Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
Jun 14, 2024

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Are looking for a sexy gift
  • Want to treat your partner to a sensual date night
  • Love an sensual massage
  • Like playing sexy games
  • Enjoy strong fragrance

  • Want something very kinky
  • Have an aversion to intense smells
  • Don't enjoy floral scents


The Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set comes with four different items that are perfect for a sensual date night. It features the Je Joue Mimi, which is a pebble-shaped vibrator perfect for external stimulation of the clitoris, nipples, labia, or penis. You also get a beautifully scented ylang-ylang and mandarin massage candle that heats into a warm, skin nourishing oil, silky restraints and blindfold, and a truth or dare card game.

Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set -

Beautifully Boxed

The beautiful presentation of the Je Joue The Naught Gift Set filled me with excitement and really got me looking forward to sensual night of connection with my partner. I really like that it comes with a range of activities and items to explore together. I think it provides a really nice structure, so you can just get caught up in the moment without having to do much planning yourselves.

All About the Vibes

Having tested the Je Joue Mimi Soft before, I was happy to see that the Mimi has the same rumbly vibrations. The only real difference is that this model has a firm tip. Overall, I like the design and feel of the Mimi but wish the buttons were a little less stiff as they can be fiddly to push hard enough. It’s also got a pleasant rumbliness that I wouldn’t automatically expect from a smaller vibrator.

Turning Up the Heat

Me and my partner used the massage candle as part of a tantric date night. We lit the candle and did some breathing and meditation together while we waited for it to melt. I was the lucky recipient of a full body massage and loved every minute of it! The melted wax felt deliciously hot as my partner drizzled it on my skin. He said it thickened as it cooled on my skin, so he had to really work it in to my skin (no complaints from me!) but this also made it easier to see where needed more coverage. The scent was quite strong, and there were times where it wished it was a little more subtle, but it did leave my skin feeling incredibly soft! My partner used the wax pretty liberally, and I would say we only used about a quarter of the candle, which is great! We did however switch to almond oil for the yoni massage because of the fragrance in the candle.

All Fun and Games

The playing cards are fairly standard truth or dare sex cards with different questions or tasks on each one. The questions on the truth cards are more centered around emotional intimacy while the dare cards are more geared towards physical intimacy. I do like that the dare cards give you ways to incorporate the blindfold, candle and vibrator.

Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set -

I really like the overall design of the the Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set. The box and products have a black and rose gold theme, which gives and elegant and sexy feel. On the whole, I really like the truth or dare cards and think there are some really nice questions for developing physical and emotional intimacy. The silky blindfold/restraint is just one long satin tie that you can either use as a blindfold or to restrain your partner. It's not the best blindfold or restraint but it does the trick and feels nice and soft.

Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set -

I think The Naught Gift Set is very easy to use and I like that the cards give you some ideas for activities to explore together. I would say it's a very beginner-friendly set. The Mimi Vibrator has a simple three button design — the plus button is used to turn it on and increase the power, the minus button to decrease the power and turn it off, and the center button cycles through the different patterns. However, the buttons are a little stiff and can be difficult to press, especially if there's lube involved. I think the pebble shape also makes it easy to use on a partner's body as you can use the tip for focussed, more pinpoint stimulation or the side and front/back for broad stimulation. The massage candle is also very easy to use, although I wish it had a small pouring spout.

Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set -

The Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set is great quality and definitely has a luxurious feel to it! The Mimi is a great quality vibrator — the silione is lovely and smooth and it feels very well made. The candle is mostly made from soy wax and contains essential oils, which feels lovely and nourishing on the skin. The silk tie isn't the highest quality, but it's totally fine for a set like this.

Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set - <

Considering the Mimi Vibrator goes for around $95 and the candle $35, I would say this kit is very reasonably priced. It's not the cheapest gift set out there, but if you are looking to treat yourself or a loved one to something special, I think it's worth the money! Although the candle will of course run out, I think I will get at least 4 uses out of it. Plus, you can enjoy the other three items time and time again!

Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set -

The Je Joue Mimi is surprisingly rumbly and powerful and I think the vibrations feel really great! As someone who loves big, powerful vibrators that are more like construction tools, I wasn't expecting to enjoy the Mimi quite as much I did! I have also tested the Mimi Soft and had a similar experience! I liked the scent of the candle but there were moments it did feel a little overpowering. Ylang-ylang is a strong floral scent, and I wished the mandarin shone through a bit more for a fresher, less heavy scent.

Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set -

If I came home and saw this beautiful box packed with pleasurable treats waiting for me, I would definitely be excited! The Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set comes in a black presentation box decorated with a shiny rose gold feather design. The lid opens up to reveal the four items displayed in a foam insert. This gives a luxurious feel and makes it a beautiful gift! It's a bit of a shame there is no storage bag for the Mimi vibrator as the whole box is a little big for long-term storage in my opinion.

Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set -

The Je Joue Mimi is covered in lovely soft silicone and it's waterproof, so you can wash it with warm water and soap or a sex toy cleaner. I would recommend putting a towel or blanket down when using the massage candle to prevent oil stains on your sheets. I felt I didn't need to wash the oils after and just towelled myself down and let the oils sink into my skin.

Vibration speeds5
Vibration patterns7
LengthMimi Vibrator: 3.5 inches
MaterialsMimi Vibrator: Silicone
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
IngredientsCandle: Soy wax, linalool, alpha-Hexylcinnamaldehyde, linalyl acetate, indole

Je Joue The Naughty Gift Set -

  • Perfect for a sexy gift to yourself or a partner
  • Massage candle feels great
  • Great range of questions/dares for increasing intimacy
  • High quality vibrator with rumbly vibes
  • Beautifully presented

  • Silk blindfold/restraint is a little basic
  • Ylang-yland scent can get a little overpowering

I think this is fantastic set for anyone looking to pamper themselves or a partner. The Mimi Vibrator looks relatively plain and simple but is surprisingly rumbly for a small vibrator, and the smooth silicone pebble design feels lovely against the body. The massage candle is also a lovely sensual experience and left my skin extra smooth! The playing cards and silk restraint are pretty standard but a fun addition to the set. The beautiful presentation really added the experience, and I think it is well worth the price.