Snail Vibe Curve — Test & Review

   Kiki Hall
May 10, 2024

Kiki Hall
: 24
: Advanced
: Female, she/her
: Pansexual

  • Love dual clitoral/vaginal stimulation
  • Enjoy customized vibration speeds and patterns
  • Like constant clitoral stimulation
  • Want control over how much penetration you are getting

  • Do not like dual stimulation
  • Do not like direct clitoral/vaginal stimulation
  • Want something hands free
  • Get easily overstimulated


The Snail Vibe Curve has revolutionized rabbit style vibrators. It offers a unique rolling design so that no matter how much or how little is inserted, the head is always touching your clit. It is made from comfortable, soft, medical grade silicone that is body-safe and waterproof! It has two separate motors and two separate control panels so you can really customize the vibrations to your deepest desires. This is truly a unique and innovative vibrator.

Snail Vibe Curve -

Confusion Turned to Excitement

When I first pulled this toy out of its box, I was a little confused about how I was supposed to even use it. It looks unlike any other vibrator I have personally ever seen and really does have a snail-like look to it. After looking at it for a minute and reading through the instructions, it clicked in my brain at how insanely cool this vibrator is. Like are you kidding me??? It’s basically a rabbit, but with other rabbits, if you want to “thrust” the insertable portion in and out, you aren’t getting good clit stimulation, but if you leave it in place for the clit stimulation, you can’t have as much fun moving the toy in and out. The Snail Vibe Curve literally solved that problem. The insertable base is split. The bottom half stays in place and the upper half “rolls” back. This makes it so that whether you’re inserting the toy and leaving it alone or manually thrusting, you are ALWAYS getting clit stimulation because the clit head rolls with your movement. It is genius, pretty much flawless, and the toy I didn’t know I was dreaming of.

A True Powerhouse

So, I figured out this toy was revolutionary and an obviously genius design, but I was slightly worried it would be gimmicky or weak. I was absolutely proven wrong. The creators of this toy were not playing around. It is innovative AND powerful. This is all a girl could ever ask for in a dual-stimulating toy. I love this toy. I really really love this toy. It slides and rolls so smoothly and it’s easy to position it and readjust it to right where you want it. I want to rate this product a 5/5 but it does have one minor flaw and that is with cleaning. Although it’s waterproof which makes cleaning easy, the split in the middle is a little difficult to clean and can hold remnants of lube or other substances down in the bottom crevasse. To fix this issue, I started using a small reusable straw cleaning bush and/or a cloth to get in between the two layers better. This pretty much fixed my problem and allowed me to go back to focusing on my love and obsession.

Snail Vibe Curve -

In terms of design, it has a unique and pretty unforgettable look, and it feels incredible. The silicone is soft and feels high quality, the buttons are easy to figure out, the vibrations are strong, and it is not at all gimmicky. It is also extremely comfortable. I was worried the curve would be too much or the clitoral stimulating head would be too hard, but this was not the case at all. The team at Snail Vibe really took care in creating this product. I do just wish the "split" in the middle was easier to clean.

Snail Vibe Curve -

I think this vibrator is pretty easy to use once you get used to it. It is important to have enough lubrication so it can slide easily, but once it’s inserted, there isn’t much adjusting needed. The buttons are pretty easy to figure out and allow you total control on the level of intensity for your clit and g-spot. For anyone with mobility or grip issues, this toy might not be ideal because even though it vibrates, it’s still a pretty manual toy.

Snail Vibe Curve -

The quality is awesome. The silicone is soft, comfortable, and feels durable. It is really quiet for how powerful it is. It has never overheated on me or even felt remotely hot. Both of the motors are really strong. I do wish that it had a slightly longer battery life. When using both the motors, it lasts for about an hour and takes 2 full hours to recharge. However, the orgasms this toy provides come pretty quick, so you don’t have to charge it until after a few uses.

Snail Vibe Curve - <

This toy is certainly not cheap, but it isn’t the most expensive thing on the market either. Some people can’t justify paying over $100 for a vibrator and that’s okay! However, I do think because of its strength, quality, and uniqueness, the price is justifiable. It comes with a really nice case for storage which added another touch of quality. I also love the magnetic charger that comes with it as it is easy to attach, and the cord is sturdy.

Snail Vibe Curve -

Again, for as powerful as this vibrator is, it is incredibly quiet. As long as you’re in a separate room and there is minor white noise going on in the background, no roommates or neighbors should be able to hear it. It’s really comfortable, easy to control, and has never overheated or malfunctioned. The vibration strength is amaaazzinnnggggg and also really customizable. Even when using both motors, the battery can run for up to an hour straight, but if you’re only using one motor at a time, it can last up to 2 hours and recharging takes 2 hours.

Snail Vibe Curve -

The packaging that it comes in is, in my opinion cute but definitely not unique or showstopping like the actual product is. The box is a nice purple and features a large image of the toy on the cover. I really liked the back of the box as it showcases a lot of specs and also shows how the toy is used as well as some helpful general information about the toy.

Snail Vibe Curve -

The Snail Vibe Curve is made out of waterproof, body-safe, medical grade silicone. It has a nice weight to it while not being too heavy. Storing is easy as it comes with a really nice storage case. Cleaning is slightly tricky. It’s fully waterproof so you can use toy cleaner and water, but you do need to pay attention to cleaning the split in the toy to ensure nothing gets stuck down in there.

Vibration speeds5
Vibration patterns5
Length9.5 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
Diameter1.25 inches
MaterialsMedical-Grade Silicone
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailablePink, Black, Purple, Peach

Snail Vibe Curve -

  • Rechargeable
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Body-safe materials
  • Unique and innovative

  • Only for vaginal/clitoral stimulation
  • May be hard for some to hold
  • Difficult to clean
  • Long recharge time

The Snail Vibe Curve is an extremely unique and high-quality dual-stimulating vibrator. Its power and distinct design offers a stunning orgasm experience that is sure to leave you wanting more. This vibrator is definitely in my top 5 all time favorite toys.