Lovense Hush 2 Large — Test & Review

   Jesse Roberts
Jun 25, 2024

Jesse Roberts
: 30's
: Experienced
: Male
: Pansexual
: Oxy Beginners Ball Stretching Kit

  • want an app controlled toy.
  • want something big!
  • enjoy putting things up your butt!!
  • enjoy vibrating anal toys, especially those that can link up to your playlists.
  • enjoy handing over control to someone else.

  • have a strict budget.
  • are a beginner in anal play (if so get a smaller size).
  • don't like firm feeling plugs/dildos.
  • do not want an app controlled toy.
  • want a quiet toy.


The first thing to note is that this butt plug is pretty big! It has a 2.25-inch diameter bulb (7-inch circumference) that tapers down to a smooth neck, and is the largest of the Lovense Hush range. If it looks too big for you then don't worry, as it comes in three smaller sizes. The two smallest of these being available on Lovehoney. The toy is clearly top of the range. It is a sleek dark black and comes with a small black storage bag. The charge point is magnetic and it is fully waterproof. This butt plug is app controlled but also can be controlled by its discreet button on the base next to the charge point. Although this is a butt plug it can also be used vaginally, as you will find out if you continue reading..... ;)

Lovense Hush 2 Large  -

First Glance

I really enjoyed the look and feel of this vibrating butt plug when I first got it out, it did seem quite hard though. I sometimes struggle with anal toys that are too firm and this was definitely a concern/consideration when I first felt this toy. I was very surprised with how easy the app was to download and connect, it was a breeze! I started playing around with the frequency settings immediately, feeling how the plugs various vibrations felt in my hands.

Up the Butt

I was very aware that I may struggle getting such a firm plug to go in with ease so my play partner and I had a bit of a warm up with one of my smaller toys first. Getting it in was actually easier than I thought it would be, though for sure I could feel the difference in the plugs firm feeling silicone compared to my other toys. But once it was in it felt great! The tapered neck of the plug especially felt amazing. We had a great time playing around with connecting the vibrations to the music on our phones and my play partner really enjoyed the settings where she got to control the speed and power of the vibration frequencies herself. We had it in me for so long that by the time I was ready to take it out I struggled to do so. I’m a fan of pushing pain/pleasure boundaries in sex as you’ll read in some of my other reviews. But I’m definitely not a fan of how firm this toy is, especially for its size, with entry and especially exit it was a bit too much. Unfortunately the vibration is just too loud to use in public, which was one of its main appeals to me originally. But I think the bit I enjoyed most is when I did some yoga on the floor and my partner sat and watched, controlling the vibrations using the apps ‘Remote’ settings as she did so, it really made me squirm, that was hot! I’m looking forward to giving it a go with her long distance, that’s going to be good fun I’m sure.

In the Pussy

So, yes it’s technically a butt plug, but why not right? My play partner was eager to give it a try herself the minute she felt its vibration capabilities. Again, the firmness alongside its size made it harder to get in. But once in a more comfortable angle we gave it a shot, when trying to push it in I accidentally turned on the vibration settings, which gave her a bit of a shock, (which is not necessarily a bad thing haha!) so you might want to be aware of that when using it. All in all although it’s not designed for a vagina it worked just fine, once again, pay attention to the size of the toy, if it seems too big then order one of the smaller sizes. And if you’re on the fence about which size to get my recommendation is to go for the smaller of your possible choices to ensure the firmness of the plug is not going to cause you any discomfort. But if discomfort is what flicks your switch then ignore me completely!

Lovense Hush 2 Large  -

This is a beautiful product. It looks very sexy and exactly as it does in the images advertised. It has a smooth rubber feel and comes across as a luxurious toy. If you work in the sex industry professionally and are looking for a toy that shows professionalism I would highly recommend it. I would not be shy to show this toy to my friends/play partners. I also really like the tapered neck to this butt plug, I'm not sure how they've done it but they've made it perfectly, it feels so good when it's in place.

Lovense Hush 2 Large  -

It was super simple connecting to the app, as it would be for any bluetooth device. The app itself is easy to navigate, it has way more options than I was expecting. The controls on the plug itself are also very easy to use, long press for on and off and then around 7 different functions. I'd say that the Hush 2 butt plug range is great for both beginners and the more experienced. However, if you're a beginner I would not recommend this size! This size is definitely for the more advanced/experienced user. However, if you are some who really loves anal stretching and is very experienced taking larger items you may find that this, (the largest in the range) is not quite big enough!

Lovense Hush 2 Large  -

This is a top of the range product. If you have been disappointed with other brands of app controlled toys in the past then you need to switch to Lovense right away. The only reason the rating is not a 100 is because of the noise. I am aware that there are louder app controlled toys out there, but still, it would be great if the technology could expand to having this product be somewhat quieter. Let's face it, if you're wearing this butt plug out in public you don't want people to hear it. Well, unless you like a bit of exhibitionsism perhaps ;)

Lovense Hush 2 Large  - <

This toy is expensive, and for good reason. As I have said this is a top of the range product, so you get what you pay for. For what it is, the quality, the effectiveness and range of options of the app etc, I would say this is well worth the price. Lovense is definitely topping the market with these products, and Lovehoney are there to help you get them fast! NB: If the toy being quiet is vital for your intended use then you may be disappointed spending so much and not getting what you want from it.

Lovense Hush 2 Large  -

This toy really impressed me. Not only in the good quality and well thought design, but in its vibration capabilities, and its app capabilities. To be able to link the vibrations up to your music playlist is such a great idea! The vibrations feel great, for me I'd be happy for them to be even more powerful, but that's not to say they weren't great. I just like things full on when it comes to anal! The battery life is long! My play partner and I were playing with it for about 5 hours and it was still going strong when we finished. The two things I will say about this product that I would like to change are how loud it is, and how firm it is. When you're in a private setting the noise it makes isn't an issue. But one of the reasons I wanted this product is so I could wear it out in public and have my play partner control it from wherever they are. With the amount of noise it makes, even on its lowest frequencies I don't think I'll be able to live out this fantasy with it. This is a large plug, and although I have larger items I can handle well, I struggled with this due to how firm/hard feeling the silicone was on entry and exit. I like a bit of pain when it comes to anal but I'd say this was verging on too much which I wasn't anticipating. My advice when choosing the right size for yourself is to take this into account. If like me you have soft or 'ultraskyn' type sex toys you may need to consider getting a smaller size than you would normally when purchasing this product.

Lovense Hush 2 Large  -

The packaging is great, keeping in line with the high end quality of the product. It ensures the plug is nicely padded and has a small leaflet on how to connect to the app. Once again this is a Lovense product, so the packaging is in no way disappointing.

Lovense Hush 2 Large  -

The plug is surprisingly not as heavy as I thought it might be, considering it is the largest size has such an effective vibrator inside. It is a silicone product so is non-porous and fully waterproof. Cleaning is easy, soap and water will do fine, or if you have a water based sex toy cleaner that will work too. It's super easy to clean and easy to store, it comes with a handy drawstring pouch.

Vibration modes7
Vibration speeds3
Length6 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Width2.22 inches
Battery Life600 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
App ControlsYes
Colors AvailableBlack

Lovense Hush 2 Large  -

App control

The app capabilities on this toy are absolutely brilliant! It has 4 main settings. Remote, My Patterns, Control Link, and Music. Remote  Remote is great, think of an app where you can mix your own music/sounds and it’s kind of like the Remote setting. The app user has complete control of vibration speed, strength and duration. It runs on a timer and can be looped or set. It also has a Local Sync connect for other Lovense devices, eg their sex machine. My Patterns This is a great feature, it allows you to explore the different pattern of vibrations the plug offers. It also has the capability of making each pattern of vibration slower or faster, with 5 different speeds available. You can put it on a form of ‘shuffle’ where it will just do its own thing. The four existing patterns are Pulse, Wave (my favourite), Fireworks, and Earthquake. But if you get bored of these don’t worry, you can create your very own patterns too! Control Link I love the idea of this feature, I’m yet to try it out but I must certainly will be! If you like giving up the control to others you’re gonna love this! In control link you can set it up so that your plug can be controlled by anyone anywhere in the world. It’s all very protected, they won’t know who you are and you can disconnect at any moment. But if you want a complete stranger from who knows where controlling your ‘butt-gasms’ then you’ll love this feature! Music Another fantastic feature with this butt plug is that it can connect the vibrations to the base frequencies in music (in fact it can do it to just the noise the phone mic picks up in the room if you want it too). I think this is actually what we spent most of our time doing on our first sessions with this toy. Finding some great songs that gave off some great rhythmic vibrations, the stimulation felt great! And what’s more you can take your favourite pleasure inducing tracks and make your own playlist. One disappointing feature was that it seems the Spotify link up no longer works. We spent quite some time trying to get it synced up, eventually having to resort to trouble shooting online. And it appears that the Spotify link up is no longer an option; “Spotify is no longer integrating with all mobile apps as of September 2023.” So it’s not a Lovense issue, it’s a Spotify one. Unfortunately Lovense don’t seem to have taken this off the app, with the Music setting still stating that it is compatible with Spotify Premium. If you’re wanting to get a toy that links with Spotify, sadly this may not be an option for you.

  • High quality
  • Sleek design
  • Great variety of vibration settings
  • App works really well
  • Great fun to experiment with all the apps capabilities
  • Links up to your music playlist

  • It's loud, not as quiet as I'd hoped
  • Firm material that may not be comfortable for all butts
  • no longer supports Spotify (but that's due to Spotify rather than Lovense)

This is a fantastic product! The people at Lovense have really done a good job. If you're looking for a sexy, high quality butt plug with the very best app control out there, then look no further as Lovense have you covered. This toy is great on its own, but with the app control options (read below for more details!) this is a toy that you can really experiment and have SO much fun with. Don't think twice, check the right size for you and then buy this product! You won't regret it.