Vive Miki — Test and Review

   Edie Billhimer
Jan 2, 2024

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • Crave intense, blended orgasms.
  • Desire strong, deep vibration and pulsation.
  • Prefer rumbly toys over buzzy.
  • Are looking to amp your squirting game.
  • Love toys that provide a unique, powerful stimulation.

  • Prefer single-function vibrators.
  • Don't enjoy blended orgasms.
  • Like buzzy vibrations over rumbly.


The Miki Pulse Wave and Flickering G-Spot Vibrator, by Vive, is a rabbit style vibrator that gives both clitoral and g-spot stimulation - but in a way that will blow your socks off! That's because the Vive Miki uses pulses, instead of simple vibration, to thump the g-spot, for deeper, more intense sensations. Furthermore, the clitoral stimulator flickers, sort of like a tongue, for unique clitoral sensations. Therefore, the combination is a recipe for insanely intense and satisfying blended orgasms. Not only that, the Vive Miki features a special climax button, which you press as soon as you begin to orgasm. This takes you from zero to explosion immediately! Finally, the Vive Miki is made from body-safe, medical grade silicone that feels soft and sensual. This vibrator is a must-have for anyone who loves blended Os (and squirting) and is now my new, personal favorite.

Vive Miki Pulse Wave and Flickering G-Spot Vibrator -

Introducing My New Favorite Vibrator!

The Miki, by Vive, has officially knocked the original Rabbit Pearl off it’s 30-year pedestal, as my favorite multi-function vibrator. And that says a lot, considering I have tried dozens, if not hundreds, of vibrators over the last 30 + years.  Now, my reasons for this new love affair with Miki are many. Therefore, I will share the why’s and how’s with you, so you can decide whether or not you would enjoy this incredible, mechanical marvel of orgasmic bliss.

Miki’s Packaging Lured Me In

You all know me. I am a sucker for pretty, sturdy and usable packaging, and the Vive Miki did not disappoint! The outer sleeve features a photo of Miki and is accented with gold designs. It also includes a lot of great, printed information about the vibrator. But when you slide the sleeve off, underneath lies a deep red, sturdy, gift-worthy box, with Vive embossed on the front. So, you get a box that can be used for storage, hence, no one will discover is a sex toy. Plus, inside is the perfect spot for Miki, carved from spongy foam, cradling and protecting this orgasmic wonder.

My Usual Pregaming

I began my review, as I always do, by charging the product, followed by familiarizing myself with the buttons, settings, how it feels and operates. And I was more than intrigued by the fact that the Vive Miki has two, New Generation F1 motors, which operate both independently, and in unison, at 4500 RPM and 5000 RPM, respectively. What these motors do is create a deeper, more rumbly vibration, rather than buzzy, sometimes numbing, vibration. Plus, they are beyond powerful! In addition, the high grade, medical silicone is incredibly soft, silky and allows the toy to flex more than most. Overall, I was eager to try Miki and see if it would work for my body.

A Fantastic Fit!

I have always had issues with multi-function vibrators, especially curved and c-shaped, fitting my body correctly. The original Rabbit Pearl had always been the perfect fit, hitting my g-spot and clitoris perfectly. So, over the years, I’ve tried the c-shaped vibrators and they were either too big or too small, and never flexible enough. Other rabbit vibes were the same, often being too rigid to bend or manipulate to fit my body. Therefore, with a longer, more curved shaft and a movable clitoral stimulator, I felt the Miki would work, And boy-oh-boy, did it fit! The pulse spot aligned just right with my g-spot and the flickering tongue met my clitoris as if the whole toy was made for me. Even better, the Miki has an adjustable shaft, so if the curve doesn’t fit your body, you can adjust it to hit all the right spots with ease and perfection.

Thump, Flick and Rumble

The unique aspect of the Vive Miki is that the tip of the shaft pulsates with a deep rumble, instead of simply vibrating. Then, the flickering tongue also has rumbly vibrations that get even deeper and more intense if you press it against you. Therefore, once I found the settings I like most, it was game on! I was surprised that I was able to increase the power of the tongue, as I am extremely sensitive. However, because the vibrations were lower and more rumbly, I was able to try out far more speeds and settings. Internally, I need strong g-spot stimulation, as I can’t feel most vibrations. But the Miki has such incredibly deep, powerful pulsations, I not only FELT it, the sensation was literally indescribable!

Ease and Comfort

In addition to everything fitting my body and the profoundly, intense sensations, the Miki curved to fit my hand naturally. Most importantly, I could SEE and FEEL the buttons, as the raised texture is completely different from the rest of the toy. So, it was incredibly easy for my to hold and operate. That being said, once I got into the thump, rumble and flicker, it was mere seconds and I was climbing my way to climax. And once I was there,  Miki kept me there until, well, the rare and wonderful phenomena occurred. Put it this way, thank goodness the Vive Miki is waterproof!

The Secret Button

The Miki by Vive does have a unique setting most vibrators don’t. But you’ll have to scroll down to the “Special Feature” section to learn what that’s all about. And trust me, you will want to know, as that is the reason I nearly blasted through my ceiling and had noodle-legs for 30 minutes post-O.

Squirt Training and More

Overall, I loved everything about the Miki – its size and shape, the supple feel, the rumbly, powerful motors and, of course, the special, make-you-fly-to-the-moon setting. Most of all, I believe this vibrator is the perfect toy to train your body to squirt. The reason I say that is because most all g-spots need strong stimulation, and (some people) require outside stimulation too. Miki does all that and more, making it the perfect toy for the best, most intense orgasms you’ll ever experience. In the end, I am still shocked that I have fallen in love with a multi-function vibrator again. But here I am, writing a love-letter-esque review for, and to, the Vive Miki.    

Vive Miki Pulse Wave and Flickering G-Spot Vibrator -

The Vive Miki Pulse Wave and Flickering G-Spot Vibrator is a beautiful toy, as the curves and lines are sexy, but have a purpose. You see, the shape places the pulse plate right on the g-spot, so there's no wiggling, tipping or digging around necessary. The flickering tongue flexes just enough to where you can align it with your clitoris with ease. The silicone finish makes Miki look like an upscale, luxury toy, at a much lower price point. Finally, the Miki is lightweight, comfortable to hold, and the buttons are easy to see, feel and operate.

Vive Miki Pulse Wave and Flickering G-Spot Vibrator -

Miki was very easy to use, as the buttons are easy to see and feel, as well as having a softer touch, making them easy to press. Plus, if that function is on, the button is lit up. In addition, this vibrator is lighter in weight than most, so it won't wear out your hand holding onto it. The shape itself makes it comfortable to handle and is great for folks with grip and hand strength issues.

Vive Miki Pulse Wave and Flickering G-Spot Vibrator -

The Vive Miki is made from medical-grade silicone and it feels as luxurious as it looks. Considering the dual, F1, powerhouse motors, Miki is surprisingly quiet, while being one of the strongest vibrators I have tried. Everything worked well, ran smoothly and it washed up easily. So, from the packaging to the product, the Vive Miki is of the highest quality, without the luxury price.

Vive Miki Pulse Wave and Flickering G-Spot Vibrator - <

I see the Vive Miki as a middle-of-the-road, luxury vibrator. Meaning, there are similar vibrators that cost far more, and a few that cost less. And considering the highest-quality silicone, the 2 innovative, F1 motors, easy to hold and use shape, and even packaging you can keep, the Vive Miki is well worth the money. But if you count the incredible things Miki does to your body, it's priceless!

Vive Miki Pulse Wave and Flickering G-Spot Vibrator -

This vibrator not only lived up to expectations, but blew my mind with it's power and functionality. Miki ran like a dream, without overheating, which is surprising considering the dual motors. It charged more quickly than noted on the packaging, and didn't run out of power while in use (not that it takes long to reach the finish line!) To top it off, Miki runs pretty quietly at 60 DB, and the rounded handle lays comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Vive Miki Pulse Wave and Flickering G-Spot Vibrator -

This packaging snob loved the Vive Miki packaging so much! It consists of an outer sleeve with a photo of Miki and gold accents. Additionally, you'll find a lot of information about the vibrator printed on the sleeve. Then, once you slide that off, you are greeted by a heavy, gift-worthy box with fold-over lid and a beautiful foam insert to protect the Miki. Best of all, the box only has the word Vive embossed on the top, and therefore, nothing that reveals there's a sex toy inside!

Vive Miki Pulse Wave and Flickering G-Spot Vibrator -

The Vive Miki Pulse and Flickering G-Spot Vibrator is created with medical-grade silicone. So, it's not only body-safe, but superior in the look, feel and function. Miki is silky soft, plays well with a water-based lubricant and is easy to clean. I used a pump, foam hand soap and warm water. But you can use any soap, sex toy cleaner or wipe made for silicone products. And although the Vive Miki didn't come with a storage bag, the box is absolutely perfect for storage and protection! Plus, there's nothing on the outside of the box indicating there is a sex toy inside.

Vibration modes20
Vibration speedsFlickering 3, G-Spot Pulse 3
Vibration patternsFlickering 7, G-Spot Pulse 7
Vibration speedsClimax Mode 1
Length6.69 inches
Insertable length4.6 inches
Width1.37 inches
MaterialsMedical-Grade Silicone, ABS Plastic
RechargeableMagnetic USB
Battery Life40 minutes
Charging Time180 minutes
Colors AvailablePink and Purple

Vive Miki Pulse Wave and Flickering G-Spot Vibrator -

The Climax Mode

I was incredibly curious about the special Climax Mode featured in the Vive Miki. I mean, during my usual pre-gaming, I hit the button and thought to myself, “Okay, I need to try this setting out, specifically, to see how it feels.” After all, playing around with the toy, clothed, with my hands, doesn’t give the full effect of any toy.

The Button

The Climax Mode button is situated at the bottom of the 4 buttons, if you’re holding the toy, at the top if you’re using it. So, it’s easy to reach and press. And once you do hit that button, all 4 buttons light up and flash. To be honest, nothing could describe what this button does better than all four lights blinking, like a jetliner landing strip.

How to Fly

The Vive Miki instructions say to hit the Climax Mode button at the beginning of your climax. So, don’t press it before, or well after climax has begun, but right when you start to feel the tingle creeping in, and you know there is no going back. Then, hit that little button and prepare to hit the ceiling.

What Does the Climax Mode Do?

To describe, the Climax Mode takes you from zero, to a million, in half a second. In other words, both the flickering tip and the rumbling, thumping, pulsing g-spot stimulator go FULL BLAST. Therefore, as those tingles turn into the usual, sensual, releasing, orgasmic contractions, the Climax Mode sends your body into a frenzy-like O, the likes of which we only get to experience with the most skilled and attentive lovers. Like a rocket blasting off, or a jet taking to the skies, or the full-on throttle of a muscle car…you get it. It left me a melted pile of goo, my legs too wobbly to stand, and my nether regions throbbing like they haven’t in years. All I could think was, “A toy did that?!”

  • Features powerful, rumbly, dual F1 motors.
  • Curves, bends and flexes to fit most bodies.
  • Uses pulsation for g-spot thrills.
  • Flickering tongue gives clitoral bliss.
  • Quiet, soft and waterproof.

  • May be too powerful for some.
  • No storage bag

The Vive Miki Pulse Wave and Flickering G-Spot Vibrator is my new favorite vibrator! First, it fit my body, when most C-shaped, g-spot vibrators don't. Next, the flickering clitoral stimulator was flexible and moved to ensure that perfect fit. Furthermore, the rumbly, intense pulsing and flickering created the most incredible sensations, unlike any other multi-function vibrator I have tried. Finally, the Climax Mode takes your orgasm from zero to a trillion, in half a second. So, if you're looking for a multi-function vibrator that serves up powerful, clitoral and g-spot stimulation, you have got to get yourself the Miki by Vive. The quality is unsurpassed, the high-tech motors are the most powerful I have experienced, and the orgasms Miki can produce are amazing. Plus, if you are wanting to learn to squirt, this is the vibrator for you!

I can’t find an online instruction manual for the Vive Miki. However, feel free to reference my how-to tips above.

The great thing about the Vive Miki is that the shaft bends at the bottom so you can personalize the fit to your body type. Additionally, the flicking area also flexes and adjusts to align with your clitoris.

Yes! Miki is not only waterproof for shower play, but is fully submersible for use under water in the bath, pool or hot tub!

Sure! Although the Climax Mode was created specifically to make your orgasms more explosive, that button is perfect for edging too! As a matter of fact, if you use the Miki to learn how to squirt, using the Climax Mode off and on during solo play will slowly build your orgasm to be stronger and more intense, while building more fluid for ejaculation.

Yes! Miki makes a great couple's toy for teasing and giving fantastic orgasms with lesbian, gay, hetero and non-binary couples alike. However, never take any toy from anus to vagina without first thoroughly sanitizing. That's because you can easily develop a urinary tract infection or bacterial vaginosis.

Yes, the Vive Miki comes with a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.