PalmPower Extreme — Test & Review

   Taneia Surles
Feb 1, 2024

Taneia Surles
: Intermediate
: Female
: Heterosexual
: VibePad 3 — Test & Review

  • Have a sensitive clitoris.
  • Want an ergonomic design that’s easy to handle.
  • Are looking for a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

  • Don’t want a loud toy.
  • Have hands that are sensitive to vibrations.
  • Don’t want to splurge on an expensive toy.


The PalmPower Extreme is a rechargeable vibrator offering a variety of functions and speeds that give you that big “O.” It has a comfortable ergonomic design with high-quality silicone covering the flexible head and handle. It has a nice locking feature, so it won’t start buzzing in your luggage while traveling. While I’d suggest using the PalmPower Extreme for clitoral play, it could also be great for prostate or nipple play if that’s what you’re into.

PalmPower Extreme -

Not Too Sensitive on the Clit

I’ll be honest — I’m very sensitive when it comes to vibrators. I have tried several vibrators before, but I ended up not using them after the first experience because it was too strong for my clit. I was curious if I would have the same experience with this vibrator, but I was pleasantly surprised. I could tolerate every speed and function the PalmPower Extreme offers without feeling too overstimulated and tossing it on the floor.

Had to Spend Some Time Learning the Button Functions

As someone who often dives into products without reading the instructions — I couldn’t do that with the PalmPower Extreme. After a few minutes of messing with the buttons,  I finally had to read the instructions and figure out how to work the thing. There are a lot of “press and holds” and “quick presses” that I had to figure out between the three buttons, so I had to play around with it a bit to learn how to switch through the speeds, functions, and locking feature.

PalmPower Extreme -

I love the color pink, so I was immediately sold on the look of the PalmPower Extreme. As a beginner, I like that there were only three buttons on it. I also like the ergonomic style of the vibrator with the silicone on the handle, as it makes it much easier to get a solid grip on it, even with lube. At first, I didn’t like how long the handle was, but I later appreciated that because of the length, I could lie down comfortably without lifting up to reach my vagina with the toy.

PalmPower Extreme -

Turning the PalmPower Extreme on was the easy part. You’ll simply click the power button once, and it’ll turn on. I had to go through a bit of clicking and holding down buttons to find slightly different speeds and functions until I found a combo that worked well for me. While I praise the silicone grip on PalmPower Extreme, the vibrations can be a bother after a while. I could only play with the toy for about 4-5 minutes before my hand couldn’t bear it. It left my hand tingling for a few minutes afterward.

PalmPower Extreme -

I think the PalmPower Extreme a great quality product. It’s a visually appealing toy that feels comfortable in your hand (when turned off). It has high-quality silicone and ABS plastic and contains no phthalates, which is a nice bonus. The first thing I noticed about the vibrator was how loud it was. You'd be caught immediately if you wanted to be sneaky with this toy. It gets a bit quieter on slower speeds, but nothing too significant. I tested the PalmPower Extreme in both a quiet room and a room with a YouTube video playing on my TV at normal volume and still found it pretty noisy.

PalmPower Extreme - <

In all honesty, I can’t say the PalmPower Extreme worth the price. For almost $100, you only get the vibrator itself, a USB cord, and a “thank you” card. I also don’t think there’s enough variation in the speed and functions to match that price point. However, I think the features that make sense for the price are the flexible silicone neck, the battery life, and the locking feature.

PalmPower Extreme -

I was very pleased with the battery life the PalmPower Extreme has. It didn’t have a charge when I received it, but just 30 minutes of charging lasted quite a while for me. Since my sessions aren’t too long, they could last off one charge for a few days. However, I want to add that I turned it off each time, which could also help preserve the battery.

PalmPower Extreme -

The packaging of this toy is identical to a Barbie doll box — meaning you’ll see the vibrator in full behind a thin sheet of plastic. That said, the lack of discretion may be a problem for some. Aside from the plastic, the quality of the box is pretty good, and I plan to keep it to store my vibrator. The back of the packaging pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the PalmPower Extreme, including the brief overview of the vibrator, including features, safety precautions, and instructions on how to use it.

PalmPower Extreme -

As mentioned, the PalmPower Extreme's head is covered with high-grade silicone, so it’s safe to use on your naughty bits. It is also splashproof, but you shouldn’t submerge it in water. The vibrator is a bit on the heavy end, but not too heavy to where it’s unusable. I found cleaning it with dish detergent and water easy (as long as you don't put it fully underwater), and I didn’t see any deterioration in the material after several washes. While it didn’t come with a storage bag or box, I think the packaging itself is good enough to store it when you’re not using it.

Vibration speeds4
Length10.5 inches
DiameterHead: 1.8 inches
Vibration patterns3
FlexibilityFlexible neck
MaterialsHigh-grade silicone, ABS plastic
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time240 minutes
Travel LockYes
Colors AvailablePink, Black

PalmPower Extreme -

  • Flexible head
  • Great for people with a sensitive clitoris
  • Stays charged for a while

  • Pretty pricey for a massage vibrator
  • Quite loud.
  • Vibrations are intense, so you’ll feel it in your hand

Overall, I think the PalmPower Extreme is a cool vibrator. I like that it wasn’t too sensitive to my clitoris, has an ergonomic design, and has a long battery life. I did have a bit of a learning curve, but once I got over that, it was simple to use, so I think it would work well with beginners. On the flip side, I think it’s overpriced, unbearable to hold for long periods, and is too loud.

It doesn’t seem like a user manual is available online for the PalmPower Extreme wand, but you can use my ‘how-to’ guide above for some tips. There are also instructions available with the wand itself.

The PalmPower Extreme is made of splashproof material, but shouldn't be used in a shower or bath, or submerged in water while cleaning.

The PalmPower Extreme has seven functions you can choose from.

You can plug the PalmPower Extreme in for 30 minutes for a quick charge, or you can charge for four hours for a maximum charge.

You may have the lock feature activated. If so, quickly press the button until the PalmPower Extreme vibrates to unlock it.

This means that you’ve already reached the highest power setting.