plusOne Vibrating Bullet — Test & Review

   Alexa B
May 16, 2024

Alexa B
: 33
: Experienced
: Female
: Straight

  • Are looking for your first vibrator
  • Want something small and discreet
  • Want something waterproof
  • Want something with multiple vibration options
  • A perfect toy to bring with you when you are traveling

  • like VERY strong vibration patterns
  • looking for a toy for internal stimulation
  • a toy that will hold a charge for more than 2 hours


The Pulse One vibrating bullet is a small (think lipstick-sized) discreet, waterproof vibrator with ten vibration settings. It is made of silicone and is 100% waterproof. Charged with a small USB cord (included), each charge gives you about two hours of use. It comes in a variety of colors as well!

plusOne Vibrating Bullet -

At first glance, I did not think that this teeny tiny vibrator would get the job done. I was skeptical of its small size and weight, but don’t let the size fool you. Even on the lowest vibration setting, it gets the job done. This has become one of my favorite toys. It is very quiet if you are trying to be discreet, perfect for in the shower or traveling. This is a great toy to enjoy alone or with your partner. I enjoy using this during sex to add some clitoral stimulation. I find this to be my go-to vibrator if I am looking for a quickie. Since purchasing this toy, I have only had to charge it a handful of times. I have found that the charge lasts pretty long and normally gets the job done quickly, so I haven’t had to charge it after each use. It is made with silicone so it is very easy to clean with soap and water. The price point is great, and it was delivered discreetly (if you are worried about anyone seeing what you ordered). I think this toy would be perfect for someone just starting out with toys; it is not intimidating and a great one to start out with! I really don’t have any complaints about its performance. I have a lot of toys and always find myself reaching for this one!

plusOne Vibrating Bullet -

When I purchased the Pulse One bullet vibrator, its small size was what initially interested me. I have several vibrators, but even my smallest one is not this small. I love that it isn't bulky, feels good in your hand, and offers a variety of vibrating patterns. I typically use it on the third setting, which is the highest continuous vibration pattern. I find that if I am using this with my partner, I will use a slower or more sporadic setting so I can enjoy it for longer.

plusOne Vibrating Bullet -

It's simple design makes it easy to use and enjoy. It is easy to hold and feels good in your hand. I am not sure that it would be a great option for someone who is unable to hold the toy with enough pressure, but it is certainly a great option for a beginner who is new to toys. The power button is small and easy to turn off and on (you hold the power button down a little longer to power off and on). The power button also allows you to go through the different vibration patterns (you quickly press the power button to go through the vibration patterns).

plusOne Vibrating Bullet -

I feel that the quality of this toy is worth more than its price. It is made of high-quality silicone, cleans well, and holds up to frequent use. It does not feel cheap at all; it actually feels better than some of my more expensive toys, so I was very impressed. I LOVE that it is so quiet. It allows you to enjoy it without the risk of disturbing someone. I use this in the shower a lot and find that it is quiet enough to use when someone else is home, and they would never know.

plusOne Vibrating Bullet - <

Amazing price point! I would have been totally fine spending a little more money on it because the quality is so good, and its functionality is exactly what I look for in a vibrator.

plusOne Vibrating Bullet -

When purchasing this vibrator, I didn't read a ton of the reviews on Amazon. I have found in the past that I am extremely satisfied with products that other people might hate. So, I try not to let any negative feedback totally deter me from purchasing a certain toy; after all, we can all like different things! My friend recommended the Pulse One Bullet, and it did not disappoint. I have never had any issues with its charging. It charges quickly and lasts for about 2 hours per charge. The vibrator itself does not overheat when charging or when in use. Every vibration pattern feels amazing, but I obviously have my go-to. I appreciate that it offers 10 different patterns; some of my other smaller vibrators have as few as 3 vibration settings.

plusOne Vibrating Bullet -

The Pulse One Bullet Vibrator comes in simple packaging that points out all of its main options. If you are worried about discreet packaging, Amazon shipped this in a plain box that did not disclose what was inside of the package. I am not sure if that is how all other companies ship it, so keep that in mind if you are purchasing it somewhere else, and your privacy is important to you.

plusOne Vibrating Bullet -

Made with high-quality silicone, it is soft and smooth to the touch and safe for your body. It is 100% waterproof, which makes it easy to clean after each use. You can simply use soap and water to clean it, or you can purchase a cleaner specifically for sex toys, but that is not required. It sometimes collects hair, dust, between uses, so I sometimes wash it before I use it as well. Because it is so small and discreet, it is very easy to store almost anywhere. Perfect for the drawer in your nightstand. Mine did not come with any storage bag, but it could easily be stored in a cosmetic bag along with the small charger cord. Keep in mind that this does not come with a power block for the charger but has a USB connection that is compatible with most phone charging blocks.

Vibration speeds10
Vibration patterns10
Length3 inches
Width0.79 inches
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time70 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailablePastel Pink, Hot Pink, Blue, Beige

plusOne Vibrating Bullet -

  • Affordable
  • Quiet
  • Multiple vibrations settings
  • Charging cord included
  • Easy to clean

  • Collects dust and hair easily
  • Battery life might not be long enough for some users
  • Does not come with a storage bag/case

My overall verdict for this toy is very positive. I think that it works great, offers 10 unique vibration settings, it's small and discreet, absolutely perfect for traveling, and a perfect toy for beginners. I enjoy using this toy alone or with a partner, and the battery life is long enough for you to enjoy for quite a while. I love a good bullet vibrator, and I think this one offers enough to satisfy even those who prefer a more powerful/larger vibrator. This is a great toy, and I highly recommend it. The only negative thing I have experienced, is that the toy tends to easily attract hair and dust - so you might have to clean the toy before use. That isn't a huge deal for me though, because the toy is SO easy to clean!