NEW Tenga Iroha+ Yoru — Test & Review

Wet For Her Rainbow Strap-On Dildo Review.   Vern Holland
May 27, 2024

Wet For Her Rainbow Strap-On Dildo Review.

Vern Holland
: 24
: Advanced
: Non-binary
: Queer
: We-Vibe Melt

  • Like trying new, unique toys
  • Enjoy both buzzy and rumbly vibrations
  • Prefer one-button controls

  • Intend to use this toy on an enlarged clitoris
  • Prefer stronger vibrations
  • Are on a tight budget


The Tenga Iroha+ Yoru is the whale counterpart to the shell and bird vibrators in the Iroha+ collection. The Yoru is made of super soft silicone with a squishy bottom and two lips in which to sandwich your most sensitive spots between it, whether it be nipples or a clitoris or trailing along sensitive skin. While the Kushi and Tori will make you feel spoiled, the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru is more of a bonus treat. This toy seems to be more focused on foreplay due to its design, and isn't as accessible to a wide audience as the other vibrators in the collection are. Even so, the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru has one button for controls, has a fine motor with a good variety of patterns and speeds, and is a small size to fit into the palm of your hand.

Iroha+ Yoru -

Whale, Whale, Whale, Look At This!

Listen, I love how innovative and unique the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru is. It’s a striking design, you can’t deny that. Compared to the Kushi and Tori, it fits the beachy vibe that is advertised for these three vibrators with its mouth and ribbed belly, giving the subtle appearance of a humpback whale! I think this vibrator is super cute, and could definitely be a great toy for some folks out there. However, the Yoru just wasn’t quite for me, personally.

How Does It Work?

I asked myself this when staring down at the face of the Iroha+ Yoru. Even the manual didn’t help explain how to use this vibrator! Instead, all it told me is how to keep it safe from the elements. Plus it has a diagram to say you should never try to pry open the mouth of the Iroha+ Yoru, only squish it closed. It took finding some reviews online and playing around with this toy to realize I don’t have the right body type for it. As a fat person who’s on hormone replacement therapy, my clitoris just doesn’t fit in the mouth of the Yoru. However, my nipples do fit in the mouth, which just means this is more of a foreplay toy than I was expecting it to be. Such a disappointment since I love the idea of the design of the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru.

I’m Having Flashbacks To Another Weird Design…

The Tenga Iroha+ Yoru reminds of the Svakom Nymph. The Svakom Nypmh has these three, hard fingers that spin slowly when turned on. This is meant for foreplay and for a real-hand-rubbing-like feel. However, it didn’t hit the mark for me, and just pinched my skin instead. The Tenga Iroha+ Yoru’s mouth may look like both lips are squishy but the top is hard all the way down, much like the Tenga Iroha+ Tori. The bottom lip is very soft and squishy, as well as half of the bottom of the toy in general. The silicone there is cushioned and cozy, which I really wish had been the case for the entirety of the outside of this toy. Personally, the fact that the manual says to never pry open the mouth and that the squishy silicone is on the bottom where the charging section is, I don’t really care for using this toy much. I’m too paranoid about breaking it or my skin getting caught where the silicone and the plastic of the charging section meet. Ultimately, some folks might love this vibrator! It’s just not for me.

Iroha+ Yoru -

I love the design of the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru. It looks luxurious and unique and interesting, as simplistic as it is. The silicone is great quality, super soft. Where the silicone is squishy, it feels great! However, I wish that it was squishy and soft all the way around, instead of just on the bottom. It's disappointing how hard the toy is across the top, and even in the tail. While it looks cool, the design of the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru is misleading for how it actually behaves in action.

Iroha+ Yoru -

You can't get much easier than one button to control it all! Though some folks with mobility issues may have trouble holding onto this small toy, for many others it's easy as pie. Personally, it wasn't the easiest for me as I'm one of those folks with weak wrists. Even so I feel like it's a very easy-to-use toy thanks to only having one button and the ability to get my partner in to help hold it if I'm ever having mobility issues. Though the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru isn't perfect, at least it's very easy to use!

Iroha+ Yoru -

The quality of the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru is as great as the other Iroha+ toys. This vibrator is made of top-notch materials and is ultra lightweight. While it feels sturdy, I'm a bit paranoid about opening the whale mouth and breaking it! Otherwise, it has a quiet motor and looks and feels very luxurious. All in all, it's a fine quality vibrator, nothing too special about it.

Iroha+ Yoru - <

For a vibrator that seems to fit a very specific body type, and at the higher price point that it is at, I don't think the price of the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru is worth it. It seems like a lot of folks who test out this vibrator have found that it doesn't work for them either, and they feel like they've wasted over a hundred dollars on something that just looks cute and fun. If you're a toy collector and want new toys with weird shapes, or if you know you enjoy toys with mouths like the Yoru, then it could be worth giving it a try!

Iroha+ Yoru -

Well, the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru does perform. It has a fine recharge rate at 120 minutes, and a battery life lasting an hour. It doesn't overheat, and the silicone warms up to your body temperature fairly fast leading to a soft, cozy session with it. Thankfully, this vibrator also has a quiet motor and a variety of vibrations to better fit more users. However, in practice, the design of the Yoru is just a little too weird to work for many bodies and thus it's hard to say if the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru performs well or not.

Iroha+ Yoru -

I love talking about packaging for toys. I feel as though the packaging for the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru is very fitting for the brand. It's classy, simplistic, and doesn't come with much inside. Just the toy, the manual, and the charger. Personally, I prefer more going on with my packaging, and especially wish there was an extra manual showing how to get the most out of this vibrator, especially with its unique shape. That's what I love about brands like Dame that also focus on sexual education and giving folks a better idea on how to use their new toys.

Iroha+ Yoru -

The materials for the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru are great quality! I love the soft silicone that they use and love the squishy aspects of the toy as well. It is body safe and non-porous, and even better it's waterproof! Who doesn't love a little whale in the bathtub? Personally, I think this toy fits much better in my bath than in my bed, especially since it seems best fit for foreplay. When cleaning your Tenga Iroha+ Yoru, be sure to only use cool water and soap so not to degrade the materials!

Vibration speeds5
Vibration patterns3
Length4.01 inches
Width1.96 inches
MaterialsSilicone, TPU
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack, Pink

Iroha+ Yoru -

  • Soft, cozy silicone, squishy in some places
  • Unique, eye-popping design
  • One-button controls for easy use

  • The mouth is small and hard, not fit for variety of bodies
  • The motor could be stronger
  • The top is very hard and stiff

You'll have a whale of a time with the Tenga Iroha+ Yoru! This is an adorable little vibrator, best for teasing and dipping into your most sensitive crevices. By far, one of the most unique shapes I've seen in a vibrator before with its squared-out tail end and mouth-like head. Like the Tori and Kushi in the Iroha+ collection, it is made of silky soft silicone and is ultra lightweight! While I'm a little more biased to the other two vibrators in this collection, you can't beat the fact that the Yoru is a very unique addition to a toy collection!