Tantus General — Test & Review

   Cassie Mørch
Jun 21, 2024

Cassie Mørch
: 26
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
: Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Dildo

  • are already very experienced with using thick dildos
  • love the feel of a smooth, non-textured dildo
  • are looking for a large anal-safe dildo

  • need something to use hands-free
  • prefer more textured dildos
  • need something that really targets the g-spot or p-spot

The Tantus General is a large dildo with a smooth and sleek design. It has three very subtle ridges along the shaft and a slight curve. It's made of Tantus' premium silicone and super easy to clean and sterilize. The flared base also makes it anal safe and ideal to use in a strap-on harness. It has a non-stick base but not a true suction cup.

Tantus General -

Large and in Charge

The Tantus General has a special talent to command any room he’s in. This dildo has an impressive size, yes. What makes it stand out as a large dildo to me, though, is how firm it is! I’ve tried many dildos of similar girths before but the General was actually one of the more challenging ones to insert at first. Since the tip isn’t that tapered either, it can take some patience and plenty of lube. Although, the lack of texture on the shaft makes for smooth sailing once you’re past the tip!

Looks More Porous Than it is

My biggest issue with the Tantus General is the tacky surface. Now, I know that it’s made of 100% premium silicone and I trust the quality of Tantus products. However, the surface of the dildo was super sticky. Dust, hair, and lint stuck to it like crazy. I had to wash it thoroughly before (and obviously after) every use and even air-drying it would pick up tiny little bits of dust. It was even difficult to take any pictures where it didn’t look dirty. This just made the whole experience feel and look a lot less clean that it actually is.

To Suction Cup or Not to Suction Cup?

For me, the answer is an obvious yes. I simply do not understand why some dildos don’t feature a suction cup base. It makes the dildo so much more fun and easy to use for versatile solo play! Even though I generally respect Tantus as a brand for the quality of their products, most of their dildos don’t have a suction cup base. This is also the case for the General, and that is quite disappointing.

Tantus General -

I have mixed feelings about the design of the Tantus General. In terms of aesthetics, I like the simple, smooth and sleek look. Even if it doesn't have a suction cup base, I like that the flared base makes it anal safe and good for strap-on play. However, the shape doesn't do it for me in terms of sensation. I think I'm a bit more of a texture, girlie. I also prefer very pronounced tips, bulbs, or "heads" for really intense g-spot and a-spot pleasure.

Tantus General -

Even though the firmness and size renders this dildo more suitable for experienced dildo users, there's nothing else about the Tantus General that's difficult to use. It's so smooth and easy to work with once you're past the tip! It's also super easy to clean.

Tantus General -

I really appreciate that the Tantus General is made of 100% premium silicone. I also know that Tantus is known for making high-quality products in general. I definitely know that my other Tantus dildo (the Tantus Cush) is a great quality product! But I have to say that the quality isn't immediately apparent in the Tantus General because of the tacky surface. It just makes it look super porous even though it isn't.

Tantus General - <

I'm usually quite willing to pay good money for a high quality dildo that's made to last a lifetime. But for me, the Tantus General just didn't hit the right spot. I don't think it'll be my first or second choice for solo penetration play, so it's not quite worth the price tag for me. The dildo didn't come with a storage bag either, and I would have liked one for that price!

Tantus General -

Long story short, the Tantus General didn't live up to my expectations. Even though I liked the size of it, the shape didn't didn't do it for me. It didn't help me target all those internal sweet spots that I enjoy stimulating when playing with dildos. That said, I think it would do very well as an anal dildo for very advanced anal adventurers looking for a smooth yet bulbous shaft to play with.

Tantus General -

The packaging was also a bit underwhelming. It came wrapped in a plastic bag inside of a cardboard box with the product sticker on the outside. While this is quite discreet, the first impressions of the quality weren't great. There wasn't even a small informational leaflet or manual for more information about the product.

Tantus General -

Since the Tantus General is made 100% of premium silicone, it's a breeze to clean and sterilize. Simply wash it with warm water and a mild soap in between uses. For an extra thorough cleaning, you can sterilize it in boiling water for a few minutes. Because the surface is so tacky and sticky, I don't recommend using a cloth or towel to dry it as the lint will cling to it. Simply let it air dry and put it away for storage. Try keeping it away from dust and lint and avoid direct contact with other silicone items.

Length8 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Diameter1st bump: 1.9 inches, 2nd bump: 2.1 inches, 3rd bump: 2.2 inches
MaterialsPremium silicone
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableOnyx, Crimson, Burgundy

Tantus General -

  • Impressive girth and length
  • Premium quality silicone
  • Great for strap-on play
  • Anal-safe

  • No suction cup base
  • Dust and lint stick to it very easily
  • Not great for firm g-spot or p-spot massage

I had a mixed experience with the Tantus General. I do think it's a good quality dildo made of high quality materials. It has a really apealling design with a smooth and sleek shape, and a super impressive size! However, I personally prefer slight texture and a more pronounced tip. Intense pressure on the g-spot and a-spot are also a must for me, and the Tantus General doesn't quite deliver on that aspect. The surface is also super tacky so dust, lint, and hair sticks to it very easily. Last but not least, I would have loved to see a suction cup base rather than a non-stick base. All in all, it's a good dildo in general (pun intended) but not a great match for ,me personally.