The Best 6 Cone Dildos for Intense Anal Adventures

   Josh Gill
If you’re a fan of anal adventures (and let’s be honest, who can blame you), then you’re going to love the 6 cone dildos that I have to show you! They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and I’m confident I can find you a toy that will fill your ass and tickle your pickle. So with that being said, let’s get to it!
1 Test Winner

Oxy Bit By Bit To a Stretched Butthole

 Oxy Bit By Bit

  • Enjoy a textured cone dildo
  • Are looking for a good medium-sized toy
  • Are on a tight budget
  • Wantr a high quality, body-safe cone dildo
  • Need a suction cup base

Oxy Bit By Bit

  • Prefer something with a completely smooth texture
  • Haven't trained for deep anal play
  • Want a more extreme cone dildo

If you’re looking for a cone dildo that can help you train bit by bit to a stretched asshole, then I think the Oxy Bit By Bit To a Stretched Butthole will be of interest to you! This cone dildo has a great medium-level size that can be enjoyed by experienced users and taken on as a fun challenge for more inexperienced adventurers. Enjoy the unique rippled texture of the shaft as you work your way down to the (somewhat challenging) larger knot around the base. Even though the tapered cone dildo may look easy to insert, the length of the toy does require some anal depth training beforehand. This piece is made of 100% body-safe silicone and is super easy to clean between uses. You can even sterilize for complete peace of mind.

  • High quality materials
  • Gradual stretch with rippled texture
  • Very affordable
  • Suction cup base
  • Easy to clean and sterilize

  • Not extreme enough for some
  • Will not be comfortable if you haven't already trained for depth play
  • The knot is quite difficult to tackle
Oxy Bit By Bit
Length11 inches
Insertable length9.8 inches
Diameter1.2-2.8 inches

If you want something that will gradually stretch you out, then the Bit By Bit To a Stretched Butthole cone dildo is a unique choice. It has been designed so that you can slide it inside yourself section by section, with each wider and more filling than the last. I like that the rippled design is both functional and adds a nice touch of stimulation during insertion. Even thoguh our tester found that the knot was challenging to overcome, this just means there will be something fun for more advanced kinksters to work their way up to! In terms of length, I do have to note that this cone dildo shouldn’t be used by anyone who doesn’t already have some experience with long anal toys and deep anal play. I appreciate that it’s made from non-porous silicone, so you know you’re getting a premium material that’s both waterproof and easy to clean. I also always appreciate a good suction cup base for mroe versatile use! In terms of girth, it might not be extreme enough for some users, and it may be TOO extreme for those that prefer a smooth stretch, but it can’t be denied that the Bit By Bit To a Stretched Butthole cone dildo is a gem!

2 Small

Small Super Sized Anal Probe

 Small Anal Probe

  • Want a smooth cone shaped dildo
  • Love the feel of silicone
  • Are looking for an affordable toy

Small Anal Probe

  • Prefer normal shaped dildos
  • Are looking for something larger
  • Are happy to pay a little more

More is More with Tantus’ XL toys. The Tantus Small Cone is perfect for those just starting to explore extra large toys. Made of 100% Ultra-Premium medium firm silicone, this is an advanced toy for people who know what they are doing and demand quality from products they put in their bodies. It is safe for your body, too, as it is made from Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. We all know that that sounds fun!

  • Great shape
  • Made of silicone
  • Easy to use

  • Not too exciting
  • May be too small for some
Small Anal Probe
Length8 inches
Insertable length7.5 inches
Width(up to) 2.25 inches

If you want to give your anus a good stretch, then the Tantus Small Super Sized Anal Probe will do the trick. It is made of a sexy and premium feeling silicone and nicely shaped for easy insertion. It’s not overly sized, so I’d say if you’re more of a beginner, then this is a good starting point. Sure, it’s not too exciting, as it is very plain and smooth, but it gets the job done and is a good first step in anal insertions. The Tantus Small Super Sized Anal Probe will definitely be a winner for a lot of people, though!

3 Large

Large Super Sized Anal Probe

 Large Anal Probe

  • Want a large cone shaped dildo
  • Prefer a smooth insertion
  • Want a nice wide stretch

Large Anal Probe

  • Are looking for something smaller
  • Prefer more textures
  • Are on a budget

More is More with Tantus XL toys. The Tantus Cone Large is perfect for a progressive step-it-up fill. The Cone is a classic form used for anal training. This is an advanced toy for people who know what they are doing and demand quality from the products they put in their bodies. Easy to clean and store. Experience epic, high-intensity play with our firm Tantus Silicone.

  • Large
  • Easy to use
  • Good stretch

  • Too large for some
  • Too smooth
Large Anal Probe
Length10.7 inches
Insertable length10 inches
Width(up to) 3.5 inches

The Tantus Large Super Sized Anal Probe is the next step up from the smaller version I mentioned in the previous product review. It has a lot of the same pros and cons as the other, except this one is much larger and as such will give you a far more filled up and pleasured feeling. It’s definitely a toy for more advanced cone dildo users, and not the kind of thing you want to jump into straight away. Work your way up to this particular toy! It’s pretty expensive, though! So if you’re on a budget then I’d recommend thinking if the Tantus Large Super Sized Anal Probe is the one for you before you buy it.

4 Extra Large

Tantus Cone Squat Anal Trainer

 Tantus Cone Anal Trainer

  • Want a wider stretch
  • Are looking for a more compact toy
  • Love the real feel of silicone

Tantus Cone Anal Trainer

  • Don't want to be stretched as wide
  • Want a cheaper cone dildo
  • Want a longer toy for in your butt

Tantus Cone Squat Anal Trainer is perfect for those training their backdoor for larger toys. This smooth toy was designed to stretch and fill as it penetrates gradually. The Tantus Cone Squat Anal Trainer is perfect for more advanced players. It’s a great training toy or great for that increase in pressure. It works amazing in a harness and super fun for self-play. It can be harnessed perfectly for any type of play. The flat base is also perfect for putting your favorite vibe against it and letting the vibrations transmit through.

  • Short and squat
  • Great stretch
  • Relatively compact

  • Too wide for some
  • Very expensive
Tantus Cone Anal Trainer
Length7 inches
Insertable length6.75 inches
Width(up to) 5 inches

I’m more than sure that the Tantus Cone Squat Anal Trainer will get you all hot and bothered! Just look at how squat and short it is, offering a wide stretch, fast! As it is made of silicone, it has a great realistic feeling to it and will naturally feel lifelike as it is inside you. Unfortunately, this toy may prove to be too wide for a lot of people. It’s certainly a lot to handle! Also, it’s not just the width that is huge – the price is pretty massive too! Still, if you need that really stretched out feeling, then I’d say the Tantus Cone Squat Anal Trainer is as good a cone dildo as any other!

5 Rippled

Tantus Cone Ripple Butt Plug

 Tantus Cone Ripple

  • Want a well textured cone dildo
  • Enjoy a good anal challenge
  • Like the idea of deep and sensual ripples

Tantus Cone Ripple

  • Need a smoother cone dildo
  • Prefer something longer and thinner
  • Want a toy that costs less

Want to find out just how many rings you can fit? The Cone Ripple is made for those looking for a fulfilling stretch. The progressive ripple texture slows down your journey to the base and makes it a more interesting ride. The Cone Ripple is also designed to be short enough, so you don’t bottom out and can feel the voluminous width of the toy.

  • Well textured
  • Premium silicone
  • Short and compact

  • May be overly textured for some
  • High price point
Tantus Cone Ripple
Length7.9 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Width(up to) 5 inches

The Tantus Cone Ripple Butt Plug is a extremely well textured toy, with deep and sensual ripples all along its length. Made of premium silicone, it is short and squat, offering a wide stretch over a short distance. It’s definitely one that will feel intense, extreme, and exciting as it slides inside. Without a doubt it’s one of the most fun cone dildos I’ve ever seen!! Yes, the price point is high, and it may prove to be too much of a challenge for some users, but the Tantus Cone Ripple Butt Plug is an exciting anal toy who’s textures will keep you entertained for hours!


Doc Johnson TitanMen Intimidator

 Doc Johnson Intimidator

  • Want a cone dildo with a bulbous head
  • Like the black ridged design
  • Are looking for an anal adventure!

Doc Johnson Intimidator

  • Want a cone that is more textured
  • Prefer smoother dildos
  • Are looking for a silicone toy

Though it may look like an oversized chess piece, this mighty anal plug is definitely more ‘Porn’ than ‘Pawn’. Offering an astonishing 11 inches in both length and circumference, experienced big toy users will be thrilled by its ridges and tapered tip. Incredibly stimulating, the Intimidator’s graduated PVC shaft is ridged all the way down to deliver exquisite internal massages as well as superior stretching sensations. You can even add a Vac-U-Lock suction cup plug for freestanding fun and hands-free play.

  • Great design
  • Bulbous head
  • Rippled texture
  • Affordable

  • Not extreme enough for some
  • Made out of PVC
Doc Johnson Intimidator
Length11 inches
Insertable length10.5 inches
Width(up to) 5.5 inches

The Doc Johnson TitanMen Intimidator is a fantastic anal cone dildo. It is incredibly well designed, being long and ridged with a bulbous, rounded head. It will offer a good stretch as it first enters, then the ridges will ripple your anus the further in you go. It is also a very affordable price for such a toy. The downside is that it is made from PVC – not the best material for a sex toy. Still, with the proper care and attention (and trust me when I say it will need it), the Doc Johnson TitanMen Intimidator is a force to be reckoned with!

Are You a Fan of Large Anal Toys?

If you – like a lot of people out there – really want to feel something larger in your anus, then you’ll need a larger anal toy. I’ve gathered a few of the very best together right here, as a blissful butt bonus!

Tantus The Queen

Tantus The Queen - Are You a Fan of Large Anal Toys?
This limited-release, USB-chargeable, beautifully crafted Shiri Zinn i-Scream vibrator is based on a realistic ice-cream shape with a classic retro pin-up feel. Presented in a cool, retro box with a mini on/off button that plays 1920’s vintage jazz, this collector’s piece is waterproof with a handy travel lock. Made from 100% pure silicone that feels like sensual silk to the touch, i-Scream boasts some very strong vibrations with a full range of SENSATIONS from tip to scoop!

Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug

Anal Slaughter Huge Butt Plug - Are You a Fan of Large Anal Toys?
When you’re ready for the anal stretch of a lifetime, take in all of the Anal Slaughter Butt Plug. Visually, it presents the eyes with a large, looming look. The fun begins when you attempt to take it all in. At over 72mm wide, the Destroyer will become quite the accomplishment once fully inserted. The unique construction features a smooth, non-porous, surface layer that makes it nice and slippery with your favorite lube, but has a dense jelly core that provides it with some give and flexibility while maintaining a sturdy form.

Tantus The Pawn

Tantus The Pawn - Are You a Fan of Large Anal Toys?
The Pawn is great for a fist feeling and is an amazing stretcher. The incline of the base will surely have you at its mercy over and over again. Made of 100% Ultra-Premium Super Soft red silicone, this is an advanced toy for people who know what they are doing and demand quality from the products they put in their bodies.

How to Choose the Right Cone Dildo?

There are a few things that you need to consider before buying your cone dildos. Here are some of the most important items you need to think about!
  • Size – Some cone dildos are small, but others are HUGE. Make sure that you choose one that you can handle. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you can take a big one. There’s no shame in working up to it! Start small, and gradually get there!
  • Material – This one’s a simple one! Silicone and TPE are great materials to make any kind of sex toys out of. Keep an eye out for those while shopping!
  • Texture – There are smooth cone dildos and highly textured cone dildos. Both are great, but both have their pros and cons, and you just have to decide what you want to feel while stretching yourself!

What Are Anal Cones For?

You may find yourself wondering what anal cones are actually for. And that’s alright; that’s a fair thing to wonder about. Here are a few of the answers!
  • Anal stretching – Sometimes you want to give your butt the stretch of its life! Anal cones allow you to do this gradually, taking more and more until you can’t handle the stretch any longer!
  • Preparation for bigger anal toys/fisting – You can’t just jump in with the biggest dildos. Especially when it comes to butt stuff! You need to work up to it. Cone dildos allow you to prepare and accustom your anus for bigger upcoming adventures!
  • Hands-free masturbation – You know when you just want to ride it and enjoy some masturbation without getting your hands involved? Yeah? Well, cone dildos allow you to do that too!

How to use cone dildos

It’s important that you understand exactly how to use your cone dildos! I mean, they’re not exactly the most obvious-looking toys to use! But fear not; I’m going to talk you through some of the basics of using your cone dildos! So without further ado, let’s get to it – I’m sure you’re raring to g

Make sure you're lubricated!

Make sure you're lubricated!

Okay, let’s get going! First things first, you’re going to want to use a good water-based lubrication to get yourself nice and slippery and ready to go. If you want things as friction free as possible you’re going to want to make sure that both your butt and your cone dildo are covered in the good stuff! You won’t regret it!

Start to slide the cone in!

Start to slide the cone in!

Right, here we go! It’s time to get that cone dildo in there! Take it slow as you slide it inside, savoring the sexy sensations and enjoying the feeling of being stretched and filled up more and more. Feel the stretch, and only take as much as you can physically handle. It will definitely feel good, plus over time you’ll see how well you improve!

Don't rush and take things slowwww!

Don't rush and take things slowwww!

When you’re finished having your fun, you’re going to want to remove the cone dildo. Here’s the thing – you don’t want to just yank it out! You know how you took it slow as you slid it inside? Well you want to take it equally slowly pulling it out! And don’t forget to relax! This is again to avoid causing yourself any damage!

How to clean cone dildos

Considering where you're going to be sticking your cone shaped anal dildos, it's important that you keep them clean. But how exactly do you do that? Well, call me your knight in shining armor because I'm here with some handy resources that will help you keep your cone dildos in tip-top condition!


Yes - as long as you use them properly! They are well-designed, and each and every toy has been tried and tested. You can use them in confidence that they are as safe as can be!

Well, the human anus can stretch up to 7 inches before taking any damage, but that may be a little too much, even for the most hardcore of anal adventurers! How much YOUR anus can take depends entirely on you. Listen to your body, and if it feels like you're stretched enough, stop! You don't want to hurt yourself!

Water-based lubrication is always the lube I recommend! It is body safe, doesn't leave any mess, and won't damage your toys. It's a triple threat!

Right here by following all of the links in my review. BedBible only works with the very best sex toy shops out there, and they want you to have an amazing time before you've even clicked 'buy now'! So shop in confidence, because each and every shop BedBible are affiliated with are well respected and reputable!

What are cone dildos?

Cone dildos are literally dildos shaped like cones. They allow for gradual insertion and gradual stretching. Some have a steep stretch, while others are more gentle and gradual. You can get textured cone dildos if you want an extra thrill while being stretched, but you can also get nice, soft, smooth ones that will just glide inside!

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