The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine — Test & Review

   Flora Winters
Feb 5, 2024

Flora Winters
: 27
: Intermediate
: Female
: Demi-Pansexual
: Satisfyer Pro 2

  • Love intense vibrations
  • Desire hands-free pleasure
  • Don't mind loud machines
  • Prefer colorful sex machines
  • Have room for a sex machine

  • Want a quiet toy
  • Can't safely lift 24.5lbs
  • Weigh more than 400lbs
  • Have been advised against it by your medical care provider
  • Have no room for a sex machine


Saddle up for a euphoric journey with The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine. Enjoy power like never before, garbed in the glamour of glittery attachments and a rainbow flogger. This beast will rattle your core and your floor, with 6 vibration patterns. Intensify stimulation with 360-degree swivel, at up to 1200 rotations per minute. Now, that's a magical ride! Expand your horizons with the Cowgirl App 2.0, where users can create custom patterns or relinquish the reigns to a partner. It's time to fulfill your carnal dreams!

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine -


Sex machines are the cavalry of pleasure engineering, and I had never taken the reins of such power before. Let’s just say, I was sweating. Not just because it was heavy to carry into the house- 28.4 lbs. to be exact — intimidation brewed dewy beads upon my brow, until I unveiled the product. The whimsical design of The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine ignited my girlish excitement. After about a 5-minute setup (which is detailed in the How to Use section), I was ready to ride.

Taking the Reins

The Unicorn can be controlled using the corded remote or by app. It was simple to operate the Cowgirl 2.0 App, just by following this tutorial. A button on the physical remote powered on the machine and cycled through the 6 vibration patterns. Two dials adjusted vibrations and rotations independently. Each increment was marked by notches, but the dial could be switched to any point between measurements. This was a huge bonus, as I wished to ease into the full use of this machine.


The lowest vibrations rumbled like a washing machine. The floor began to shake as vibrations intensified, and the highest setting amplified to 108 dB; this is comparable to the volume of a leaf blower. The Ethereal Clouds Mat only slightly dampened the ruckus. Vibrators are typically categorized as rumbly or buzzy, but The Unicorn was a totally different beast. The lowest setting sent vibes up my spine and quivered my upper lip. No, I’m not being hyperbolic. Half-power rattled my inner ears, and I only tested maximum power outside of physical use. If you love intense vibrations with full body stimulation, this is your dream come true.

Magic Hide

I began with the Magic Hide Silicone Attachment, a non-penetrative grinder, studded for stimulation. The 1.18-inch mound teased entry with pulsating pressure. It was the perfect preface to an anthology of pleasure. The manual suggests a use time of 15-minutes, so I allowed 30-minutes to cool down before switching to the Uni Horn Silicone Attachment. First, with the spring stem. The stem extended into the Uni Horn’s appendage, which enabled the rotation function.

Rotating Uni Horn

The Uni Horn Silicone Attachment was endowed with a 3.5-inch shaft, and the 1.5-inch diameter provided satiating fullness. Like the Magic Hide, The Uni Horn was blessed with a studded strip for tantalizing the vulva/perineum. I was nervous to try the rotation function, but the flexible spring resulted in a gentle massage. The plastic stem offered much firmer pressure. It would be perfect for those who love a rough ride. For more variety, COTR Inc. offers 14 attachments to embellish your saddle. From realistic studs to double penetration, there’s an attachment to fulfill your fantasies.

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine -

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine was enrobed in flamboyancy, with a pearlescent saddle and vibrant accents. Pastel attachments glimmered with flecks of silver glitter, and a heavenly skyscape ornated the floor mat. A rainbow flogger dangled from the machine like a tail, which could be detached for punishing pleasure. It was as if The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine attended BronyCon and emerged a higher being. Perfection! The ergonomic design comfortably contoured to the thighs, and vegan leather cushioned the ride.

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine -

The actual sex machine required no assembly. Attachments were beginner friendly, and the silicone easily stretched over the contact piece. This became slightly more challenging with a spring or silicone rod. The lowest settings may be suited for some newbies, although the power was intense. The machine was easily stored under a bed, then slid out and plugged in for playtime. That being said, it weighed 24.5 lbs. The manual advises against use if one has a mental or physical limitation which may prevent them from operating the machine. See page 10 of the manual for more information.

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine -

This Unicorn was fashioned from premium materials, which could pleasure passengers up to 400 lbs. The silicone base sturdied the steed during rough rides, and protected floors from scuffing. The silicone attachments were flexible and resistant to tearing. Though loud, that's to be expected from a motor of this magnitude. It's certainly not a toy to use while the in-laws are visiting... unless you're trying to prove a point, but that's none of my business. It'd be great for theatrics; but if you're wanting discretion, save it for a day when you're alone... and your neighbors are at work.

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine - <

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine retails for $1,750, though it's currently on sale for $1,400 on It comes with a detachable Rainbow Tail Flogger, Uni Horn Silicone Attachment, Magic Hide Silicone Attachment, Ethereal Clouds Mat, spring and plastic stems (6 of each), a corded LED remote, AC/DC global adapter, 4 detachable power cords (North America, UK, EU, and Australia cords included), and user manual. The Cowgirl App 2.0 elevates this sex machine above competitors, by offering limitless combinations of vibration patterns and rotation. $1,750 may be a hefty bounty, but it's unlike any ride you'll get from handhelds.

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine -

I expected an intense ride, and The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine most certainly delivered. The 8-foot power cord reached an outlet wherever I desired to pleasure myself. As mentioned, the App only works up to 30-feet from The Unicorn. This felt pretty limiting. It took about 3-seconds for each command to come to fruition, and vibrations increased incrementally (which I appreciated). While App compatibility is a huge bonus for me, this was the first toy for which I preferred using the physical remote. I loved the amplifier-like knobs and precision control.

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine -

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine came in a box just as colorful as the product. Graphics accurately displayed the contents within, while bullets concisely conveyed use. Everything was safely packaged and snuggly placed into a perfectly compact fit. Layers of thick Styrofoam cushioned the sides of the box and protected the machine from dings. Each attachment was encased in a baggie, and the cords were nestled into cardboard. While not discrete, the packaging was perfectly sufficient.

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine -

The machine has a steel and aluminum frame with a plastic side cover. It's saddled in vegan leather and footed with a silicone bumper. The Uni Horn and Magic Hide are both composed of silicone, and the flogger of vegan leather. Clean before and after each use. The machine may be wiped with a damp cloth, while attachments may be washed with a silicone-safe cleanser. Only use the sex machine 15-minutes at a time. Allow it to sit for at least 30-minutes before resuming. Unplug immediately after use, and store away from extreme temperatures.

Vibration speedsUnlimited
Vibration patterns6 + more with App
LengthMachine: 16.7, Magic Hide: 1.18, Uni Horn: 3.5, Flogger: 19.5, Floor Mat: 31.5 inches
WidthMachine: 15.4, Floor Mat: 35.5 inches
HeightMachine: 10.9 inches
DiameterMagic Hide: 1.37, Uni Horn: 1.5 inches
Weight24.5 lbs
MaterialsSteel, Aluminum, Plastic, Silicone, and Vegan Leather
Remote ControlsPhysical Remote and App Controls
Maximum Weight400 lbs

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine -

Command your pleasure using the Cowgirl App 2.0 (iOS or Android). This App puts control at your fingertips and sets this magical steed apart from the herd. Simply power on the device, pair it to Bluetooth, and control it from up to 30ft away. If the user steps out of range, a notification will prompt them of connectivity loss. A safety feature ensures a gradual power down if connectivity isn’t established within 60-seconds. Dual-Hand Mode allows users to adjust vibration and rotation independently, or control both simultaneously with Single-Hand Mode. Use one of the preset patterns, or customize your own thigh-quaking setting. Get creative and journey towards your ethereal awakening! 

  • Extremely powerful vibrations
  • Vibration and rotation are controlled independently
  • Versatile rotation pressure with plastic and spring inserts
  • Physical remote and app control
  • Comes with 2 attachments and rainbow flogger
  • Penetrative and non-penetrative options

  • Loud
  • Expensive
  • Relatively heavy
  • Occupies more space than the average toy

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine was loud and proud. Vibrations quaked my whole body, and the rotating Uni Horn attachment imparted internal bliss. Though the power was too intense for my daily pleasure, I'll be reserving this Unicorn for theatrical occasions. I only wish the app control wasn't limited to a 30-foot distance. The whimsical design and humble attachments are enough to beckon beginners, while the motor reaches intensities to satiate even the most advanced users. Just don't expect to indulge in silence. It'd be perfect for those who crave more power than a wand can provide and don't mind donating floorspace to the cause.

For more information about The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine, check out the manual here!

Yes! The COTR, Inc. Warranty covers all defects in workmanship or materials under normal usage and care for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. After the year is up (or users have no proof of purchase), COTR, Inc. still provides 50% off of a replacement product.

This sex machine may be safely used by persons up to 400lbs. However, it's advised that those with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities not use this product. Any person who is unable to operate this product by themselves should not use this product.

No. The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine must always be used with an attachment.

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