Satisfyer Endless Love — Test & Review

   Cassie Mørch
Jan 3, 2024

Cassie Mørch
: 25
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
: Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Dildo

  • are looking for a versatile vibrator for solo or couple's play
  • want multiple sex toys in one product
  • are curious about trying vibrations on/in different body parts
  • are already experienced with using vibrating cock rings
  • enjoy buzzy and powerful vibrations
  • don't mind that it's large and firm

  • prefer something that feels less rigid and bulky
  • want a vibrating cock ring that's stretchy
  • don't think you'll enjoy some of the main features (like clamping or couples' play)
  • prefer rumbly over buzzy vibrations


The Satisfyer Endless Love is a powerful and versatile couples' vibrator that allows you to explore a lot of different sensations and features with one toy! Three impressive motors power the two "arms" and the wide, curved base so you can feel the vibrations intensely in any postion. Use it as a cock ring, a clitoral vibrator, a nipple clamp, a g-spot vibrator, or as a couples' vibrator to elevate your pleasure during penetrative sex.

Satisfyer Endless Love -

One of the Most Versatile Sex Toys Out There

The concept behind the Satisfyer Endless Love vibrator is really cool! One product to fulfill multiple stimulation needs? What’s not to like? The three separate motors allow you to tailor your own pleasure. The many different vibration settings also provide seemingly endless combinations. Lastly, the unique design boasts 14 different ways to use this toy! I mean, the numbers are iumpressive, I can’t deny it! But I was skeptical. In my experience, some sex toys have a lot of impressive features but don’t actually perform well in the end.

… But How Does it Perform?

Let me take you through my experience with using the different features of the Satisfyer Endless Love.

Nipple Clamping & Clit Clamping

Clamping the two arms around the nipples or clitoris provides a nice and secure pinch. Since they can’t really be tightened, it obviously doesn’t work as an actual clamp that intensely increases blood flow to the area upon removal. However, I found the pinch quite mild and enjoyable overall as soon as the vibrations were activated. One of my favorite ways to use it is as a vibrating clit clamp! That’s just how I find it be the most intense.

Wearable Cock Ring & Couples’ Vibrator

Now, I didn’t have much succes using the Satisfyer Endless Love like this. The toy itself is quite bulky and the material is pretty rigid. There’s no stretch or give in the “ring” whatsoever, apart from the two arms that can be opened ever so slightly. It was a bit difficult for me and my partner to place it around his penis comfortably. When it was on there, it didn’t quite stay in place during penetration. When it was in place, it honestly just feel like it was in the way. Perhaps we would have preferred if it weren’t so firm and rigid but softer and more squishy.

Basic Vibrator

As a regular handheld vibrator the Satisfyer Endless Love was pretty fun to use. This is actually where I felt like it was the most versatile. It can be used anywhere on the body, so I enjoyed tracing it along sensitive parts of my own body or my partner’s to discover some hidden sweet spots. I like that it can provide both broad and pinpoint stimulation to cater to different preferences. Both the base and the arms are ergonomically curved to better target certain erogenous zones. The shape worked really well for stimulating the whole vulva externally as well as for perineum stimulation on my partner! The slight texture on the back of the base is personally my thing, but I love that it’s there for anyone who likes grinding on something textured. Last but not least, the two arms are supposedly insertable to provide some g-spot stimulation. Sure, it can add a few internal rumbles to your play, but for me it didn’t feel as intense as a regular g-spot vibrator would. The shape is also not ideal for g-spot stimulation, in my opinion.

Satisfyer Endless Love -

Although I was intrigued by the design of Satisfyer Endless Love, I don't know if I'm a fan yet. A few of the uses didn't quite do it for me personally, even though I really appreciate how versatile it is. So despite my personal preferences, I would still give the Satisfyer Endless Love a good score for innovative design. It's rare to see so many functions and settings in one toy!

Satisfyer Endless Love -

As a regular handheld vibrator, the Satisfyer Endless Love is quite simple to use. Although, as soon as you want to explore it as a vibrating nipple or clit clamp, a cock ring, or as a couples' vibrator to wear during penetrative sex, it can be a bit tricky to use! Again, the material is quite rigid and thick, so it doesn't have much give. In order to get the right placement or keep it in place, you may need to try a few times to get it right. I recommend using lube to help smooth things along!

Satisfyer Endless Love -

I think the Satisfyer Endless Love is a good quality toy. The idea is innovative, the materials are 100% body-safe, and the vibrations are quite powerful. Although, I wouldn't say it's a premium quality toy. The vibrations, however powerful, are pretty buzzy and superficial. I prefer using vibrators that provide deeper, more rumbly sensations. It's also a bit louder than I would like it be on the higher settings.

Satisfyer Endless Love - <

With the Satisfyer Endless Love you're basically getting multiple sex toys in one product. It's a pretty good quality product and it offers a lot of customization. In that regard, I think it's fairly priced - even quite affordable. Since I personally didn't enjoy it as an actual wearable couples' vibrator, I would probably wouldn't want to spend that amount of money for something I couldn't use as it was designed to be used.

Satisfyer Endless Love -

In terms of performance, I will admit that the vibrations themselves were impressive. The three separate motors make sure that you're getting to experience the vibrations equally as intense however you choose to use the toy. However, I thought the vibrations felt more buzzy than rumbly. This is definitely a matter of preference. I usually opt for products that feel more rumbly and more squishy to the touch as well.

Satisfyer Endless Love -

The Satisfyer Endless Love comes in a beautiful box with a lid that unfolds to reveal some general information about product. There's additional text and graphics illustrating how this vibrator can be used and who it's suited for. The contents of the box itself are simple. You have the vibrator, the magnetic charging chord, and a simple user manual. Points for informative packaging, not so much for the lack of storage bag.

Satisfyer Endless Love -

The Satisfyer Endless Love is coated with 100% body-safe,non-porous silicone. It's fully waterproof and is a great to toy to bring with you on aquatic adventures! This also means that it's super easy to clean. Simply wash it some a sex toy cleaner (or any mild, unscented soap) and rinse thoroughly with water. Dry it off completely and store it safely away to avoid collecting any dust or lint on the surface.

Length5.25 inches
Insertable length3.25 inches
WidthTop: 0.5 inches
WidthBottom: 1.125 inches
Height2.75 inches
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Colors AvailableBlue, Pink

Satisfyer Endless Love -

  • Extremely versatile design
  • Three separate motors
  • Up to 100 different vibration combinations
  • 100% waterproof
  • Body-safe non-porous medical grade silicone

  • A bit too firm for my liking
  • Can be difficult to put on or place over nipples/clitoris
  • Quite buzzy

I think the Satisfyer Endless Love is a good quality vibrator. I think it would be a great choice for couples out there who are looking for a versatile vibrator. This particular one will help them explore the joys of vibrations on various erogenous zones as well as in action during their usual penetrative sex. I have to admit that some of the features of the Satisfyer Endless Love just didn't do it for me. I, personally, would have preferred if it were more soft, flexible, and stretchy in some places. When I used it during sex with my partner, it just kind of got in the way and we both felt like it was distracting to make sure it was kept in place at all times. I also prefer deeper, more rumbly vibrations over the more buzzy sensation I got from the Satisfyer Endless Love. For me, this is not a total winner, but there are still some features that I enjoyed, like the clamping and handheld function! Aside from that I still appreciate the gender neutral, innovative, and versatile design that allows you to not only explore different sensation all over your body, but also to customize those sensations to pamper you properly!

This couples' vibrator has an innovate design that provides a lot of different functions but also aims to provide simultaneous pleasure for both partners during penetrative sex. With three separate motors controlled by two buttons, you can place the vibrator around the penis at whichever angle you prefer for enhanced sensations during sex. For more thorough instruction on the different ways to use or where to place the vibrator, check out the "How to Use"-section or click on the link the the official manual.

The gender-neutral design makes it ideal for anyone to use. It can be used in/on the vagina, vulva, penis, scrotum, perineum, anus, clitoris, nipples, etc.

Yes and no. It's not as stretchy or flexible as most other vibrating cock rings so it can be a bit difficult to get on and keep in place during use. I didn't find that it worked how cock rings typically work in terms of limiting blood flow in the penis. However, for less vigorous and more static activities (where you don't need it to be wearable as such), it can easily provide a bit of added pleasure to your experience.