The 6 Best Tribbing Toys for Glorious Grinding

   Isabelle Uren
Role up for a round up of the best tribbing toys to take your bumping and grinding to new heights of pleasure! So whether you are looking for a scissoring vibrator, a humping dildo to share or a glorious grinding toy, I’ve got the very best in each category! On top of that, I’ve included some essential accessories to help you find the perfect tribbing position or even enjoy some solo tribbing time! Today’s test winner is amazing scissoring sex toy designed specifically for tribbing!
1 Test Winner

RockHer Mini Scissoring Vibrator


  • Want a toy specifically for scissoring
  • Want a versatile toy
  • Enjoy powerful vibrations
  • Enjoy supporting lesbian-founded businesses


  • Find vibrations overstimulating
  • Are not ready for a bit of a learning curve

Designed specifically to enhance your scissoring experience, the RockHer Mini Scissoring Vibrator is a terrific tribbing toy! Consisting of a vibrating bulb and molded silicone loop, this versatile vibrator can be used in a number of different ways. Wear the bulb internally and use the loop to frame your clitoris for easier access or flip it around and have the vibes on the outside for you both to enjoy. You can also enjoy it as a bullet or finger vibrator! The 10 vibration modes are easy to control using the wireless remote, so you don’t have to stop the fun to change settings.


  • Can be used in many ways
  • Wireless remote
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Can be used in the shower

  • You might need one each
  • Might not work well for bigger bodies
  • Splashproof but not submersible
Vibration modes10
Insertable length2.56 inches
Width1.26 inches
Remote ControlsYes — wireless remote

You can really tell that this is a purpose-designed scissoring toy made by people who have experience of scissoring which is why this is one the best tribbing toys and had to be today’s test winner! I love how versatile it is, so even if it doesn’t do it for you as scissoring toy, there are still other ways to enjoy this smart little vibe! Some users love the vibrations so much, they’ve bought two, so each person gets to enjoy the full force this thing has to offer! Other users who have different power preferences love using one, so that one partner get’s the full power and the other can enjoy more gentle stimulation. However you choose to use it, the RockHer Mini is a quality product that’s worth the investment. Plus, you are supporting a Lesbian founded business who are huge advocates for inclusion and diversity!

2 Cheapest

ROMP Wave Clitoral Vibrator

 ROMP Wave

  • Are fan of gentle, more buzzy vibrations
  • Want a soft flexible tribbing toy
  • Prefer an abstract, neutral design


  • Prioritize internal stimulation
  • Prefer rumbly vibrations
  • Need a lot of power

The Romp Wave is lovely leaflike vibrator that flexes to fit your body. The soft silicone wave form can be slipped in between your bodies for some added buzz as you bump and grind! It has 6 vibration patterns and 4 speeds for you to explore and is completely waterproof and rechargeable!


  • Lovely soft silicone
  • Quiet vibrations
  • Discreet design
  • Waterproof

  • Might not be powerful enough for some
  • Need to hold in place
  • Too buzzy for some tastes
Vibration speeds6
Vibration patterns4
Length4.3 inches
Width1.9 inches
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo

The shape of the Romp Wave means you can enjoy it in different ways, such as slipping it between your bodies or wearing it in a harness or just in your underwear, which is great for such a cheap toy! Our tester found the vibrations very buzzy and on the weak side, but they actually enjoyed this, so it’s all a matter of taste! If you crave intense, rumbly vibrations, this is not the tribbing toy for you! They also really loved the smooth contours of the Romp Wave and the neutral design!

3 Egg

Lovense Lush 3

 Lovense Lush 3

  • Prefer internal/g-spot vibrations
  • Enjoy powerful vibrations
  • Want an app-controlled toy
  • Want a toy you can enjoy long-distance

Lovense Lush 3

  • Want a clit-focussed toy
  • Want to share the vibes with a partner

Treat your g-spot to powerful vibrations as you and your partner get up close and personal!  The Lovense Lush 3 delivers intense internal stimulation all while being whisper quiet! Not only does it deliver top quality vibrations, but the Lush 3 is also app-enabled and has long distance capabilities, so you and your partner can play together no matter how far apart you are! Or slip in it before a date night for some secret fun on the go! This newer version also has a fixed tail that increases the level of clitoral stimulation compared to the older Lovense 2 model.  


  • Provides powerful internal stimulation
  • App-enabled
  • Long distance capabilities
  • Quiet vibrations
  • Lots of settings to play with

  • Tail can get in the way
  • Not a lot of clitoral stimulation
  • Stimulation mostly for one person
Lovense Lush 3
Vibration speedsProgrammed: 10, App: Unlimited
Vibration patternsProgrammed: 3, App: Unlimited
Length4.76 inches
Insertable length3 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Battery Life300 minutes
Charging Time85 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedYes

The Lovense Lush 3 is without a doubt one of the best tribbing toys if you crave intense internal stimulation. That does, of course, mean you’ll need to wear one each if you both crave the same stimulation! While the new fixed tail does make it easier to place the tip on your clitoris, our tester found that it didn’t provide a lot of stimulation, so if you prioritise clitoral stimulation, I would recommend going for something like the We-Vibe Chorus. I do love just how many ways there are to enjoy this remote control vibrator though, the app and long distance capabilities really make for some fun experiences and the Lovense app tends to be one of the most reliable in terms of connectivity. It’s also got a really great battery life so you can go longer between charges!

4 Remote Controlled

We-Vibe Chorus

 We-Vibe Chorus

  • Want to experience dual stimulation
  • Need a toy you can both grind on
  • Love powerful rumbly vibrations
  • Are looking for an app-enable toy

We-Vibe Chorus

  • aren't ready for a bit of learning curve
  • easily get frustrated with technology

Treat yourself to some delicious dual stimulation and even share the vibes with your partner! The We-Vibe Chorus does all this and more! The C-shape vibrator has one internal vibrator that stimulates your g-spot and an external one that hugs your clitoris. The two motors are joined by a flexible neck, so you can get a nice snug fit. Once in place, your partner can also grind against the outer part of this powerful vibrator. You can even use a dildo for penetrative sex while wearing the Chorus! Plus, you can control the settings using the wireless remote or connect the Chorus to We-Vibe app for customisable settings and long distance play!


  • Powerful, rumbly vibrations
  • Great for solo and partnered play
  • App or remote control
  • Discreet charging case

  • Not powerful enough for some
  • App can be unreliable
We-Vibe Chorus
Vibration modes10 + unlimited in app
Length3.5 inches
Insertable length3 inches
Width1.3 inches
Battery Life90 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote ControlsApp and wireless
Storage Bag IncludedCharging case

I am a massive fan of the We-Vibe Chorus. The vibrations are powerful and rumbly and it stays in place well, especially if you are wearing it during penetrative sex with a dildo or penis. I found it very easy to position but other users found it a bit of a learning curve The adjustable neck definitely makes it easy to get a nice tight fit though, making this a really great humping vibrator. I like using the remote, and the fact that you can squeeze it for an extra boost of power when you need it! The app also has a lot of great features although the long distance connectivity seems to be a bit hit or miss. One other thing I really love about the Chorus is the charging case! It’s discreet and has a spot for the Chorus and remote so it’s super easy to keep everything safe, clean, and tidy.

5 Double Dildo

Blush Rusé Double Dildo

 Blush Rusé

  • both want to experience penetration
  • prefer a girthy shaft
  • don't mind realistic designs

Blush Rusé

  • need something very slim
  • prefer clitoral stimulation
  • aren't a fan of phallic designs

Double the dong, double the fun! This flexible, silicone double dildo from Blush Novelties lets you and your partner enjoy simultaneous penetration with two girthy and satisfying shafts. The dildo holds a U shape but is still a bit flexible so it can adjust to your bodies. This way you can enjoy the double dildo for some dual stimulation during partnered play or use it for double penetration during solo adventures. Each shaft features some realistic textural details and a sculpted head for some added sensation with each movement.  

  • Satisfying girth
  • Pleasure for both partners
  • Body-safe silicone
  • Versatile use

  • Can be tricky to position
  • Might not work for all bodies or positions
  • Not for beginners
Blush Rusé
Length18 inches
Insertable length9 inches
Diameter1.75 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableHot Pink, Black

Finding a double dildo that’s made of body-safe silicone and not some awful jelly thing is nothing short of a miracle! This is a high-quality scissoring dildo at a very reasonable price! If you both love penetration and want to share a shaft, this is one of the best tribbing toys you can find in my opinion. I think the shape and flexibility also makes it easier to find the right fit and position than with a straight or fixed shape double dildo. Our tester really loved using this dildo. She liked the semi-realistic details and the satisfying girth. She found that it worked very well for partnered play and was overall pretty impressed with the quality and the size.

6 Strapless Strap-On

Fun Factory ShareVibe

 Fun Factory ShareVibe

  • both enjoy penetrative play
  • want added vibrations
  • prefer a strapless design

Fun Factory ShareVibe

  • want to play completely hands-free
  • prefer slim insertable toys

Sharing really is caring when it comes to the Fun Factory ShareVibe! This delicious silicone dildo has a wearable bulb and 5.25 inch shaft, so you can enjoy intimate penetration without a harness getting in between you! As well allowing you and your partner to partake in pleasurable penetrative play, the ShareVibe also comes with a powerful, removable bullet vibrator that sends a blissful buzz throughout the whole toy! The flexible silicone shafts meet in the middle, with a pleasure mound for some added clitoral stimulation as well!


  • Firm but flexible silicone
  • Removable, rechargeable bullet vibrator
  • Long battery life
  • Vibrations travel well

  • Can tricky to keep in at first
  • Won't work for all bodies
  • Can slip out during use (might need a harness)
Fun Factory ShareVibe
Vibration speeds2
Vibration patterns3
Length11 inches
Insertable lengthShaft: 5.25, Bulb: 3.5 inches
DiameterShaft: 1.4, Bulb: 1.6 inches
Battery Life45-90 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableDark violet, pink

The ShareVibe is definitely one of the best strapless strap-ons out there in terms of design and quality! And while the shape won’t work for bodies, it does seem that this design works for more users than many other strapless strap-ons. Our tester found the toy very comfortable to wear and liked the flexibility and strong vibrations. They did find they needed to use a hand to keep it in place, which is often the case with strapless strap-ons. For grinding, it might be easier to keep the ShareVibe in place but if you love more vigorous thrusting, you might want to use it with a strap-on harness.

Use Sex Pillows to Elevate Your Tribbing With Some Angled Assistance

Whether you are grinding against a partner or a sex toy, getting the right position and right angles can make or break a tribbing sesh! Sex pillows allow you to easily adjust your angle so you make as much contact as possible and support your body at the same time. Many are made with high density foam, meaning that unlike regular pillows, they don’t flatten under your body weight. I can also recommend opting for one with removable, machine washable covers, as we all know, things can get messy!

Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Pillow

Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Pillow - Use Sex Pillows to Elevate Your Tribbing With Some Angled Assistance
This cleverly shaped pillow from Liberator has a curved edge to help you find your groove and rock and grind until your heart’s content! The micro velvet cover is luxurious soft, and is machine washable. The pillow also has a moisture resistance inner lining to protect the foam! Not just for tribbing, the Liberator Jaz is great for adding support in a whole host of sex positions, including oral play!

The Best Tribbing Toys for a Solo Tribbing Experience

If you love tribbing and want to recreate the delicious grinding sensation in your solo sessions, there are loads of great grinding toys to choose from. Here are a couple of my favorites.


VibePad - The Best Tribbing Toys for a Solo Tribbing Experience
The soft mounds of the VibePad nestle up against your vulva and deliver 7 modes of powerfully pleasing vibrations. As you grind against the soft silicone, you can use the wireless remote to find your perfect setting. This beautifully designed humping vibrator is great enjoyed alone or with a partner!

Uberrime The Rosae Silicone Grinder

Uberrime The Rosae Silicone Grinder - The Best Tribbing Toys for a Solo Tribbing Experience
The soft, squishy silicone petals of The Rosae from Uberrime are perfect for grinding against. Enjoy the texture of the petals slipping over your sensitive sweet spots. All you need to do is add a slick of lube to this grinding sex toy and you are ready to play!

Bumpers to Go in Your Strap-On Harness For a Tribbing Feel

Strap-on harnesses are a great way to enjoy penetrative sex with your partner but there’s often a lack of stimulation for the wearing partner and the dildo can sometimes bash against your pubic bone. However, these cute cushions fix both problems! They slip over the end of your dildo to cushion the bottom and have a textured grinding pad on the other side to stimulate the wearers clitoris and labia!

Bananapants Lippi Soft Grinder

Bananapants Lippi Soft Grinder - Bumpers to Go in Your Strap-On Harness For a Tribbing Feel
This soft, squishy grinding dildo base is shaped just like your lovers vulva for a realistic tribbing experience while you enjoy using your strap-on! The inner labia also open for you to slide in between and is especially great for those with bottom growth. There’s also a handy pocket for a bullet vibrator so you can enjoy hands-free vibes while you thrust!

Bananapants Honeybunch Dildo Base

Bananapants Honeybunch Dildo Base - Bumpers to Go in Your Strap-On Harness For a Tribbing Feel
If you prefer more intense textures, this wonderfully bumpy dildo base could be a better option! Enjoy grinding against the bumps or add in a bullet vibrator for even more stimulation! The flat back can be used with a flat base dildo or just slipped inside a harness or underwear.

Bananapants Bumpher Dildo Base

Bananapants Bumpher Dildo Base  - Bumpers to Go in Your Strap-On Harness For a Tribbing Feel
The Bumpher has two pleasure bumps to bump and grind against while you enjoy strap-on sex with your partner! Unlike the previous two bases, the Bumpher has an open back design that stretches over the base of your dildo, making it compatible with any dildo with a base up to 3 1/4 inches in diameter!

Go All Out With A Sex Machine for Solo Tribbing

If you are ready for some turbo tribbing in your solo sessions, this sex machine takes things to a whole new level! Saddle up and get ready for the ride of your lifetime!

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine - Go All Out With A Sex Machine for Solo Tribbing
This sleek sex saddle packs a whole lot of power! 1200 RPM of mind blowing vibrations, in fact. It comes with one grinding pad and one insertable attachment, so you can switch things up. You can control this bucking bronco using the wired remote or connect to the app for some long-distance play!

Why You Should Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Tribbing Time

While tribbing can be incredibly pleasurable without sex toys, tribbing toys certainly take things up a notch! Here are some of the main benefits of using tribbing sex toys:
  • Added sensations — Many tribbing toys vibrate or have added textures that can enhance the stimulation for one or both partners and increase the pleasure and the chance of having an orgasm.
  • Internal stimulation — While tribbing focusses on external stimulation of the labia and clitoris, some tribbing toys, like double dildos, and internal stimulation to the mix.
  • Better positioning — Sex pillows are a great tool for helping you and your partner get comfortable and find a position where your vulva’s are better aligned.
  • Shared fun — Trying something new with your partner can be great for building intimacy and keeping this exciting!

Types of Tribbing Toys

  Unfortunately, there are still relatively few sex toys dedicated purely to tribbing. However, there are plenty of sex toys that take your tribbing up a notch! Here are the different types of tribbing sex toys you can enjoy.
  • Love eggs — Vibrating eggs are a great way to get some internal/g-spot stimulation while tribbing. They are convenient as they are contained inside the vagina so don’t restrict the vulva. The only downside is that both partner’s will need one each if they want to enjoy the added stimulation!
  • Double dildos — If you both love internal stimulation, a double dildo is the way to go! You can choose between a molded U-shape or a long, flexible one.
  • Strapless strap-ons — If you both enjoy internal stimulation but prefer one partner to take on the penetrating role, a strapless strap on is a good option. They are made up of a smaller insertable bulb or pony, which sits inside the wearer’s vagina and a longer shaft to penetrate their partner. You can also get vibrating strap-ons if you like a bit of buzz!
  • Couples vibrators — Also known as c-shaped vibrators, couple’s vibrators have one vibrating arm that sits inside the wearer’s vagina and on that bends around and rests against the clitoris.

How to use tribbing toys

There are many different types of tribbing toys and each one has a slightly different way to use it. Often, it will take a little trial and error to find the right position between both of your bodies so take some time to make sure you are both comfortable and getting the stimulation you need! Here are my other top tips for how to use tribbing toys for maximum pleasure for two!

Figure out the controls

Figure out the controls

If your toy has vibrating parts, take some time to figure out how to turn the toy on and off and adjust the settings. You’ll also want to work out how to use the remote or app settings if your tribbing toy has either of those. It’s much easier to do this now than in the heat of the moment!

Use lots of lube

Use lots of lube

As tribbing is all about the rubbing and grinding, you want to make sure you use lots of lube to prevent any friction! If your tribbing sex toy is made of silicone, you should stick to water-based lube, but if you have a scissoring dildo made of stainless steel or glass, you can use any lube you like.

Communicate clearly

Communicate clearly

As the tribbing and scissoring sex toys are being used for two bodies, it’s important you communicate clearly with each other to find the placement and settings that work best for you both.

Adjust as necessary

Adjust as necessary

It’s also likely that you will need to adjust the position of the tribbing toy or your bodies to find the best fit so don’t be scared to take some time to adjust and find what works best. You might also find you need to use your hand to stablize some toys and prevent them from moving around.



Once you find that sweet spot, you are ready to bump and grind until your heart’s content!

How to clean a tribbing toy

How you clean your tribbing toy will depend on whether or not it is waterproof, so be sure to check the information that comes with it before submersing it under water! Waterproof toys can be washed under warm water with some mild soap or sex toy cleaner, while non-waterproof toys should be wiped down with mild soap/sex toy cleaner and a damp cloth. As a lot of tribbing sex toys are textured, be sure to clean in all the dips and grooves and make sure your toy is clean before storing it in a bag or box.


Tribbing is the act of two vulva owners rubbing or grinding their vulvas on each other to stimulate the labia and clitoris. Scissoring is tribbing specifically in the scissoring position, although the two terms tend to be used interchangeably.

If your tribbing sex toy is made of silicone, you should use a water-based lube but if your toy is made of glass or metal, you can use any lube, including oil or silicone based lube.

Silicone is a great material for tribbing toys as it is the only flexible material that is also non-toxic and non-porous!

Tribbing refers specifically to two vulva owners having sex by rubbing their vulvas together, but anyone can use a tribbing toy as they can be used in more than one way!

What is a tribbing toy?

Tribbing toys are any sex toys that can be used to enhance your tribbing session, such as double dildos, shareable vibrators, or egg vibrators. They are a way to add new sensations like vibrations or internal stimulation and help you and your partner get more stimulation. They are very few toys designed specifically for tribbing but, with a bit of creative thinking, many regular sex toys can be used as tribbing sex toys!

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