ROMP Jazz — Test & Review

Wet For Her Rainbow Strap-On Dildo Review.   Vern Holland
Mar 22, 2024

ROMP Jazz — Test & Review<

Wet For Her Rainbow Strap-On Dildo Review.

Vern Holland
: 24
: Advanced
: Non-binary
: Queer
: We-Vibe Melt

  • Are interested in a beginner, budget-friendly toy.
  • Want to support a brand that promotes sexual liberation and accessible pleasure.
  • Are looking for a waterproof toy for some bathtime play.

  • Don't enjoy rabbit vibrators.
  • Prefer toys that give more clitoral attention.
  • Want a hands-off toy.


The ROMP Jazz is a rabbit vibrator for beginners. With only two buttons, one for power and the other for vibration modes, you won't get lost in the sauce of too many options. Keep in mind, this rabbit vibrator, like many others, is made for a very particular kind of body, and my petite fat one is definitely not it. The clitoral arm is too long (surprising for my bit of bottom growth) and has fairly weak vibrations, which is a bummer for how loud it gets! More than anything, I loved its packaging. I'm a sucker for stickers with my sex toys, and stylish boxes that showcase that the company prides itself on promoting sexual health and pleasure and having fun with our toys! While the ROMP Jazz wasn't the best toy for me, that doesn't mean others (particularly beginners or folks who are looking to try rabbit vibes for the first time) couldn't enjoy it, especially for its affordable price.

ROMP Jazz -

Ya Like Jazz?

I love getting jazzed with a new toy. I was so excited when I opened up the ROMP Jazz. Immediately, I saw the care that the marketing folks put into this, showcasing its vibrant pink and yellow colors as well as including an informational, picture-filled manual and even stickers! Listen, I get that it could be seen as a little silly to be focusing on this aspect, but I love seeing the ways toy companies promote their toys just as much as I enjoy exploring the toy itself. ROMP did not disappoint on that front! I really love the jazzy vibe of the ROMP Jazz, as the packaging matches the design of the toy itself wonderfully. The toy itself is made of a very soft and bendable silicone, allowing for a super squishy tip and vibrating arm that makes it flexible to the user’s needs.

But How Jazzy is the ROMP Jazz Really?

To answer in short, not very. The vibrations of the ROMP Jazz are very weak, but I kind of expected that from such an affordable vibrator. I actually found it more pleasurable to use it alongside a dildo for extra girth, or even just maneuvering the short arm to flatten up against the shaft and inserting that into myself as well. The vibrations of the ROMP Jazz are comparable to toys I’ve tried in the past, like the Svakom Nymph, in the sense that it feels so much more like something for foreplay rather than a toy that will get you over the edge into an orgasm. I tried the ROMP Jazz out in a number of ways, but there wasn’t a single one of them that could help me reach climax without help from another toy. During my research of the ROMP Jazz, I also learned that it’s mostly waterproof, so you may not want this submerged in water for more than half an hour at a time if you don’t want to risk breaking it. When I’m in the bath, I’m in it for hours, so this was a bit of a bummer to learn! Ultimately, the clitoral arm was a little too long for my body and the vibrations were too weak, but that’s the risk you take when getting a rabbit vibrator! Personally, when it comes to rabbits, I just can’t stop thinking of my Miss Bi by Fun Factory, but that’s because it was made with more diverse body types in mind!

A Little Less Jazz, and a Little More Lofi

The ROMP Jazz was a disappointing toy for me personally. While I was still able to have fun with it, and recommend it to beginner toy buyers, it just didn’t quite hit the mark I was expecting. This made me especially surprised to hear that ROMP is owned by WOW Tech, the same company that makes WeVibe and Womanizer, two toy brands that are known for their powerful toys. But, I guess there are things you need to surrender when you want a more affordable toy, and clearly they put their money into the marketing rather than the vibrator motors. To me, the ROMP Jazz was like lofi compared to jazz, stylish and fun but not as heavy-hitting and powerful as I would have liked–and that’s coming from someone who nonstop listens to Lofi Girl streams!

ROMP Jazz -

I adore the ROMP Jazz design. It feels luxurious with its soft silicone, extra squishy tip, and being as lightweight as it is! This toy looks like it would be a strong addition to anyone's toy collection, keyword being "looks" that way. It does feel like good quality as well, of course, since I love the silicone. It's that lack of strong motor that makes me disappointed! Lastly, while the colors are a little vibrant for my taste, it's fitting for the brand, and I can really appreciate that.

ROMP Jazz -

There are only two buttons on the ROMP Jazz, making for an easy experience. Even so, the buttons on mine are a bit finnicky and needed some extra pressure here and there, which makes this toy not as accessible as I would have liked. Plus, it had trouble staying in place, and the clitoral arm was too long for my body, making it a little harder and frustrating to find the sweet spot angle.

ROMP Jazz -

I'm 50/50 on the quality of the ROMP Jazz. This is a cheap toy, so I shouldn't have had such high expectations, but then I learned this was made by the same folks making WeVibe and Womanizer. For a toy made by the sister company of such prestigious brands, I was super disappointed in its loud motor and weak vibrations. While it looks and feels like a quality toy, it doesn't feel that way when in action.

ROMP Jazz - <

For the price point, it's a perfectly fine toy for beginners. Rabbit vibrators are hard anyways, since bodies have so much more variety than the design of these toys can manage. Plus, especially for beginners, this is a super cute toy to feel pampered by because of the great packaging and promotion. Did I mention I love that it comes with stickers and cute manuals? Those alone almost make up for the weakness of the toy, if you ask me.

ROMP Jazz -

The performance of the ROMP Jazz was... lackluster. The vibrations were buzzy and on the weaker side. It doesn't help that it was also loud, not the "whisper quiet" that is advertised. I will say, though, that the battery does last a full hour on its highest setting, and it didn't overheat. I was also surprised at how easy and comfortable it was to hold onto, likely because of how light it is compared to many other vibrators like it.

ROMP Jazz -

The ROMP Jazz has vibrant, bold packaging fitting for its brand! Personally, I'm such a sucker for presentation that it almost cancels out how weak of a toy it is. I really, really like the packing, from its shock of neon pink and yellow right down to the stickers. The manuals are also very useful and include plenty of pictures for folks to get a full grasp on getting the most out of their new vibrator.

ROMP Jazz -

The materials of the ROMP Jazz are mostly silicone with ABS plastic on the handle. It's a very lightweight toy, and feels high-quality and luxurious. I really enjoy how accessible and comfortable the toy is because of that. While it is waterproof, it seems as though that has a limit. Don't submerge this toy into the bath for longer than 30 minutes at a time! As another downside, it's a bit of a lint collector and doesn't come with a toy bag to keep it clean during storage. Even so, it's easy to clean with soap and water, or your favorite toy cleaner.

Vibration modes6
Vibration patterns4
Length8.2 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
Diameter1.4 inches
MaterialsSilicone and ABS Plastic
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time180 minutes
Travel LockNo
Remote ControlsNo
Weight0.625 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailablePink

ROMP Jazz -

  • Super cute, stylish design
  • Flexible, bendy, and soft silicone
  • Easy to use with only two buttons

  • Weak and buzzy vibrations
  • Loud motors
  • Not great with long-term underwater use

The ROMP Jazz is a stylish, soft, lightweight, and flexible rabbit vibrator for beginners on a budget. While it may not be the strongest, this is a vibrator that could still get you jazzed, if it's the right size for your body, that is. With uber soft and squishy silicone and an adorable and vibrant pink lemonade look, it's a lovely addition to the bedroom. It's not my favorite toy by far, but I still recommend it for beginner buyers on a budget who want to test out rabbit vibrators.

Want to get the most out of the ROMP Jazz? Check out the manual here!

The ROMP Jazz is a great toy to use on your own, or with another person! I feel as though this toy is great for partner play especially, as it can be a great addition to foreplay.

Use soap and warm water on the ROMP Jazz to keep it clean, or bring out your choice toy cleaner. Make sure to store it in a bag when not in use to keep it clean and lint-free as can be.

The ROMP Jazz is a very flexible toy with a squishy tip to the main shaft and a stimulating arm that is easy to move around. This makes it a little easier to hold as well since it's so lightweight and bendy!

The ribs on the shaft of the ROMP Jazz are for a little extra stimulation. Because this toy can be used in many ways, that texture can be good to grind or rub against sensitive areas on your body or add to the sensitivity of penetration.

Rabbit vibrators are hard to get perfect, because bodies are so diverse. The ROMP Jazz can be used on a variety of bodies, but you may want to check the specifications to the size of the toy to make sure it could fit and hit just the right spots for you!