Oxy Acrylic Ball Crusher — Test & Review

   Rogan Shini
May 24, 2024

Rogan Shini
: 54
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: Male
: Still Figuring It Out

  • Masochists that love cock and ball torture
  • Sadists that love giving cock and ball torture
  • People with penises that want to expand their budding masochistic side

  • do not have a scrotum or do not have a partner that has one
  • do not like having your scrotum flattened

The product is made of a very durable acrylic for the two boards. The long screws are metal and the nuts for the screws are a hard plastic and large enough for any sized fingers to be able to turn. The bindings holding the boards together are metal. Being made of metal and acrylic makes for easy cleaning, but I do not recommend putting it in the dishwasher.

Oxy Acrylic Ball Crusher -

I had the chance to use the ball crusher and was impressed. It is easy to use for solo play and is very durable. It is made of a very sturdy and smooth acrylic with metal parts for bindings. The nuts (pun so intended!) for the metal screws are a sturdy plastic and large enough that any sized fingers can easy manipulate them. The dimensions are: 7”x5” Small Hole 1.6” Large Hole 2” I was worried about using this because one of my testicles is super sensitive and I feared extreme pain from screwing it down flat. I screwed (yet another intended pun) the device all the way until my scrotum was nearly as flat as a sheet of thicker cardboard. No pain! Although… I do have a high pain tolerance. The acrylic boards are so smooth that there was no discomfort when I wore it for a few minutes and walked around while wearing it. The device is easily cleanable but I do not recommend putting it in the dishwasher. Plastic does not hold up well in dishwashers.  

Oxy Acrylic Ball Crusher -

The device felt very nice to wear and caused no discomfort besides the discomfort it is obviously meant to do the a person. Meaning, there was no roughness from the boards' surfaces and the holes were also smooth. As the boards are made from clear acrylic, you can see the crushing in action. It is a basic design, but if you want to use paints that last on acrylic to make pictures on the boards I say go ahead!

Oxy Acrylic Ball Crusher -

I used it solo and had no issues. The screw nuts are on the large size and I believe someone with arthritis could turn them. If you are using this on someone else then that makes it even easier to use.

Oxy Acrylic Ball Crusher -

The device is very well made and if you don't smash it or continuously drop it from large heights it will last forever.

Oxy Acrylic Ball Crusher - <

The price is rather high. It does not come with a box or bag for storage and there are no instructions for use included. But, honestly, instructions are not needed for this type of toy. It will last a lifetime if properly handled and stored so the price is not too high for a toy that will never need to be replaced if you care for it and clean it properly.

Oxy Acrylic Ball Crusher -

I enjoyed using it and it was more pleasurable than I would have expected for what it is designed to do.

Oxy Acrylic Ball Crusher -

The item was packaged in a clear plastic bag with the screws and nuts packaged separately to protect the acrylic boards from being scratched while in transport.

Oxy Acrylic Ball Crusher -

The toy is very light weight. Due to being made of acrylic, metal and plastic it is nonporous and easily cleanable with soap and water or some mild soap. It does not come with a storage bag/box.

Length5 inches
Width7 inches
Diameter1.6 inches
MaterialsAcrylic, metal
Storage Bag IncludedNo

Oxy Acrylic Ball Crusher -

  • Easy to use
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Light weight and smooth surfaces
  • It can be used by yourself
  • It can be used by beginners or experts

  • The price is a little high

I never used one of these and always wanted to try one. I am very impressed and highly recommend it! I don't know if I like the rather high price tag, but it is very well made and will last for decades. Also, the packaging was inconspicuous so there is no fear your Postal Delivery person will know how kinky you are.

The toy did not come with instructions.  But… honestly… it is a toy that does not need instructions.

Yes. If you don't abuse it and clean it properly, it will last a lifetime.

No. The boards are acrylic and will warp in a dishwasher.

The wing nuts are on the large size with easy grips for turning. Someone with small or large hands will be able to turn them.

Yes. The scrotum and penis will not be scratched up or otherwise poked while through the holes.