Satisfyer Double Joy — Test & Review

   Denise Tempone
Jan 12, 2024

Denise Tempone
: 40
: Advanced
: Female
: Heterosexual

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The Satisfyer Double Joy couples vibrator is designed specifically for heterosexual couples. This is how it works: The vulva owner wears the clamp-shaped vibrator, the smaller part is inserted into the vagina and the wide vibrating part surrounds the clitoris. Because the insertable part is small and flat, penetration is still possible. This means that once inside, the penis will feel the vibrations of the Double Joy. The small end provides G-zone stimulation and makes the vagina tighter so that the person penetrating feels more stimulation. This toy comes with a series of vibration settings and patterns that you can activate from the on/off key, but you can also link it to the Satisfyer Connect app to create your own patterns.

Satisfyer Double Joy -

High Expectations About Satisfyer Double Joy

My reaction when I found out about this toy was one of great happiness. “If Satisfyer had done it once, why wouldn’t they do it again?”, I thought. For those of you who don’t know, this German brand became synonymous with clitoral suction when they managed to cheaply copy a creation that was not their own, but that of the founder of Womanizer, Michael Lenke. In other words, Satisfyer scored its biggest hit by copying and “democratizing” someone else’s great idea (a German court later upheld the patent infringement). With the Double Joy, Satisfyer wanted to make the same move again. This time by creating a cheap version of another disruptive toy, the We-Vibe Chorus and We-Vibe Sync, toys designed to be shared and also equipped with one of the best remotely controlled interfaces available. We-Vibe was excellent, especially in terms of technology and connectivity, but expensive. So here we had Satisfyer planning to make this technology accessible to all of us. Did they get it? Sadly not at all. Here is why…

Satisfyer Double Joy -

This toy is much stiffer and thicker than its premium competitors, which makes it less comfortable. From a physiognomic point of view, it is also not entirely effective. At least on my body, the angle of placement has to be chosen very carefully to get the widest part to vibrate exactly on the clitoris. This is not a toy that you just put inside your body, you have to fit it! Then you have to make room for your partner and try to find the vibration, the pattern and whatever works for both of you. It requires a certain logistics and clarity of mind that I don't have much of when I'm horny. In the end, the experience reminded me more of a gynaecologist than a hot night.

Satisfyer Double Joy -

Bluetooth simply does not recognise the device. After an hour of trying, I'm frustrated. Now I lie in bed and look at the app. The interface looks nice, and it allows you to create your own patterns and match them to a specific playlist. There is also a library of erotic audio stories designed to make your toy move as you listen. There are some guided mindfulness meditations. I really need to meditate after trying to make this work. If, like me (and hundreds of other users who complain in reviews on the web), you never manage to use the app, you can change the rhythms and patterns using the power button on the outside. This is apparently a good thing, but not so good when you discover that the toy switches off when your partner lies on top of you. I'm done.

Satisfyer Double Joy -

This is the only aspect in which this toy is not pretentious. It doesn't want to look luxurious or sophisticated. Its silicone is not particularly soft, nor is its "skeleton" particularly flexible. Its power button makes an old joystick noise when you press it. It's funny. The toy itself is also noisy. That's not so funny.

Satisfyer Double Joy - <

For what it supposedly offers, it is cheap. The problem is that it doesn't give you what it offers either so it's expensive.

Satisfyer Double Joy -

This is one of the most disappointing toys I've tried and it's a shame because the idea was great. I hope Satisfyer keeps working on this model.

Satisfyer Double Joy -

One of the things I like most about Satisfiers is the packaging. It always makes you feel like you have bought something young, fun and trendy. In this case, they continue with modern shaped drawings and the instructions are not in a booklet but on the back of the box.

Satisfyer Double Joy -

You'll recognize the charging point by the two silver dots above the button. The dots are magnets that you can use to attach the USB charging cable. The cable clicks easily. Your toy will be fully charged within 2 hours of connecting the cable to an electronic device with a USB port. Always use water-based lubricant. Silicone lubricant can damage the silicone material and allow bacteria to grow. This makes it unsafe to use. This toy is easy to clean with toy cleaner. Simply spray the entire toy and leave to soak for a few minutes. Then take a clean, dry, lint-free cloth and gently wipe down your vibrator until it's clean and dry. Another way to clean the toy is with soap and water. Rinse the vibrator with lukewarm water. Use a mild antibacterial soap to clean it. Then gently pat the toy dry with a clean cloth or let it air dry. Always store in a safe, dust-free place after cleaning.

Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
Insertable length26.7 inches
Diameter0.6 inches
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailablePurple, black and white

Satisfyer Double Joy -

  • Cheap alternative to premium couples vibrators.
  • Allows intercourse while using it.
  • Provides simultaneous stimulation.

  • Not very confortable.
  • Connectivity sucks.
  • Vibration range can be too intense.
  • Not quite compatible with the use of condoms.

What is supposed to be the affordable version of the We-Vibe Chorus fails to deliver. The Satisfyer Double Joy's design is imprecise and clunky for use in pairs, and its connectivity works more poorly than well. The purpose of this toy is laudable, but it falls short of the mark. I await updates. I am sure that Satisfyer, which has given us so much pleasure, can do better.

This toy aims to be the affordable version of the We vibe chorus. It offers the same functions: connectivity for remote control via its app and the possibility of sharing it with a partner as it allows simultaneous penetration. Unfortunately, it doesn't live up to its inspiration.

Satisfyer Connect offers to link your Double Joy toy to your mobile phone to operate it as you would a remote control, when you're in the same room. It also allows you to hand over control to a partner at a distance, if they are in another city, for example. The idea is great but Satisfyer doesn't get it right. This toy often fails to link via Bluetooth. If you do manage to link it, the app usually fails or crashes. There is still some work to be done here.

Yes! is the main idea of its design: to allow penetration while the person with a vagina is wearing it and vibrating. With this model, you can do it although I am not sure if you will enjoy it as many people find it a bit thick and stiff.