Lux Active Revolve Rotating Prostate Massager — Test & Review

   Devon Scott
Apr 2, 2024

Devon Scott
: 53
: Experienced
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • Want to experience excellent prostate massage
  • Are a newbie or experienced with prostate play
  • Like the thought of giving your partner the remote
  • Are intimidated by large anal toys
  • Want an anal/prostate massager with a long battery life

  • Are afraid of prostate play
  • Looking for something huge
  • Don't want to put something up your butt
  • Prefer thrusting over massage


The Lux Active Revolve Rotating Prostate Massager is a smaller massaging toy with a tip that rotates, making a sweeping motion in just the right place against the prostate. The exterior is soft silicon over solid internal structures. The "T"shape of the toy prevents it from getting lost inside. The external pad sits against the perineum / exterior of the prostate, giving a wonderful vibration for dual prostate stimulation from dual motors. It is waterproof and useable in the shower, in bed, or fully dressed.

Lux Active Revolve Rotating Prostate Massager  -

When first unboxing I thought the Lux Active Revolve Rotating Prostate Massager seemed a bit small for my experience level. During the first test I didn’t even make it through all the functions before I was sated from the enjoyment it delivered. I Especially like the Rotating Head that sweeps across my “P” spot with the pleasant and strong vibrations that threw me over the edge. Using it while standing during solo play is an especially interesting experience, as moving the hips forward or backwards changes the sensations and pressures internally v.s. externally making it difficult to decide what position to hold. With partnered use almost any position is greatly enhanced. Medical use was my primary reason for trying this out, as in my mid 50’s now, it’s very healthy to have prostate massage to help increase blood flow and keep things working properly. The erotic aspects and sensations though, have made this my favorite medical therapy practice!!!

Lux Active Revolve Rotating Prostate Massager  -

The Lux Active Revolve Rotating Prostate Massager looks and feels fantastic! The size is not at all intimidating and hides the real pleasure this little gem delivers. Being a dark blue color helps it to be pleasing to the eye and not look like a cheap sex toy laying on the bathroom counter while being charged. The luxurious look of the massager and remote not only work for me, but my wife also thinks it looks classy.

Lux Active Revolve Rotating Prostate Massager  -

I was so anxious to experience the toy that I didn’t bother to read the included directions. With a long press of the 'on' button I was cycling through the differnt settings while looking for lube. I have difficuly operating a dishwasher, but not the Lux Revolve! I do have a bit of trouble keeping it lodged between my butt cheeks after anal exercises that leave me relaxed, but that is not a fault of the Lux Revolve. Once I did read the included directions, they were well written and easy to understand.

Lux Active Revolve Rotating Prostate Massager  -

The Lux Revolve is excellent quality that holds a good charge and provides soft or strong sensations. I'm sitting on a hard chair while writing and continuing to test, so it's sturdy. While I'm testing just 5 feet from my wife she does not hear it even on the high setting. Though it's quiet, it's not totally silent so I wouldn't use it in a library close to people, but out shopping should be just fine.

Lux Active Revolve Rotating Prostate Massager  - <

I took a chance on the Lux Active Revolve for my first remote controlled prostate massager and it was very worth it. Spending half as much on a cheap toy would just be throwinig money away because I would have eventully sprung for this anyway. It came with a charge cord and nice travel pouch which is big enough for all the components. The charge cord is USB compatible with my phone charger.

Lux Active Revolve Rotating Prostate Massager  -

Ohhhh I love how the Lux Revolve performs so well, it actually exceeded my expectations. It feels so awesome to use that I am becoming an addict. The two independent motors deliver 3 gyrating head speeds and 7 vibration functions against the prostate, anal spinchter, and external perineum. It boasts up to a two hour run time and after a full hour of use I don't know if I can last that long! It never seemed to heat up or in anyway become uncomfortable except for exceeding my pleasure threshold. The Lux Revolve is one thing I hope my wife doesn't use if she ties me up to mercilessly tease me (but frankly I know I will crave it and cave), even worse would be if she didn’t use it on me.

Lux Active Revolve Rotating Prostate Massager  -

The packaging was not over the top gaudy, but stylish. If I had seen it on a store shelf I'd have definitely reached for it, mine was from the PeepShow Toys website. All of the functions, features, and dimensions are described well on the outside of the box. The box stated what the Lux Revolve delivers without overselling - so let my experience boldly state that the "Lux Revolve is for guys who enjoy or want to enjoy awesome and prolonged prostate stimulation massage."

Lux Active Revolve Rotating Prostate Massager  -

The outer skin of the Lux Revolve looks, feels, and takes to lube like I'd expect from 100% silicone. Silicone is body safe, non porous and easy to clean- especially since its water proof. I have not detected any odors from the moment I opened it. The Lux looks, feels, and works like a high quality toy made from high quality materials. Cleaning is a simple rinse in the shower or sink with a bit of toy cleaner for added security. I could store it in the included bag, but I leave it on the bathroom counter ready for use at any and every opportunity.

Vibration modes2
Vibration speeds4
Vibration patterns3
Insertable length3.6 inches
Diameter1.2 inches
Battery Life2 minutes
Charging Time2 minutes

Lux Active Revolve Rotating Prostate Massager  -

This whole massager is a special feature to my collection. As for prostate massagers, the rotating head sets it apart from anything I’ve seen before. The combination of the dual motors and the rotating head is just right to give profound stimulation without being over stimulating. But the rotating head, awhhhhhhh.

  • Excellent vibrations- not too rumbly or too buzzy
  • Sweeping head rotation is incredible!
  • Quiet enough for use in some public settings
  • Has it's own remote
  • Dual motors multiple sensations
  • Not a large toy

  • Addictive, addictive, addictive...........
  • Doesn't thrust like a locomotive
  • Did I say addictive?
  • Is not a large toy

Ooooooh, is this a fun toy! I'm new to vibrating prostate massagers and I am so very glad that I started with the Lux Revolve. I have tested it many times for the therapeutic massage as well as the pleasurable benefits, and it does NOT disappoint! Though it is small for my experience level, the Lux Revolve delivers a multitude of wonderful sensations internally and externally. Sometimes I can't decide which sensation to feel the most, leading to a plethora of enjoyment. The remote is perfect for hands free solo or partnered enjoyment.

I didn’t find a user manual or directions online, however, directions are in the box and it is simple enough to figure out by playing with it.

By all means YES! The prostate sits below the bladder and has the urethral tube going through it in addition to the functions it performs for hormonal health and the reproctive system. Like any organ of the body, it needs to be properly used and massgae healps ensure that it doesn't get clogged up.

The toy is small enough that there should be zero pain for makes except in rare cases of men with hyprtonic (tight) sphincters. However, this massager can help with therapy for Hypertonic Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions, as I am doing.

As it made of silicone, you should stick to using water-based lubrication.

Yes, it's waterproof meaning you can use it in the shower.