Lovense Flexer — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
Sep 25, 2023

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Love dual stimulation
  • Want a wearable or hands-free vibrator
  • Love playing long distance
  • Want to experience a new sensation

  • Crave very rumbly vibrations
  • Need a quiet vibrator
  • Don't enjoy firm toys
  • Are looking for an everyday vibrator


The Lovense Flexer is a app-enabled wearable panty vibrator. This powerful pink pleaser has three powerful motors that provide both internal and external stimulation! The toy flexes to create a come hither motion that recreates the sensation of being fingered with internal and external vibrations. You can control it using the app or send a link to a partner to let them take control from anywhere in the world!

Lovense Flexer -

Testing it out

The Flexer was another one of those toys I was curious yet skeptical about. I love the idea behind the ‘fingering’ motion but wasn’t sure how enjoyable it would be in reality! When I took it out of the box, I was a little surprised by how firm the whole toy is. There really is no give in the silicone on either the internal or external parts and I was a little worried that it would be uncomfortable or even painful. However, once it was in it was actually pretty comfortable and the firmness helped create a stronger sensation. The come hither fingering motion alone is ok but particularly stimulating. However, combined with the vibrations, things started to get more exciting. While I’ve definitely had some enjoyable orgasms using the Flexer, my favorite way to use it for a slow, teasing build up and edging.

A wearable that works?

One of the main downfalls of other panty vibrators like the We-Vibe Moxie or the Lovense Ferri is that gravity works against them when you stand up, meaning you don’t great contact against your clit. The internal arm of the Flexer, combined with the movements, means it stays in place and maintains good clitoral contact a lot better even while walking around! Trust me on this one the Flexer combined with a spicy Dipsea audio story makes housework a lot more interesting! While it feels great standing up and lying down, I have found that it can be a little uncomfortable in some sitting positions because of how rigid it is, but you just need to find the right angle. The only major downside is that it’s really noisy! Surprisingly, it’s the vibrations and not the mechanical movements that are so loud. It’s a shame as this would actually be a fun toy for public play, but unless you are wearing to a rave, people are definitely going to notice the robotic chorus of sounds emanating from your crotch.

With a Partner

The Flexer is super easy to connect to the app and a partner can be controlling it from anywhere in the world with in a matter of minutes. It’s maybe not the most intuitive toy to use long distance, but it is fun! The firmness of the toy also makes it amazing for double penetration, either with a penis, dildo or butt plug — the added external clitoral stimulation really takes things to the next level. Plus, if your partner has a penis, they can also feel the vibrations!

Lovense Flexer -

I'm not a huge fan of the blinding Lovense Pink, I much prefer a pastel but aside from that I think the Flexer has a very sleek and pleasing design. I love the bulbed shape of the internal arm as it puts a nice amount of pressure on your internal g-area and helps the Flexer to stay put. The external arm is surprisingly comfortable as well, although it can dig in when sitting at different angles. It would have been nice for this to be a little softer in my opinion.

Lovense Flexer -

I'm always impressed by just how easy Lovense toys are to connect to the app and this is by far my favorite way to control the toy. It does have one button on the base of the toy to turn it on/off and scroll through the settings but it's awkward to use and doesn't allow you to change the flexing and vibrating settings individually. The only issue is that the button is on the base of the toy, so it can get pressed by accident if you are rearranging the toy or sit on it at a certain angle.

Lovense Flexer -

Overall the Flexer feels well built, the battery lasts well, and everything works smoothly. It does lose points for being comically loud though! I was pretty disappointed by this as I was actually considering using it for some discreet public play but there's absolutely nothing discreet about it! I tested it out using the sound meter and it reached 50 dB while inside me, which the app informed me was the volume of a quiet office. Now, the Bedbible office is very loud as you might imagine, but there's no way you wouldn't hear this thing! There is a slight seam up the middle of the toy, but I cannot notice it at all while in use.

Lovense Flexer - <

The Flexer is around average price for a app-enabled vibrator. I would have no issues saying it's worth the price if it wasn't so loud as then it would be such a multipurpose toy, that it would justify the price. I would also say it's worth the spend if you want a wearable for long distance play.

Lovense Flexer -

I was pleasantly surprised by the Lovense Flexer! The vibrations are powerful, although more buzzy than rumbly, but combined with the flexing movement it's very pleasurable. The app works incredibly well although you do have to stay pretty close to your phone to maintain bluetooth connection.

Lovense Flexer -

The Flexor comes in the usual Lovense Packaging, which is nice and tasteful but nothing to write home about. I like that it's a good sturdy box so you can easily keep the toy in if you wish to do so, but mine went in the recycling and I just store the Flexer in the nice black bag it comes with!

Lovense Flexer -

The Lovense Flexer is completely waterproof and covered in silicone, so it's super easy to take care of! Use only water-based lube when playing with the Flexer and wash it with mild, unscented soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. The only area that's a bit fiddly to wash is the embossed Lovense logo on the bottom. Once completely dry, you can keep it safe in it's storage bag.

Vibration speedsPreset: 3
Vibration patternsPreset: 10
Length4 inches
Insertable length3.2 inches
Diameter1.4 inches
Battery Life90-120 minutes
Charging Time70 minutes
Remote ControlsYes — App
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Lovense Flexer -

The Lovense Flexer is an app-controlled sex toy, meaning you can control the settings short distance via bluetooth connection or long distance via the internet. I love the intuitive slide controls and just how easy it is to send a link to a partner and let them take control!

  • Unique 'fingering' sensation
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Easy to connect
  • Short and long-distance app control
  • Internal and external stimulation

  • Very loud vibrations
  • Uncomfortable in some sitting positions
  • Can accidentally press button when repositioning

The Flexer is a bit of a mixed bag for me. It's definitely not my go to but it is fun to play with when I've got a bit more time. Given the relatively high price, I would recommend it as a first or only vibrator, but it might be worth the investment if you want to experience a new sensation or love the sensation of g-spot massage. You should also consider the rigidity before deciding if it's for you as I imagine it might not suit those who are more sensitive to very firm toys.

Here is the full Lovense Flexer manual 

The Lovense Flexer is completely waterproof so you can wear it in the bath or shower and it's easy to clean.

Given the size and rigidity, I would say this is not suitable for most beginners.

Yes! You can control the flexing and vibrating separately to find the perfect levels for you.