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The Best Online Sexual Classes

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to be good at sex, you are in the right place! We often think that having great sex should just come naturally, but like everything else, we actually need to work on and develop our skills as lovers. That’s where taking online sexual classes comes in!

Unfortunately for most of us, sex education didn’t teach us much about pleasure, so we’ve been left to figure it out our own, piecing together information from friends, the media, and porn — yeah it’s not sounding too hopeful huh?

Luckily, we don’t have to poke around in the dark anymore! There are so many great online sex courses to help you take your sex life from ok to oh-my-god-I-didn’t-know-sex-could-be-this-good!

From intimacy courses to reignite your relationship or anal sex classes to unlock new realms of pleasure, we’ve got the course for you right here!

Here are the courses we’ll look at in more detail in the post:

Beducated — Best All Round Sexual Classes

Just a selection of what’s on offer at Beducated

This online sex school has a massive selection of sexual classes available and you get access to them all when you sign up. Beducated have everything you need to become the sexually empowered person you dream of being!

Currently, they have a whopping 94 different courses available. Not to mention, they are continuously updating the site with new and juicy stuff all the time!

I’ve enjoyed watching many of their course videos and love how tasteful and accessible they are. Plus, there really is something for everyone no matter your genitals, gender, age or sexual experience! They also have sex classes for couples, singles, and threesomes!

If you want to know more before deciding if this is the sexual class for you, check out my full review of Beducated.

OMGYES — Best For Vulva-Focussed Pleasure Education

What you get access to for a one off payment at OMGYES

OMGYES takes the mystery out of female pleasure with their research-backed techniques for vulva-focussed pleasure. As well as delivering high-quality online lessons to help vulva owners and their partners understand female pleasure in a whole new way, they are committed to furthering the currently lacking research!

They currently offer two packages and for a one off payment, you get lifetime access!

The Essentials Package

This affordable package gets you access to 12 essential techniques for female pleasure, with over 60 videos focussing on mental arousal, different ways to stimulate your clitoris, and how to communicate with your partner about what feels good for you.

Essentials + Explore More

Delve deeper into female pleasure with 300 + videos containing more than 36 vulva pleasing techniques. In this package, you can also learn how to have more pleasurable penetrative sex, how to explore sex toys, and a whole lot more!

Shushlife — Best for Beginners

Shushlife Courses
Shushlife’s courses help you unlock your pleasure potential

Shushlife is a beginner-friendly selection of courses is a great way to start discovering pleasure and intimacy alone or with a partner.

The courses are aimed at vulva owners but the instructors use inclusive language to make sure all gender identities feel welcome.

There are three courses — Becoming Orgasmic, Mindblowing BJs, and Light My Fire. As well as the video courses, each one has activities and homework to practice your new sexual skills!

Rachel reviewed Shushlife and described the courses as the sex-savvy friend we all need in our lives! Plus the courses are super affordable and for a one off payment, you get lifetime access so you can really take your time or go back and revisit them!

The Sexfulness — Best Study Resources

The Sexfulness
A taste of what you get with a Sexfulness subscription

The Sexfulness has over 175 online video tutorials to help you unlock your sexual prowess and more than 150 techniques to level up your sexual skills.

Plus, they add more each month, so your sexual skill set can keep expanding!

Each course features science-backed sex advise from one of their 12 sex experts, so you know you are getting the good stuff. On top of that, there are a whole load of quizzes, pdf resources, and articles to help your with your sexy studies!

They cover everything from oral sex classes to sexual communication and all kinds of kinks classes!

Yoni Pleasure Palace — Best for Female Pleasure Empowerment

Unleash your squirting potential with Squirt School
Become sexually open and empowered with The Golden Yoni Membership

Dive deep into pleasure and sexual empowerment with Rosie Rees of Yoni Pleasure Palace. Her focus is on helping vulva owners reconnect with and cultivate sexual bliss.

Squirt School

The Squirt School will help you leave behind shame and stop limiting your pleasure in favor of sexual freedom to help you discover the joys of squirting orgasms.

The course covers everything from anatomy and techniques to emotional safety. It even has live demonstrations of squirting solo and with a partner to give a realistic view what squirting actually looks like, unlike the often staged squirting we know from porn.

The Golden Yoni Membership

If you love the idea of surrounding yourself with empowered feminine sexuality and getting access to whole host of online learning materials, the Golden Yoni Membership is the one for you!

A membership gets you access to 12 online learning modules to awaken and deepen your connection with your sexual energy, yoni egg practices, guest expert speakers, access to a sacred Facebook group to meet and discuss with other women, and much more!

Loveology University — Best for Becoming a Sexpert or Coach

Just a few of the stand alone courses offered at Loveology University

Loveology University has everything from stand alone sex classes for couples to certified qualifications for sex and love coaches and everything in between!

Founded by world renowned sexologist, Dr Ava Cadell, Loveology University is a wealth of information that can be used to transform your own sex life or learn to help others transform theirs. Here are some of the courses on offer:

  • Master Courses – Choose from a wide range of stand alone courses on different topics from sexual basics to kink, tantra, and more.
  • 4 Packs for Lovers — A collection of four courses about different themes, such as kink, romance or expanding your sexual horizons, to share with your partner.
  • Junior Sexpert — The Certified Relationship Coach, Master Sexpert and Certified Love Coach courses all roled into one shortened, condensed course.
  • Certified Master Sexpert — Gain the skills and qualifications you need to become a sex coach, educator, or writer
  • Certified Relationship Coach — Learn techniques to help couples work through intimacy issues and strengthen their relationships.
  • Certified Love Coach — This contains all of the information you need to become a certified love coach. The course includes the information from both the Master Sexpert and Relationship Coach courses and much more. Plus, after graduating, you will be eligible to apply for membership with The American Board of Sexologists.

Bad Girl’s Bible — The Blowjob Bible — Best Oral Sex Class


Let’s be honest, we all want to impress our partner’s with our sexual skills. We all want to be the one they remember as giving the best blowjob they’ve ever had.

Well, The Blowjob Bible from Bad Girls Bible is the blowjob class that can help you achieve that dream! Their course contains powerful oral sex techniques to take your partner to dizzying heights of pleasure!

On top of that, when you buy the Blowjob Bible, you get access to $582 worth of bonus courses, including Deep Throat — The Easy Way, Frisky Foreplay and more!

This course uses gendered language and is aimed at cis-het women looking to pleasure their penis owning partner.

School of Squirt — Best for Sexual Classes Squirting

The pussy pleasing package from School of Squirt

Dream of giving your vulva owning partner orgasm that will change their life? School of Squirt’s Squirting Triggers 2.0 covers all the tips and techniques you need to help your partner have their first squirting orgasm.

Check out Edwina’s review of Squirting Triggers 2.0 to find out what she thought of the course!

Purchasing the course also gives you free access to School of Squirt’s other courses — Unlocking Her Wild Side, Erotic Massage Mastery, Truly Loving Orgasms, and The Female Erogenous Blueprint all worth $511.

Not to mention, there’s a 90-day money back guarantee on the Squirting Triggers!

While this course does contain some great, actionable techniques, at times the language can be derogatory and misogynistic. It also takes a very hetero-normative approach to sex. I would love to see this course updated with a more inclusive approach and more focus on the importance of consent!

Bonus Online Sex Courses

If, like the eternally unfulfilled U2, you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, here are a few more online courses you can take to turbo-charge your skills between the sheets and give your sex life a much-welcomed boost!

Why Take a Sex Course?

As a society, we rarely talk about sex and when we do, we are very rarely sharing what brings us pleasure. We are left to find that out on our own, which is pretty crazy when you think about it. Here are my top reasons for taking a sex class, either alone or with a partner.

  • There is so much misinformation and so many myths about anatomy and pleasure out there. Taking a sex course gives you access to reliable information.
  • Sex education is seriously lacking in information about pleasure and sexual communication. Sex courses can fill in gaps in knowledge and equip you with the information you really need.
  • Sex classes are a great way to deepen intimacy with yourself or a partner.
  • There are courses that can help you overcome sexual intimacy issues.
  • They give you to the structure to actually make pleasure a priority in your life.
  • You can discover new ways to feel pleasure you didn’t know existed!
  • Taking an online course is easy, convenient, and you can access them anywhere, anytime!
  • You also get access to some of the most knowledgeable experts in the fields of sex and intimacy from the comfort of your home.

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