Chakrubs Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
May 28, 2024

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Want to explore the healing properties of black obsidian
  • Enjoy slow, sensual pleasure
  • Have some experience with butt plugs already
  • Want to explore pleasure rituals

  • Aren't interested in crystals
  • Need a beginner-friendly plug
  • Prefer more of a taper

The Chakrubs Xaga Root is a crystal butt plug made from pure black obsidian crystal. As well as looking incredibly beautiful, the crystal is said to have grounding qualities and be able to clear negative energy or energy blockages. It features a thick, bulb shaped body and round flat base.

Chakrubs Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug  -

Crazy Crystal Lady

So it seems I have become Bedbible’s resident crystal sex toy reviewer. I can’t help but be drawn to these incredibly beautiful stones! I don’t know if it’s the beautiful colors, the light glinting of their mirror sheen, or the energy they are putting out, all I know is that I can’t resist them! According to Chakrubs, black obsidian can release negative energy and shame and promote clarity and self-control. This crystal also used to be used for scyring, or seeing into the future. No such luck with that one just yet! I also love practising mindful sex and masturbations and having tools for intention setting in the bedroom. At this point, I could go air tight with crystals…I have wondered if that could be the answer to all my problems!

First Impressions

Upon opening the Xaga Root crystal butt plug, I marvelled at it’s shiny beauty. The black obsidian is a very even black, so it doesn’t have the lovely sensual swirls that my Chakrubs Rose Quartz Dildo or Le Wand Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs have but it does have a dark, mystical allure! I have to say, I was taken aback by the general all-round thickness of the plug. I felt a little nervous and put off testing it for a little while.

A Ritual of Release

One afternoon, I suddenly had the feeling that it was the right time to finally explore this beautiful butt plug. I decided on my intention — releasing shame and negative energies surrounding my body. To help me feel more empowered, I decided to wear my Dominix Deluxe Leather Full Body and Leg Harness and a silk kimono. After I’d cleaned the Xaga Root with soap and water, I burned some sage and used the smoke to cleanse the energy of the crystal, and then meditated on my intention while holding it. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the Xaga Root was to insert as the lack of taper had me pretty nervous. I used it with some Uberlube silicone lube, as this doesn’t dry out as fast as a water-based lube. Once inserted, it felt quite comfortable to wear and gave a really nice feeling of fullness. The only thing that was a little uncomfortable was the thickness of the neck.

The Xaga For Sex

This also caused some problems when using the plug with my partner during sex. Because there isn’t a big enough difference between the size of the plug and the neck, it did pop out a couple of times, which was a bit disruptive to the flow! I found this most likely to happen just as I was getting close to climax due to my muscles tensing, which was particularly frustrating. Aside from that, it felt great to wear during penetrative sex and we both enjoyed the sensations it added.

My Meditation Butt Plug

My partner commented that this might be better as a meditation butt plug rather than a sex one, and honestly, I love that I’m at a place in my life where I have a meditation butt plug!

Chakrubs Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug  -

I think the Chakrubs Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug is definitely one of the most beautiful butt plugs I've seen. It's so sleek and shiny! It also has a solid, weighty calmness to it, which I noticed the first time I held it my hands. I would love to have this beauty, and my other crystal sex toys out on display as a testament to my pleasure. The body of the plug is very round, with little taper, and the base is circular and quite thick. The neck is also quite thick, meaning your sphincter stays quite stretched while wearing the plug. I would prefer if the neck was slimmer, both for comfort and for helping it to stay in place. I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the thick circular base was during sex as well.

Chakrubs Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug  -

The shape of the Xaga Root makes it a little more challenging to insert than a plug with a more intense taper. That being said, this crystal butt plug is incredibly smooth and shiny, so slides beautifully with a slick of lube. It's compatible with all lubes, so you can use it with silicone lube, which tends to be longer lasting. Chakrubs recommends charging the Xaga Root with your intentions, putting it out under moonlight or using sound or vibrations before use for a more meaningful, impactful experience.

Chakrubs Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug  -

The quality of the Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug is impeccable. The black obsidian is polished to perfection and there isn't a single mark on the whole thing. Everything about this butt plug feels incredibly well made, giving you the feeling you are experience the absolute best! I also really appreciate that the storage bag is padded, providing a nice cushioning for the plug.

Chakrubs Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug  - <

The Chakrubs Xaga Root is pretty pricey. If you are just looking for a general rigid butt plug, I'm not sure this would be worth the investment! However, if you are interested in crystals and their properties and want to incorporate them into your self-pleasure rituals, I think it could be worth it. It's a luxury price tag but it definitely lives up to that luxury tag! You also get a lovely padded storage bag, guide to using crystal sex toys, and short note from the founder about leaning into and embracing your shadow qualities to turn them into something beautiful.

Chakrubs Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug  -

I really loved how the Xaga Root felt to wear both with and without vaginal penetration and the I really appreciate the more ritualistic element it brings to sex. However, it probably won't be my go to to use during penetrative sex due to the thick neck.

Chakrubs Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug  -

I really like simple yet elegant design of Chakrub's packaging. It's also very hard to tell what's inside unless you read the text. It's a small thing but I really like the pull out design of the box as it really feels like opening a drawer full of precious treasure! It's also nice that the box is nice and strong.

Chakrubs Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug  -

The Chakrubs Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug is made from pure black obsidian, which is a volcanic glass. The Chakrub's website states all of their products are made from "the mother stone" meaning they have not been used for anything before. They also say that black obsidian has closed porosity, meaning there are some small pores but they are on the surface of the stone and it's unlikely that it could travel deeper into the materials. The porosity of crystal sex toys is still contentious topic so it's good to do your own research and consider what you feel safe using. You can use water-based or silicone lube with the plug. To clean the Xaga Root, you can just use warm (not hot) water and antibacterial soap. Once it's completely dry, you can store it in the plush, padded storage bag. You can also cleanse the plug of energies using a sage smudge stick or putting it under sun or moonlight.

Length3 inches
Insertable length2 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
MaterialsBlack obsidian
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Chakrubs Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug  -

  • Pure black obsidian
  • Great for using in pleasure rituals
  • Satisfying weightiness
  • Beautifully smooth

  • Thick neck
  • Base could be wider
  • Not very tapered

I love the indulgent and sensual nature of the Chakrubs Xaga Root Crystal Butt Plug. It's beautifully-crafted pleasure tool that appeals to both my kinky and spiritual sides. I really enjoyed the smoothness of the black obsidian and just how filling it felt in use. The main letdown for me was that the thick neck meant it was more like to come out during penetrative sex. Given the price, I would say this is worth the investment if you are looking specifically for crystal butt plug but not if you just want a rigid butt plug.