The 3 Best Penis Gags to Keep Your Sub Satisfied

   Josh Gill
Some people love to use balls gags…and others like to take things to the next level with penis gags! In this review we’re going to dive into three of the best penis gags out there, looking at each and every aspect of them! Our goal? To help you choose the perfect one for you! We also threw in some extra toys and accessories, and well as providing some hints and tips that will make your penis gag journey as exciting and arousing as possible! Enjoy!
1 Test winner

Dildo Gag With Ball ''My Two Ways''

 ''My Two Ways'' Dildo Gag

  • Love to use penis gags
  • Enjoy the option of a dildo gag too
  • Like the feel of silicone

''My Two Ways'' Dildo Gag

  • Prefer to use ball gags only
  • Aren't a huge fan of oral sex
  • Want a girthier cock for in your mouth

The ”My Two Ways” Dildo Gag is perfect if you’re into humiliation play, as it will leave your sub drooling and unable to speak. It is made from a lifelike, smooth, and sexy silicone, and is soft enough for them to sink their teeth into without causing any damage. Now for the reason it includes the words “my two ways” in its name: Not only can you use this toy as a penis gaga, but you also have the option of flipping it around, so the penis is on the outside for someone else to use while you’re kept quiet with the ball gag. Simply secure the toy – whichever way you want – around your head with the adjustable (and padlock-able) strap!

  • Can be used as a penis gag AND dildo gag
  • High quality materials
  • Adjustable strap to fit all

  • Penis may be too small for some
  • Quite hard feeling
  • Strap may slip up/down the head
''My Two Ways'' Dildo Gag
Length(belt buckle) 14 to 20 inches
AllergiesPathalates free

We can see why the ”My Two Ways” Dildo Gag was the test winner when it came to penis gags, because you have plenty of options and choices to make. Use it as a penis gag, or flip it around and use it as a dildo gag. The toy is made of a high quality silicone that won’t cause any damage and isn’t easy to damage, and the strap is adjustable meaning that even those with the smallest or largest heads can enjoy it! The penis itself might be a little too small for those that prefer something longer or girthier in their mouth, and the single belt restraint might possibly slip and allow the gag to come loose. But overall it’s a great penis gag that will keep you silent yet satisfied!

2 Cheapest

Bondage Boutique Leather and Studs Dildo Gag

 Bondage Boutique Dildo Gag

  • Like the look and feel of leather
  • Can't resist something filling your mouth
  • Want a well-sized dildo

Bondage Boutique Dildo Gag

  • Want a better tasting toy
  • Are looking for a higher quality penis gag
  • Strap possibly too oversized

The Bondage Boutique Leather and Studs Dildo Gag sounds as sexy as it looks! The adjustable leather strap secures around the head while the 2.5 inches long rubber dildo fits nicely into the mouth to keep your sub quiet! A wide leather mount completely covers the mouth while the girthy penis sits in there, ensuring that your sub can’t make a sound! Want to make sure things are extra secure? Try adding a padlock to the back of the strap to make sure that your sub can’t remove it until you’re ready!

  • The leather and studs look great
  • Small but chunky penis fits nicely in the mouth
  • Strap can be adjusted to suit the wearer

  • The strap is kind of oversized
  • The penis gag tastes bad
  • Made from potentially harmful materials
Bondage Boutique Dildo Gag
MaterialsLeather and rubber
Length(penis) 2.5 inches, (belt buckle) up to 25 inches

The Bondage Boutique Leather and Studs Dildo Gag looks amazing! With the black leather strap and shiny studs, it looks like something straight out of your favorite porn star’s BDSM basement! The penis is well sized and will sit in your mouth perfectly, filling you up but not going so far inside that it chokes you. Now let’s move onto the downsides, and there’s a pretty glaring one: the material that this toy is made out of could potentially expose you to harmful chemicals! Now that’s something you really don’t want! It might be cheap, and it might be great in a lot of areas, but we’d recommend paying that little bit extra to ensure your safety.

3 Beginner

Tantus Fantasy Gag

 Tantus Fantasy Gag

  • Are just a beginner to using penis gags
  • Want to start with something smaller
  • Need a quick release feature

Tantus Fantasy Gag

  • Prefer to feel other materials
  • Want something bigger
  • Are more experienced with penis gags

If you’ve got a healthy fixation on pleasures of the oral kind, then the Tantus Fantasy Gag is going to be a brilliant match for you. Made of a high quality silicone, it is perfect for beginners, as well as being extra fun for those who are a little more experienced. The mouthpiece is large enough to keep you quiet while still allowing for a certain amount of movement, while the Velcro fastening on the durable yet comfortable strap ensures that the gag can be quickly and easily removed!

  • Great for beginners
  • Not loo girthy or long
  • Quick release Velcro strap

  • Might not be big enough for some
  • Not really for penis gag experts
  • Straps a little too thin and dainty
Tantus Fantasy Gag
MaterialsSilicone and leather
Length(gag) 3 inches
AllergiesPathalates free

For beginners to the world  of penis gag play, the Tantus Fantasy Gag is a dream come true for a variety of reasons. Firstly it is made of a body-safe, great feeling leather. Secondly it’s just the right size – not too big and not too small. And thirdly it’s just as quick and easy to take off as it is to put on. Okay, it might not be ideal for those that are more experienced, or those that are looking for something bigger in their mouth, but for people who are new to the game, the Tantus Fantasy Gag will allow them to gradually work their way into the naughty penis gag world!

Prefer Something to Ride On?

Want something to ride on while your sub wears it? Then it looks like you need a dildo gag! Here are a few options for you to feast your eyes on!

In and Out Penis Gag

In and Out Penis Gag - Prefer Something to Ride On?
The In and Out Penis Gag features a nice 6 inches long and 2 inches wide removable dildo that can be easily slid through the metal ring that sits over your subs mouth. It actually forces them to keep quiet while they pleasure you with the outwards facing dildo. Want to remove the dildo completely? Not a problem, simply unsnap it and take it out. It really does mean you have endless possibilities when it comes to your sexual satisfaction. And maybe your subs. Maybe.

Bondage Boutique Ball Gag with Dildo

Bondage Boutique Ball Gag with Dildo - Prefer Something to Ride On?
Combining the common ball gag with a 4.8 inches long flexible silicone dildo, the Bondage Boutique Ball Gag with Dildo is a great option for those that want to get freaky! The leather strap is adjustable and will hold it tightly in place. The dildo itself has been crafted for direct G-spot or P-spot pleasure, and the shaft features textures that will provide mind-blowing internal massages as you ride it. The Bondage Boutique Ball Gag with Dildo really does allow you to show your sub exactly who’s in charge!

The Accommodator Chin Strap Dildo

The Accommodator Chin Strap Dildo - Prefer Something to Ride On?
Okay, we’ll admit that the Accommodator Chin Strap Dildo might look a little weird, but it really does give you some naughty extras that the other face riding dildos don’t! It fits around your chin using stretchy and comfortable straps that will hold it in the perfect position. This toy frees up the subs mouth, meaning they can use their tongue to lick and stroke whatever part of your intimate anatomy that they can reach while you ride! Coming in at 5.5 inches long, this latex love length will feel nearly as good as your subs tongue does!

Penis Gag Safety

When using penis gags you’re going to want to make sure that you keep things as safe as possible. Here are a few hints and pointers that will hopefully help you understand what you need to think about while using these orgasmic oral objects!

Does the penis gag fit properly?

Does the penis gag fit properly? - Penis Gag Safety
Making sure you have a penis gag that fits on your subs face and in their mouth is important. If the penis is too small it won’t have any effect; if it’s too big it might cause them to choke and have a lot of negative effects. You need to listen to what your sub wants, needs and feels when it comes to the size of the penis gag they’re using!

Can your sub breathe?

Can your sub breathe? - Penis Gag Safety
It goes without saying that breathing is essential if you want to stay alive! Because penis gags go into the mouth and towards to throat, there is a risk that the penis may become lodged in the throat and choke them or stop them from breathing. Once the gag is in, make sure they’re comfortable and good to go before anything else happens!

Do you have a safety signal?

Do you have a safety signal? - Penis Gag Safety
Many times during BDSM play, couples have a safety word. This indicates that one of the participants wants to stop and take a break. Well when your sub has a penis gag in their mouth they can’t say anything, so having a safety signal is the next best idea. Choose something that you both understand and won’t be misinterpreted! And if your sub start’s to signal, DON’T IGNORE IT!

How to use penis gags?

If you or your sub wants to use a penis gag, it’s important that they do it safely! That’s why we’re going to go through some tips to keep things safe and keep everyone okay!

Make sure nothing will get in the way!

Make sure nothing will get in the way!

Because penis gags are strapped around the head and secured that way, it’s important to make sure any facial jewelry is removed. That includes earrings, nose rings, lip piercings, or anything that could get caught on the straps. After all, you don’t want a ring getting ripped out. They’re the only holes you DON’T want destroying!

Make sure you don't have a cold!

Make sure you don't have a cold!

Everyone knows that you breathe through your nose, but what do you do if you have a cold or your nose is otherwise blocked? You breathe through your mouth! Having a penis gag in there makes that pretty impossible, so never use penis gags if you have a cold or your nose is blocked up. Because after all, you don’t want to die!

Take a time out if you need it!

Take a time out if you need it!

Here at BedBible we’re all for having long, awesome sex sessions, BUT we also like to recommend taking a break every now and again! Remove the penis gag and allow your mouth, jaw, teeth, and tongue to relax for a while! It also gives you the opportunity to breathe completely uninhibitedly! Take a few mins to relax and rest before getting back into it again!

How to clean penis gags

Your penis gags are going to need a good clean after every use, but how do you do it? How on earth do you keep them clean, sterilized, and good to go each and every time that you need them? Well we've put together a few really useful resources that will help you keep your penis gags clean and ready to use!


Yes, providing you use them properly! Make sure you read up on exactly how you use these kinds of gags, and follow the manufacturer's instructions! If you do that, there's no reason why you won't have safe and naughty fun!

You can, but because they're not very long they might not leave you feeling too full. And if you do use them elsewhere, be sure to sanitize them when you're done. You don't want any gross or nasty surprises, smells, or tastes when the time comes for it to go back in your mouth!

In this review you'll notice that we have linked to a shop where you can buy every penis gag that we've talked about. We only work with the best, most reputable sex toy sellers out there, so you can shop in confidence that you're dealing with professionals!

What are penis gags?

Penis gags are a kind of BDSM toy that is characterized by a dildo or penis like toy that is put into the mouth to keep the sub quiet. It can be secured with a strap or harness around the subs head, meaning that it won't come loose and that they can't easily remove it. Both subs and doms can enjoy penis gags: the sub will enjoy having their mouth filled up with such a sexual object, while the dom will enjoy the sight of their sub being kept quiet while they use them in whatever other way they want!

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