Bumble Statistics - User Stats, Valuation, Revenue, Demographic, and Profitability

Bumble Statistics – User Stats, Valuation, Revenue, Demographic, and Profitability

Bumble, a popular dating app akin to Tinder, is known for its unique feature where users swipe left or right to find potential matches. Until now, comprehensive statistics and facts about Bumble have been limited and difficult to access.

To address this gap, we have conducted the most extensive study to date, delving into various aspects of Bumble. Our research encompasses a wide range of topics, including the number of active users on the app, the company’s valuation, current revenue, profitability, user demographics, and other insightful facts. This study aims to provide a thorough understanding of Bumble’s impact and standing in the online dating landscape.

Here’s what you can find in this statistic:

Key Takeaways

  • Bumble has 45.1 million active users Worldwide.
  • Bumble has 1.8 million paying users (3.5% of active users).
  • Bumble made almost $900 million in 2021.
  • The average user on Bumble spends $17.5 a year.
  • Paying users on Bumble spend an average of $39 a month.
  • Bumble has 14% of the online dating app market.
  • Bumble is valued at $8.1 billion and is projected to reach a $10 billion valuation by 2025.

Bumble active user stats

In 2021 Bumble had 45.1 million active users in total, of which just over 3% paid for the app. Bumble is estimated to reach 83 million active users by 2030.

active users on bumble
YearActive users
20151 million
20168 million
201712 million
201822 million
201935 million
202042 million
202145 million
*202251 million
*202357 million
*202463 million
*202568 million
*202672 million
*202776 million
*202879 million
*202981 million
*203083 million
*Forecast based on Bumble’s annual growth rate from previous years, general dating market growth, competitor developments, and growth possibility assumptions.

Paying users on Bumble

To judge how well Bumble succeeds in converting users into paid subscribers on their dating app we took a look at the number of paid users. In the first two years of Bumble’s lifetime, they did not take a single subscription fee or have any in-app purchase possibilities. The small amount of revenue generated in this first year came from in-app commercials.

paying users on bumble
YearPaying users% of active users
20150.00 million0.0%
20160.00 million0.0%
20170.17 million1.4%
20180.50 million2.3%
20190.90 million2.6%
20201.02 million2.4%
20211.50 million3.3%
20221.80 million3.5%
20232.01 million3.5%
20242.15 million3.4%
20252.81 million4.1%
20263.14 million4.4%
20273.47 million4.6%
20283.80 million4.8%
20294.13 million5.1%
20304.46 million5.4%

Bumble revenue

Bumbles annual revenue has increased +30% Year-over-Year and is expected to reach almost $1 billion by the end of 2023.

bumble revenue from 2015 to 2030
YearRevenue ($)
2015$1 million
201610 million
2017100 million
2018190 million
2019240 million
2020337 million
2021765 million
2022893 million
2023986 million
20241.17 billion
20251.31 billion
20261.45 billion
20271.59 billion
20281.72 billion
20291.86 billion
20301.99 billion

Average revenue per user (and per paying user)

We calculated the average revenue Bumble made per user and per paying user. Bumble has had a history of having either a strong focus on acquiring more users, and then consequently a focus on turning active users into paying customers. However, hidden in the data is another golden nugget in the Bumble business – they have been masters in earning more and more $$$ per active user.

YearAverage revenue per paying userAverage revenue per active user
Some of Bumble’s revenue was early on earned through advertisers, meaning they had no paying customers, and therefore no revenue per paying user, but still revenue per active user.

Bumble market share

Bumble is half the size of Tinder, which is the world’s most renowned online dating app. The company behind Bumble also owns Badoo, which means they collectively own 21% of the market between the top dating apps.

bumble market share


Bumble raised $2.2 billion from investors through their IPO on the 12th of February 2021 at a stock price of $43 valuing the company at 4.2 billion.

The initial stock price quickly shot up to $75.46 per share almost doubling Bumble’s valuation to $8.1 billion.

For a short period, this made Bumble one of the top 1,000 highest-valued companies in the world. However, shortly after trading started Bumbles stock fell to under $40 per share, and a valuation under $4 billion.

Using the same pricing calculations, and other public announcements we were able to precisely estimate Bumble’s valuation each year since its founding as a publicly traded company.

YearValuation ($mm)
201512.5 million[1]
2016200 million
20171,000 million[2]
20181,500 million
20193,000 million
20204,200 million[3]
20218,100 million[4]
20226,000 million
20237,500 million
20249,200 million
202510,300 million
[1] Calculated Post-Money valuation from a $10 million investment by Badoo Founder for 79% ownership. [2] Valuation by Blackstone purchasing a majority share in the company. [3] IPO offering. [4] The share price rose to over $74.

Bumble Fun Facts

  • Bumble was founded by the VP of Marketing from Tinder, Whitney Wolfe Herd, who sued Tinder for sexual discrimination and got $1 million in settlement.
  • The founder of Badoo, Andrey Andreev, invested $10 million in Bumble early on and received receive 79% ownership.
  • 46.2% of users on Bumble are female (which is ‘better’ than Tinder which only has 24% women)
  • Users on Bumble spend on average 62 minutes a day on the app.
  • Bumble only allows women to initiate conversations.
  • Some users never date a person from Bumble in real life but instead take advantage of remote sex toys while distance dating. Find our test of the best remote controlled sex toys here.
  • Bumble settled a lawsuit in 2020, paying $22.5 million over unfair auto-renewal of subscriptions.

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