakura has a silky, marshmallow-like exterior that gently caresses your most intimate areas. It feels so buttery-soft with, ensuring a luxurious and velvety touch against your skin. Also, the two-pronged tip allows for a gentle cradling of each side of the clitoris for ultimate pleasure.

Iroha Sakura -

The iroha SAKURA toy by TENGA is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It features intuitive controls, making it effortless to turn on and navigate through its various settings. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for easy maneuverability. Its stability and gentle flexibility make it suitable for individuals with mobility or grip issues. With its straightforward operation and thoughtful design, the iroha SAKURA toy eliminates any learning curve, providing a hassle-free and pleasurable experience from the very first use.

Iroha Sakura -

The iroha SAKURA toy by TENGA exudes exceptional quality in every aspect. It is meticulously crafted to ensure a luxurious experience. The materials used are of high quality, offering a velvety and premium feel. This toy is reliable and sturdy, built to withstand regular use. Its discreet design incorporates a whisper-quiet motor, providing a silent and discreet operation. These characteristics, along with its durability and attention to detail, are clear indicators of the outstanding quality of the iroha SAKURA toy.

Iroha Sakura - <

The iroha SAKURA toy by TENGA is priced competitively considering its remarkable features and exceptional quality. It offers excellent value for your money. With the iroha SAKURA toy, you receive a meticulously crafted pleasure device made from high-quality materials, ensuring a luxurious experience. For the price, you get the toy itself, a charging cable, and an instruction manual. The combination of its premium construction, innovative design, and included extras make the iroha SAKURA toy a worthwhile investment for those seeking delightful and unforgettable moments of pleasure.

Iroha Sakura -

The performance of the iroha SAKURA toy by TENGA exceeded expectations and delivered on its promises. The vibrations provided pleasurable sensations, with various intensity levels and patterns to explore. It operated quietly, ensuring a discreet experience. The battery remained cool during use, prioritizing safety and comfort. The toy's ergonomic design and premium materials ensured a comfortable and enjoyable experience without causing discomfort. The battery life offered a satisfying duration, and recharging was swift, allowing for minimal downtime between sessions. Overall, the iroha SAKURA toy showcased exceptional performance and lived up to its online claims.

Iroha Sakura -

The packaging of the iroha SAKURA toy by TENGA exudes an elegant and tasteful design. Personally, I find it visually appealing and well-balanced. It strikes a perfect balance between being neither too extravagant nor too minimalistic. The packaging maintains a discreet appearance, ensuring privacy during transportation. While it does not explicitly provide usage tips or examples, the packaging is informative, featuring product details and specifications. It successfully combines sophistication and practicality, reflecting the overall quality and appeal of the iroha SAKURA toy.

Iroha Sakura -

The iroha SAKURA toy by TENGA is crafted from body-safe, non-porous materials, ensuring a hygienic and safe experience. The toy's materials strike a perfect balance between being lightweight and sturdy, giving it a high-quality feel. It is also waterproof, allowing for versatile use in wet environments, though only up to 50cm of submersion. Cleaning the toy is a breeze as it is easily washable with warm water and mild soap. It is also advisable to use a toy cleaner specifically designed for the purpose. Storing the iroha SAKURA toy is convenient, as it is small and fits easily back into its original package, but I would have personally liked a small storage bag for travel.

Vibration modes2
Vibration speeds3
Length3.27 inches
Height1.54 inches
Width2.13 inches
MaterialsBody-safe Silicone, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
Battery Life90 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Weight0.19 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableCherry Blossom Pink & Nadeshiko Pink

Iroha Sakura -

  • Rechargable
  • Two-pronged end to cradle both sides of the clitoris
  • Small and ergonomic to fit perfectly in the hand
  • Flat surface to provide a wide surface area application to stimulate clitoris
  • super soft, luxurious feel
  • anti-dust protective coating

  • Only waterproof up to 50cm
  • Not super strong
  • Made of TPU and not just silicone

In conclusion, the iroha SAKURA toy by TENGA is an exquisite pleasure device that delivers on its promises of luxurious sensations. With its elegant design, exceptional quality, and user-friendly features, it offers an immersive and satisfying experience. The body-safe materials, ease of cleaning, and discreet storage options further enhance its appeal. If you seek a premium adult toy that combines artistry, functionality, and pleasure, the iroha SAKURA toy is a worthwhile investment, sure to provide countless moments of bliss.

You can can find a user manual online here on the Iroha website:

In its super simple design, the iroha SAKURA only has two buttons to turn the product ON and OFF and to cycle through power modes. Press and hold the + button to turn the SAKURA on. Press and hold the - button to turn it off.

The body of the iroha sakura is made of bodysafe Silicone. Th iroha's is designed to be splashproof and can be easily be washed with soap and water.

Although the iroha products are water-resistant, they are not submersible and fully waterproof, thus they are not suitable for bath time play.

To wash, use cold water and a mild or neutral soap or alcohol-free toy cleaner.

Yes, but ONLY water-based lubricants! Do not use silicone-based lubricants, or oil-based products such as massage oil or baby oil, as they can damage the toy.