The 10 Best Sexual Card Games to Spice Things Up With Your Partner

   Cecilia Jørgensen
1 Test Winner

All Night Love Affair Dice And Card Game

 All Night Love Affair

  • Seek to improve intimacy in the bedroom
  • Would like to be reactive to the card instructions instead of being proactive yourself
  • Enjoy a competitive aspect

All Night Love Affair

  • Only want a deck of cards
  • Want complex sex positions

This game builds up arousal, and with 3 different categories, it prepares you for an all-night love affair! Our test winner comes with 1 dice and 96 action cards. The categories cover sensual touch, intimate touch, and intercourse. The dice determine which instruction you follow, and after you’ve both had 5 turns, a Love Affair card is in play! (The one with the intercourse part). The rules say the first person to draw a Love Affair card wins, but can you really lose this game? I don’t think so.

  • Suitable for more than two players
  • Cards lean toward general body touches rather than gendered (penis, vagina etc.)
  • It comes with cards split in 3 categories and two dices
  • The winner gets to act out the winning card

  • There's no assisting toys included for blindfold etc.
  • Some of the intercourse positions are too simple for some
All Night Love Affair
MaterialsDeck of cards: 96; Categories: 3; Dices: 2

With instructions ranging from slow naked dances to sexual blindfolds; this All Night Love Affair is the perfect sexy couples card game! The categories are diverse, and the descriptions aren’t the most precise which gives you room for customizing to your wants and needs. I’d say it’s a sex card game for both beginners and intermediate users. What I mean is, the instructions don’t go in radical kink directions but rather sensuality and togetherness.

2 Cheapest

Sex! Card Game


  • Are in a heterosexual relationship
  • Don't mind the stereotypical woman/man illustrations
  • Enjoy a good build-up to intercourse
  • Would like to build a fantasy with your partner


  • Don't want woman/man illustrations
  • Want to play as a polyamourous group

The Sex! Card game makes room for emotional bonding, intense foreplay, and exploring various positions. Sounds like a very sexy couple card game, right? The game is divided into 5 categories by colors; red, orange, yellow, white, and blue. Red is warm and blue is scorching. All colors correspond to the standard heat scale. There are 3 game-play categories; Lover’s Libido, Fortuner Teller, and Ultimate. The categories allow sensual freedom from sharing likes/dislikes to co-creating a sexual fantasy.

  • Great for those who prefer visual assistance
  • Let's you build a fantasy together
  • 3 main categories to switch between
  • Cheapest

  • Gendered visualizations may not appeal to some couples
  • Difficult for poly couples unless you'd like to innovate the visual instructions
MaterialsDeck of cards: 50; Categories: 3; Fantasy Card: 1

This is a wonderful option for the couple duo who wants to explore their shared fantasies whilst strengthening emotional intimacy sexually. It’s not an inherently freaky card game, but it does cater to unleashing fantasies involving intercourse and oral play. And should you need it, I hereby give you our guide on how to eat pussy. Another piece of information is that it’s the cheapest game I’ve found. I also found predominantly positive reviews from customers. I did rate the design 60 because I don’t appreciate the gendered visualizations.

3 Get Talking

Sex Talk Couples Game

 Sex Talk

  • Seek to strengthen erotic intelligence either solo or together
  • Want a gender neutral sex game
  • Prefer your own imagination over instructions

Sex Talk

  • Prefer verbal or visual instructions on sexual acts
  • Don't enjoy talking about sex

The Sex Talk game has 69 questions (genius), and in my opinion, an aesthetically pleasing design. The questions are deliberately designed to suit lovers in any relationship state and are focused on connection through verbalization. The basis of the questions is build-up, so you can do it in numerical order for if you want a start/finish process. You can also do it your own way, and choose the cards to your liking. The questions are non-gendered making this game suitable for all genders, identities, relationship styles, and sexual orientations.

  • Open-ended questions
  • Gender neutral questions
  • Gives you the opportunity to verbalize your desires
  • Great for shared intimacy

  • Can be overwhelming if you're not used to communicating desires and fantasies
  • More expensive than other games
Sex Talk
MaterialsDeck of cards: 69; Other: 2 Latex Condoms

I absolutely love this one! I love the color red with the simple white text. From the cards I’ve read, I really adore the open-ended questions, cause it makes it easy to really tap into your own ideas, understand your erogenous zones, and express your sexual desires! Another reason why I’m such a fan is that it’s also great for solo discovering or reflections. If you’re hesitant about sex games, or having issues figuring out your own wants, I’d really recommend this one.  

4 Dirty Talk

Lovehoney Oh! Talk Dirty Playing Cards

 Lovehoney Oh! Talk Dirty

  • Want to practise your dirty talk skills
  • Enjoy sexual communication
  • Struggle with dirty talk and would like assisting instructions

Lovehoney Oh! Talk Dirty

  • Prefer dirty talk with no guidance
  • Are looking for advanced, kinky instructions

Free your mind, follow the instructions, and experience explicit expressions of desires! There’s even a little “How-to” guide for those who are nervous about talking dirty. Talk Dirty is a freaky card game that gets you in tune with what you and your partner(s) wish for! The game is structured so you start by verbalizing “lighter” desires first. It basically encourages you to go through an entire foreplay/intercourse action. There are also a few blank cards for letting the imagination run free!

  • Great range of suggestions/sentences
  • Card values provide a nice framework
  • Can be played by all genders and relationship types

  • Some of the actions may not be suitable for all people
  • May not be kinky enough for advanced kinksters
Lovehoney Oh! Talk Dirty
MaterialsDeck of cards: 52; Game Play Suggestions; 3

Lovehoney Oh! Dirty Talk is a great sex card deck choice if you want to share fantasies. It’s very intimate as it have you taking turns and the assisted sentences help you verbalize wants without judgment. I rated the design 85 because some customer reviews say that the cards can be too novice. However, if you’re a beginner or someone who thinks dirty talk is difficult, I would definitely recommend this. If you want to go all the way with dirty talk, you can include some tips from our guide on how to spice up your sex life.

5 Bondage

50 Positions of Bondage Cards

 50 Positions

  • Want detailed instructions
  • Are new to bondage
  • Enjoy the dominant/submissive roles

50 Positions

  • Aren't in a heterosexual relationship
  • Won't accept gendered biases
  • Don't want to buy assisting bondage tools
  • Don't want to use tools from your home (scarf, rope etc.)

Looking to add a dash of kink with light bondage? Then this is for you! This sex game has got 50 positions, instructions, and woman/man visuals. If you or your partner is either Spanish, French, or German-speaking, you’re in for a treat cause the cards display instructions in 4 languages (English as well). Some reviews say this is a must-have for bondage beginners! I dare you to explore dominance, submission, or both with this kinky card game.

  • Great for bondage beginners
  • 50 positions of play, oral and intercourse
  • Kinky, well-thought-out positions
  • Uses BDSM speech, e.g. 'slave'

  • Gendered in both language and pictures
  • Doesn't come with restraints or other assistance
  • Uses BDSM speech, e.g. 'slave'
50 Positions
MaterialsDeck of cards: 50

This game is suitable for beginners who are curious about exploring bondage. I’d recommend you purchase BDSM-related tools or a kinky sex toy, otherwise, the game is simply sex positions unless you get creative using scarfs, etc. I contradict the customer reviews a bit by rating the design 70. My reasoning is based on the cards’ design. I especially dislike the gendered demands like ‘She reads’ making the assumption that ‘she’ is the slave in the dynamic.

6 Roleplay

Lovehoney Oh! 52 Weeks of Role Play

 Lovehoney Oh! Role Play

  • Enjoy or are curious about roleplay
  • Would like instructions for roleplay scenarios
  • Are looking to get flirty with your partner

Lovehoney Oh! Role Play

  • Don't enjoy sexual roleplay

Lovehoney, I must say Oh! I’m calling all the curious, adventurous people out there, I’ve found the perfect sexual card game for you. And the instruction cards are so cute and exciting with the ‘peel and reveal’ design. There are 52 cards, and if you play out once a week, you’ll get a year’s worth of roleplay scenarios. Not too bad, right? The roles vary from nurse to pirate and the instruction cards will define which setting you perform.

  • Detailed instructions
  • Peel and reveal cards for additional excitement
  • Gender neutral roles

  • Some roles may not suit all bodies
Lovehoney Oh! Role Play
MaterialsDeck of cards: 52; Including: Scenario Tips

I think these cards are amazing as you get to mix and match scenarios and roles. And I really like that you have to open them up to see what’s inside. I rated an 85 in ease of use because some cards encourage specific costumes. If you prefer corresponding visuals, I’d recommend you take a look at these foreplay costumes. Another positive is that the cards seem to not imply gendered roles which make it ideal for all identities. Ay ay matey, get on board!

7 Oral

The Oral Sex Adventures Card Game

 The Oral Sex Card Game

  • Want to expand your oral skills
  • Seek to explore new ways to perform and receive oral sex
  • In need of fun foreplay ideas

The Oral Sex Card Game

  • Are a gay couple
  • Don't enjoy oral sex

Oral Sex Adventures gives you education and pleasure in just one game! It’s perfect for the heterosexual couple because the card deck is divided into 25 cards for vaginal pleasure and 25 for the penis. All cards come with a guide and a picture for you to visualize the scenario. And there are an additional 3 cards that offer 3 different ways to play this sexy card game! Prepare for an extensive oral adventure, and discover new methods to please and be pleased. For a little extra spice, I’d suggest getting an edible lube!

  • Creative ideas for oral pleasure
  • Great for foreplay
  • Fun way to learn about you and your partner(s) pleasure

  • Designed for woman/man relationships
  • Some positions are much alike
The Oral Sex Card Game
MaterialsDeck of cards: 50 (25 for her, 25 for him); Categories: 3

This game is super fun for exploring different ways to perform oral sex, especially for heterosexual couples! So if you’re stuck in the usual ways, or just curious about expanding your skills, I’d recommend the sexual playing cards. In the spirit of oral sex, I must suggest you take a look at the ultimate blowjob kit. If you’re a gay couple, there’s only going to be 25 options. But from what I currently know about gay sex, they do have a great amount of creativity, however, I think it would be frustrating having to throw half the card deck away.

8 Confessions

Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions Card Game

 Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions

  • Want a sexual game suitable for both sexual and social settings
  • Enjoy reflecting with the help of pre-set scenarios
  • Are into kink-related sex
  • Would like to understand your partners(') preferences

Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions

  • Are looking for an instruction-based sex card game
  • Don't mind a few tame questions

These kinky confessions offer a different take on adult sexual card games! Instead of instructions, you get two options and you have to choose which one you’d rather want. I think it’s a great way of figuring out your preferred dynamics, whilst also having the opportunity to explain why you choose that. The game leans toward a kinky style, so prepare to reflect on whether you want to tie up, or be tied up. I think a thigh sling would be a great idea in this scenario!

  • Suitable for up to 5 players
  • Fun, sexy scenarios
  • Great way to uncover preferences

  • Few of the cards are similar
  • Too novice for advanced kinksters
Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions
MaterialsDeck of cards: 52; Players: 2-5

If you’re considering whether to buy a sexy card game or not, I’d say this one is a great starter! It gets you talking, reflecting, and sharing preferences! The scenarios are pre-set, so if you have specific fantasies you’d like help to express, this may not be the best option. The ease of use score didn’t make it to 100, but only because I’d imagine that it would be too hard to choose the preferred scenario in some cards. That’s not even a bad thing, it would just be difficult for an indecisive person like myself.

9 Strip

Let's Get Naked Card Game

 Let's Get Naked

  • Want a little extra spice to sexual or social settings
  • Intend to be more than 2 players
  • Enjoy a good strip-tease

Let's Get Naked

  • Don't like the competitive aspect
  • Want an elaborate, all-nighter game

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of adult card games is strip! It’s simply a classic. The Let’s Get Naked game is suitable for 2-6 players. Another nice touch is that the cards are divided into 4 colors, and each color implies a different category of stripping. If stripping, teasing and dominance excite you, I’d recommend trying this out. Just in case you were wondering about how to be a dominatrix, I’ve linked to a guide for you.

  • A classic sex card game
  • Suitable for 2-6 players
  • Great for a little extra fun

  • Reviews mention repetitive cards
  • Lack of touch may not be for everyone
Let's Get Naked
MaterialsDeck of cards: 52; Categories: 4; Players: 2-6

Grab the Let’s Get Naked game and surprise a group of spicy friends, or invite your partner to share exciting moments. Also, I’d imagine it could ignite a little power play spark despite it being the cards in charge. This game isn’t gendered and refers to the players as “person to the right” etc. This makes it an inclusive option for all identities and relationship types. I did rate the design at 80 simply because I don’t find the zip design and colors sexually inviting. If you agree, I’d say lighting sex candles may improve the scene.

10 Vouchers

Lovehoney Oh! Sexploration Vouchers 52 Weeks of Adventures

 Lovehoney Oh! Sexploration Vouchers

  • Need cute ways to be intimate with a partner
  • Want a sex game that encourages both romantic and sexy vibes
  • Seek to spice things up with a long-term partner
  • Are busy people who are looking for intimate quality time

Lovehoney Oh! Sexploration Vouchers

  • Need new specific ideas for intercourse
  • Are looking for action over affection

Calling all the lovers! I’ve found the cutest, most romantic sexy card game out there. And the peel-and-reveal cards? Thrilling and adorable. These Sexploration Vouchers are divided into ‘raunchy’ and ‘romantic’, so you get to choose the preferred theme for your escapades. Also, there are 52 cards so if you play once a week, you’ll have enough for an entire year! I think this is a great game for devoted couples who seek more shared intimacy. And if you do enjoy a little teasing, take a look at these cute bondage ticklers!

  • Romantic and sexual
  • Peel-and-reveal cards for exciting surprises
  • Designed for both in and out the bedroom

  • Not all cards involve sexual actions
  • May be too novice for some
Lovehoney Oh! Sexploration Vouchers
MaterialsDeck of cards: 52 (26 romantic and 26 raunchy)

With a year’s worth of flirtatious and sexy vouchers. This game is a fantastic idea, especially for busy couples who struggle to find time for shared quality time. Other than that, I think this sexy couples’ card game is great for those who don’t seek to discover kinks or different types of intercourse inspiration, but mere ideas for displaying love and affection. I doubt the usability for poly couples since the questions and actions cater to monogamous couples. However, I think this is a good fit for gay and queer couples.

Other Sexual Games To Play to Shake Things Up

Writing this, I grew a newfound interest in sexual games for couples. I really like how they encourage intimacy, creativity, and fun. So I continued my research on sexual games for couples, and found these 3 cute and sexy ideas!  

Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginner's Bondage Game

Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginner's Bondage Game  - Other Sexual Games To Play to Shake Things Up
I’m excited to introduce this bondage kit from the Lovehoney Oh series! It includes 52 action/instruction cards, 2 satin ties, and one satin blindfold. It’s great for bondage beginners! Surprise your partner with hours of fun, and if you’re lusting for more, I’d recommend taking a look at these sex toy kits.

Ultimate Roll Bedroom Sex Dice

Ultimate Roll Bedroom Sex Dice - Other Sexual Games To Play to Shake Things Up
Now, dices aren’t normally sexy, but this, however, is one sexy dice! You get a pack of 4, and the categories cover foreplay, intercourse, dilemmas, and props. For a full effect, I’d recommend including bondage tools. If you don’t have any, you can check out these 15 beginner BDSM toys!

Sex!!! Board Game

Sex!!! Board Game - Other Sexual Games To Play to Shake Things Up
This is one steamy, sexual board game! With up to 4 players, you can play with another monogamous couple or as a foursome. The rules are simple, whatever you land on, you do. Without revealing too much, I’d recommend finding spanking tools and maybe even massage candles or oils.  

Sex Toys to Elevate Your Fun & Games

In this section, I’ve added 4 fun options to elevate quality time. There’s a long-distance sex toy option, and all 4 products could work for gay and queer couples. If you’re interested in products suitable for transgender people, check out these 11 transgender sex toys.

Gaia Eco Bullet Vibrator By Blush

Gaia Eco Bullet Vibrator By Blush  - Sex Toys to Elevate Your Fun & Games
At Bedbible, we’ve mastered a list of strong bullet vibrators, and this one is no exception! The Gaia Eco Rechargeable Bullet is made from eco-friendly materials and can be used externally over the entire body. Yay, sustainable orgasms! The vibrations are buzzy; ideal for surface-level stimuli, and you get to navigate through 5 speeds and 5 patterns.

Teasing Enhancer Vibrating Cock Ring by Calexotics

Teasing Enhancer Vibrating Cock Ring by Calexotics  - Sex Toys to Elevate Your Fun & Games
While it may look harmless, it’s packed with rumbly power in the 7 different vibration modes. The CalExotics Teasing Enhancer Cockring can be used to please by providing pressure on the shaft, and the little nubs can be used for perineum or clitoral stimuli. If you’re looking for cock rings suitable for gay sex, check out these 8 gay cock rings and accompanying guides.

njoy Pure Plug Small Stainless Steel Butt Plug

njoy Pure Plug Small Stainless Steel Butt Plug - Sex Toys to Elevate Your Fun & Games
Picture this; you answer sex-related questions whilst enjoying the cold, heavy sensations from this njoy pure plug. Sounds fun, right? I think so! This is one of the smaller stainless steel sex toys making it ideal for light stimuli. If you’re looking for a medium or large version, just click this njoy link.

We-Vibe Moxie + App and Remote Controlled Wearable Clitoral Panty Vibrator

We-Vibe Moxie + App and Remote Controlled Wearable Clitoral Panty Vibrator - Sex Toys to Elevate Your Fun & Games
We-Vibe Moxie functions on impressive technology which via its app works in both short and long distances. This hands-free vibrator is a great addition to any partner play. I found it genius in the context of sexual card games as a fun foreplay teaser. Use it as a clitoral or perineum vibrator. Play with the 10 rumbly, pre-set vibrations and explore countless other variations via the app.

How to Find the Perfect Sexual Card Game for You and Your Partner(s)

If you go to the top section of this review, you’ll find a list of different sex card game categories. I recommend you and your partner(s) go through those and agree on 1 or 2 categories. That gives you a starting point for what to look for!  

Align your expectations

Align your expectations - How to Find the Perfect Sexual Card Game for You and Your Partner(s)
Have a cute chat with your partner(s). Why do you want a sexual card game?What’s your objective? Whether it be for fun or to enhance intimacy, you may better understand what to look for, when you’ve communicated your expectations.

Buy it together

Buy it together - How to Find the Perfect Sexual Card Game for You and Your Partner(s)
If it’s your first time, and it’s something you haven’t discussed much, I think you should go through the products together! Just from this action, you’ll understand the type of sex cards your partner(s) wants, and don’t want, as well as your own preferences. If you have discussed it, I’d say a cute little surprise wouldn’t hurt anyone.

How to Use a Sexual Card Game

I’ve elaborated the 3 C’s down below, but I’ll give you a primary “how-to” here; Have a look at the instructions!  



It’s important that all participants consent to playing the game. This ensures shared responsibility and an understanding of what’s going to happen.



Although we don’t know most of the game questions beforehand, it can be tempting to go with the flow. And that’s fine if all participants agree to that. But if you know there are themes you’re partner(s) struggle with, accommodate them, maybe even change the wording or alternatively, avoid certain questions.



It’s always important to communicate. Communication can be executed in various ways, but try and be as clear, and direct as possible.

How to Clean

I don't have much to tell you here... If fluids or lubes should find a way to your card deck, gently remove it with a damp microfiber cloth and some sex toy cleaner.


Anyone who's curious, a little adventurous and looking for ways to explore sexual chemistry via communication.

If you're open and, of course, if the card game you choose aligns with you and your partners wants and needs. If you end up not liking the sex card game you buy, you can always have a conversation about why, and what you like instead!

There are many different categories, but the common denominator is that sexual playing cards can offer language and expressions that aren't normally used in most sexual relationships.

What is a Sexual Card Game?

It's a deck of cards, but made intentionally to get you aroused. Sexual card games are great for verbalizing your wants and for exploring shared fantasies. Some use them to learn and try things, and others use them to give up control by letting the cards determine what's next.

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