Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
Jul 1, 2024

Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark — Test & Review<

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Don't mind making a mess
  • Enjoy arts and crafts
  • Aren't too bothered about the end result

  • Struggle to get or maintain an erection
  • Are looking for a high-quality dildo vibrator


Clone-a-Willy is an at home molding kit that lets you create a replica of your partner's penis! You get an alginate mixture to create a mold which is then filled with silicone. The kit also comes with a battery-powered vibrator that sits inside the dildo.

Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark -

Is it Science? Is it Art? No, it’s Clone-A-Willy!

Taking the contents out of the tube, we were taken aback by just how specific the instructions were! A lot of very precise timings and temperatures. Having read/watched other people’s attempts to clone a willy, I was prepared for this kit to be a bit of a disaster. Together with the included materials, we gathered two plastic pots for mixing (I cleaned out some empty food containers) and a measuring jug. The first step was to measure the penis being cloned and cut the tube to size, so I grabbed the tape measure — not the sexiest start but it gave us a chuckle!

Very Stressy and Very Messy

It then went from unsexy to incredibly stressful. To make the alginate for the mold you had to measure out the right mount of tap water at exactly 90 °F and stir for exactly 45 seconds, before pouring it into the mold and inserting your erect penis as quickly as you can. If you aren’t quick enough, the mold will harden too quickly. The picture on the instructions shows an erect penis with the tube over it. However, when we tried this, the mixture came pouring out onto the floor, which caused us to panic and laugh in equal measures. We also found it very hard to position the tube so the penis was in the middle, it kept want to press up against the side, which you can see impacted the final product.

It Was Hard…Until it Wasn’t

Credit where credit is due, this man put in an incredible performance all things considered. However, sticking your penis into what apparently feels like a tube of cold porridge, will challenge even the most tenacious of erections. We were off to a strong start going in but things started to fade once the reality of having to sit there for an incredibly long two minutes. Somewhere around the half way mark there was a slight ‘oh no’ and we had to rally to pick things up again so to say! And no wonder, there was nothing sexy about my performance up until that point, that is unless you find frantic instructions get you going! We did get back on track but the mixture had started to set a that point so it didn’t quite capture the full potential, if you catch my drift.

Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark -

I think the overall look of the finished product is fun but a bit cheap-looking, especially with the plasticky vibrator sticking out of the end. If I were to do this again, I would do it without the vibrator. I have to say though, I'm very impressed by how well it glows. I'd actually forgotten it was a glow in the dark set until I went into my dining room and was confused by the glowing mass on the table! It did pick up a fair amount of detail but erectile fluctuations during the process meant that the end result wasn't that accurate and a little oddly-shaped in places.

Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark -

Yeah this was not the fun and easy sexy craft project we'd hoped for and reading other reviews online, I would say we were a lot more successful than many! There's so much room for error along the way as everything needs to be done precisely and quickly. Add that to the fact that you need to maintain a good erection while dunking yourself into cold goo, and you've got a recipe for disappointment. Clone-a-Willy do sell replacement supplies, but the silicone refills alone are almost as much as the kit. Considering how difficult these kits are to get right, I think that's pretty cheeky!

Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark -

I wasn't overly impressed by the quality of the kit or the finished product. The kit seems like it's made to fail and the finished product, i you make it that far, doesn't look particularly appealing. Ithas quite a lot of texture, including some small holes where there was bubbles left in the silicone, even after tapping it for ages to try to prevent this. The included vibrator is also pretty rubbish — it's incredibly weak and buzzy. If I was going to do this again, and didn't have to try it all for the purpose of a review, I would only do it with the intention of making an homage to my partner's penis and not with the intention of making a usable sex toy.

Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark - <

Considering how easy it is to mess up, I think the price is too high! I would be really disappointed to drop just over $50 and not have anything to show for it accept for a messy floor and deformed silicone dong. I also think the price of silicone refills is extortionately high. Even though ours came out relatively well, it's still a lot to pay for a pretty low quality finished product.

Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark -

I have to say, I wasn't that excited to use the Clone-a-Willy. As much as I love my partner and his appendage, the glowing blue, slightly deformed replica with it's cheap battery powered vibrator didn't excite me. The incredibly weak and buzzy and weird texture of the silicone was just too off-putting.

Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark -

The packaging of the Clone-a-Willy is quite colorful and fun but definitely not discreet! Everything comes packed inside a plastic tube, which also becomes the container for the mold. The main downside is that there is a lot of plastic waste involved in making this kit. I did manage to reuse some old food containers that were going to be recycled anyway but there were multiple plastic bags and pots in the kit.

Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark -

The materials in the kit are quite curious! The mold is made from alginate, which is a natural polymer found in seaweed. It feels hella weird but it's completely body safe. Clone-a-Willy even claim you can eat it but I can tell you now, you definitely won't be tempted to! It's also worth noting that it's totally fine if your alginate mixture is clumpy when you mix it, the mold will still work. The actual finished dildo is made from platinum cure silicone, which is body safe. You will need to mix the two pots of silicone, together with the glowing blue pigment. This is then poured into the alginate cast and left to set for 24 hours. Once set, you can wash the dildo with water and fragrance-free soap, but be careful not to get water into the vibrator as this is not waterproof. You should only use a water-based lubrication with the dildo.

Vibration speeds1
Vibration patterns1
WaterproofNo - requires 1 AA battery
MaterialsPlatinum cure silicone
RechargeableNo - requires
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableGreen, blue, pink

Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark -

  • Funny memory to look back on
  • Semi realistic result (if you're lucky)
  • It really does glow

  • Very difficult to get right
  • Hard to maintain erection
  • Dildo is very hard
  • Low-quality vibrator

While this wasn't the romantic, sexy experience we were hoping for, we did laugh a lot (through the stress and chaos) and managed to produce a somewhat similar clone of my partners penis. Unfortunately, the finished piece isn't the best quality and the vibrations aren't great. It is extremely messy and there is a LOT of room for error though, so if you do go ahead and buy it, be prepared for chaos and the possibility it doesn't go according to plan!