The 5 Best Sex Blankets for Mess-Free Fun

   Josh Gill
In today’s review I’m going to dive into 5 of the best sex blankets available. I’ve got full-sized, luxurious waterproof sex blankets as well as smaller, budget-friendly sex throws for fun wherever you go! I’ve even got a few cheeky hints, tips, and resources to help you make the most out of your sex blanket and choose the perfect one for you!
1 Test Winner

Liberator Fascinator Throw Moisture-Proof Sensual Blanket

 Liberator Moisture-Proof Sensual Blanket

  • are a heavy squirter
  • are into watersports
  • just like a mess-free bed

Liberator Moisture-Proof Sensual Blanket

  • are low on funds
  • don't need it
  • don't squirt much

This waterproof sex blanket is the perfect accompaniment for those who love a wet, wild ride in the sheets, but dry sheets when it’s time to sleep. Keep your bedding, living room furniture and floors dry with this portable throw that can go anywhere you do! It’s reversible/two-sided and made of a plush faux velvet material that feels luxurious against your skin while still protecting you and your sheets from mess! Thought you couldn’t have sex on grandma’s old Chesterfield? Think again! Just throw down and then get down.

  • soft faux velvet cover
  • machine washable
  • inner moisture barrier

  • material is very soft and slippery
  • takes a long time to air dry
  • very heavy and large
Liberator Moisture-Proof Sensual Blanket
Materials100% polyester 'velvish'
Width54 inches
Length72 inches

Though $100+ is a lot to spend on a waterproof sex blanket, for some people, it’s a literal necessity! If waterports, squirting, tons of lube or semen everywhere is your idea of a great time, then you definitely need the Liberator Fascinator in your life (and on your bed, sofa, armchair, etc). It’s also a really great option if you enjoy period sex or want to protect your sheets during anal sex!

2 Cheapest

Fascinator Throw Mini

 Fascinator Throw Mini

  • Want a sex blanket for on the go
  • Need a blanket for light squirting
  • Want to avoid the wet spot after sex
  • Want a small blanket for anal or period sex

Fascinator Throw Mini

  • Are a heavy squirter
  • Want to play with larger amounts of liquid

This Mini Throw from Liberator shows that good things really can come in small packages! This waterproof sex blanket is the perfect answer to the eternal fight over the wet spot and is also small enough to pop in your bag for fun on the go! Made of deliciously soft, microvelvet, this blanket is kind to both your skin and your bedsheets!

  • Cheaper than a full-size blanket
  • Travel-friendly
  • Beautifully soft

  • Only protects a small area
  • Cannot take as much liquid
Fascinator Throw Mini
Length36 inches
Width26 inches
MaterialsMicrovelvet - 100% polyester

Although this is much smaller than the full-size blanket, it still does a great job of protecting your sheets against smaller amounts of liquid and it has the benefit of being cheaper and easier to pack in your bag for a sexy get away! This is a great option for those who only squirt a little, want to avoid the wet spot or want a protective layer for period or anal sex.

3 Bedsheets

Sheets of San Francisco Fluid-proof Fitted Sheet

 Sheets of SF fluid-proof sheet

  • want permanent wet-proof sheets
  • love luxurious bedsheets
  • want to keep your mattress clean

Sheets of SF fluid-proof sheet

  • have a tight budget
  • want a blanket rather than sheets
  • prefer soft, velvety material

While there are people out there who may never have considered a fluid-proof bedsheet set, this one is for the true pervs among us! Crafted from double-thick, super soft polyurethane, it has 10″ deep pockets to fit even the fluffiest mattress. Simply put the fitted water-proof sheet on your mattress, have tons of filthy, wet fun, then throw in the washer and dryer! Of course, the sheets can be used to top sofas, fabric car seats or even laid on the carpet or hardwood floor as a protective layer. Available in four sizes, the sheet can also be bought as a set, with Sheets of San Francisco water-proof pillowcases and water-proof throw.

  • 10" deep pockets
  • available in four sizes
  • soft polyurethane material

  • material can be slick
  • price is quite high
  • may encourage too much filthy fun
Sheets of SF fluid-proof sheet
Lengthstandard US sizing inches
Widthstandard US sizing inches
Materialsengineered polyurethane

While they are certainly a big investment, for those whose sexual activities run the gamut from dry as ice to wet as an otter’s pocket, it’s absolutely worth it. Paired with the pillowcases and throw, the whole set makes for a fun, sexy anniversary, birthday or Christmas present. Now get ’em on, and get wet! One thing to keep in mind is that while these sheets are waterproof, they aren’t absorbent so liquid will pool on top. If you prefer something absorbent, you should go with one of the fluffy sex blankets in the review.


The Layer Organic Fleece Sex Blanket & Sheet Protector

 The Layer Organic Sex Blanket

  • only get moderately wet and messy
  • want a travel-friendly option
  • love a bargain

The Layer Organic Sex Blanket

  • need full bed coverage
  • don't like circular blankets

The Layer Organic Fleece Sex Blanket & Sheet Protector is an absolute winner for your splashy splash needs! It’s the most cost-effective sex blanket on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s skipped out on quality. The two-sided blanket is covered in soft organic cotton fleece material with a water-proof barrier in between. It can withstand 300 washes, so may not be a forever blanket, but hey, that’s a few years’ worth of mess-free fun! The touch of Lycra in the cotton fleece means that it’s slightly stretchy to move with you, rather than pulling at your skin. This is one of the best buys on our list.

  • organic cotton fleece
  • lovely round shape
  • machine washable and dryable
  • great for travel

  • only good for 300 washes
  • only comes in one colour
  • doesn't cover the whole bed
The Layer Organic Sex Blanket
Diameter40 inches

What can we say about this blanket, it’s amazing. It is made of organic materials and is easy to keep clean. Unfortunately it is only got for around 300 washes, meaning that it will eventually start to ware out. However, in that time you will have had plenty of fun with it (and on it)! It is smaller than the Liberator Fascinator, so if things tend to get very wet and messy, you are better off spending a bit more for a full-sized blanket. It is, however, a great and affordable option if you want to add an amazing sex blanket to your bedroom arsenal.


Sheets of San Francisco Fluid-proof Protective Throw

 Sheets of San Francisco Fluid-proof Throw

  • want a throw for when you throw down
  • are a freak but a neat freak too
  • want to cover a large surface area

Sheets of San Francisco Fluid-proof Throw

  • prefer a velvety blanket
  • want a choice of colors
  • don't like the feel of rubber

This fluid-proof protective throw is just what the sex doctor ordered! While it’s on the more spendy side of the sex toy scale, it’s a luxury item that have the squirter in your life feeling loads more comfortable when they’re finished (if they’re ever finished!). It’s breathable yet water-proof and has a luxury feel on your skin, despite keeping the liquid at bay. It can be taken anywhere and laid down and then wiped down or thrown in the washing machine (we recommend the latter). Watersports and lube friendly, this is one for the sex history books.

  • smooth, seam-free surface
  • two-ply thickness
  • cool polyurethane material

  • material can be a bit cold
  • slippy and slidey
  • expensive price point
Sheets of San Francisco Fluid-proof Throw
Length100 inches
Width84 inches
Materialsengineered polyurethane

The perfect accompaniment for all your soaking wet filthy activities, the Sheets of San Francisco Fluid-proof Protective Throw is a gorgeous little number just waiting to be unboxed and thrown all over the house – just like you will be! Unlike the other sex throws in this review, this one isn’t fluffy. Instead, it has a more rubbery finish to it, so if you have a rubber or latex fetish, this might appeal to you more! It also means that any liquid stays pooled on top of the sheet rather than being absorbed as it is with the Liberator blankets. This can be a plus for those who enjoy wet and messy play with the liquids but can also mean you need to mop up the liquid with a towel or something when cleaning up!  

When You Want to Get Really Messy

Sometimes a little sheet just won’t do. If you’re planning on getting REALLY messy you’re going to need something a little bigger. Here’s one of the most awesome options out there!

Shots Fist It Inflatable Play Sheet

Shots Fist It Inflatable Play Sheet - When You Want to Get Really Messy
These hilarious little accessory to your sex life is literally like a giant inflatable rectangular hot tub. It’s the length of a 6’1″ man, so should suit most users fine when lying down, and it has walls meaning you can slip and slide all over this in a sexy pool of delight. It comes with its own lube, so get as messy as you can!

Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean

Part of owning a sex toy is keeping it clean. Granted, it’s not the most fun part, but it’s still essential if you want to keep them sanitized and hygienic. So let’s take a look at some products to keep your sex toys clean!

Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner

Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner - Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean
Lovehoney comes out with a lot of sexy products, but one of the most essential one is its Fresh Toy Cleaner. With its spray top, you can simply spritz it all over your toys while cleaning them, and it will help keep them not only bacteria and germ free, but also smelling fresh!

Lovehoney Lockable Sex Toy Case

Lovehoney Lockable Sex Toy Case - Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean
Part of keeping your sex toys clean is keeping them properly stored away. The Lovehoney Lockable Sex Toy Case is a large case where you can hide away your naughty toys accessories once you’ve cleaned them. And what makes it even better is that it is lockable, meaning that no one is going to be able to accidentally open it and find your sexy stash!

Quick Comparison of the Best Sex Blankets

Not sure which is the sex throw for all your wet and messy needs, let me give you a quick comparison of the vital stats to make it easier! So the biggest sex blanket in the review is the Sheets of San Francisco Fluid-Proof Throw, making this a great option for those who need FULL coverage! I would also recommend it to those who prefer the feel of soft rubber over fluffy blankets or like playing in the liquid as it pools on top of these sheets. If you prefer a sex blanket thats big, soft, and absorbent, the Liberator Fascinator is the way to go! The cheapest sex throw in the review is the Liberator Mini Throw, closely followed by The Layer Sex Blanket. If you are on a budget or only need to protect a small area of the bed, these are the way to go! I also love these for travelling with.    

Easy Sex Blanket Alternatives

Sometimes you need a sex blanket and…damn, you don’t have one! Nightmare! You’re going to have to improvise, but with what…? Well let’s take a look at two great alternatives to sex blankets that most people will have lying around the house!

Bathroom towels

Bathroom towels - Easy Sex Blanket Alternatives
Bathroom towels are a great alternative to professionally manufactured products. Easy to grab from the bathroom, you can just lay them where you need to and throw them in the washing machine when you’re done!

Waterproof pet blanket

Waterproof pet blanket - Easy Sex Blanket Alternatives
A lot of people have pets, which means a lot of people have waterproof pet blankets lying around! Ideal, if you need a sex blanket and you’re in a bit of a pinch! Waterproof pet blankets do essentially the same task as sex blankets – they keep liquids from going all over the place. Which means they make a great alternative sex blanket if you’re in need of one!

How to use a sex blanket

Sex throws are not the most complicated sex accessory in the world to use, but it’s still definitely worth going through how to use them! After all, a little refresher never hurt anyone! In fact, it’s as east as 1, 2, 3!

Literally just lay it down!

Literally just lay it down!

Spread the sheet out on whatever surface you’re going to be getting naughty on. Whether it’s a bed, a chair, the floor, or even the dining room table, sex blankets are designed not to look out of place and be as comfortable as possible!

Finished? Now clean it!

Finished? Now clean it!

Once you’ve finished you need to clean your sex blanket. Doing so is a fairly simple process, and we’ve delved a little deeper into that in the ‘How to clean a sex blanket’ a little further down this post. It’s as simple as that!

And that's it!

And that's it!

You’re all done! We told you it was simple! Sex blankets aren’t there to be over-thought about. They’re there to do a job and be super useful and functional sex accessories!  And that’s why we love ’em!

How to clean a sex blanket

Cleaning sex blankets is important because you're going to want to be able to use them over and over again. So how do you keep them sanitized, fresh, and good to go the next time you need them? Most sex blankets are machine washable, but you should always check the manufacturer's instructions.


It all depends on what sex blanket you get. Some are fairly small and cover a limited area, but you can get others that are bigger and more expansive. Always check the measurements before you buy!

Sex blankets won't stay waterproof forever as over time, washing and drying can damage the waterproof layer. However, careful cleaning and drying will extend the life of your sex blanket so always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Many sex throws can be washed in the machine but always check the instructions with your blanket to make sure you don't damage it.

sex blanket

A sex blanket is an item that helps protect your bed or sofa (or any surface) during sex. They are great for squirting, period sex, anal sex, watersports or when using oils or lube. They are made of materials that are easy to clean and maintain, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are designed to absorb any fluids and not look out of place when laid out on a bed (or wherever you might need to use a sex blanket)! And once done they are easy enough to clean, ensuring that they can be used over and over again.

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