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SheVibe Alternatives – 5 Best Sites Like is a great shop! No doubt about it.

But when reading this post, you will find that there are some great SheVibe alternatives available.

And no, I’m not just talking about completely similar sites to SheVibe. While some SheVibe alternatives are very comparable to that sites, I have also included som sex shops that are very different.

First, however, let me quickly take you on a tour of the pros and cons of shopping at SheVibe.

After that, you can decide if you want to shop there or pick one of the alternatives listed below.

Why you should shop at SheVibe?

  • Super inclusive and sex positive site
  • Have many new and innovative sex toys that you can’t find elsewhere
  • Generally good prices
  • Awesome graphical design and shopping experience
  • Fantastic user reviews

Why you should not shop at SheVibe?

  • Lacking return policy (you simply can’t) as they consider all purchases for final without an option to return.

Best Alternatives for SheVibe

In the following I will show you my favorite SheVibe alternatives.

Ranked in order, from the one I like the best (Lovehoney) to the one I like the least (AdamEve).

1. Lovehoney

What is similar to Shevibe: Lovehoney are super inclusive. They have absolutely amazing customer reviews online (like shevibe). They generally have good prices, meaning you will not miss out on offers and discounts.

Why Lovehoney is a better alternative: They have a way bigger collection of sex toys compared to SheVibe. And, finally, there Shopping and return policy and terms are a lot better than Shevibe’s.

Find the best discounts and sales on Lovehoney Here.

2. TooTimid

TooTimid alternative to

What is similar to Shevibe: Generally considered a smaller shop, not comparable to giants in the industry like AdamEve and Lovehoney. Super custemor service and a lot of nice guiding info and content around toys.

Why TooTimid is a better alternative: You will be able to find a lot more awesome discounts and special offers on TooTimid compared to on SheVibe.

Find the best discounts and sales on TooTimid Here.

3. HustlerHollywood

Hustlerhollywood alternative to

What is similar to Shevibe: They sell sex toys, other than that they differentiate a lot! Both based out of the US, and now I’m really struggling to find more similarities.

Why HustlerHollywood is a better alternative: Hustlerhollywood is a we-have-it-all store. Generally good on providing good discounted offers. They have around twice as many types of products comparing to SheVibe and are a little better at providing cheap products.

Find the best discounts and sales on HustlerHollywood Here.

4. SpectrumBoutique

Spectrumboutique alternative to

What is similar to Shevibe: This is also somewhat of a niche site, not in a way in which they only sell specific products though. More in the way they go about selling products. With a very different design. They also both focus on different and new types of sex toys. Both super interesting options if you are not into buying from a giant conglomerate, but rather a smaller interesting shop.

Why SpectrumBoutique is a better alternative: As both shops feature niche products that are new and innovative you might find toys on SpectrumBoutique that you can’t find on SheVibe.

Find the best discounts and sales on Spectrumboutique Here.

5. AdamEve

AdamEve Alternative to

What is similar to Shevibe: Nothing much really. Where Shevibe selss sex toys from a load of well known brands, AdamEve is more focused on whitelabel sex toys (non-branded) from cheap manufacturers. And where SheVibe has fantastic customer reviews online AdamEve is lacking.

Why AdamEve is a better alternative: The reason you should choose AdamEve over SheVibe is because of the pricing difference on product. Even though you can’t really compare the products (would be like comparing apple and oranges) you will often find dirt-cheap sex toys on AdamEve, that you wouldn’t possibly be able to find on SheVibe.

Find the best discounts and sales on AdamEve Here.

SheVibe Competitors Compared: Delivery, Return policy, Costomer service

ShopBest for…DeliveryReturn PolicyCostumor service
LovehoneyBest overall1-6 working days,
Free shipping over $49
100 day money back guarentee + 1 year product warrentyAMAZING
TooTimidBest deals1-6 working days,
Free shipping over $59
30 day free replacement + 1 year product warrentyGOOD
SheVibeBest brand deals1-6 working days,
Free shipping over $69
1 year product warrentyAMAZING
HustlerHollywoodBiggest selection1-8 working days,
Free shipping over $69
30 day replacement guarenteePOOR
SpectrumBoutiqueMost new and innovative productsN/A
Free shipping over $135
10 day replacement guarenteeGOOD
AdamEveCheap products1-8 working days,
Flat rate $8
90 days replacement guarenteePOOR

As you can maybe read from my pros and cons list of, I am a very big fan of their site, their customer service and general good reputation.

What I on the other hand don’t really like is their general pricing of products. Generally I beleive you can get similar sex toys (if not exactly the same) on 10-20% cheaper.

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