Tantus Ryder — Test & Review

   Rachel Worthington
Jan 11, 2024

Rachel Worthington
: 27
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
: We-Vibe Tango X

  • Want a comfortable, filling anal plug
  • Have some experience with anal play, and don't mind taking a bit of time to warm up
  • Are looking for a plug for longer-term wear

  • Are a complete newbie to anal play
  • Think that your anatomy may make sex with the T-bar base difficult
  • Prefer solid plugs made from steel or glass

The Tantus Ryder is a fairly firm butt plug, made from velvety smooth silicone, that's the perfect size for intermediate anal players. Its unique shape is less pointy at the tip than other plugs, but is nicely tapered at the neck for more comfortable insertion. The wide t-bar base sits snugly between the cheeks, but can get in the way if you're wearing it during sex.

Tantus Ryder -

I’m not exactly a newbie to anal play, but so far I’ve stuck to smaller, beginner-friendly sizes. However, I wanted to be a tad more adventurous and try a butt plug that felt more filling! After a lot of research, I came across the Tantus Ryder, which had the size I was looking for, as well as a nice t-bar base. As someone who is more than a bit afraid of getting an anal toy stuck inside me, I much prefer broad t-bar bases over the more traditional round base.

Not Quite Plug-and-Play!

Going into this, I knew that I was going to have to take more time to warm up than I was used to. However, my slight nervousness about trying a larger toy for the first time made it even more difficult than I expected, and it turned into quite the project. My partner was very helpful and patient with me through the process, but it definitely slowed down our session. I felt a little awkward about it all, but that’s how these things go! The next time I tried it out, I was by myself, and had more idea of the preparation needed. I ended up going through almost my entire collection of plugs in order to warm up enough for the Ryder! Since there is minimal tapering at the tip, you really have to be stretched out enough to place it in comfortably.

Wearing It During Sex

My main aim when buying the Tantus Ryder was to wear it while having penetrative sex. In the photos, the t-bar base looked small enough to not get in the way, whilst still remaining wide enough for safety. I was wrong about this (for my anatomy, anyway), as the base curved around my perineum in a way that ended up catching my partner’s penis in several different positions. In the end, it was painful for him and I had to take out the plug all together. So, while the ‘double penetration’ of wearing it while he penetrated me did feel fantastically filling momentarily, it hasn’t made another appearance for us. I also haven’t been that tempted to use it solo, on account of the prep work required — though this may be a lot easier for someone with more experience!

Tantus Ryder -

I think the design of the Tantus Ryder works in some areas, but falls short in others. I would have really liked if the tip was more tapered and the base was not quite as wide. I've seen other plugs that have an asymmetrical base for easier access to the vagina, like the Fun Factory Bootie Fem, which I think could have been perfect here. However, gentle slope from the plug to the neck makes it more comfortable for the sphincter during insertion, and the overall smoothness is really nice!

Tantus Ryder -

As I detailed above, the Ryder was not exactly a breeze for me to insert. How much warm-up is required will, of course, depend on your level of experience, but the shape does make it a bit more challenging than other plugs. However, once inside, this plug stays put!

Tantus Ryder -

I'm a big fan of Tantus products for their quality alone. The silicone that the Ryder is molded from is simply superb — soft and silky from base to tip. There is a slight seam line running down the length of the plug, but I didn't feel this when using it.

Tantus Ryder - <

Depending on where you look, the Tantus Ryder retails for somewhere in the $30-40 range. This may be a little more than you're used to paying for a non-vibrating butt plug, but I do think the uniqueness of the design and the softness of the silicone make it worth considering. For your money, you'll receive the plug, but nothing else. I do wish that they had included a storage pouch as well, but the material doesn't collect much lint, which is a bonus.

Tantus Ryder -

In terms of feeling filling and satisfying, the Ryder totally delivers! It delivered on Tantus' promise of not shocking the sphincter when going in or coming out, and is also a great intermediate size. However, as other reviewers have mentioned, the shape and size of the base does let it down a bit, as it can pinch the perineum at times and is a little awkward during sex.

Tantus Ryder -

The Ryder comes in Tantus' signature plastic clamshell packaging. Inside is a cardboard insert with some information about the toy, and the toy itself, but nothing else. For me, it's a little underwhelming, but it works fine for keeping the plug safe and secure during transit.

Tantus Ryder -

This plug is made from 100% body-safe, non-porous silicone. Tantus has their own 'Ultra-Premium' silicone formula that gives you a super soft finish, but there's nothing in the blend that compromises the safety or integrity of the material. To clean the Ryder, you could use a toy cleaning spray, or simply some unscented soap and water. Leave to air-dry afterward before storing by itself, either in a pouch or drawer.

Length4.5 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Diameter1.47 inches
MaterialsUltra-Premium Silicone
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack, Purple

Tantus Ryder -

  • Super soft silicone
  • Wide t-bar base for safety
  • Very filling sensation
  • Less likely to come out during sex than other plug shapes

  • May be too large for newbies
  • Base can get in the way during sex
  • Lacks a tapered tip for easier insertion
  • No storage bag included

The Tantus Ryder is a high-quality anal plug that I would recommend for those who have some anal experience and know their bodies well enough to do enough warm-up. For me, it was super filling and satisfying to wear, but took a little more warm-up than I'm willing to do on a regular basis! I adore the super soft, velvety silicone, but the base didn't quite work when it came to wearing it during sex.

There isn’t a user manual available with the Tantus Ryder or online, but it’s quite simple (if a little time-consuming) to use! For tips, I recommend checking out Bedbible’s guide to using butt plugs.

Although the silicone of the Ryder does feel velvety smooth, it is a firm plug. However, the Egg plug from SquarePegToys is more squishy and flexible (even in the Firmer version!). The shapes are quite similar, though the Egg plug has a slightly more elongated bulb.

The Neo is designed as a more beginner-friendly size than the Ryder, with a much more tapered tip. However, the actual diameter and length is very similar. The base is also fairly identical.