How Much Do Cam Girls Make

How Much Do Cam Girls Make? [Salary Overview]

Dive into the world of webcam modeling, where digital intimacy meets the potential for high earnings. Ever wondered how much cam girls make? It’s a lucrative part-time job, with top earners in the U.S. making up to $6,000 a week.

This post unpacks the financial side of webcam modeling, offering clear insights into what these digital entertainers typically earn. Get ready for an eye-opening journey into this unique and financially rewarding world.

Here are the headlines of this statistic:

Key Findings

  • $67,620 is the average yearly salary of a cam girl in the United States (highest: $750,000, lowest: $11,221)
  • $32 per hour is the average income of a cam girl in the United States (highest: $360.58 per hour, lowest: $5.39 per hour)
  • In a good week, you earn $5,000-10,000 a week
  • New webcam girls earn around $5-30 pr. hour (average around $100-250 a week for the first 6 months). Beginners typically work 5 to 10 hours a week at the start.
  • Stripchat is the top cam site in terms of the average monthly income of cam girls at $9,580.
  • Almost 47.6% of girls work on Chaturbate.
  • Transgender cam models ($50 per hour) earn more than male cam models ($33 per hour).
  • 1 out of 10 cam girls are active on more than five sites.
  • Webcam models work an average of 18 hours weekly, whereas a smaller group, about 2%, manage to work between 40 to 45 hours per week.
  • Only 14% of cam girls work full-time.
  • “Looks and personality” is only listed as the third most important factor that influences your earnings.
  • It’ll cost between $390 – 650 to start as a webcam girl.

How Much Do Webcam Girls on Average Make?

  • Cam girls can earn an average income of $32 per hour.
  • In the United States, a webcam model’s average annual income stands at $67,620.
Experience LevelHourly SalaryDaily SalaryWeekly SalaryMonthly SalaryYearly Salary
Beginner (0-6 months)$5.39$43$216$935$11,221
Experienced (+6 months)$67.79$542$2,712$11,750$141,000
Top 1%$115.38$923$4,615$20,000$240,000
Top 0.1%$360.58$2,884$14,423$62,500$750,000

What is the Highest Salary for a Cam Girl?

  • The highest earning for top cam girls is $360.58 per hour, which is almost five times more than the average income of cam girls.
  • The highest salary for a cam girl in the United States is $750,000 per year, including additional pay.

What is the Lowest Salary for a Cam Girl?

  • The lowest hourly earnings of cam girls can be almost $5.39 per hour.
  • The weekly earnings of beginner cam girls are around $200 on average for the first 6 months.
  • The lowest range for salary of cam girls in the United States is $11,221 per year, including additional pay.

Highest Net Worth Cam Girls?

Just like every industry, the webcam modeling industry also has some rockstar performers. Here is a list of the top 5 webcam girls in the industry:

NameYearly Salary
Jessie Lee$240,000
Lola-Rose Curtis$191,000
Clara Joy$96,000
Jayme Jones$66,000
Cecelia Renee Morrell$36,000


Which Platforms Do The Most Cam Girls Use to Earn Money?

1 out of 10 cam girls work on more than five sites. In this section, we delve into the top cam sites favored by models for their earning potential. This concise guide offers key insights into each platform’s unique features, average earnings, and additional monetization opportunities, providing a clear picture of where many cam girls are finding success and financial rewards in the industry.

Let’s simplify and clarify this information about earning potential as a webcam model and the best-paying cam sites:

  1. Stripchat (4.4 rating):
    • Introduction: Launched in 2016, a newer platform.
    • Popularity: Over 600 million monthly visitors.
    • Earnings Range: Models can earn between $8000 to $10000.
    • Additional Earnings: Opportunity to sell personal content.
  2. Chaturbate (4.2 rating):
    • Popularity: Highly popular, launched in 2011, with 464 million visits last month.
    • Average Earnings: $7000 to $8000 for an average model.
    • Revenue Share: Models receive about 60% of their earnings.
    • Additional Earnings: Models can also sell personalized content through their profiles.
    • 47.6% of cam girls using the platform
  3. xModels (4.1 rating):
    • Unique Feature: Keep 100% of your earnings, no commission cuts.
    • Monetization Methods: Subscriptions, live streaming, tips, premium content, eCommerce store.
    • Earning Example: With 150 subscribers at $10 each, 50 product sales at $30 each, 35 premium videos at $10 each, and 30 live sessions at $50 each, a model can earn about $4850 per month.
    • Xmodels stands out with the highest average weekly payouts for cam girls at $2,440.
  4. Streammate (4.0 rating):
    • Introduction: A well-established platform with a strong reputation.
    • Popularity: Known for its consistent traffic and loyal user base.
    • Earnings Range: Models typically have the potential to earn a steady income, with earnings varying based on individual performance and hours.
    • Additional Earnings: Offers multiple avenues for revenue including private shows and tips
  5. MyFreeCams (3.9 rating):
    • Introduction: One of the original cam sites, known for its large community.
    • Popularity: Maintains a dedicated audience with a mix of new and regular visitors.
    • Earnings Range: Income varies widely; top models can earn significantly more than average.
    • Additional Earnings: Provides options for selling content and receiving tips outside of live shows.
  6. BongaCams (3.8 rating):
    • Key Feature: Multiple ways to monetize.
    • Traffic: Over 100 million visits monthly.
    • Average Earnings: Models typically earn between $4000 to $5000 per month.
    • Additional Revenue: Opportunity to sell digital products.
    • BongaCams is one of the highest-paying sites and allows models to keep 60% to 90% of their revenue.
  7. Camsoda (3.5 rating):
    • Introduction: A newer player in the industry known for its innovative features.
    • Popularity: Rapidly growing user base due to its modern interface and marketing.
    • Earnings Range: Offers attractive earning potential, especially for models who leverage all available features.
    • Additional Earnings: Opportunities for income through interactive toys such as VR toys, premium content sales, and more.
  8. Cam4 (3.3 rating):
    • Introduction: A site with a global presence and a diverse range of models.
    • Popularity: Known for its inclusive and welcoming community.
    • Earnings Range: Models can earn a consistent income, with top performers making more.
    • Additional Earnings: Allows models to earn through various channels like private shows, selling videos, and receiving gifts.
  9. LiveJasmin (2.5 rating):
    • Background: Established in 2001, known for its level-dependent payment system.
    • Traffic: Around 200 million visits each month.
    • Earnings: Vary from 30% to 80% based on the model’s level.
    • Additional Earnings: Options to sell personalized items through profiles.
    • LiveJasmin is the most hated site by cam girls, with an average rating of 2.5 stars out of 5 and an average earning of $8 per hour.

Each platform offers unique features and monetization strategies. The potential earnings can vary greatly depending on factors such as the model’s popularity or content type. In the next section, we’ll look closer at the 6 factors that influence earnings the most.

Survey: Satisfaction by Cam Site

Which Factors Influence the Earnings the Most?

The webcam modeling industry works through the interplay of different factors. Some of the prominent factors that can affect how much cam girls make include the platform they choose, their appearance and personality, experience, and the hours they invest in the job.

Here are the 6 factors that influence the earnings of a webcam girl the most:

  1. Working hours (the more hours you work the more you earn. 86% of cam girls work part-time).
  2. Branding & marketing (if you have a brand/name others know. It’ll increase the earnings significantly).
  3. Looks and personality (the better looking and/or the better personality the better earnings).
  4. Unique concept/content type (the better concept the more you earn, some choose a niche e.g. using anal toys).
  5. Choice of the platform (the choice of the platform also affects the earnings of cam girls. For example, Streamate is the highest-paying cam site with average weekly earnings of $1,238, while LiveJasmin is at the bottom with an average weekly payout of $250).
  6. Equipment (if you don’t have a good webcam/microphone etc. people don’t want to watch you).


Which Expenses do you have as a Cam Girl?

If you want to capitalize on the career opportunities in webcam modeling, then you must know about the essential expenses. Apart from knowing how much cam girls make, you must know how much you have to invest. You can start working as a cam girl with the following important things as your initial investment.

  • You would need a good, high-quality webcam that may cost between $50 and $100.
  • A stable, high-speed internet connection is also an essential expense for cam girls, and the cost could vary between $40 and $100.
  • Cam girls must also invest in costumes, makeup, and sex toys to catch the attention of viewers, with average costs ranging from $300 to $450.
  • Cam girls also have to pay the transaction fees on cam sites or the commission for using the site alongside taxes on their earnings.
  • Authorities recommend that cam girls must set aside 20% to 30% of their actual earnings in a year for taxation purposes.
Start-up Costs

How Do You Become a Cam Girl? (10-step guide to get started)

The lucrative benefits of a career as a cam girl serve as valid reasons to pursue a career in the field of webcam modeling. Experts recommend the following pointers as a part of the roadmap to build a rewarding career as a webcam model.

  1. Select a good cam site that offers a better share in earnings, such as Stripchat.
  2. Always pick cam sites after researching how much cam girls make on the site. Choose the ones that offer the assurance of high traffic and multiple revenue-earning streams.
  3. You can also run your webcam model site by choosing alternatives like Xmodels.
  4. Purchase essential equipment such as a high-quality webcam, internet connection, and recording equipment.
  5. Buy enticing costumes with erotic designs, makeup essentials, and sex toys.
  6. Experiment with different activities in your live cam performances and identify your specialty.
  7. Develop awareness of factors that affect your earnings, including the number of hours you invest in the job and the type of content you produce.
  8. Pay attention to your audience and their preferences to create engaging content and attract loyal followers.
  9. Maintain an emergency fund to sustain living expenses for at least 3 months and monitor your expenses and earnings regularly.
  10. Most important of all, remember that you are special in your way, and you don’t have to compare yourself with other cam girls.

How does a normal work schedule look for a cam girl?

The normal work schedule for a cam girl includes 18 hours of work every week on average.

  • Around 17% of cam girls work for an average of 18 hours a week, while only 2% of cam models can work for 40 to 45 hours a week.
  • Almost 14% of cam girls work full-time, while 86% of them prefer to work on a part-time basis.

The monthly earnings of cam girls vary significantly according to the number of hours they add to their work schedule.

  • Cam girls working 5 hours a week can earn $1,521 a month.
  • Models working 10 hours a week can earn $3,373 a month.
  • Cam models working 15 hours per week can earn $4,663 a month.
  • Cam girls working 30 hours per week can earn $7,144 per month.
Average Work Week for Cam Girls

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