The 8 Best Pornstar Dildos for Fans to Fulfill Their Fantasies

   Josh Gill
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Manuel Ferrara Silicone Dildo with Balls

 Manuel Ferrara

  • Can't resist Manuel Ferrara's fantastic phallus
  • Love a longer, uncircumcised foreskin
  • Want a very high quality pornstar dildo

Manuel Ferrara

  • Prefer a fully circumcised cock
  • Aren't a fan of Manuel Ferrara's work
  • Are looking for a vibrating dildo

If you’re looking for a real man, look no further than Manuel Ferrara and his lifelike dildo. It feels so good, you might just give up on the real thing. Just like his real cock, Manuel’s dildo is girthy with just the right amount of length to fulfill your needs over and over again. Made with the highest quality, platinum cured silicone. The base of this dildo includes a silicone plug that may be removed to insert the Fleshjack Dildo Suction Cup for hands-free fun, or any of the Fleshlight Dildo Handles! These dildos will also accommodate Vac-U-Lock style plugs.

  • Looks realistic
  • Uncircumcised
  • Suction cup base

  • Some may not like uncircumcised look
  • No additional functions
Manuel Ferrara
Length8 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
Width2.1 inches

There are doubtlessly countless numbers of Manuel Ferrara fans out there, and I can see why they will love his Silicone Dildo with Balls so much. Cast directly from the pornstar himself, it is intricately detailed and made out of extremely high-quality materials. I love how genuinely lifelike it is! Another thing that really sets this bad boy apart, is that it is semi-circumcised; now completely cut, but not with excess foreskin. It’s something a little different that some people will absolutely enjoy using. I understand how some people may find the Manuel Ferrara Silicone Dildo with Balls design to be a little off-putting, but I guess that comes down to personal preference. You even have the option of attaching it to a flat surface and riding it, as it has a strong suction cup base, too!

2 Jeff Stryker

Jeff Stryker Realistic Vac-U-Lock Dildo

 Jeff Stryker

  • Like a nicely curved cock
  • Have dreamed of enjoying Jeff Stryker's sausage
  • Need it to have a strong suction cup

Jeff Stryker

  • Need a straighter cock
  • Are looking for a higher quality dildo
  • Want a firmer dildo to play with

Jeff Stryker’s big schlong-a-dong is all yours to jump onto for the ride of your life. Cast directly from the porn star’s big cock and balls, and made from real feel Ultraskyn, it comes with a Vac-U-Lock plug for compatibility with Vac-U-Lock harnesses. Made of skin-like Ultraskyn, realism is second to none – just check out the veins in the thick, erect shaft, blushing pink head, and jiggling, textured balls. It feels incredibly real, too – even more so if you soak it in warm water before play to bring it up to room temperature.

  • Nice curve to it
  • Realistically textured
  • Lifelike looks

  • Low quality
  • Too curved for some
Jeff Stryker
Length7.5 inches
Insertable length7 inches

The Jeff Stryker Realistic Vac-U-Lock Dildo is certainly an interesting-looking pornstar dildo. With its curved shape and detailed texture, it’s certainly a sight to behold. It feels pretty realistic and can even be submerged for a little fun in the bath or the shower. Unfortunately, the quality of the Jeff Stryker Realistic Vac-U-Lock Dildo is pretty low. Also the curve may be too much for some people to handle, and you can’t really get into a good groove with it. And to top it all off, the suction cup is not the strongest. You may enjoy this pornstar dildo, and if you do then more power to you, but in my opinion there are probably better options out there.

3 Jason Luv

Jason Luv Ultraskyn Cock Brown Dildo

 Jason Luv

  • Like the idea of using a big black cock
  • Are in love with Jason Luv as a pornstar
  • Want to be able to mount it to a wall

Jason Luv

  • Need something a little smaller
  • Don't want to use the suction cup base
  • Need something a little more affordable

Feel the Luv ten massive inches of it, molded directly from the erect cock of porn star Jason Luv. We captured every ridge, vein, and detail in life like Ultraskyn for the most realistic experience imaginable, and included a removable Vac-U-Lock suction cup for hands-free fun.

  • Long and large
  • Feels fantastic
  • Premium materials

  • Some may find it overly large
  • Pretty expensive
Jason Luv
Length10 inches
Insertable length8 inches
Width2 inches

The Jason Luv Ultraskyn Cock Brown Dildo is one for those who want something a little bigger and more monstrous than usual. It is a large and flexible dildo made out of a surprisingly realistic TPE. The dimensions are plus-sized, and it certainly offers a wide stretch as it plunges deeper into you than most other dildos in this review. I can see that some people may struggle with the size of the Jason Luv Ultraskyn Cock Brown Dildo, as it is a larger-sized pornstar dildo. It might not be the best starting place for beginners to the world of these toys. Also, there’s not much to do with it beyond riding it using the suction cup wall mount, which itself isn’t the strongest. Still, it works well enough and feels great.

4 Jax Slayher

Jax Slayher Ultraskyn Cock With Removable Suction Cup

 Jax Slayher

  • Want a cock that will fill you up
  • Have always wanted to let Jax Slayher slay ya!
  • Want a dildo with lifelike textures

Jax Slayher

  • Want something a little less challenging
  • Don't like the look of this dildo
  • Prefer dildos that move or vibrate

Isiah Maxwell famously went from intern to international porn star, and now his award-winning 10-inch cock is all yours. This product is molded directly from the real thing in lifelike dual-density Ultraskyn, capturing Isiah’s signature curved shaft and throbbing veins. This patented material perfectly captures every detail, mimics the unique feel of real skin, and warms to body temperature with use. Make your porn star fantasy come true tonight!

  • Dual-density
  • Very long
  • Great for advanced users

  • Could go too deep for some
  • Not for beginners
Jax Slayher
Length10 inches
Insertable length9 inches
Width2 inches

The Jax Slayher Ultraskyn Cock With Removable Suction Cup is a long and filling pornstar dildo that will plunge deep inside of you and leave you in no doubt that you are being dominated! I absolutely love how this dildo includes balls, yet you can still be penetrated by nearly every single inch of its overall length. The texture of this dildo is also something to behold too, having a soft outer layer, while the inner layer is harder and more solid, perfectly replicating the looks and feel of a real cock. Now, much like the Jason Luv Ultraskyn Cock Brown Dildo that I just talked about, the Jax Slayher Ultraskyn Cock With Removable Suction Cup is large and may prove to be too much of a beast for some more amateur users to enjoy. Make sure that you can handle a pornstar dildo of this size before committing to buy it!

5 Bam

Bam Black Realistic Vac-U-Lock Large Cock

 Bam Black Cock

  • Want an extra large pornstar dildo
  • Love to use the vac-u-lock feature
  • Need a carry bag included
  • Don't mind the low quality

Bam Black Cock

  • Are only a beginner to pornstar dildos
  • Prefer dual-density dildos
  • Want a fully-attached suction cup base

Have your very own Bam in your bedroom with this big, thick, and veiny dildo cast directly from the porn superstar himself. Plunge onto Bam’s massive ebony member using the strong Vac-U-Lock base for hands-free play. If you want a truly filling realistic dildo that gives amazing sensations as it slides inside you, this huge and lifelike sex toy is for you. Stick its Vac-U-Lock base to any hard, flat surface for an ultra-intense ride. Slick with lashings of lube for enhanced sensations.

  • Large size
  • Great stretch
  • Perfect for more intermediate to advanced users

  • Not for beginners
  • Thick girth may be too much for some to handle
Bam Black Cock
Length13.5 inches
Insertable length10 inches
Width2.7 inches

If you want something absolutely huge and chunky, then the Bam Black Realistic Vac-U-Lock Large Cock is one that will certainly tick those particular boxes. Designed to be like that ridiculously massive cock of Bam, it has been intricately designed to look just like the real thing. Texture-wise, it may be a little too solid and unrealistic for some, but that is only a minor thing. Sadly, the thing that really pulls the Bam Black Realistic Vac-U-Lock Large Cock down is the low quality. It is made from PVC – a material that I would personally try to avoid at all costs when it comes to sex toys due to how it can be harmful. The high price does not reflect that low cost. The size is also going to intimidate a lot of people, even those with some experience of pornstar dildos!

6 Black Thunder

Black Thunder Realistic Vac-U-Lock Dildo

 Black Thunder

  • Want to stimulate your G-spot or P-spot
  • Would like Black Thunder to rock your world
  • Want a relatively affordable pornstar dildo

Black Thunder

  • Need a more high quality dildo
  • Are happy to pay a little more for something else
  • Don't want such a curved dildo

Bring your penetration fantasies to life with this ultra-thick, ultra-long dildo molded directly from porn star Black Thunder’s cock and balls. With a veined shaft and uniquely curved length, it’s perfectly shaped to pleasure you like no other.  The next best thing to enjoying the man himself in your bedroom, this huge dildo boasts all the creases and details of Black Thunder’s penis. Excitingly fat, heavy, and slightly flexible, his trademark curve gives you totally filling G-spot pleasure and P-spot stimulation.

  • Great size
  • Fantastic looks
  • G/P-spot pleasing curve

  • Could be too curved for some
  • Pretty low quality
Black Thunder
Length12 inches
Insertable length9 inches
Width2.22 inches

The Black Thunder Realistic Vac-U-Lock Dildo really is a force of nature that some will love, while others may not appreciate it. It is ridiculously large and will prove to be difficult for some to use. Also, it is a little overly hard, which also may put some people off. With that being said if you can handle it, the Black Thunder Realistic Vac-U-Lock Dildo is going to feel great as it slides in you. You’ll feel each and every vein as you take more and more. Personally, I think it’s a little too large, but what do I know?! It has a good curve to it too, which will help the tip hit the perfect spot. However, there are those that will struggle with the curve and may find it to be a little irritating and uncomfortable. Of course, because it is made out of PVC, I would recommend maybe searching for something a little bit higher quality.

7 Shane Diesel

Shane Diesel Dual Density Dildo

 Shane Diesel

  • Want a very textured pornstar dildo
  • Need a toy that will give you a challenge
  • Love the feel of high-quality silicone
  • Have ever fantasised about Shane Diesel's delightful dong

Shane Diesel

  • Want a smoother and less textured dildo
  • Need something thinner to be able to ride

Shane Diesel – the man, the legend, the cock!! Now in dual density realistic silicone. Enjoy this exact replica of Shane’s massive cock and let your fantasies become a reality. Suitable with all lubricants.

  • Highly textured
  • Nice and large
  • Top quality

  • Too textured for some
  • Size may be a challenge
Shane Diesel
Length10.75 inches
Insertable length8.5 inches
Width2.1 inches

If textures and superior sensations are an important thing to you, then the Shane Diesel Dual Density Dildo is going to feel fantastic! The design is amazing, and I love the super prominent veins and lumps and bumps up and down the shaft. It will certainly make for a very stimulating ride! The length is very long, and the width is nothing to be sniffed at, making this one of the largest pornstar dildos out there. Now, I will say that this may be too much of an extreme dildo for some people, and if you’re not used to such large and stimulating dildos, then you may want to look elsewhere. I can’t knock the quality of the Shane Diesel Dual Density Dildo, though. The silicone both looks and feels premium, and will be a delight to both look at and use.

8 Dick Rambone

Dick Rambone Black Cock

 Dick Rambone

  • Need an extra long dildo to go deep inside you
  • Have ever wanted to be rammed by the bone of Dick Rambone
  • Want a dildo with an attached suction cup base

Dick Rambone

  • Prefer Vac-u-lock suction cup bases
  • Don't need something quite as long and intimidating
  • Prefer the feel of premium quality silicone

A dildo so heavy it has its own gravitational field, a massive 13.5 inches of black cock await anyone brave enough to take on its deeply veined challenge. Balls with a suction base add to the self-satisfying features this awesome cock has to offer. Born in 1957, Dick Rambone starred in more than 20 adult movies, including Rambone Does Hollywood, Rambone The Destroyer and the inexplicably Oscar-overlooked Rambone Meets The Double Penetrators.

  • Extra long
  • Flexible
  • Suction cup base

  • Too long for some to handle
  • Not made of silicone
Dick Rambone
Length17 inches
Insertable length13.5 inches
Width2.1 inches

The Dick Rambone Black Cock is big and long. I cannot overstate that enough! It is BIGGGG and LONGGG! The design of it will go nice and deep, and no matter how much of a dildo expert you are, you’ll certainly find this bad boy to be a challenge. It’s not for beginners. In many respects, it’s a fantastically advanced dildo, but then on the other hand, it is one that I would recommend caution with. You see, the main problem with the Dick Rambone Black Cock is that it is made of PVC – a less-than-ideal material when it comes to pornstar dildos. Sure, the price is good, and the design is certainly mighty and intimidating, but you really have to weigh up whether it’s worth splashing out on a dildo that is not up to the high standards that you deserve.

Make A Dildo Mold of Your Own Favorite Penis

Store-bought pornstar dildos are all well and good, but what about if you want to make a dildo of your own? Well, there are kits out there that allow you to cast and mould a dildo of your own (or your partner’s) cock! Here are three cock copying examples!

Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Molding Kit Medium Skin Tone

Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Molding Kit Medium Skin Tone - Make A Dildo Mold of Your Own Favorite Penis
The best present a guy or gal could ask for? A unique replica of their lover’s penis! Create an erotic gift that keeps on giving with the Clone-A-Willy kit. Inside is everything you need to build a cast of your penis and turn it into a buzzing vibrator. This innovative penis molding kit, with special algae-based powder, sets quickly to capture every detail of your dong for maximum realism.

Clone-A-Willy and Balls Vibrator Molding Kit

Clone-A-Willy and Balls Vibrator Molding Kit - Make A Dildo Mold of Your Own Favorite Penis
Reunite your 3 musketeers in vibrating silicone form with Clone-A-Willy’s premium kit, which has an added ball bowl for tip-to-stem replication. Do your member justice by casting its full length and 2 veg, for prouder sizing and better stimulation in use. With everything you need to create a completely body-safe platinum-cure silicone realistic vibrator, this is a giggle-a-minute project and a unique shared experience.

Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Create Your Own Penis Molding Kit

Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Create Your Own Penis Molding Kit - Make A Dildo Mold of Your Own Favorite Penis
With everything you’ll need to take a cast of your or your lover’s penis, this kit will help you recreate every detail of your favorite schlong in soft silicone for maximum realism. Once you’ve made your mold, simply mix and pour in the platinum-cure silicone solution, insert the vibrator and allow it to set. To set the strong vibrations in motion, simply unscrew the base, insert 1 x AA battery, and get ready to play!

How to use pornstar dildos

You might look at a pornstar dildo and find yourself wondering how exactly you use it. Well, you’re in luck, because I’m here to talk you through getting the most out of these meticulously moulded manhoods! So let’s get to it!

Choose the perfect pornstar dildo for you!

Choose the perfect pornstar dildo for you!

With so many pornstar dildos out there, it can be kind of confusing when deciding which one is for you! Do you have a particular pornstar that you love? Or a certain type of cock that you’ve always wanted to experience? Thinking about these things will help narrow down your pornstar dildo selection!

Lubrication is key!

Lubrication is key!

Lubrication is one of the most important things to use with most sex toys. It keeps things sliding and gliding smoothly along. Make sure that you coat not only your pornstar dildo, but also whichever hole you choose to explore, with a good water-based lube in order to keep things as friction-free as possible!

Experiment and have fun!

Experiment and have fun!

Now you’re lubed up, it’s your time to shine and have some fun! Experiment with different ways of using the pornstar dildo. Experiment and try things that you might only ever have dreamed of. There are no limits and no one is judging! Just keep things safe and have a lot of fun!

How to clean pornstar dildos

Keeping your pornstar dildos clean is extra important, considering where they go! You need to sanitize them in order to keep things hygienic and safe. So, with that in mind, here is a little handy guide on how to keep your pornstar dildos (and all of your sex toys, for that matter) in tip-top condition!


Anyone! Man, woman, gay, straight, and anything and everything in between! If you want to enjoy the use of a pornstar dildo, then these are the perfect toys for you! They don't discriminate, and they're ready to please everyone!

No - but a lot of them do! The chances are that if you have a favorite male porn star, they'll have a dildo moulded from their very cock!

I would always recommend going for a water-based lubrication for a variety of reasons. Not only is it body safe and won't cause any kind of damage to your toys, but it can also be easily cleaned and won't leave any sticky residue!

Right here, by following the links in my post! Bedbible prides itself on working with the best and most reputable sex toy shops out there, so you can be sure that when you click on the links you'll be directed somewhere respected and well-loved!

What are pornstar dildos?

Pornstar dildos are dildos made to look just like the real cocks or real pornstars! In most cases, they have been moulded directly from the pornstar themselves, meaning that each and every little detail is accurate! Talk about a lifelike experience!

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