The 9 Best Sex Toy Advent Calendars of 2023 — REVIEW

   Isabelle Uren
Looking for the best sex toy advent calendars for the 2023 holiday season? You’re in luck — I’ve done my research and found the best erotic calendars around. I’ve given the top spot to the Lovehoney Dream Wand Advent Calendar but I’ve also included some fantastic sex toy advent calendars from Tracy’s Dog and Fifty Shades of Grey, among others!
1 Test Winner

Lovehoney Dream Wand Sex Toy Advent Calendar

 Dream Wand Calendar

  • Want to expand your sex toy horizons
  • Love the pink design
  • Enjoy vibrators
  • Are relatively new to sex toys

Dream Wand Calendar

  • Are more experienced and looking for more advanced toys
  • Want more toys for penis owners
  • Prefer a more gender neutral design
  • Want a full 24-day calendar

Enjoy 12 days of pleasure with Lovehoney’s Dream Wand Sex Toy Advent Calendar! I’m really impressed by the selection of toys in this calendar and I think it’s a great way to broaden your sex toy horizons! The real star of the show is the Lovehoney Dream Wand, which is worth $89.99 alone! On top of that you get a selection of toys to tease and please, including a beautiful pink jewelled butt plug, vibrating cock ring, and sensation play toys.  

  • Wide selection of toys
  • Contains a dream wand worth $89.99
  • Great for couples
  • Rechargeable vibrators
  • Worth over $250

  • Pink color won't be to everyone's liking
  • Not the full 24 days
Dream Wand Calendar
Vibration speedsWand: 4
Vibration patternsWand: 7
LengthButt plug: 2.5 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic, Card, Aluminium, Acrylic, Elastic and Polyester.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic advent calendar, especially if you are relatively new to sex toys! I love that the vibrating toys are rechargeable and that you can use the bullet vibrator in the cock ring or by itself. Plus the broad selection of toys would make for a really fun date night! I will say this is definitely more geared towards vulva owners and couples than it is penis owners, so keep that in mind.

2 Luxury

Tracy's Dog Intimacy Enthusiasm 24 Piece Advent Calendar

 Tracy's Dog Advent Calendar

  • Are a vulva owner
  • Want high quality sex toys
  • Enjoy internal and external stimulation
  • Like anal play
  • Want to explore bondage

Tracy's Dog Advent Calendar

  • Want toys for penis owners
  • Are on a budget

This is one luxurious advent calendar that will pamper you for 24 straight days! Packed full of sexy products from Tracy’s Dog. I love that you get four top quality vibrators from Tracy’s Dog, including their immensely popular Tracy’s Dog Pleasure Air Vibrator! You also get a selection of anal, sexual wellness products, and a selection of soft bondage gear, all beautifully designed with luxury and pleasure in mind! I’m also a big fan of the book style box, which opens up to reveal your calendar!

  • High quality sex toys
  • Vibrators, anal toys, bondage, and wellness products
  • Luxurious design
  • Suitable for beginners and more advanced

  • Expensive
  • Not a lot for penis owners
Tracy's Dog Advent Calendar

This is by far one of the best sex toy advent calendars I’ve come across and I’m super impressed with how many great toys you get in it, but that of course is reflected in the price! So while you might make a saving compared to buying all of these products separately, it’s still a hefty investment. That being said, if it’s within your budget, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! The selection really does have all bases covered and each of the toys is beautifully designed and higher quality than you usually see in advent calendars!


Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Overload 10 Days of Play Gift Set

 Fifty Shades of Grey 10 Days of Play Gift Set

  • Are interested in trying out bondage and BDSM for the first time
  • Want a kit with a variety of toys to try
  • Love the idea of sensation play

Fifty Shades of Grey 10 Days of Play Gift Set

  • Are looking for an advent calendar with 24 days
  • Have more experience with BDSM toys already
  • Don't enjoy anal play

Adventure into the thrilling world of seductive sensation play and bondage with the Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Overload BDSM advent calendar. I think this would make a great introduction into more kinky partner play! While not a traditional sex toy advent calendar, this gift set takes all of the best sexy and sensual aspects of the famous series and condenses it into one pleasure-packed set. There are 10 doors to open, with a new surprise between each one. The gifts range from more traditional sex toys like a bullet vibrator, cock ring and butt plug, to BDSM toys to help you on your first foray into the world of kink. There’s a blindfold, feather tickler, beginner-friendly nipple clamps, and even a miniature flogger, all of which you can use to explore thrilling sensations over the body.  

  • 10 different toys to try
  • Great for sensory and bondage play
  • Great value
  • Beginner-friendly

  • Items shown on the front of the box
  • Not suitable for those who don't like anal play or kegel balls
  • Tools may be too tame for experienced BDSM-ers
  • One item is a storage bag
Fifty Shades of Grey 10 Days of Play Gift Set
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes

This alternative sex toy advent calendar is great for exploring new sensations as a couple (or group!) and adding some new excitement to the same old routines. It’s especially good for any couple looking to dip their toes into the world of BDSM, with some staples such as nipple clamps and sensory play toys. That being said, I think those with more BDSM experience, however, might feel a little underwhelmed by the kinds of toys offered. They’re definitely more suited for those who are starting from the very beginning! I also think it would be a little more exciting if the contents weren’t given away on the front of the box to add more of an element of surprise, but it can also be good to know what you are getting!

4 Date Night

Lovehoney Oh! 30 Nights of Hot Sex Kinky Calendar

 Lovehoney Oh! 30 Nights of Hot Sex Kinky Calendar

  • Are looking for an affordable sex toy advent calendar alternative
  • Want some easy ideas to spice up your sex life
  • Want a calendar that's about intimacy and romance as well as sex

Lovehoney Oh! 30 Nights of Hot Sex Kinky Calendar

  • Want an advent calendar with new sex toys to try
  • Already have an adventurous sex life
  • Don't have the mobility to try lots of sex positions

I know not everyone has the budget to splash out on an advent calendar full of sex toys, but we don’t think that should prevent you from joining in on the fun! This cheeky alternative gives you an amazing 30 fun and flirty suggestions for you and your partner (or partners) to try in the bedroom and beyond. I think it could be a great way to inject some more intimacy into your relationship! Take turns opening up a door on this advent calendar and you’ll find an idea for you to try that day. It could be a new sex position, a surprise for one partner to do for the other, or a romantic date night suggestion. There’s a nice mix of romance and sex to give your relationship and intimacy a new lease of life!

  • 30 different ideas to try!
  • Inclusive of different sexualities
  • Affordable
  • Great for enhancing intimacy

  • Doors can be difficult to open
  • No sex toys included
  • Not all suggestions may be possible for you
Lovehoney Oh! 30 Nights of Hot Sex Kinky Calendar

Of course, this isn’t strictly a sex toy advent calendar, but I do think it’s a really great alternative for those who can’t afford or don’t want a whole new set of sex toys this holiday season. Open a door each day in December and you’ll soon be buzzing with anticipation and excitement to try out each new idea! My recommendation? Go a step further and treat yourself to a fantastic but cheap sex toy instead of a whole sex toy advent calendar, and then incorporate it into the ideas suggested by the Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Calendar!

5 Test Winner

Lovehoney Womanizer Couple's Advent Calendar

 Lovehoney Couple's Advent Calendar

  • Like sexy advent calendars that include LOTS of toys
  • Want toys that you can share with a partner
  • Are looking for a variety of toys
  • Need a 24-day advent calendar to open up

Lovehoney Couple's Advent Calendar

  • Are running low on room to store your sex toys
  • Don't have a need for couple's toys
  • Want more toys that are just for men
  • Are on a budget and looking for something cheaper

THIS IS UNFORTUNATELY SOLD OUT Make the most wonderful time of the year 24 times better with the Lovehoney Womanizer Couple’s Advent Calendar. Packed with some of our most popular sex toys, gifts, and bondage toys for penis-owners and vulva-owners, you’ll be able to vibe, spank, stroke, pinch, and tickle your way through December in the best possible way. As you’d expect, we’ve carefully choreographed the treats to build up erotic tension for a fantastic finale on Christmas Eve, with the whole collection packaged in a giant luxury box with windows numbered 1-24. You’ll find all kinds of treats that will stimulate you in all kinds of ways. What’s not to love?!

  • 24 different toys and accessories
  • A wide variety of items
  • Something for men, women, and couples
  • Everything is great quality

  • Not many toys for penis owners
  • Liquids only tiny sample sizes
  • Not for those wanting a 12-day calendar
Lovehoney Couple's Advent Calendar
MaterialsPlastic, silicone, fabric, faux feather, satin
LengthVarious inches
Vibration modesSpeeds and patterns
RechargeableYes: via USB
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
WaterproofMost items are at least splashproof

Well ho-ho-hoh my goodness, if it isn’t the Lovehoney Womanizer Couple’s Advent Calendar! This 24-door advent calendar has a mix of toys that can be enjoyed by men, women, AND couples. This means that everyone can enjoy this calendar! There’s a wide range of items hidden behind those doors, from vibrators, to restraints, to floggers, to penis sleeves, and everything in between. The quality is high, it all works like a charm, and it all looks incredible! I will admit that the Lovehoney Womanizer Couple’s Advent Calendar is more geared towards females (which makes sense, considering it has the word ‘womanizer’ on the box. This is all well and good, and a lot of fun, but I imagine that there will be some that would prefer slightly more male-oriented toys in there. Also, the price is pretty steep. But in all fairness, if you want quality, then you should expect that slightly higher price point. You really do get what you pay for!

6 For Women

Lovehoney Rose Sex Toy Advent Calendar

 Lovehoney Rose Advent Calendar

  • Are the proud owner of a vagina
  • Are looking for toys that feel as great as they look
  • Don't just want one kind of sex toy
  • Are happy with a calendar with only 12 doors

Lovehoney Rose Advent Calendar

  • Can't make use of female sex toys
  • Are looking for a more extreme set of toys
  • Would prefer to have a 24 day advent calendar
  • Are looking for a cheaper calendar

THIS IS UNFORTUNATELY SOLD OUT Let the good times roll with Lovehoney’s 12-piece advent calendar, featuring the one and only, Lovehoney Rose. Grab your partner or go solo, and open a daily door to discover new ways to play –  with fabulous toys and gifts ideal for her. Filled to the brim with a sensationally sexy smorgasbord of offerings that aim to tease and please through thrilling vibes, breathtaking suction and titillating anal stimulation. Enjoy taking your time by discovering a new toy each day or put the petal to the metal and open them all at once, embracing the Lovehoney Rose as soon as you can. Normally $49.99, this clitoral suction toy has 10 Pleasure Air intensity levels to explore, and with 11 other products in this calendar, you’ll be stopping to smell the roses of desire every day. Let your new toys’ pleasure potential shine with the addition of water-based lubricant. Each electronic toy is rechargeable so you can indulge in it again and again… and again.

  • 12 separate items
  • High quality
  • Beginner friendly
  • Lots of options

  • Much more women-oriented
  • Possibly too expensive for some
Lovehoney Rose Advent Calendar
MaterialsPlastic, silicone, fabric, faux feather, satin
LengthVarious inches
Vibration modesSpeeds and patterns
RechargeableYes: via USB
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
WaterproofMost items are at least splashproof

If you’re a woman in need of some sex toys this Christmas, then the Lovehoney Rose Sex Toy Advent Calendar is going to be the set for you. Behind the 12 doors are some high-quality items of all shapes and descriptions, from internal toys to external ones, and even wearable items! These toys aren’t all that extreme, so if you’re a beginner, you’re going to find these to be a great place to start. And I have to say that the final day’s item, the Rose itself, is an incredibly effective (and good-looking) toy! The primary downside of the Lovehoney Rose Sex Toy Advent Calendar is that it has definitely been designed more with women in mind. There are no items designed specifically for men – only women. Of course, men can still enjoy them, but they are not the main intended audience of this calendar. As mentioned, this is also not the most extreme 12-day advent calendar ever, either, meaning that if you’re more of a hardcore sex toy user, then this one may prove to be a little more disappointing than you’d have hoped. Read more about the Lovehoney advent calendars in our in-depth review of them.

7 Couples

Lovehoney X We-Vibe Sweet Seduction Couple's Sex Toy Advent Calendar

 Lovehoney X We-Vibe Couple's Sex Toy Advent Calendar

  • Are looking for a variety sex toys for both of you to try
  • Enjoy trying new toys in the bedroom together
  • Are a curious bondage beginner
  • Like using accessories to set the mood

Lovehoney X We-Vibe Couple's Sex Toy Advent Calendar

  • Don't want to know all of the products before you open the doors (if so, close your eyes!)
  • Already own quite a few sex toys
  • Want more penis toys in the pack
  • Are looking for a 24 day sex toy advent calendar

THIS IS UNFORTUNATELY SOLD OUT On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, an orgasm under the tree. Much better than a partridge in a pear tree in my humble opinion! Enjoy 12 days of festive delights with this pleasure-packed couple’s sex toy advent calendar from Lovehoney. In the box, you’ll find 12 exciting gifts to help you and your partner discover new sensations. The star of the show (or perhaps, on top of the tree) is the We-Vibe WV50, a C-shaped couples vibrator. You place one end inside the vagina, and it hugs both the g-spot and clit, delivering powerful and rumbly vibes where you need them most. The best part, though? You can wear it during penetrative sex, so both you can enjoy the vibrations together! Behind the other doors, you’ll also find a bullet vibrator and plenty of silicone toys to insert it into, as well as a light bondage kit, massage essentials and even a sexy game to get you in a flirty mood!

  • Toys for all genitals inside
  • High-quality toys
  • Luxurious design
  • Powerful vibrations

  • Toys might not suit all tastes
  • Less variety in penis toys
  • Only 12 doors
Lovehoney X We-Vibe Couple's Sex Toy Advent Calendar
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo

Lovehoney is really giving Santa a run for his money with this vibrator advent calendar. It’s a perfect erotic gift for couples who love to explore and experiment, and is packed full of everything you need to spice up your sex life! There’s a good selection of toys and accessories, with a couple of more expensive toys and smaller, yet satisfying, gifts. Of course, it’s not a traditional advent calendar, in the fact that it only has 12 doors rather than a full 24. However, that might only add to the excitement and anticipation! If you love trying out new things, this sexy advent calendar can also help you save money! Right now, the Lovehoney X We-Vibe Couple’s Advent Calendar is on sale, and you can enjoy all of these toys for much less than if you were to buy them separately. Read more about the Lovehoney advent calendars in our in-depth review of them.  

8 For Him

Lovehoney Blowmotion 12 Days of Play Sex Toy Advent Calendar

 Lovehoney Blowmotion Sex Toy Advent Calendar

  • Have a penis, or are gifting to someone that does
  • Want to try out a range of penis and anal toys
  • Are new to anal play
  • Have never owned a vibrating stroker before

Lovehoney Blowmotion Sex Toy Advent Calendar

  • Don't want to know all of the products before you open the doors (if so, close your eyes!)
  • Aren't interested in anal play
  • Have a girthy penis
  • Are looking for a 24 day sex toy advent calendar

THIS IS UNFORTUNATELY SOLD OUT We love any excuse to give sex toys for penis-owners a moment to shine! The Lovehoney Blowmotion 12 Days of Play Sex Toy Advent Calendar does a spectacular job, with 12 fun and festive toys that anyone with a penis and a prostate can enjoy! That’s right — in this calendar you’ll find both penis and anal toys, as well some erotic accessories. Some highlights include a Blowmotion vibrating male masturbator, a double-ended Fleshlight-style sleeve filled with squishy textures, and a rumbly bullet vibrator that can be placed inside the accompanying cock ring, prostate massager and beginner butt plug. However, there are plenty more toys to discover, including some sexy dice to play with a partner.

  • Vibrating & non-vibrating options
  • Easy and unintimidating anal toys
  • Luxurious design

  • Toys may be too small for some
  • Less relevant for those who don't enjoy anal play
  • Only 12 doors
Lovehoney Blowmotion Sex Toy Advent Calendar
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo

If you have a penis, or know someone with one, this sex toy advent calendar is the ideal way to start branching out into the world of sex toy pleasure! It includes all kinds of toys and tools to help find your perfect vibe or stroke, either alone or with a partner. There’s also a range of cock rings to experiment with, that can offer more intense sensations, and even harder erections! Of course, those with very girthy penises may find that some of the toys available might not fit them correctly. Also, be aware that several of the saucy gifts on offer in this advent calendar are anal-focused — if you’re not into that, you may prefer something like a couple’s toy calendar, or a different gift set.

9 Lingerie

Lovehoney 7 Nights of Temptation Lingerie Advent Calendar

 Lovehoney Lingerie Advent Calendar

  • Enjoy wearing lingerie, or know someone who does!
  • Want to try out some different styles
  • Are looking for a new way to spice things up in the bedroom

Lovehoney Lingerie Advent Calendar

  • Are below a US size 4 or above a size 24
  • Don't like to wear things without seeing or feeling them first
  • Don't enjoy wearing lingerie with little to no bust support

THIS IS UNFORTUNATELY SOLD OUT Forget unwrapping gifts this holiday season — with this luxurious lingerie advent calendar from Lovehoney, you will be the only thing your partner wants to unwrap! This adult advent calendar has a gorgeous black and gold design, with seven drawers full of sheer mesh and satin lingerie pieces to open. That includes bodysuits and separates, as well as a satin blindfold and a delicately scented candle to really set the bedroom mood. You can open a door a day, take your time, or open them all at once and pick your faves. This sexy lingerie advent calendar is available in three size options: ‘One Size‘, which fits US sizes 4-12, ‘One Size Queen‘, which fits sizes 14-18, and ‘One Size Curve‘, which fits sizes 20-24. Each piece is adjustable, and is designed to accentuate all your best bits, whatever your shape and size!

  • Three size options
  • Adjustable
  • Matching items
  • Great value

  • Little to no bust support
  • Might not suit everyone's tastes
  • No sex toys included
  • Only has 7 doors to open
Lovehoney Lingerie Advent Calendar
MaterialsNylon, Elastane, Cotton
Colors AvailableBlack

Lovehoney knows just how to make you feel sexy! Whether you are dressing for yourself or a partner, with this sexy lingerie advent calendar, you will feel truly irresistible. If you’re looking for a way to add a new spark to your sex life, the excitement and anticipation of opening each calendar door can do just that. Each piece is adjustable, so you can get the right fit for your body. As a new addition this year, Lovehoney have also created three different size options to cater to all body shapes and sizes! Get ready for a seriously sexy week!

More Sex Toy Gift Box Ideas

Don’t fancy a whole advent calendar but want to treat yourself or your boo to a sexy surprise? Here are some sex toy kits that will definitely put a smile on their face on Christmas day!

Sportsheets Learn the Ropes Kit

Sportsheets Learn the Ropes Kit - More Sex Toy Gift Box Ideas
Dip your toes into the world of bondage and sensation play with this beginner-friendly kit from Sportsheets. Enjoy tying your partner up and then teasing their most sensitive spots! The kit contains:
  • A faux leather blindfold
  • Soft bondage rope
  • Finger flogger
  • Safety shears

Je Joue Naughty Collection Luxury Vibrator and Game Kit

Je Joue Naughty Collection Luxury Vibrator and Game Kit - More Sex Toy Gift Box Ideas
If you are looking for something more sensual, this sexy kit from Je Joue is just the thing! The kit contains the smooth silicone Mimi Vibrator, silky blindfold and restraint, and delicious smelling mandarin and ylang-ylang massage candle.

Examples of Sex Toy Advent Calendars from Previous Years

Whether you want some sexy lingerie for a seductive unwrapping session or add some new toys to the mix, there are plenty of calendar options to choose from. If you are unsure which erotic calendar is for you, check out all the sexy swag from previous year’s calendars.

Lovehoney X Womanizer Couple’s Sex Toy Advent Calendar

Lovehoney X Womanizer Couple’s Sex Toy Advent Calendar - Examples of Sex Toy Advent Calendars from Previous Years
While it’s sadly sold out now, Lovehoney’s Couple’s Sex Toy Advent Calendar was one of their best offerings yet. In this collaboration with top sex toy brand Womanizer, they included a huge range of toys and accessories to help you unlock your sexiest Christmas yet. It was packed full of sex toys, light bondage accessories, and massage accessories.

What Was Inside:

  • The Womanizer Liberty clitoral suction stimulator (worth $99.99)
  • A Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator
  • A Finger Vibrator Sleeve
  • A Mini Massage Wand Vibrator
  • Nipple Clamps
  • A Couple’s Cock Ring
  • Under-Mattress Restraints
  • A Stretchy Cock Ring
  • Wrist Cuffs
  • Ankle Restraints
  • A G-Spot Dildo
  • A Ribbed Stroker
  • A Metal Butt Plug
  • Anal Beads
  • Sexy Dice
  • Vanilla Massage Oil
  • A Sandalwood Scented Candle
  • A Body Massager
  • A Sex Position Snap Card Game
  • A Textured Stroker
  • A Feather Tickler
  • A Blindfold
  • A Mini Spanking Paddle
  • Minty Orgasm Balm

Satisfyer Premium 2022 Erotic Advent Calendar

Satisfyer Premium 2022 Erotic Advent Calendar - Examples of Sex Toy Advent Calendars from Previous Years
Another super popular sex toy advent calendar was this one from sex toy giants Satisfyer. While you might have heard of them from the Satisfyer Pro 2 clit sucker, they actually make a massive range of cheap but effective sex toys.

What Was Inside:

  • The Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Suction Stimulator
  • The Satisfyer Men One Masturbator
  • The Satisfyer Naughty Masturbator Egg
  • The Satisfyer Endless Fun Multi-Vibrator
  • 2 Lubes
  • 2 Massage Oils
  • 2 Penthouse Lingerie pieces
  • And More! Including Sex Toys, BDSM gear, Massage tools…

What Did Earlier Customers Say About Sex Toy Advent Calendars?

With limited numbers of sexy advent calendars available and so many great products, sex toy advent calendars sell out pretty quickly every year. Check out what two popular bloggers had to say about previous sex toy advent calendars from Lovehoney and click through to read their full reviews.

This calendar is full of toys and treats I will genuinely use time and time again. There wasn’t that sense of disappointment, knowing you’ll end up throwing some items away because they’re just ‘not you’. – Cara Sutra

Overall, if you are fairly new to sex toys, I think the Lovehoney Couple’s sex toy advent calendar is a good purchase. You get a good range of products, some of which are great quality for the price. – Miss Jezzebella

How to Use a Sex Toy Advent Calendar

Given the broad range of toys you get in a sex toy advent calendar, I can’t go through the ins and outs of how to use every one. However, here are some fun ways to play with your new toy collection!

Pick Your Faves

Pick Your Faves

As kids, we’re told off for opening the doors of our advent calendars early — but now we’re adults and we can do what we want! While you can wait and open each individually, it can also be fun to open all the sex toys at once and pick and choose what you want to try.

Try Something New Every Day

Try Something New Every Day

Of course, the other way to enjoy a sex toy advent calendar is to open a new door every day and slowly build your collection. Some sexy advent calendars are actually designed with this in mind, so you might you get a bullet vibrator early on, then get a new thing each day that you can use with it.

Experiment with BDSM

Experiment with BDSM

And finally, sex toy advent calendars can give you the chance to explore the world of bondage and BDSM for the first time. Many of them include light bondage and sensory play toys that are perfect for beginners to get started with!

How to Clean the Products in a Sex Toy Advent Calendar

Sex toy advent calendars contain a range of different products made from different materials. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and be extra careful when cleaning electrical products, especially if they are not waterproof. Check out our handy guide on how to clean the different materials you might find inside a sex toy advent calendar.


There are a few reasons to buy a sex toy calendar: 1) To update your sex toy collection at a cheaper price than buying the products individually 2) To add some excitement to your sex life (solo or partner) 3) To try out some new sensations, sex toys that you might not choose ordinarily 4) As a gift for a partner

Sex toy calendars can be enjoyed by anyone looking to add some variety into their sex lives. Sex toy calendars with a broad variety can usually be enjoyed solo or with a partner but check out the product descriptions and previous year's selection to check what type of products you can expect. Variety calendars will often include products for both people with penises and people with vulvas. Some sex toy calendars cater to specific tastes, such as the lingerie advent calendar.

Sex toy calendars often offer great savings on buying all of the products separately, allowing you to update your sex toy collection at a fraction of the price and discover new and thrilling experiences as well.

What is a Sex Toy Advent Calendar?

A sex toy calendar is a box full of sex toys and sex accessories hidden behind secret doors for you to open in the count up to Christmas. Some may have 24 doors, much like traditional advent calendars, and others have fewer. They are a great way to discover new delights and enjoy new experiences alone or with a partner.

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