13 Best Sexual Board Games for Flirtatious Fun as a Couple

   Rachel Worthington
There are tons of sexual board games out there designed specifically for couples to get flirty and frisky together, including in-depth board games and quick card games (as well as party games for a crowd!). But, which ones are actually worth the effort? We’ve done our research and answered that question for you — here are our top ten picks to help you spice up your game nights…
1 Test Winner

Monogamy: A Hot Affair for Couples


  • Enjoy challenging your partner
  • Want to become better at communication
  • Want to explore new and pleasurable things together
  • Like the idea of choosing between flirty and sexy modes


  • Are in a same-sex or polyamorous relationship
  • Are looking for a quick and simple game
  • Don't want a game that incorporates drinking

Monogamy might just be one of the most famous sexual board games out there, and we couldn’t make a list of the best adult games without including it! It’s a game designed to both reignite your sexual desire and tension as a couple, and get you talking together about your relationship and your fantasies. The basics are that you move around the board with your player piece and the dice. When you land on a square, you have a challenge to complete, which could be a kiss, a sensual massage, an erotic dance, an intimate touch, a strip tease and more. Or, you’ll have to pick a card and complete whatever it says, choosing either a ‘His’ or ‘Hers’ challenge. It could be answering a question about your partner or completing an erotic challenge — kind of like truth or dare! There are three different levels of cards to choose from, depending on how sexy you want to get: intimate, passionate or steamy! Once you’ve completed one of these challenges, you get a ring to add to your player piece. Then, for every round you complete, you get to pick a ‘fantasy’ card with a detailed role play scenario for you to act out together. There are a couple of accessories that you’ll need to collect before you start to really experience everything Monogamy has to offer. These include something edible, something to drink, massage oil and lube. Of course, you can play this sexual board game without all this, but it will definitely help you complete all of the challenges.

  • 3 levels of sexiness
  • Easy to understand
  • Great way to find and try out new things
  • Promotes communication
  • Lots of variety

  • Designed for heterosexual couples only
  • Challenges often require more of men than women
  • Cards aren't waterproof
  • Requires several accessories from around the house
MaterialsIncludes: Board, 100 Cards for Him, 100 Cards for Her, 1 Dice, 2 Player Pieces + Rings

Monogamy is a game chock-full of variety and new ideas! Of course, how much you enjoy each challenge in this sexual board game will depend on your personal tastes. Some users prefer to build up the tension by starting out with the ‘intimate’ cards and working their way up to ‘steamy’, while others want to jump straight in at the deep end! In the end, we recommend picking what you feel comfortable with, and skipping ones that don’t sound so fun to you. In fact, the variety and depth is what makes Monogamy my top sexual board game pick! It’s quite evident from the design of this game that it was made for heterosexual couples. You may notice that the ‘hers’ options are more question-focused while the ‘his’ options require more work, but I say: do whatever you want! If you’re a woman who prefers the ‘his’ option, what’s to stop you from doing it? Finally, Monogamy may not be the most travel-friendly game on this list, since it requires quite a bit of prep and space. However, there are plenty of options below that can easily slip into your suitcase!

2 Monopoly

Sexopoly Board Game

 Sexopoly Board Game

  • like monopoly
  • want a more complex board game than just cards or dices
  • love negotiating with your partner

Sexopoly Board Game

  • want a simple game

Unveil a realm of adult amusement with the Sexopoly Board Game, a risqué twist on classic gameplay designed for steamy entertainment among couples or close-knit friends. Suitable for 2-8 players, this naughty board game opens a door to a world where witty minds and flirtatious antics are the keys to building your adult empire. Whether enjoyed during a cozy night in with a partner or spicing up a friendly gathering, Sexopoly is the go-to choice for a night filled with laughter and daring challenges. As you roll the dice, traverse through a path of mischievous real estate opportunities, from owning the alluring ‘Meryl Strips’ film studio to investing in the sultry ‘Spearmint Hippo’ strip club. But be wary, for the stakes are high and your garments are the price to pay when cash runs low. Select your avatar from playful choices like a cheeky pink beaver or a pair of jovial puppies, embodying the spirited vibe of the game. A perfect concoction of playful challenges and tantalizing rewards awaits you in Sexopoly, making it a must-have for stag, hen weekends, or just a playful night of audacious fun.

  • Fun
  • More than just a "sex game"

  • Can be a bit complex
Sexopoly Board Game
MaterialsIncludes: 1 Board, 8 Pieces, Sexopoly Money, 100 Risky or Frisky Questions, 100 Trivia Questions, 28 Ownership Cards, 2 Dice & 1 Rules sheet

My venture into the realm of adult board games was truly redefined with the Sexopoly Board Game. The essence of familiar Monopoly mechanics intertwined with a zest of adult humor and daring challenges was an experience that resonated well among my group of open-minded friends. I found the game to be a haven for those willing to explore a fun, lighthearted, and sensual side of interaction. The creative challenges and the liberty to mold the rules to our comfort level was something I cherished. I noticed how the game effortlessly blended humor, education, and a hint of risqué, fostering an environment where laughter and flirtatious banter were the stars of the night. The high-quality board and whimsical design added to the aesthetic appeal making it a visually enjoyable experience. I feel Sexopoly hits the right chord for those looking to break the ice, delve into playful sexual education, or simply have a hearty laugh with friends. While the game offers a plethora of naughty challenges, it’s the inclusivity and the room for creative liberties that makes it stand out in my collection of adult board games. A worthy contender indeed in the landscape of sexual board games, perfect for those nights where adventure is on the agenda.

3 BDSM game

Weekend in Bed BDSM Game and Kit

 Weekend in Bed

  • are into BDSM
  • are looking to explore sensations rather than play
  • want a straight forward gameplay

Weekend in Bed

  • a looking for advanced rules

Ignite the flames of desire with the Weekend in Bed Bondage Kit and Game, a sensual ensemble of bondage accessories coupled with enthralling games aimed at heterosexual couples. Enclosed in a satin storage pouch, this 8-piece kit unfolds a realm of erotic adventure perfect for a steamy weekend getaway. Immerse yourselves in a delicate blend of pleasure and pain as you explore the soft lashes of the fun-sized flogger or the firm spanks delivered by the faux suede paddle. Blindfold your lover with the blackout blindfold, heightening their senses as you trail soft feather tickles across their skin. Venture into uncharted territories of your fantasies as you follow the playful instructions on the Sex Play Cards or fill in the intriguing scenarios on the Sex Scenario Cards. Complete with a sensual massage candle and personal lubricant sachet, every item in this kit is crafted from luxurious faux leather, faux suede, and faux fur, ensuring a soft yet firm grip on the reigns of control. Whether a beginner in BDSM or a seasoned enthusiast, this kit offers a myriad of experiences to spice up your intimate moments, making every weekend a chance for a new erotic exploration.

  • Faux Leather
  • A lot of BDSM toys
  • Option to make own cards

  • Oriented mainly towards heterosexual couples
  • Doesn't provides endless hours of fun
Weekend in Bed
MaterialsIncludes: 30 activity cards, 1 dice, 2 bondage games, 6 accessories, and 10 fill-in-the-blank Scenario cards

My journey into the Weekend in Bed Bondage Kit and Game was a delightful exploration of light BDSM, sprinkled with a touch of playful gaming. The kit seemed like a warm invitation to beginners in the BDSM realm, providing just the right amount of spice without being overwhelming. I appreciate the blend of physical tools like the blindfold, paddle, and tickler alongside the playful game elements which added a narrative to our explorations. However, as someone who has dabbled in BDSM before, I found the flogger and some aspects of the game a tad mild. The massage candle scenario was a miss, veering away from the sensual experience I had anticipated. Yet, the overall packaging and the ease of diving into playful bondage made this kit a sweet escape for a weekend rendezvous. I see it as a lovely stepping stone for couples easing into BDSM, though for the seasoned adventurers, it might lack the punch. The Weekend in Bed Bondage Kit and Game is a charming entry, offering a gentle nudge into the thrilling world of bondage with a sprinkle of playful gaming, making it a notable mention in the lineup of sexual board games for beginners.

4 Foreplay Game

Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game

 Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic

  • are looking for a very versatile game
  • want to play something during foreplay

Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic

  • want to be multiple players (+2)

Delve into a journey of sexual discovery with the Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game, a two-player adventure designed to unveil new dimensions of intimacy. As you navigate through three escalating levels of raunchiness, every roll of the dice unveils a path filled with saucy treats, revealing questions, and enticing challenges. Enclosed within the Lovehoney Oh! box are treasures like a silky blindfold that doubles as a gentle restraint, and a soft tickler to tease your senses. As you move across the board, the ExpOH!sed cards entice you to share your deepest desires and turn-ons, bridging the gap between fantasy and reality. Perfect as an intimate gift for your partner or to add a spark to your date nights, this board game transcends the ordinary, leading you into a world where every move is a step closer to sexual fulfillment. With the Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game, prepare to unlock a treasure trove of erotic possibilities, making every game night a memorable voyage towards deeper connection and sexual satisfaction.

  • 3 different "steam" levels
  • includes sex toy accessories

  • hard to say why the board is needed, really
  • only for 2 players
Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic
MaterialsIncludes: Playing board, 30x3 "steam" level cards, 30 bonus cards, 30 "truth" cards, dice, Tingler, Blindfold

The Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game was a delightful dive into a whirlpool of laughter, curiosity, and sensual discoveries. From the moment we unboxed the game, the anticipation of what each roll of the dice would unfold kept the excitement bubbling. I adored the structured gameplay which, despite requiring a bit of setup, provided a clear pathway to a night filled with giggles and intimate explorations. The inclusion of physical items like the blindfold and tickler was a clever touch, blurring the lines between the game and real sensual interaction. I found myself laughing heartily at some unexpected challenges and yet, the game succeeded in sparking a playful dialogue about our desires. The game didn’t just stay on the board; it leaped into our interaction, making the whole room a playful arena. While it might require a bit of space to lay out all elements, the effort was well worth the cornucopia of enjoyable moments it delivered. The Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game is a sparkling gem in the treasure chest of sexual board games, offering a mix of humor, creativity, and sensual exploration, making it a top contender for couples looking to add a dash of playful learning to their intimate moments.

5 Positions

Lovehoney Position of the Week Cards

 Position of the Week Cards

  • Are looking for some sex position inspiration
  • Don't have a lot of experience with more adventurous positions
  • Are willing to try out a lot of new things

Position of the Week Cards

  • Are already pretty sexually adventurous
  • Would prefer a more game-y game
  • Are in a same-sex or polyamorous relationship

This isn’t any ordinary pack of cards! The Lovehoney Position of the Week set includes 52 cards, each featuring a unique sex position for you to try out as a couple. That’s a whole year of inspiration! On the front is a detailed yet tasteful image of the position, and on the back you’ll find written instructions on how to get into the position and tips on how to make it work better. Some also have tips on the difficulty, or suggestions on how you can spice it up even further! Maybe it’s a great position for intense eye-contact, or dirty talk, or deep penetration. The difficulty level varies, so you can work your way up from the easy to the more challenging positions, or shuffle them up and take one from the top of the pile for an extra element of mystery. There’s also a space on each card to rate each position out of five as you try it, so you know at a glance which ones to return to.

  • Clear illustrations and explanations
  • Includes a range of difficulties
  • Allows you to rate each position
  • Budget-friendly

  • Some positions are very similar
  • Some may find some of the positions very challenging to master
  • Less of a game, more of a inspiration
  • Only includes male/female positions
Position of the Week Cards
MaterialsIncludes: 52 Cards, Storage Box

Okay, so the Lovehoney Position of the Week cards aren’t exactly a sexual board game, or even much of a game at all. However, we had to include this set, because it’s one of the best sets of new and interesting sex positions for couples that we’ve found! If you’re after more of a game-y feel, you could easily incorporate these cards into another activity, like truth or dare. Some reviewers noted that several of the positions are quite similar, so if you’re going through them quickly, they might feel a tad repetitive. However, if you’re using this Position of the Week set as an occasional source of intimate inspiration, then this will probably become much less of an issue. Some users might also find themselves struggling with the difficulty of some of the positions, as they require quite a bit of flexibility and mobility! However, it’s easy to skip cards that aren’t appealing, or change them up a bit to fit your abilities. Finally, as you can see in the images, this sexy game is geared heavily towards heterosexual couples. All the cards include instructions for ‘him’ and ‘her’, and the illustrations are solely male and female figures.  

6 Sex Dice

Sexy 6 Foreplay Dice Game

 Sexy 6 Sex Dice

  • Are looking for inspiration to change up your foreplay routine
  • Like the idea of letting go of the reins
  • Want an quick and easy game
  • Are on a budget

Sexy 6 Sex Dice

  • Are already pretty sexually adventurous
  • Would prefer something more kinky

Sex dice — one of the most classic couples’ sex games out there! Of course, there are plenty of sex dice sets around, but we’ve done our research, and this one came out on top. The Sexy 6 Foreplay Dice Game includes, you guessed it, 6 dice with 6 different categories on each. Simply roll the dice and it will give you a sensual scene to play out — and the best part is that it’s a total surprise! Roll all 6 dice at once, do it one by one, or choose to only roll a certain number of the dice, leaving the rest of the scene up to you or your partner’s discretion. The dice categories are: ‘Who’, ‘Which’ (i.e. giving or receiving), ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘When’ and ‘How’. For example you could roll ‘Me giving my partner gentle kisses on the inner thigh in the bedroom’, or ‘You giving rough sucking on the nipples in the bathroom’. In fact, there are a massive 720 possible combinations to roll!

  • Allows you to customize your play
  • Promotes spontaneity and mystery
  • Simple to use
  • Portable
  • Budget-friendly

  • Doesn't come with a time dice
  • May be less appealing to more adventurous couples
Sexy 6 Sex Dice
MaterialsIncludes: 6 Dice, Storage Bag

This sexy game is great for beginners and those who are searching for some inspiration in the foreplay department. If you struggle with finding new ways to excite and arouse your partner, the Sexy 6 Dice set can give you the push you need! Look forward to longer, more spontaneous and more pleasurable foreplay sessions! The Sexy 6 dice also come in a little mesh bag that’s perfect for taking away with you (or hiding away discreetly in a nightstand). Break them out whenever you feel the urge to spice up your couples playtime and you’ll never have a dull moment again!

7 Bondage

Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginners Bondage Game

 Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots

  • Are interesting in trying bondage for the first time
  • Want to try both domination and submission
  • Are looking for easy and accessible bondage positions

Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots

  • Have lots of experience with bondage already
  • Prefer handcuffs over tie-it-yourself restraints
  • Are looking for a game that gets you talking

Bondage is such a common fantasy for so many of us, but bridging that gap between dreaming about it and actually giving it a go isn’t always easy. What should I use to tie someone up? Which positions actually feel good (while still being safe)? What else can I do to dominate my partner? Well, of course, you could read our guides to BDSM for beginners, and how to be a dominatrix, but you could also try this beginner-friendly game from Lovehoney. Hot Knots is a simple card game that gets you trying out different scenarios including bondage, sensory play and more! All you need to do is first read the safety instructions that come in the pack, then shuffle the deck of 56 cards and place them in front of you and your partner. Then, take turns to pick a card and follow its instructions, using the included silky blindfold and restraints as it suggests. Whether you tell your partner what it says or keep it a sexy surprise is up to you both. There are also 4 ‘Switch’ cards amidst the deck that, when played, allow you to switch from giving to receiving, depending on whether you want to be dominant or submissive.

  • Easy bondage introduction for beginners
  • Comes with restraints and a blindfold
  • Allows both partners to try out roles

  • Low quality accessories
  • Some of the positions are quite similar
  • May be too simple for experienced players
Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots
MaterialsIncludes: 56 Cards, 1 Blindfold, 2 Restraints

Hot Knots is a sexual game designed for newbies to bedroom bondage. It’s a light bondage kit of sorts, with extra guidance to help you create a sensuous and kinky scene together. The clear instructions make it a very accessible and exciting introduction to the world of BDSM. Plus, it gives both of you equal chances to play around with power dynamics and experience being dominant and submissive. The accessories it comes with aren’t exactly luxury bondage items, but they are satin-y soft to the touch and easy to use. If you want to graduate up from the included tools, you could use a set of bondage cuffs or even sexual restraints instead!

8 With Sex Toys

Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set

 Je Joue Naughty Gift Set

  • Like a sexy game with lots of variety
  • Are looking for a luxurious, sensual gift
  • Want a sexual game that's perfect for foreplay

Je Joue Naughty Gift Set

  • Would prefer a longer, more involved sexual board game
  • Aren't going to use a vibrator
  • Are on a budget

This gorgeous gift set from sex toy brand Je Joue has everything you and your partner will need to enjoy a sensual night together. Nestled inside the black and rose gold box are a whole host of delights to get you talking and exploring with each other. You’ll receive a limited edition Je Joue Mimi clitoral vibrator, a luxury massage candle with the scent of ylang ylang and mandarin, a black satin blindfold and bondage restraint, and, last but not least, a card game of sexy Truth or Dare. Get to know your partner in the most intimate and romantic way by asking them questions from the truth cards, or put your new toys to use with the tantalizing dares!


  • Comes with a vibrator, massage candle, restraints and a game!
  • Plenty of ways to play
  • Perfect for intimate date nights

  • May not be so suitable for penis-owners
  • Expensive
  • Not as involved as other board games on this list
Je Joue Naughty Gift Set
MaterialsIncludes: Je Joue Mimi Vibrator, Luxury Massage Candle, Satin Blindfold and Restraints, Truth or Dare Card Game
Vibration speeds5
Vibration patterns7
LengthVibrator: 3.5 inches, Restraints: 59 inches
MaterialsVibrator: Silicone & ABS Plastic
WeightCandle: 0.35 lbs
IngredientsCandle: Natural soy bean wax, Natural essential oils (benzyl salicylate, linalool, dipentene)

If you’re looking for luxury, then this sexy game gift set from Je Joue definitely hits the mark. It is the most expensive adult game on this list, but you’re actually saving 20% by buying this gift set, compared to if you were to buy them separately. With everything you’re getting, I think it’s a steal! The Mimi vibrator is a high-quality clitoral vibrator that’s perfect for gentle teasing as well as use during sex, and the massage candle and light bondage accessories allow you to explore all kinds of sensory and restraint play that you may not have enjoyed before. The Truth or Dare game is a fantastic way to get going with the set as its easy to get started with and pretty versatile, too.

9 Only Board

Sex!!! The Board Game


  • Are in a couple, thruple or quad
  • Want a simple, easy game to get things going
  • Like to experiment with different kinds of foreplay


  • Are looking for a more complex, involved game
  • Want a game that gets you talking
  • Want to play with more than four players

Sex!!! The Board Game is designed, as the name might suggest, to get your geared up for sex in adventurous and sensual ways. Travel along the board with two to four players, landing on various foreplay activities, in a race to the ‘SEX’ square at the end. Along the way, enjoy kissing, massage, dirty talk, oral sex, stripping, spanking and more. Whoever wins gets to spin the spinner for a sex position, and choose whether they want to be the giver or receiver. It’s that simple!

  • Can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players
  • Simple to play
  • Includes both foreplay and penetrative sex ideas
  • Very affordable

  • Less involved than other games on this list
  • Only 11 positions to choose from
  • Most positions are based on penetrative sex
MaterialsIncludes: Board, Spinner, 4 Player Pieces

There aren’t a whole lot of rules in Sex!!! The Board Game, but that’s part of its charm. Think of it as an extended version of sexy dice, or simply a way to mix things up and keep things spontaneous during foreplay. This is an incredibly affordable sexual board game, and it’s also great that it’s inclusive for those in some poly relationships, too. It doesn’t require you to bring anything extra to the game, but you could definitely do so to spice things up even more. Try bringing a massage candle to the party, or even a spanking paddle!

10 Only Cards

Pink Pussy Card Game

 Pink Pussy

  • Are looking for a fun, naughty party game
  • Enjoy UNO
  • Are looking for a simple card game for several players

Pink Pussy

  • Are looking for an intimate game for couples
  • Want a sexual board game to use during foreplay
  • Are after a sexy game that involves more communication

If you know how to play UNO, you know how to play Pink Pussy! This twist on an old card game favorite will have you and friends laughing your socks off (or anything else you want to take off, I won’t judge)! Just like UNO, you have a bunch of cards in different colors, but the difference is that instead of numbers, you have a variety of naughty illustrations, including penises, vulvas, butts and more. Each time you lay a card (that matches the color or picture of the last one), you have to call out the color and picture of the card you’re laying. That could be “blue balls!” or, of course, the titular “pink pussy!”.

  • A good laugh!
  • Simple to play
  • Rules are probably already familiar to most
  • Affordable

  • Not designed to increase intimacy
  • Not as involved as other games on the list
Pink Pussy
MaterialsIncludes: 108 Playing Cards & 1 Rule Card

Pink Pussy is incredibly simple, but it’s guaranteed to get you laughing. If you’re looking for a party game that has a little bit of spice to it, but doesn’t actually incorporate sexy acts, then this is perfect. Bring it out at a bachelor/ette party, for example, and it will go down a treat! However, if you’re in a relationship and looking for a more intimate game for two, then this may not be your first choice. It’s funny, but it might become a little repetitive with just two players.

11 Play-to-win

Our Sex Game

 Our Sex Game

  • Are looking for sexual board game with lots of action
  • Want an erotic game you can use as foreplay
  • Want a game for spicy date night fun
  • Would prefer a non-gendered sexy game

Our Sex Game

  • Don't enjoy drinking
  • Prefer a simple game without a lot of pieces
  • Want a game for more than 2 players

Build up your arousal slowly and sensually with this sexual board game from the makers of Monogamy. Follow the S-E-X shaped path on the game board, rolling the number dice each turn and finding out where you land. It could be a location, like the bedroom or the shower, where you should move to before throwing the sexy action dice. Or, the square could ask you to perform another erotic action, like talking dirty, wearing a blindfold, watching an adult film together, or eating something off of your partner. Other squares tell you to take a sip of a drink to get the mood flowing even further. There are also squares where you’ll pick up a card with either actions to perform or risqué questions to ask each other. As you move through the game, these cards will progress from Seductive, to Erotic, to X-Rated!

  • Gender-neutral
  • Plenty of variety and action
  • Builds up slowly all the way to climax

  • More expensive than other games on this list
  • Can involve a lot of drinking
  • Requires you to move around the house a lot
Our Sex Game
MaterialsIncludes: Board, 24 Seductive Cards, 24 Erotic Cards, 24 X-Rated Cards, 3 Sexy Dice, 1 Regular Dice, 2 Player Pieces, Rulebook

In many ways, Our Sex Game is quite similar to Monogamy, the winner of this review. It involves lots of erotic action, but also gets you talking about sex and desire! If you need some inspiration for foreplay, or want an excuse to try something new, I highly recommend trying this one out! For bonus points, the makers have also made an effort to make this game gender-neutral, so anyone can play it comfortably. Still, it’s a game designed for two players, so it’s less suitable for those in poly relationships.

12 Truth or Dare

Naughty Truth or Dare Kit

 Naughty Truth or Dare

  • Are looking for a simple sexy game
  • Want a game you can also play with friends
  • Enjoy finding new things to try together
  • Want to spark conversation!
  • Are on a budget

Naughty Truth or Dare

  • Prefer a board game with more structure
  • Would like more accessories to play with

We’re going from a more complex game to one of the simplest ones out there, but don’t let that fool you. This Naughty Truth or Dare kit takes the classic high school game, makes it less corny and a whole lot sexier! It comes in an attractive and sturdy box, and includes 104 truth or dare cards for you to pick from. Choose between questions that will get you admitting all your fantasies, fetishes and experiences, or challenges that range from teasing to truly erotic! It’s perfect for couples looking to learn more about each other while getting totally turned on. Just break it out in the bedroom with a glass of wine and, soon enough, you’ll be raring to go. However, it also makes a great party game for close friends who you don’t mind get a little raunchy with. Plus, you can always skip some of the more explicit dares!

  • Simple and quick to start
  • Playable with your partner or friends
  • Gets you talking
  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable

  • Less variety in the activities
  • Doesn't come with any additional toys
Naughty Truth or Dare
MaterialsIncluded: 104 Cards, Storage Box

This Naughty Truth or Dare isn’t a full-on board game, but it is still certainly sexual! It might not be quite as involved, but it’s incredibly accessible and easy to pick up (and put down when the time comes *wink*). Think of it as a deck of talking points — sometimes funny, sometimes sexy — and inspiration to spark new ideas for you and your partner. Plus, it’s small and discreet — perfect for taking away on a trip for some steamy hotel room sex.

13 Oral

Oral Fun Board Game

 Oral Fun

  • Enjoy giving and receiving oral sex
  • Are looking for the perfect way to spice up foreplay
  • Want lots of tips and tricks for better blowjobs and cunnilingus

Oral Fun

  • Don't like trivia
  • Are looking for a sexual board game about communication
  • Would prefer a quick game
  • Don't drink alcohol

Oral Fun is a sexual board game that revolves around — you guessed it: oral sex. It’s very simple to get started with, but extremely pleasurable to get into! To start off with, the player with the longest tongue goes first. You simply roll the dice and move around the board, landing on three different types of spaces. Each turn, you’ll have to either answer a sexy trivia question, take a drink, or complete an oral sex challenge. These challenges are incredibly varied, and incorporate all kinds of tools and accessories for you to bring into your play. This could be a blindfold, flavored lube, an ice cube, a lollipop and more. It’s all about surprising and delighting your partner in new and sensual ways! The winner is the first to reach space 69, at which point we can almost guarantee that you’ll be all over each other!

  • Super erotic!
  • Simple to get started
  • Lots of variety in the challenges
  • Suitable for all genders

  • Requires lots of extra items from around the house
  • Not so friendly to non-drinkers
Oral Fun
MaterialsIncludes: Board, 30 Trivia Cards, 1 Dice, 2 Player Pieces

Oral Fun is, in my opinion, one of the most replayable sexy board games out there. Since the main objective is just to give and receive pleasure, it’s hard for that to get old! Also, it doesn’t include any specific instructions for blowjobs vs cunnilingus, making this game suitable for all genders and relationships. If you’re not a trivia person, then you might feel a bit sceptical. Unlike a game like Monogamy, Oral Fun is partly built around answering trivia questions, rather than answer questions about each other. However, you could play it without them if you choose, or switch them out for intimate questions you could ask each other. Drinking is also built-in to the game, which may or may not be your bag. Again, you could replace this with something else if you prefer. Though Oral Fun does encourage all kinds of oral creativity, you will have to supply all the accessories yourself. They’re all pretty commonplace items in a blowjob kit, however, and you can play without them all if necessary.

The Couples Sex Game that Gets You Talking

Sex is better when you talk to each other! Now, we’re not talking about dirty talk here (though, that’s definitely not off the table if you’re into it!). Talking together with your partner about what you enjoy, what turns you on, and what you fantasize about is a surefire way to having more pleasurable and more intimate sex!

Sex Talk Couples Card Game

Sex Talk Couples Card Game - The Couples Sex Game that Gets You Talking
SEX TALK is a game that is designed to take away the awkwardness and self-consciousness from talking about sex with you partner. It includes a set of 69 questions that are designed to get you to connect with each other mentally and physically. Each question is numbered, so that you can work your way through them in order, building on your answers to previous questions and building your confidence as you go. They’re suitable for all genders, sexual orientations and relationship styles, and work just as well for those in long-term relationships as for those who’ve just met!

Sexy Game Apps to Try


Kindu - Sexy Game Apps to Try
There are lots of sexy game apps out there, but none quite like Kindu! It’s an app designed to help you connect with your partner by finding new ideas for you try together, and helping you communicate what you like and are interested in trying! It’s free to download, and has both free and premium idea packs to choose from, all with different themes. Suggestions include things like designating one night a week to wearing lingerie, surprising your partner with a bubble bath and a massage, or even watching a video on Tantric sex positions! Rate each idea separately, and Kindu will choose the ones you’re both into to suggest!

Lovense Remote

Lovense Remote - Sexy Game Apps to Try
If you want to bring toys into your sexy couples games, you can’t go wrong with Lovense! They’ve perfected the art of app-controlled sex toys, from vibrators to masturbators to butt plugs, all with powerful vibrations and more exciting functions. The best part, however, is that you can control them all using the Lovense Remote app! Adjust all the functions from your phone via Bluetooth, sync the vibes to music or ambient sounds, or even create alarms. Then, have your partner log in and control your toys from anywhere in the world over Wifi. If they have a Lovense toy, too, you can sync them up and enjoy a uniquely connected experience!

DIY Sexual Board Games

Homemade games can often be some of the most fun! If you don’t want to spend out on a ready-made sexual board game, or just want something you can customize to you and your partner’s preferences, here are three quick ideas to create your own…

Strip Poker, or Twister, or Anything!

Any game can involve stripping if you try hard enough! One of the simplest ways to get you and your partner in a spicy mood is to play a game you both love, but with some enticingly naked consequences. Poker is a classic, but Twister is also great as it gets you both tangled together. However, I can’t guarantee that you won’t both be trying to lose every time!

Sexy Jenga

Customizing Jenga, or any other non-branded block stacking game, is actually quite a common way to make the game even more fun. Try writing a naughty action or question on each block, which you and your partner will have to complete if you remove it successfully from the stack.

DIY Sex Dice

Another classic erotic game is using sex dice together to explore exciting and spontaneous actions. Ready-made sex dice are pretty inexpensive, but you can also have a lot of fun making your own customized version. Simply choose some categories, like body parts, actions and locations, and then write down 6 possibilities for each. Then, grab a regular numbered dice, roll for each category, and follow your sexy instructions!

What If I Don't Want to Do What the Game Suggests?

As fun as sexual board games can be to play with a significant other, there may well be some occasions where you or your partner pick out a card or land on a space that you just don’t feel comfortable with. Perhaps it’s an action you aren’t interested in trying out, or it’s a question that you don’t feel comfortable answering. These occurrences can make many people feel awkward and worried about ruining the sexy atmosphere, and some can even feel pressured to do things they don’t want to do. It’s important to remember when playing any kind of erotic game that it’s perfectly fine to say no to things. These games are designed and written to appeal to a broad range of people, and not every single suggestion is going to work for you. Agree with your partner beforehand that either of you can say “Let’s roll/spin again” or “Let’s pick another card” at any time, so you can say no without fear of judgement or shame.  

Use Hard and Soft Boundaries

It could be useful, especially if you’re not used to be particularly sexually adventurous, to try and find your hard and soft boundaries. Hard boundaries are things that you’ll never feel comfortable doing, and soft boundaries are things you aren’t ready to do yet, but might be interested in the future. If you come across a suggestion in a game that is a total, never-in-a-million-years thing, just move on! Then, if there’s a suggestion that seems a bit much for now, but you could see yourself doing it if you play again later, let your partner know. It can be fun and exciting to build the anticipation whilst still respecting each other’s boundaries!

How to Use Sexual Board Games

Of course, every sexual board game has its own rules! However, there are a few things you can do to take your sexy game experience, whichever one you choose, from corny and awkward to totally tantalizing…

Create a Sexy Atmosphere

Create a Sexy Atmosphere

So much of what makes great sex great is the mood! One thing that can really help with getting in the right headspace for a sexy time with your partner is to take some time to set the mood. Dim the lights, light some candles, play some music and get cozy. You could also dress up in something sensual and erotic to really get them going.

Customize Your Game How You Want!

Customize Your Game How You Want!

Just because your sexual board game comes with a set of rules and instructions doesn’t mean you have to stick with them. If you don’t like one aspect of your game, or would rather do something else, then ignore it and go your own way! Bring in whichever accessories turn on you and your partner the most and make it your own.

Take it to the Next Level

Take it to the Next Level

Many sexual board games, like Monogamy for example, have different levels of play depending on how steamy you want to get. If you’re not ready to jump right in, start off at the more romantic end of things and take it slow, really teasing and toying with each other until you just have to take things up a notch!

How to Clean Sexual Board Games

As you might imagine, sexy board games might get a little messy during the course of playing them. That's especially true if you're incorporating extras like lube, drinks and food! However, most games boards can easily be wiped down before you store them away again. Cards can be a different matter, as many of them aren't waterproof. That's why we suggest you do your best to keep liquids and other substances away from game cards.


We can't tell you what to do with your hard-earned money, but we can tell you that investing in creative and interesting ways to have intimate experiences with your partner is almost always worth it!

While thinking about a sexy board game might conjure ideas of tacky bachelorette games, the truth is that are so many games out there. Depending on what you want from a game and what you like playing, there's something for everybody, and many of them are high-quality and truly interesting to play.

No way! While some sexual board games are geared towards those in new relationships who want to get to know each other better, or those who are new to a particular type of sex or kink, there are plenty that are perfect for long-term relationships, too. Many can help you find new ways to excite each other or give you ideas to prevent staleness in your sex life.

What are Sexual Board Games?

Sexual board games are... pretty much what you would expect! You take the concept of a board game (or card game, or dice game), and you add a little bit of spice. Usually designed for couples to play, sexy board games are often centered around flirty questions or challenges to get you both in the mood for love. They feature different levels of difficulty and involvement, from simply picking out cards with sexy suggestions on them, to fully-fledged games with all kinds of pieces. You can find sexual board games that focus more on flirting or foreplay, as well as games focusing on oral sex, sex positions, bondage and more!

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