Lelo ENIGMA Wave — Test & Review

   Ellie Stevens
Oct 16, 2023

Ellie Stevens
: 20
: Advanced
: female
: Bisexual
: Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3

  • Like intense clitoral stimulation
  • Love the idea of some powerful blended orgasms
  • Often find that clitoral vibrations leave you overwhelmed or numb
  • Enjoy hands-free play

  • Are a sex toy beginner
  • Get easily overwhelmed by clitoral stimulation
  • Have a larger clitoris


The Enigma Wave is Lelo's first dual massager which provides 3 motors for triple pleasure: Lelo's famous Sensonic Technology is taking care of your clitoris needs with gentle but strong waves and pulses. These pulses reaching deep into the internal parts of your clitoris. Not to be left behind, the Enigma Wave treats your G-spot with its Wavemotion Technology — the internal shaft mimics a finger-like motion inside you and gently caresses your sweet spot. The third motor combines all the sensations with smooth internal vibrations, and altogether it may just lead to some intense pleasure and trembling orgasms.

Lelo Enigma Wave -

Lelo’s New Invention

Long before I received the Lelo Enigma Wave, I was hyped up from reading about the brand itself and their other toys. I quickly began to delve deeper into the Lelo Enigma Wave. One thing I noticed the very beginning were the color choices, which looked so stylish and definitely hooked me! My expectations were very high — Lelo state that insertable part of the Enigma Wave is designed to imitate a fingering motion on the G-Spot, using their patented Wavemotion Technology. In addition, the Enigma Wave uses Sensonic Technology for intense clitoral stimulation without direct contact.

Unboxing and Testing Out the Functions

When the Lelo Enigma Wave arrived, I was greeted by some very luxurious and impressive packaging. I couldn’t wait and unboxed it immediately. On my dry test journey (using it on my hand), I immediately tried out the different settings and found out that the Sensonic pulses felt very, very strong on my thumb! I’m a big fan of strong clitoral suction though, so I wasn’t put off. On the other hand, the opening for the clitoris seemed a little small, but I didn’t want to be influenced until I finally tried it. Another surprising discovery was how bendable the shaft is, but the most important part was the movement of the insertable portion. I was perplexed and just asked myself  “How this is possible?”.

My First Try

Now to the interesting part! I used the little packet of Lelo’s Personal Moisturizer that was included, and, after sliding it in without trouble, the Enigma Wave itself felt so smooth inside. It really did fit perfectly inside me! The next step was to turn on the vibrations, and what happened next was a spectacle I have never experienced before. The suction and pulsation hit my clitoris so hard, my whole body began to shake and I immediately tried to free myself to collect myself again. This was the moment I realized lube and moisture is required. It took quite a while to figure out which setting worked best for me and how to place the Enigma Wave best on my clitoris. After this was done, it didn’t took long, I experienced the most powerful and longest climax a toy ever has ever given me.

How Does the Sensonic & Wavemotion Technology Feel?

I tried for a long time to find a perfect word on how to describe the sensation of the Lelo Enigma Wave. I came to the conclusion that “smooth” would fit perfectly. Smooth materials, smooth internal motions, smooth clitoral pulses (when placed correctly) and especially flawless vibrations. The Wavemotion Technology is very gentle and light on the G-spot, but I could still feel the movement inside me, almost like a massage and comparable to fingers. The Sensonic Technology is very strong and like Lelo said, the vibrations reach deep inside the clitoris in literal waves! That’s why the orgasms are so strong — because the three synchronised motors, the Wavemotion Technology and Sensonic Technology are working perfectly together in all 8 settings to rhythmically caress all sensitive spots.

Lelo Enigma Wave -

The design of The Lelo Enigma Wave definetly hooked me from the first time I saw the toy. It's simply shaped and simply colored, but I'm a big fan of the color choices. The purple to blue gradient feels unique to me, it just adds something special to this high-quality and luxurious toy. Interestingly, the insertable part of the Lelo Enigma Wave is the width of two fingers and has flat edges on the sides. Besides the black color, you can get the Enigma Wave in 'Cyber Purple' too.

Lelo Enigma Wave -

The Lelo Enigma Wave is easy to use and simple to understand. The smooth material slides easily inside and, because of the very bendable shaft, it fits ergonomically to every body. The moving tip is not too thick and also not too thin, which makes the Enigma Wave easy for many people to use internally. However, the opening for the clitoris is a little too small for my taste, and I think some women could have a hard time fitting it to their clitoris, especially if they're larger. The bulbous body makes it easy to hold the Enigma Wave in place and reach the buttons, which are pretty simple to use. With a little practice, you can figure out which programs and intense settings you enjoy most.

Lelo Enigma Wave -

I couldn't find any signs of misplaced silicone, rough textures, damaged material or inaccurate colors. The Wavemotion Technology function worked perfectly and transmitted the vibrations to the G-spot well. The Sensonic Technology for clitoral stimulation is very deep and intense. The quality of the storage bag is terrific, it feels so soft. The satin material is perfect for storing the Enigma Wave; safe from lint, dust and hair. Of course, I also used the lube that they included and I have to say, I really liked it.

Lelo Enigma Wave - <

At first, when I saw the Lelo Enigma Wave, I was intimidated by the price. By reading more into the toy itself and getting impressions of the brand Lelo and their luxurious products, I could understand the price a bit more. When I first opened the packaging I saw that there was not only the toy, but also a few more things included, like a satin storage bag, a lube sachet, a charging cable, instructions and a registration card. For every sex toy purchase should be a storage bag the minimum, so I was very satisfied unpacking the other delivered products too. Besides the included items in the packaging, the very first time I felt the vibrations and functions, I knew that the price is worth the quality and pleasure.

Lelo Enigma Wave -

The internal vibrations feel good and perfectly hit the amount of power needed to massage the G-spot. The clitoral Sensonic Waves perform very well too. They feel very intense and strong, even at the lowest setting, which can be overwhelming when you're not expecting it. It even lead me the first few times to a painful and over-stimulating feeling after a longer use. Once the Lelo Enigma Wave is placed correctly, however, there's no such feeling. The Enigma Wave is relatively quiet for the 3 motors inside, but I still wouldn't recommend using it if you have thin walls and want to be discreet.

Lelo Enigma Wave -

I can't hide it, but I have a big love for black and gold themed objects. As I received the packaging of the Lelo Enigma Wave my heart started to beat faster. The black packaging mixed with the golden letters look so luxurious. I also expected a smooth surface of the packaging, but instead it has a special texture all over that looks almost like scales. A great detail I noticed is that there's a little text on one side of the packaging telling the customer a bit about the brand itself and their views on sexual pleasure. It's definitely a pleasure to unpack the Lelo Enigma Wave.

Lelo Enigma Wave -

The Lelo Enigma Wave is also very easy to clean due to the smooth materials. The dual stimulator is made out of soft, body-safe silicone and ABS. To clean up your Lelo Enigma Wave, rinse the whole toy with soapy water. After that, use a very soft sponge or cloth to gently clean all remaining residues, and rinse again. No need to be afraid of taking your Enigma Wave into the bathtub or shower too, as the toy is waterproof (IPX7).

Vibration speeds8
Vibration patterns8
Clitoral suction8 modes
Length7.1 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
Diameter (internal)1.3 inches
Weight0.4 lbs
MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableBlack, Cyber Purple

Lelo Enigma Wave -

The Lelo Enigma Wave’s new feature is the Wavemotion Technology, the moving internal shaft. This feature is the biggest upgrade in this toy compared to the original Lelo Enigma. The shaft moves in a circling motion inside to manually massage the G-spot. While some G-spot vibrators provide a thick tip and strong vibrations, which can be very overwhelming for some, but not stimulating enough for others, the Lelo Enigma Wave has a tip sized like 2 fingers and provides a gentle and reliable G-spot massage.

  • Ergonomic, flexible shaft
  • Wavemotion- and Sensonic Technology
  • Soft, body-safe materials
  • Long-lasting batteries

  • Very strong clitoral pulses, even at lowest setting, may be overwhelming to some
  • No separate controls of G-Spot and clitoral stimulation
  • Small clitoral opening

Lelo promises us an orgasmic wonder with the Enigma Wave, and I can agree that they are right! All it takes is the right amount of lube, relaxation and learning to place the dual stimulator correctly. With a little time and some figuring out, you'll find yourself in heaven. With the Enigma Wave, I found my personal way to a long lasting and powerful orgasm, and now you can enjoy a powerful sonic wave stimulation on the clitoris while the insertable tail moves inside you for an all-encompassing G-spot massage. Go to Lelo's website using the link below to discover more.

The Lelo Enigma Wave provides the same intense Sensonic Technology as the original and adds the new Wavemotion Technology to the mix, this means the internal part of the vibrator is recreating a similar movement of fingers. On top of that 3 motors are synchronised in waves and pulses.

Yes definitely, it took a few trys to really learn the Enigma Wave to know for my body. After this, the Enigma Wave is fulfilling the promises of deep stimulation of clitoris and G-Spot, waving pulses and a moving tip.

No, Lelo doesn't provide a Bluetooth function for the Enigma Wave.