The 11 Best Anal Stretchers for Delightful Dilation

   Kevin Foley
Feeling like a good stretch? Well anal stretchers are the perfect thing for that! This review is going to help you make some tough decisions when it comes to these derrière dilating devices! Not only have I come up with one of the most compellingly balanced and unbiased anal stretcher reviews that you’re ever going to read on the internet, but I passed on everything I learned to you. The good AND the bad! So dive in and find the perfect anal stretcher for you, because trust me when I say it’s definitely out there!
1 Test Winner

b-Vibe Anal Training Kit & Education Set

 b-Vibe Anal Training Kit

  • Are new to anal play
  • Want a full kit for anal stretching
  • Want to explore anal vibrations
  • Don't know a lot about anal play beforehand

b-Vibe Anal Training Kit

  • Are on a budget
  • Are already pretty experienced with anal play
  • Already own a bunch of anal toys

If you’ve never tried an anal stretcher (or any kind of butt play) before then this kit has nearly everything you’ll need to get started! The b-Vibe Anal Training Kit & Education Set is perfect for beginners who are curious about anal stretching and training. Included are three butt plugs of varying sizes: a small one, a medium vibrating butt plug, and a larger weighted butt plug. Along with these plugs, you also get a lube injector, an anal douche, a travel bag, and even a book introducing you to the world of butt play! It doesn’t really matter if you have previous knowledge or not because this kit can show you the ropes. The only other thing you’ll need to get? A bottle of water-based lubricant!

  • Comprehensive beginner kit
  • Lube shooter and anal douche included
  • Comes with a storage case
  • Includes informational booklet
  • High quality products

  • No lube included
  • Expensive
  • Only available in blue
b-Vibe Anal Training Kit
Vibration modes6
LengthPlug 1: 3.9 inches, Plug 2: 5.3 inches, Plug 3: 5.4 inches
Insertable lengthPlug 1: 3.4 inches, Plug 2: 4.4 inches, Plug 3: 4.8 inches
DiameterPlug 1: 1 inch, Plug 2: 1.3 inches, Plug 3: 1.6 inches
MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic
Battery LifeAt least 75 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockNo
Colors AvailableBlue, Black

I absolutely love the b-Vibe Anal Training Kit! This is obviously also why I’ve chosen it as the Test Winner of this review. Even though it might be too beginner-friendly for some of you out there, I simply must pay homage to this super comprehensive and varied anal stretching kit. I love that it offers some different stimulation options with the three different sized butt plugs. You get to experience anal vibrations as well as a very satisfying weighted butt plug. Our tester really loved the information booklet, and noted that everyone should have this read before engaging in anal play. Informative and easy to digest! Even though this kit comes so close to being the perfect starter kit, they left out the most important part: lubricant! Although someone who’s familiar with butt play would know that they’d need lube to use these plugs, it’s not really fair to expect a complete novice to know this ahead of time. As a result, there’s likely been a fair few people who’ve bought this kit only to find out that they now had to wait for a bottle of lubeto get delivered. However, with all the accessories you get in this kit, it’s hard to ask for even more. But for this price, b-Vibe, you could do better!

2 Best for Beginners

Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit

 Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit

  • Are completely new to anal play
  • Also want an anal stretching kit that can be used vaginally
  • Want very slow gradual dilation
  • Need silicone anal stretchers that can be sterilized

Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit

  • Are looking for much girthier anal stretchers
  • Want a highly stimulating toy
  • Need something very firm for pelvic floor massage

The Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit is perfect for anyone dealing with penetration problems. While they can be great for anal stretching and anal training, these can also be used vaginally. For virgins or those with vaginismus of vulvodynia, these dilators offer a less painful way to work towards larger toys and PIV sex. For people who’ve never tried butt play before, they can also be used as an anal stretcher set! This set is designed to help you progress over time & repeated use, exploring yourself & learning more about your body all the while. The silicone body of each dilator is easy to control using the finger loops, putting you in the driver’s seat & allowing you to progress at your own pace. I don’t even need to tell you that they work: just look at all the vaginismus success stories in the reviews!

  • Tapered tips
  • Full kit with 5 different sizes
  • Made of soft and flexible silicone
  • Can be fully sterilized

  • Large size difference between #4 & #5
  • Pricey
  • No flared base
Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit
Length1: 3 inches, 2: 3.5 inches, 3: 4.25 inches, 4: 5 inches, 5: 5.5 inches
Diameter1: 0.5 inches, 2: 0.75 inches, 3: 0.75 inches, 4: 1 inch, 5: 1.25 inches inches

I really like that the Calexotics Inspire Dilator Kit can be used both vaginally and anally. The silicone can be easily sterilized in between uses, and you’ve got a multi-functional toy right there! While the finger loops aren’t technically a flared base, holding it securely with your finger will work as an effective stopper. Now, while this set can be used as either a vaginal or an anal stretcher kit, it’s important to keep expectations realistic if you decide to purchase it. The primary purpose is to help you get used to and gradually increase insertable size, so while you can definitely use these dilators to get off, pleasure comes second to progress with this kit. Still, if vaginal or anal sex is your end goal, then this kit will definitely help you get there. My only complaint is the size difference between dilator four and five: it’s over half an inch longer and a quarter-inch wide! You may need to spend a bit of extra time using #4 before you work your way up to #5, but consistent use is the key to success. If you use this kit on a routine basis, you’ll be enjoying painless, penetrative sex in no time!

3 Best Butt Plug

Lovense Hush 2 - Vibrating Butt Plug

 Lovense Hush 2

  • Are looking for a powerful vibrating butt plug
  • Enjoy app-controlled sex toys
  • Want an anal toy to wear in public

Lovense Hush 2

  • Prefer a toy meant for more intense stretching
  • Are on a budget
  • Are looking for a large anal stretcher

The Lovense Hush 2 is currently the best vibrating butt plug out there! It has a sleek, modern design and very powerful vibrations with multiple modes and patterns that you can control via Lovense App. The Hush is made from firm but flexible silicone, which provides comfortable time and easy clean-up. It also comes in two sizes, so whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, you will find your perfect match! Its tapered shape and thin flared base give you the option of wearing it for a long period of time, which is a great addition to anal training. Plus, you can easily wear it in public!


  • Powerful vibrations
  • Body-safe silicone
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • App-controlled
  • Waterproof

  • Expensive
  • Some people might prefer more intense stretching feeling
Lovense Hush 2
Vibration patterns4, more in app
Vibration modes3, more in app
Length4.78 inches
Insertable length3.94 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Battery Life240 minutes
Charging Time60 minutes
Remote ControlsLovense App
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes

The Lovense Hush 2 is an upgraded version of the famous Lovense Hush! This is a great choice if you are looking for a top-notch vibrating butt plug. It’s made of body-safe silicone and has extra powerful and rumbly vibrations, which you can control via Lovense App. If you wonder why is it a great option for anal stretching? The app-control feature gives you the option of full control over vibrations, and the ergonomic shape is perfectly made to wear for extended periods of time. The only drawback is the price, so I recommend purchasing this toy if you value high-end sex toys or if you want the most reliable butt plug for long-distance playtime.

4 Inflatable

Cock Locker Ace of Spades XL

 Cock Locker Ace of Spades XL

  • Want to be in complete control
  • Love anal training
  • Are looking for something different
  • Enjoy anal stretching
  • Training your body for large insertions
  • Pushing your anal boundaries

Cock Locker Ace of Spades XL

  • Don’t like anal toys
  • Need a silent toy
  • Are a complete beginner
  • are new to anal play
  • haven't mastered breathing and relaxation techniques
  • are not interested in anal stretching

Love anal toys but want something a bit more intense than a simple plug? If that sounds like you, then the Booty Call Silicone Inflatable Butt Plug might just provide the challenge you’ve been in search of! Unlike regular butt plugs, this particular anal stretcher is size-adjustable, using a simple pump to inflate or deflate the plug to the perfect size. The simple setup makes this asshole stretcher great for use during a solo session, although it can also be good for couples (assuming you completely trust your partner!). If anal training is on your list of goals for this year then this toy is sure to help you meet—if not exceed—the plug size you’re aiming for!

  • Can be used anally or vaginally
  • Easy to operate
  • Inserts easily
  • Easy to use

  • Hose location isn’t ideal
  • Plug fills up lopsided
  • Quality could be improved
Cock Locker Ace of Spades XL
Length8 inches
DiameterUp to 6.4 inches
Texturesmooth latex
Quick-release valveYes

One problem that many people run into when using an anal stretcher set is the large size difference between plugs. That’s not an issue you’ll have with this inflatable plug, since the easy-to-use pump allows you to have complete control of the plug as it fills you up from the inside. Unfortunately, the construction of this toy isn’t ideal so you might notice it’s a little lopsided. Still, most people overlook this once they realize just how big this little toy can go! If you want a toy that will take your hole from tight to giant (without needing to upsize your toy every so often) then this inflatable anal stretcher is surely worth checking out.

5 Most Versatile

Odile AbsoluteButt Plug Dilator

 Odile Absolute

  • Want precise adjustability
  • Own bigger toys
  • Are looking for a way to “warm-up”

Odile Absolute

  • Can’t fit a one-inch plug in your butt
  • Want a stimulating toy
  • Are a complete beginner

Made for those who value not only control but also precision, the Odile Butt Plug Dilator is a unique anal stretcher that allows you to stretch your hole by the millimeter! Unlike most of the anal stretcher toys on this list, the Odile is made specifically for dilation, not stimulation. This means that while it will help you prepare for inserting a bigger toy or a real penis, the dilator itself probably won’t drive you to orgasm. Still, if you struggle to fit in larger toys then the Odile could be the perfect way to ensure a pain-free insertion every time, which is sure to improve your sex life overall! You’ll also be able to track your progress over time, thanks to the precise per-millimeter adjustability.

  • Adjustable by millimeter
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Tapered tip

  • Not intended for stimulation
  • Expensive
  • Only expands to 1.5 inches in diameter
Odile Absolute
Length6.93 inches
Insertable length3.54 inches
Diameter1-1.5 inches

You won’t find another anal stretcher quite like the Odile Butt Plug Dilator. Although it’s not really a sex toy, it’s definitely a useful toy when it comes to anal prep and progressive overall. Even if you’re not using it to prep for butt sex or toy insertion, this dilator allows you to keep track of your maximum comfortable diameter. Keep track of these numbers and you’ll be able to see your progress as the days pass by! Unfortunately, this tool costs nearly $100. Whether or not it’s worth this price ultimately depends on how often you’ll use the item. You’ll need to be able to fit the 1-inch tip inside of you before you’re even able to start dilating, and the device itself only expands to 1.5-inches wide. We’d recommend trying to find it on sale if you can!

6 Beaded Dildo

Tantus Ripple

 Tantus Ripple

  • Enjoy deeper anal stimulation
  • Want a silicone toy
  • Are into beaded dildos

Tantus Ripple

  • Are on a budget
  • Enjoy smaller toys
  • Prefer more flexible anal beads

If you are looking for the perfect beaded dildo for anal stretching, check out the Tantus Ripple! It features gradually increasing beads that let you control your experience. This is perfect if you’re new to the anal stretching toys world. But don’t think this is just for the anal newbies. Even if you’re a seasoned pro, the Tantus Ripple has something for you. Its flexible yet firm structure gives a satisfying stretch and fullness that you’ll love. And the best part? The Tantus Ripple is all about safety and ease of use; It’s made from 100% ultra-premium silicone and has a flared base, so you can focus on enjoying the ride!

  • Two color options
  • Made with silicone
  • Graduated beads
  • Suitable for beginners and more advanced users

  • Quite firm
  • Pricey
Tantus Ripple
Length6.85 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
DiameterUp to 1.5 inches

The Tantus Ripple is a great choice for a nice booty stretch without using crazy intimidating sizes. It has an ideal size for intermediate users, which is a perfect option for an upgrade if you’ve outgrown beginner’s toys or are an advanced user looking for a warm-up anal stretcher. It’s made with high-quality and body-safe materials. It has a user-friendly design with gradually increasing beads and a safety-focused flared base for a safe and extra comfortable experience. However, the Tantus Ripple is quite firm which might not suit everyone’s preference, and its size could be a bit intimidating for beginners.


Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit by Blush

 Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit

  • Want to start anal training
  • Are a complete beginner
  • Love girly designs

Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit

  • Already own butt toys
  • Prefer textured toys
  • Want something masculine

Some people like to try and go big right away, but others enjoy easing their way into new things. If you consider yourself to fall into the latter category, then perhaps you should consider this cute dilator kit. Although it’s marketed as a vagina dilator kit, you can also use them as an anal stretcher set. If you’ve never shoved anything inside of your bum before then the size will be perfect, as the thinnest dilator is only half an inch wide! You’ll have three more dilators to work your way up through, finally reaching 1.25” inches wide. Once you get here, you’ll probably be comfortable enough to start looking at other toys. To get started, simply grab your size of dilator, some water-based lube, and begin your anal training journey!

  • Straight, smooth shaft
  • Variety of sizes
  • Perfect for beginner anal training
  • Cute design

  • Color/design isn’t for everyone
  • Not compatible with silicone-based lubes
  • Largest dilator is only 1.25” wide
Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit
Length3.5/ 4.75/ 5.5/ 6 inches
Diameter0.5/ 0.75/ 1/ 1.25 inches

For most people, we honestly think these will be a bit small. However, there are some people who struggle to fit so much as a pinky up their bum, and this kit is perfect for those people. The heart-shaped base on each dilator removes any worries of losing the toys inside of you (although we still wouldn’t recommend using an anal stretcher for long-term wear like you would a butt plug). The girth may not increase much, but the length increases drastically, so if you’re looking to simulate anal sex with a progressively bigger penis then these will work for that purpose. Made of silicone & easy to clean, they clearly aren’t for everyone but still met our expectations overall.


Mood Naughty Pride Silicone Butt Plug Set

 Mood Naughty Pride Butt Plug Set

  • Want to wear your toys all-day
  • Prefer plugs to beads
  • Love “confetti” coloring

Mood Naughty Pride Butt Plug Set

  • Want a dual-purpose toy
  • Need a plug for penetrative sex
  • Prefer textured toys

If your idea of the perfect anal training journey involves all-day use, you’ll probably want a plug set that’s comfortable even after being in for hours. The Mood Naughty Pride Silicone Butt Plug Set is practically made for this purpose! For less than $30, you get three increasingly-larger butt plugs, complete with comfortable t-plug bases for easy insertion/removal. The tapered tips make it easy to fit these plugs inside of your bum, even if you’ve never used an anal toy before, and the “confetti”-style coloring is sure to put a smile on your face. Work your way from under an inch to over an inch with this lovely silicone butt plug set!

  • Easy to clean
  • Three separate plugs
  • T-base design
  • Comfortable

  • Plug base extends to the vagina
  • Material attracts lint
  • Relatively small
Mood Naughty Pride Butt Plug Set
Length3.25/ 4/ 5 inches
Insertable length3/ 3.75/ 4.75 inches
Diameter0.75/ 1/ 1.25 inches

If you’ve ever stuck a finger up your bum & instantly knew you wanted more, then this kit is the ideal size for you! Each works perfect as an anal stretcher, offering a slightly more filling experience with each plug. For men, wearing these all day is extremely comfortable & safe thanks to the t-base design. Unfortunately, it’s this same design that may make the plugs less-than-ideal for women, as the t-bar reaches the vagina & may irritate it with long-term wear. It also gets in the way if you’re trying to have forward-facing sex, meaning you’d be better off buying a flared-based plug if you just want to spice up your sex routine. All in all, we definitely recommend it for men. For the ladies, however, it depends on how long you plan to keep this toy inside!


They-ology 5-Piece Silicone Anal Training Set

 They-ology Anal Training Set

  • Want daily use toys
  • Plan on training for a while
  • Love the color blue

They-ology Anal Training Set

  • Prefer longer toys
  • Already use 1”+ wide butt toys
  • Want a beaded product

Work your way from light blue to dark with this five-piece anal training set from CalExotics! Even the untrained anus shouldn’t have any trouble inserting the smallest plug (2.6 inches long, .54 inches wide), but you’ll have an entire set ahead of you to train up through! Designed for maximum comfort and easy insertion, these silicone plugs are ideal for daily discreet use and allow you to track your progress as the weeks pass by. Each anal stretcher has a t-style base for each insertion/removal, eliminating any worries of the toy getting lost in your behind. Seemingly designed for the wary but intrigued beginner, this kit offers a great bang for your buck!

  • Five different sizes
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Includes anal play guide
  • Waterproof

  • Short dilators
  • Maximum diameter of 1.19 inches
  • Doesn’t include lube
They-ology Anal Training Set
Length2.6/ 2.83/ 3.03/ 3.15/ 3.54 inches
Diameter0.54/ 0.7/ 0.87/ 1.03/ 1.19 inches

Many ass stretching toys assume that even beginners want to reach maximum size right away, but that’s not the case with this product. Instead, the kit offers you five different plugs, each one slightly bigger than the last. At $60, we think the price is fair because although you’ll likely outgrow the kit within a year, the provided plugs are perfect for daily use & simplified anal training. In addition to the plugs, this kit also comes with an anal training guide which is definitely some need-to-read material for any newcomers. Unfortunately, it—like many other anal stretcher kits — doesn’t include any lube, so you’ll need to buy some separately. Despite that, we think this kit provides a nice & gentle introduction to the sometimes scary world of butt play.


Master Series Expansion Anal Dilator Set

 Master Series Anal Dilator Set

  • Plan on training long-term
  • Enjoy solo anal play
  • Want toys to add to vaginal intercourse

Master Series Anal Dilator Set

  • Want color options
  • Don’t like TPE toys
  • Need a t-base plug set

Perfectly sized & priced to sell, you might not be a seasoned pro when you start using the Master Series, but you’re sure to be an experienced anal enthusiast by the time you graduate to a larger anal stretcher! Unlike some dilator kits, this one is intended specifically for your anus (although you can also use it in your vagina), which means you actually get a decent girth right from the get-go. Beginning at one inch and maxing out at just less than two, this dilator kit is sure to fill your days (and your backside) with hours of pleasure! Another bonus? These plugs have tapered bases that fit easily into your hand, making insertion and removal a simple—rather than challenging—task.

  • Great value
  • Includes five different dilators
  • Sized up to 1.9” wide
  • High-quality TPE

  • Doesn’t stay in place well
  • Not available in silicone
  • Require a lot of lube
Master Series Anal Dilator Set
MaterialsTPE, Rubber
Length3.4/ 3.75/ 4.15/ 4.5/ 5 inches
Diameter1/ 1.2/ 1.5/ 1.7/ 1.9 inches

This anal stretcher kit is sized much better than the other kits listed above, primarily because it’s made specifically for anal training! Even if the first plug pops right in, you’ll still have nearly an inch in diameter to work your way up through, which means that this kit will likely keep you entertained for a while. Although they’re still waterproof, these plugs are made of TPE, rather than silicone like many other products. Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to sterilize the plugs, making routine cleaning of the utmost importance. Thankfully, cleaning is easy, just like most butt plugs: just use soap and warm water after every use!


Nexus G-Play+ Trio Unisex Massager Set

 Nexus G-Play+ Trio

  • Have tried butt play before
  • Want to begin anal training
  • Are looking for a vibrating butt plug set

Nexus G-Play+ Trio

  • Prefer lengthy toys
  • Want color options
  • Are not a fan of vibrations

If the anal stretcher kit above was a tad too big for you, then this Nexus kit might be a better choice. While still bigger than most vaginal dilator kits, the smallest plug in this kit starts at 0.9 inches wide, with the largest maxing out at 1.4 inches in diameter. Alone, these numbers might not seem very challenging, but once you consider that the lengths vary from 2.8 to 3.6 inches, the endgame becomes clear: targeted p-spot stimulation! The curved design ensures this toy will rub you the right way from the inside, and you can even use it for vaginal stimulation as well. True, they might not be the largest plugs around, but they still can pack a punch that makes them worth adding to your toy collection! And don’t forget about 6 powerful vibration settings that will bring rumbly stimulation to your sweet spots! This trio set is also USB rechargeable, waterproof, and made from 100% body-safe silicone. What else would you ask for?

  • Trio set
  • Curved for maximum stimulation
  • T-base plug design
  • Sterilizable silicone
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Waterproof

  • Not compatible with silicone lubes
  • Kit only includes three plugs
  • No color options
Nexus G-Play+ Trio
Insertable length2.75/ 3.15/ 2.4 inches
Diameter1.4/ 1.2/ 1.5 inches
Vibration modes6

The unique sizes offered in this anal stretcher kit make it an invaluable kit for people who have tried anal play before but haven’t engaged in it for a while. The plugs are sized well, skipping over the tiny beads and starting just under an inch, eventually working their way up to just under an inch & a half. True, this definitely won’t be a “forever kit”, but it provides a straightforward path to bigger and better toys for less than $50. These plugs also offer the bonus of having curved shafts, which helps make up for their smaller size by providing direct prostate stimulation. It would have been nice to have seen additional color options beyond the worn-out plain black surface, but at least the high-quality silicone can be boiled for easy sterilization and cleanup.

Extremly Large Anal Stretching Toys

The fun doesn’t end there. If you’ve made it through the list above but didn’t find anything large, intimidating, or challenging enough to satisfy your inner beast, here are a few more choice products that are probably worth checking out!

Doc Johnson TitanMen Anal Stretcher

Doc Johnson TitanMen Anal Stretcher - Extremly Large Anal Stretching Toys
If the toys above haven’t been challenging enough, consider giving your anus a real workout with the TitanMen Anal Stretcher! At six inches long with a maximum diameter of 2.6 inches, you’ll definitely know that this toy is up there. The question is: can you handle the whole thing?

Master Series Claw Expanding Anal Dilator

Master Series Claw Expanding Anal Dilator - Extremly Large Anal Stretching Toys
Despite a horrifying exterior, this unique anus stretcher won’t actually wreck you from the inside. Still, it will expand inside of your anus, allowing you to continue throughout your day without ever worrying about it getting lost up there! At 2.25 inches wide when closed (4.25 inches when the claws expand), this toy offers both visual & anal excitement for less than $35.

Anal Fantasy Beginner's Anal Gaper

Anal Fantasy Beginner's Anal Gaper - Extremly Large Anal Stretching Toys
If you’ve ever wanted to see the inside of your partner’s anus (or vice versa) then this anal gaper is the window you’ll want to peek through! This clear glass plug stretches the anus for maximum “visibility”, but is already useful if you want to add some spice to your daily activities!

Doc Johnson Belladonna's Magic Hand Dildo

Doc Johnson Belladonna's Magic Hand Dildo - Extremly Large Anal Stretching Toys
The Doc Johnson Belladonna’s Magic Hand Dildo is a unique toy designed for those who enjoy fisting or more advanced anal stretching. With its impressive length and realistic design, it’s ready to take your fisting or anal play to a whole new level! Remember that this toy is made of PVC, a porous material, so I recommend using it with a condom!

Which Type of Anal Stretcher is Right For You?

Your initial enthusiasm (and long-term success) when it comes to anal stretching is largely dependent on the tools you decide to use for the job. Choose a toy that’s too small, you’ll outgrow it quite quickly. Choose one that’s too large, and it will seem like you’re not progressing at all!

So, What Should I Choose?

So, What Should I Choose? - Which Type of Anal Stretcher is Right For You?
We recommend seeing if you can stick a finger up your butt. If so, you can use choose from any of the anal-specific stretchers (we particularly recommend the b-Vibe kit). However, if you can’t fit a finger inside of your anus then you should choose a smaller stretcher like the Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit by Blush instead. When in doubt, shoot for the more conservative options like dilators over more girthy options like beads or plugs!

How to choose the best

Okay so we’ve been through the different kinds of anal stretchers there are out there, but how do you find the best one for you? What do you need to look for? Well, let’s take a look through a few options!
  • Size – When it comes to anal stretchers, size matters! You want an anal stretcher that firts you just right and can provide the level of stretch that you require. Always remember to start off smaller than you need to though, as you can easily work your way up in size. Starting out too large could cause some real damage!
  • Material – The material of an anal stretcher is important! Some materials really are better than others. Our recommendation would be to look out for silicone toys, as they are body-safe and easy to keep clean. On the other end of the scale avoid PVC stretchers as they contain harmful chemicals that could be harmful to you and your body!
  • Shape – Some anal stretchers are tapered, some are a uniform shape, some even expand and change their shape! Whichever you want, there’s an anal stretcher out there that will suit and please your butt.
  • Size increase in kit – The size increase is important, as we discussed in one of our blog posts! You want to be able to gradually get larger and larger, so you need to look for a kit that can provide that experience. If you get a kit with multiple dilators or butt plugs, you should get a nice variety of sizes.
  • Base shape –  It is essential that your anal stretcher has a flared base to stop it from being full inserted. A t-shaped base sits more comfortably between your cheeks, making it comfier if you are wearing your plug for longer.

Which size to choose

Now here we’d normally talk about the different sizes for beginner users, those that are at a more intermediate stage, and advanced anal players. But with an anal stretcher kit, you tend to get something for everyone! The nature of the beast is that it stretches and expands your anus, so there is a small, starter dilator to kick things off with. This then moves up to more chunky, medium-sized dilators that will provide a challenge for some, until you work your way up to the largest of the dilators that only anal stretching experts could handle! So if you’re unsure about size, go for a kit – they have a little bit of something for everyone!

Types of anal stretchers

There’s not just one type of anal stretcher. That would be boring really, wouldn’t it! There are in fact quite a few different kinds! So let’s take a look at some of the most popular anal stretchers available!
  • Anal training kits – This special type of kit allows you to start to train your butt to take larger and larger objects. As well as coming with several plugs, anal training kits often include a lube applicator, and a douche to help you clear out before you get going. They tend to be great sets whether you’re an expert or only just starting out!
  • Dilator kits – Helping you gradually stretch your anus, dilator kits come in a gradually increasing size and can be swapped out for the next step-up as you go along and accommodate the stretch. They’re not so much intended to be put in and left as you would with a butt plug, but still a great stretching option.
  • Inflatable butt plugs – If you’re looking for some control then inflatable butt plugs allow you to have some say in the size of your stretch. Simply insert it and start to pump it up until you’re happy with the width. Easy to use and with amazing results, they also feature a quick-release valve to allow for quick and simple removal.
  • Butt plug set – As the name suggests, these sets come with an array of butt plugs that range from small to large. Great to insert and leave in, butt plugs will gradually stretch you while you do other things. Simply swap it for the next size up when you’re ready!

What to Expect from an Anal Stretcher

The most important thing about anal stretching is patience! This is not something that will happen overnight, so setting realistic expectations is important. If you’ve never stuck anything inside of your butt before then the dilators can provide a gentle introduction to anal play. However, if you’ve already experimented a little bit then you can begin with small butt plugs or beads. It might be tempting to try & size up right away, but avoid doing this. You want to be able to keep your current toy inside of you without any discomfort before considering sizing up.

The Consequences of Impatience

The Consequences of Impatience - What to Expect from an Anal Stretcher
Rushing only leads to tears, fissures, and other unnecessary complications that will prevent you from reaching your anal stretching goals. It might be helpful to write down goal dates. This will prevent you from not realizing how fast you’re sizing up, and allow your body time to adjust to inserting larger toys.

How to Use Anal Stretchers

Since there are multiple types of anus stretchers, it’s impossible to give specific universal instructions. However, since most butt toys work the same way, we can tell you how to use your new butt toys, as well as give you a few pointers in regards to reaching your stretching goals!



The first thing you’ll need is lube. Unfortunately, many of the kits above don’t include these with their kits, so make sure to order some when you order your kit! Once you have some time to yourself, take your new kit out & select which toy you want to try first. From here, you’ll want to apply lube to both the toy & your anus before attempting to gently insert the toy inside of you (it can be helpful to massage your butthole with your fingers prior to insertion since this relaxes your anus muscles).



Remember, there isn’t any rush so go as slow as you need to, and stop pushing if it starts to feel painful. If you do reach a level of discomfort (but not pain), leave the toy in that position for a little bit to see if the discomfort goes away. Your anus needs to relax if it’s going to allow objects inside, and sometimes this can take a little bit of time! If the discomfort goes away then you can go back to gently inserting your toy. If not, then you’ve reached your limit for today. Take note of this point, and track your progress moving forward.

How to Clean Anal Stretchers

Anal toys are great because of how simple they are to clean. Nonetheless, the exact methods you can use vary depending on what materials your toys are made of. Let’s take a look at the available options so you can decide what will work best for keeping your toys squeaky clean! All anal stretchers can be cleaned using warm water and soap (you can also use toy cleaner if it’s available). You’ll want to clean off the entire surface of your toy, then pat it dry with a towel. Afterwards, leave it out a bit to finish air-drying. Make sure that your toy is completely dry before storing it. Otherwise, your toy will begin to smell from the bacteria that are building up! Toys made from porous materials (like TPE) can’t be sterilized, which means the cleanest you can get them is with warm water and soap. However, non-porous materials (glass, metal, and medical-grade silicone) can be sterilized easily. To do so, simply boil some water then drop your toy in for approximately three minutes. Once this is done, dry off & store your toy as normal.


No. Anal stretching isn’t “stretching” in the traditional sense. Rather, you’re getting the muscles of the anus used to relaxing enough to accommodate larger objects, as opposed to stretching the muscles themselves.

Possible risks of stretching include internal tearing, internal bleeding, hemorrhoids, and even perforation! Fortunately, these are unlikely to become issues as long as you take things slow & don’t push the limits.

You’ll first need to figure out how much you can fit in your anus, so try to stick a finger up your butt. If this is doable then you should be able to start with an anal-specific stretching kit. However, if you can’t fit a finger in your bum then we recommend starting with a vaginal/anal dilator kit instead.

Sometimes. It depends entirely on what the toy is made of. In general, we recommend using only water-based lube unless the user manual says you can use alternative lubes.

That’s entirely up to you & the journey you decide to take. Beginner stretchers won’t last very long if you’re trying to reach a bigger size, but larger toys like the Tantus Cowboy will likely hold you up for a while!

By following the links in this review! We work alongside some of the greatest, most reputable sex toy shops out there, and it's important to us that you have a fantastic shopping experience! After all, the fun starts right here!

Water-based lube is always our number 1 recommendation because of it's many amazing properties. It is very body-safe, it won't cause any damage to your toys, and it won't leave any sticky or messy residue when you come to cleaning it up!

NO! You want to be able to feel what's going on down there. Not only from a pleasurable point of view, but if anything is going wrong then you want to be able to feel that pain - it's an indicator you need to stop. Never under any circumstances use a numbing agent with your anal stretchers!

What is an Anal Stretcher?

Sometimes you want to feel a nice stretch in your butt. And that's fine, it feels great...but how do you achieve that feeling? Simple! With an anal stretcher! You see, anal stretchers are a type of sex toy designed to help relax the anus & train it to accommodate bigger objects inside your rectum. They gently stretch you until you can start to take larger and larger toys in there! So if you want a challenge, an anal stretcher could be just the thing for you!

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