Zumio l — Test & Review

   Haley Mae
Jan 9, 2024

Haley Mae
: 21
: Beginner
: female
: Pansexual

  • Like direct clit stimulation
  • Like sex toys with no patterns
  • Want a toy that can be held in your hand
  • Find yourself easily numbed by buzzy vibrations

  • Don't enjoy direct clit stimulation
  • Are looking for a penetrative toy
  • Prefer big toys
  • Aren't comfortable with the long charge time

The Zumio I is an extremely sleek and fun toy to play with in the bedroom, with the shiny teal on the base that transitions into a matte finish where you adjust the buttons. The Zumio I has a total of four different models in total, the difference being the tips of the toy but, what makes the "I" different from the rest is the unique tip, which is a curved spoon shape that is guaranteed to feel amazing. The Zumio is also different from other toys because it's not a vibrator! The head of the toy is moving back and forth rather than vibrating guaranteeing an experience like no other.

Zumio l -

Personally, this toy was an interesting experience! After reading Rachel’s review of the Zumio X and Mya’s review of the Zumio E, I had a good idea of what I was getting into before I even opened the toy. Seeing as I’m relatively new to everything regarding sex toys, I’m still trying to figure out where everything goes and how I can maximize my time with the toy that I’m using at the moment. Discovering that I like a lot of direct pressure on my clit is something that I would have never found out without this toy!

What Worked about the Zumio I

I loved many things about the Zumio I. It is user-friendly and gets the job done — there are no patterns in the toy, although it has 8 different settings. This toy was a powerhouse. Don’t let her size fool you — this baby packs a punch! This toy has many variations of speeds, so if you like higher vibrations, it gets pretty intense. The Zumio I was great to play with and easy to clean. I need quick clean-ups, and this toy is perfect for that, seeing as there’s not a huge shaft you have to clean like some other toys on the market. 

What Didn’t Work 

While the Zumio was very straightforward, there were some things I didn’t expect, like the fact that the Zumio I was not a vibrator. Instead, the head rotates to achieve a different kind of pleasure, and while it honestly feels the same for me, many of the reviews under the toy on the Zumio site say that it’s way better and makes them orgasm in under a minute. I’ll let you be the test of that. This toy was awkward in the first couple minutes because trying to find your clit with such a small tip can be difficult, and I like a lot of pressure on my clit, which this didn’t offer because the toy would stall.

What Makes the Zumio I Different?

The main difference between the Zumio I and the other Zumio models is the heads of the toys themselves. While the I model has a spoon-like head, the X, E, and S all have narrower heads for different uses. I have never used any of the other products, but I believe the I is a good model because a pinpoint head can be super overstimulating, and the spoon-like head gives more surface area.

Zumio l -

The design worked as expected. The head was exact and I haven't seen anything like it before. Because the Zumio I is marketed as a clitoral stimulator rather than a vibrator, things are bound to work differently than a normal vibrator. To start, the head of the toy rotates rather than vibrates which means that additional pressure can sometimes cause the head to stop. Second, the Zumio I is easy to hold as it fits in the palm of your hand and has a natural curve to it.

Zumio l -

The Zumio I is pretty straightforward, there is one button to turn the toy on, and an infinity symbol to increase or decrease the intensity. Sometimes the amount of pressure required to press the symbol is difficult to achieve, which often makes me pause and have to apply more pressure. The Zumio has 8 speeds and no patterns, and while I'm indifferent to patterns, I know that this is a deal breaker for some people.

Zumio l -

The quality of a Zumio I was something I questioned at first, as the SpiroTip seemed cheap and I was worried about how breakable the Zumio was. As someone who likes to just toss the toy loosely in a drawer, I was iffy on whether it would be sturdy enough, but luckily for me the toy comes with a hard case to put over the tip. The toy is smooth and compact and it doesn't shake in your hand, making the Zumio I easy to grip.

Zumio l - <

While the Zumio I isn't 'break the bank' expensive, it is on the high side for a smaller clitoral stimulator like this one. I know of other vibrators that have equal quality for a lower price that might be more worth your money, seeing as this toy is not insertable (which might be a deal breaker for some).

Zumio l -

The performance of the Zumio I was unmatched by what I have previously experienced, and while I am new to the sex toy life, the SpiroTip is excellent for pinpoint stimulation. The head spinning felt amazing, but a major drawback is the charging time, which is 16 hours... Yeah. The toy is not quiet in the slightest, which startled me at first, but I got used to it as I got more comfortable using the Zumio I. When I was reading reviews about the toy, one thing was said multiple times; no one felt the pressure-sensing technology, but I did. The best way to describe how it felt was when you’re going up a hill in an old car and the engine stalls before shifting — imagine this, but on your clit.

Zumio l -

The packaging of the Zumio I was gorgeous, the box has a picture of the toy enlarged with metallic details on the outside. What sold me was the inside box that was pulled apart to reveal the toy itself along with the charger. I quite enjoyed the pull-apart feature that the Zumio I included rather than the folding box.

Zumio l -

The Zumio I has a hard ABS plastic base and tip, while the handle where the controls are is made of silicone for easier gripping. Since both of these materials are body-safe and non-porous, that means that cleaning will always be quick and easy. Additionally since there is no plug for the toy (it uses an inductive charging case), it's completely waterproof. I use my homemade unscented soap, and it works wonders!

Vibration speeds8
Length8.9 inches
WidthTip: a little under 1 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS plastic
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time16 hours - 960 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlue

Zumio l -

The special feature of the Zumio I is the SpiroTip technology. Instead of a normal vibrator or dildo, the head of the Zumio rotates to create a different type of stimulation. When using the toy, I found that anything past the 4th highest setting was simply too much. I kicked it up from 3 to 5 to try to achieve a last-minute stronger orgasm, and through my findings, I can conclude that this toy is a powerhouse, and at times is way too much for me.

  • Rechargable
  • Intense, targeted clitoral stimulation
  • Splashproof
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Hard case to protect tip

  • Expensive
  • Potentially overstimulating
  • Impossible to use firm pressure
  • Long charge time

I really liked the Zumio I! my experience with the toy was great from beginning to end, while it did take a couple of tries to find out what I liked about this toy I have to admit that its bedside table quality. The Zumio I received a 4.9 because it was a little to much for me (I only really use the first 3 settings) I think that if you like really stong clitoral stimulation then this is the toy for you. If your looking for a slow, rumbly, quiet vibrator then the Zumio I is not what your looking for.

While the Zumio I comes with a user manual (which you can also find here), it was a little dull and lacked heavy details. I looked at reviews online as well as finding a tutorial on Youtube, though there are also more detailed ‘how to use’ tips here on their website.

Each charge is 16 hours in the Zumio's inductive charging stand.

No, the head of the Zumio I rotates.

I recommend using water-based lube because the body of the toy is silicone.

The Zumio I has 8 modes!

No! the Zumio I is different than all the rest, while some are more powerful than others, the I is marketed as more long and slow, with a spoon-shaped tip.