Biird Boo — Test & Review

   Felicia Roy
Jun 28, 2024

Felicia Roy
: 32
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  • Like short and thick dildos
  • Enjoy the feel of soft silicone
  • Want a dildo with a strong suction cup

  • Prefer longer or thinner dildos
  • Are a penetration beginner
  • Are looking for a super soft, squishy dildo

The Boo dildo from Biird is made from waterproof and body safe, thin silicone and is a snow white base colour with a midnight blue splash pattern on it. It has a wider base that also gives it the ability to be use in a strap-on, but those who are just starting out with anal play I'd suggest going slow and find a pace that suits you and your partner as this boy is girthy and might make you scream in terror without the proper warm up! The strong suction-cup base makes solo playtime easy, fun and gives you the comfort in knowing it won't be moving from where you put it! I personally think this is a great toy, and would make a Boo-tacular addition for anyone looking for a fuller sensation, without going too deep.

Biird Boo -

Boo! Here I Come!

It’s here, it’s here! The new Boo dildo from Biird is here at last! Arriving in a beautiful midnight blue, cylinder container, accompanied by a cute little key-chain and a velvety soft storage bag, the Boo Dildo from Bird is designed by the Jouissance club; from the people, for the people! At first I was a bit skeptical on the length, as its hard for me to ride shorter toys at the best of times, however, with the right angle, we got there! The suction cup did its best at staying on vertical surfaces, but I think due to my height it made things a bit more difficult and forced the Boo to fall off the wall pretty quickly. On the floor, and side of the tub it grabbed hold and stood at attention like a soldier though!

The Boo To My Bae

If you’re a regular reader of mine, you’ll know that my last review was on the brand new dildo called the Bae by Biird. I didn’t go too much into detail on the differences between the two as I had not gotten a close up look of the Boo by the time I finished my review for the Bae, So I’m just going to go over some comparisons between the two! The obvious at-first-glance examination is that the Boo is short and chubby – I know the feeling! – and the Bae is tall and slender. The Boo has a white base with a midnight blue splash pattern, whereas the Bae has a base of a midnight blue, and a white/silver splash pattern, how cute to be opposites! The packaging comes as opposites too which I absolutely love, and think it’s very clever since they are technically a pair, and I am so happy to have both a part of my collection! And depending on the mood I’m in, I have options that are satisfying in their own way!

All About That Boo

The splash pattern on the Boo adds a decent amount of texture, and does have a different sensation than the pattern on its partner in crime. The material is very durable, as well as the suction cup base, and the thickness gives you a very fulfilling, in more than one way, experience. Similar to its counterpart, I have a very hard time finding anything to complain about when it comes to the Biird Boo. I love the storage bag it comes with, the key-chain, and the packaging! Everything about the Boo (and Bae) are just so perfect for a dildo, and I would recommend anyone looking for a new toy duo to give these guys a try! Don’t be afraid to trick or treat yourself at your favourite toy shop this year and pick up this toy to add to your hidden candy stash!

Biird Boo -

The Biird Boo has a design that is quite basic but very effective; and in my personal opinion, looks and feels luxurious, as well as high end. It's 5.51 inches long/tall; which for me is a fair length, but some might consider it to be on the shorter side. The Boo's girth is 1.97 inches, but the shaft has a gradual growth in thickness helping it ease into those tight spaces very smoothly and painless. The thickness gives you a lovely filling sensation, without penetrating too deeply; this feature alone might be very appealing to some people! The suction cup base is 3.54 inches wide, giving the Boo a sturdy, and firm grip! It truly feels great, and just like it's counter-part (the Bae), is unlike my other silicone dildos! My only issue was it falling off the vertical surfaces a little too quickly, but that could've been a height ratio problem, however the floor and bathtub edge worked so well, and stayed firmly in place!

Biird Boo -

This dildo is very easy to use! With the proper, water based lubrication and a good sturdy surface, you'll be crying out in pleasure in no time! You can easily grip the Boo as well, making any hand-manual labour a cinch, and very enjoyable. The weight of the Boo could cause some issue for anyone who has a harder time with hand mobility, or weaker muscles in the wrists; but otherwise, the Biird Boo would be a perfect toy for all! The suction-cup base is very effective, and keeps it firmly in place on surfaces, and can be paired with a strap-on harness!

Biird Boo -

The Boo Dildo is made of good quality, durable silicone. It's suction-cup base is very reliable, and very useful! The feel of the material in the hand is ultra soft, but also textured which I absolutely love, and enjoyed the sensation during playtime. The silicone is stretchy yet quite dense, I found this extremely enticing, and made the whole experience more pleasant. The velvet storage bag and silver Jouissance club key-chain both also feel and seem like they are of good, high end quality, making you feel like the Boo of the ball!

Biird Boo - <

You really do get your moneys worth when you purchase the Boo Dildo! Not only do you get the high quality Boo, but you also get a storage bag, and a great little key-chain! The materials of the Boo and the extras, feel and look like they would be on the more expensive end of the toy world, but are extremely reasonably priced in my personal opinion. I personally have paid much more money for a toy with way lower quality, and with no extra's or even decent packaging. I promise you won't be disappointed if you decide to make the purchase!

Biird Boo -

With the Boo being such a new toy on the market, there's really not many reviews, but the few that there are, are very positive! Everyone is falling in love with it already! There wasn't one negative review that I could see, and everyone who had bought it said they had been looking for a toy like this one and that they were very happy with their purchase. One very happy customer even used the word "perfect", and I couldn't agree more! Its reliable, sturdy, and is suited for all shapes and sizes! If the Boo Dildo from Biird isn't on your shopping list, I sure hope it is now!

Biird Boo -

The packaging for the Boo is very cute, and visually appealing to the eye. It's a midnight blue ( the same colour as the Bae and the splash pattern on the Boo), with a photo of the Boo dildo on the front of the container. It has silver writing which is slightly easier on the eyes with the darker background, but the silver writing that goes over the main photo blends in a bit and can be difficult to read. There's little doodle graphics around the brim of the lid, and they will most certainly bring a smile to your face - they made me smile! I've already mentioned it, but I have to say it again, it comes with a storage bag, complete with a flat bottom and a cute little key chain! We all know I have a thing for storage bags as most of my silicone toys attract dirt and dust, having a storage bag helps eliminate this issue; though I have found the material of the Boo doesn't particularly attract the particles in the air the way the others do.

Biird Boo -

The Biird Boo Dildo is made up of 100% body-safe, non-porous silicone, and feels very durable when you pull on the material. The Boo is extremely easy to clean with some warm, soapy water, followed by your favourite toy cleanser. Not cleansing your toys properly can lead to a very unpleasant experience and turn your funhouse into a haunted house very quickly! Always remember to use a water based lubrication to avoid any deterioration of your Boo Dildo - or any other silicone toys you own! Rinse, and repeat after your done playtime, and once it's been air dried toss it in its very fancy storage bag until next time.

Length5.51 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter1.97 inches
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableWhite with Blue Splash Pattern

Biird Boo -

  • Super soft, yet firm silicone
  • Strong, multifunctional suction-cup base
  • Made of 100% body safe, and waterproof materials
  • Comes with it's own storage bag and key-chain

  • Can be on the thicker side for some
  • Might be too short for those looking for length
  • Can be tricky when using on vertical surfaces

Looking for a shorter, reliable, chubby dildo? One that stays where you want it to, stuffs you, and hits the right spots without pain? The Boo Dildo from Biird is here for all your desires, just waiting to make you tremble with pleasure. Luxurious, textured, and versatile, you'll want to buy the Boo just to give it a try, and will not regret it. The Boo Dildo is suited for all those looking for a more fulfilling experience, with the comfort of knowing it will be an enjoyable, and a painless sensation.