The 5 Best Testicle Clamps for Total Ball Control

   Kevin Foley
1 Test Winner

Ze Don Magnetic Stackable Ball Stretcher

 Ze Don Magnetic Ball Stretcher

  • Want an easy-to-remove toy
  • Struggle finding proper sizing
  • Prefer stainless steel toys

Ze Don Magnetic Ball Stretcher

  • Prefer soft materials
  • Want to add additional weight
  • Don’t like magnets

Many testicle clamps require tools of snaps to hold them in place, but that’s simply not the case with the Ze Don Magnetic Stackable Ball Stretcher! Instead, these unique scrotum clamps use strong magnets to hold them in place, allowing you to place & remove the toy in seconds. Sizing won’t pose an issue, as the stretchers are offered in sizes from 36 to 50 millimeters. The larger you get, the heavier the stretcher! Affordably priced, easy to use, and made from stainless steel that’s designed to withstand a lifetime of use, the Ze Don Magnetic Stackable Ball Stretcher is a great option for anyone—at any level—who’s interested in giving ball stretching a try!

  • Offered in four sizes
  • Affordably priced
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy to attach/remove

  • No color options
Ze Don Magnetic Ball Stretcher
MaterialsStainless steel
Diameter0.44 inches, 0.48 inches, 0.56 inches, 0.63 inches

After considering the alternatives, it was obvious that the Ze Don Magnetic Stackable Ball Stretcher was going to be my “Test Winner”. These testicle clamps are a great option that I can confidently recommend to pretty much anyone, simply because of the basic design they use. Having such a wide range of sizes is great, as you can make sure you get the right size of testicle clamp (rather than having to settle for one close to the right size). The thing I really like about these, though, is the magnetic fit. It’s super easy to put one of these on. You just slide the U-shaped part of the ring around your balls and snap the magnetized section in place for a secure fit that can be easily removed if need be. I think this is way better than the toys that require you to remove it with tools. Personally, I’d also say that this style looks better than snaps, but that really comes down to personal preference. Ultimately, I definitely think that the Ze Don Magnetic Stackable Ball Stretcher is an option worth considering. Whether you’re a complete beginner, an experienced user, or somewhere in the middle, I’m sure that you’ll be happy with this selection.

2 Separating

Separating Ball Stretcher

 Separating Ball Stretcher

  • Already own ball crushers
  • Love weighted toys
  • Plan on using additional weights

Separating Ball Stretcher

  • Want a ready-to-use toy
  • Need something budget-friendly
  • Just want a dedicated stretchers

Next up is the Separating Ball Stretcher, a toy that can be used as a standalone weight or as part of a crushing setup. Made of metal and offered in weights ranging from 8 to 22 ounces, these testicle clamps are actually two-piece devices. The sides of the toy are held together by screws, which are easily tightened using an Allen wrench. As mentioned, this toy is multi-purpose! If you simply want weights, just buy the model that’s best for you and enjoy. Want more weight? The hooks on each side of the toy make it easy to add additional weight as desired. On the other hand, if crushing is more your style, pair this toy with the Crusher attachment for a pain-meets-pleasure setup!

  • Made of metal
  • Easy to use
  • Offered in multiple weights
  • Multi-purpose

  • Requires ball crusher (for crushing)
  • Expensive
Separating Ball Stretcher
MaterialsStainless Steel
Weight0.5 lbs, 1 lbs, 1.37 lbs

The most unique feature about these testicle clamps is that they are “separating”, meaning each side can be detached from the other. This is a big step up from the scrotum clamps that require you to use snaps to hold them in place. However, I also really liked how this toy has wing nuts on each side. If you also own a crusher, then these are what you will use to adjust the “crush”. Of course, ball crushing isn’t for everyone, and fortunately, that’s not the only way that these nuts can be used. You can also use them to attach your own weights, giving this toy a lot of versatility (depending on the weights you currently own). You could even have a partner attach a leash to them if humiliation is more your thing. My only real complaint with the Separating Ball Stretcher is the price. For how simple the toy actually is, I personally think that close to $80 is a bit high. Still, if this is a toy that you think you’ll use a lot, it might be worth it to you. Being made of metal, this toy could easily last a lifetime. Whether you wait for it to be on sale or buy it at full price, if you think you’ll use it a lot then I’d say the Separating Ball Stretcher is worth adding to your collection.

3 Leather

Leather Lined Ball Stretcher

 Leather Ball Stretcher

  • Are new to ball stretchers
  • Prefer genuine leather
  • Like simple snaps

Leather Ball Stretcher

  • Are vegan
  • Want a lockable stretcher
  • Prefer metal

For those of you on a tight budget, the Leather Lined Ball Stretcher might be just what you’ve been looking for! Despite their low cost, these testicle clamps are made of genuine leather (with a little metal for the snaps). You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to purchasing the stretcher you want. You can choose between two styles of snaps, two different heights, and two different diameters for the perfect fit. The snap system is extremely easy to use, making it ideal for complete beginners who have never used scrotum clamps before. You won’t be limited to a single setting though, as the snaps give you two levels of tightness to choose from. Affordably priced and designed with beginners in mind, the Leather Lined Ball Stretcher offers the perfect introduction to this type of testicle play!

  • Affordable
  • Offered in multiple styles
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable

  • Can’t be attached to weights
  • No vegan alternative
Leather Ball Stretcher
Height(2 Snap) 1.5 inches, (3 Snap) 2 inches
Diameter(Narrow) 1.37 to 1.62 inches, (Wide) 1.62 to 1.75 inches

Considering that the Leather Lined Ball Stretcher costs less than $20, it’s genuinely surprising that it’s made using real leather. I thought this was a major bonus, especially if you prefer genuine leather. That said, there isn’t a non-leather version available, which could pose an issue if you’re vegan. In terms of design, these testicle clamps are very simple. Essentially, it’s a piece of soft but durable leather fitted with snaps to hold it in place around your scrotum. Although simple, it works very well, applying a decent amount of downward pressure when mounted. The snaps also give you two pressure settings to choose from, which is essential for complete newcomers who might not want to start at 100% out of the gate. There are two style options, two height options, and two diameter options, giving you plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect fit. Again, this is pleasantly surprising for a cheap toy! Aside from the lack of a vegan-friendly version, I really don’t have any complaints about this testicle clamp. While more advanced users might not be interested (due to the fact that you can’t add additional weights), I think this basic stretcher will be perfect for first-time users. If you’re after something affordable and simple that will give you the bit of extra “tug” you need then I’d highly recommend picking up the Leather Lined Ball Stretcher for yourself!


Ze Magnetic Ballstretcher

 Ze Magnetic Ballstretcher

  • Enjoy ball stretching
  • Prefer metal testicle clamps
  • Love the magnetic clasp design

Ze Magnetic Ballstretcher

  • Prefer snaps or locks
  • Want more than 500 grams of weight
  • Planned on attaching weights

The fourth testicle clamp I have for you is the Ze Magnetic Ballstretcher, a stainless steel stretcher that allows you to enjoy a tool-free experience. Similar to the first model I showed you, the Ze Magnetic Ballstretcher is held together using magnets, making it easy to put on and take off. The main difference? This stretcher is thick, offered in two different diameters and four different weights for the perfect pull. If the length of this stretcher pushing your balls away from your body wasn’t enough to get you going, the added weight from the solid steel is sure to do the trick! Easy to use, made to last, and acting as the perfect adornment for your scrotum, the Ze Magnetic Ballstretcher is perfect for all of your solo & partner-based pleasures!

  • Two diameter options
  • Four weight options
  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • Magnetic design

  • Expensive
Ze Magnetic Ballstretcher
MaterialsStainless steel
Height0.98 to 1.57 inches
Weight0.66 to 1.10 lbs
Diameter (internal)1.37 to 1.53 inches

Let’s start with the negatives about these testicle clamps first. Fortunately, there really aren’t many! I think that it would be great to have a wider range of weights. and having color options would be nice as well. Still, these are really minor complaints. Overall, I think the Ze Magnetic Ballstretcher is a great product, though a bit pricey. It’s made from stainless steel, meaning it will surely last a lifetime if properly cared for. With that in mind, I think it could be worth it to someone who will use it a lot. Unlike other scrotum clamps, this one is simply held in place by strong magnets, making it a solid option for daily users. The biggest advantage this has over the competition is the fact that you get two different diameter, height, and weight options for your stretcher. Personally, I much prefer having options over being limited to a single size. All in all, if you like the magnetic style, all-metal look, and added stimulation that comes with weights, I’d say the Ze Magnetic Ballstretcher is worth grabbing if you’re a routine user looking for a high-quality stretcher.

5 Spiked

Locking Spiked CBT

 Locking Spiked CBT

  • Love the idea of spikes
  • Want something lockable
  • Like the separating design

Locking Spiked CBT

  • Are new to ball stretchers
  • Want something magnetic
  • Prefer lightweight stretchers

This next option takes testicle clamps to a whole new level. Introducing the Locking Spiked CBT Stretcher, a ball stretcher that has adjustable spikes for maximum pain infliction! Perfect for those who find themselves getting bored with traditional scrotum clamps, the Locking Spiked CBT Stretcher has a much more intriguing design than any of the models we’ve looked at so far. For starters, a curved metal rod forces the testicles apart, unlike others which force them together. This adds an additional level of force that you’ll surely feel, thanks to the various spikes. Even better? This toy is lockable, meaning you won’t be able to take it off until your Mistress allows you to. Ready to jump up into the big leagues? Well, you can, with the Locking Spiked CBT Stretcher!

  • Adjustable spikes
  • Ball separating design
  • Can be locked
  • Relatively cheap

  • Lacks integrated O-rings
  • Requires tools to adjust
Locking Spiked CBT
Height(Total) 2.95 inches, (ring) 1.37 inches
Diameter (internal)1.81 inches
AdjustableYes (spikes)

If you prefer things to be a bit more extreme then I’m sure my “Spiked” pick will be the one for you! All things considered, the Locking Spiked CBT Stretcher actually has a lot going for it. From adjustable spikes and an integrated ball stretcher to the stainless steel construction and the fact you can lock the toy, I’d say this testicle clamp is an excellent device. It’s priced competitively compared to other testicle clamps, costing under $50 for a ready-to-use toy! The only real complaint that I can come up with is the lack of O-rings to attach additional weight. However, it’s worth pointing out that you can attach a chain to the ball separator if you place the stretcher around your shaft, effectively turning it into a penis leash. While this use case might not appeal to everything, I think being multi-purpose does add some value to the device itself. Overall, if you have tried clamps before and found yourself growing bored from the lack of stimulation then I think the Locking Spiked CBT Stretcher might be just what you need to get your enthusiasm back!

Pillory-type Clamps

So far, I’ve given you plenty of options to choose from, but most of these testicle clamps have been relatively nice to your “family jewels”. If you’re after something a bit more engaging and pillory-like then one of these next few items might be the type of testicle clamp you’re looking for!

Balls to Wrist Humbler Restraint

Balls to Wrist Humbler Restraint - Pillory-type Clamps
Wrapping securely around both your balls and your wrists, the Balls to Wrist Humbler Restraint makes it easy for your dom to keep your hands in one place. There’s no resisting once they’ve mounted this restraint for bondage on your wrists and balls!

Black Wooden Cock Ring Pillory

Black Wooden Cock Ring Pillory - Pillory-type Clamps
Whether you want to secure your sub’s hands in front of them or behind their back, they won’t be able to escape once you’ve mounted this pillory around their wrists and balls! A perfect CBT toy for powerplay, and more!

Cock and Ball CBT Pillory

Cock and Ball CBT Pillory - Pillory-type Clamps
If you want a sturdy, standing device that crushes your sub’s balls then the Cock and Ball CBT Pillory is the perfect device for you. Worried about them escaping? Don’t be, as you can easily attach handcuffs to this device to keep them in check.

Want to Go More Extreme?

Still not enough for you? Alright then, let’s move on to the most extreme scrotum clamps around!

Ze Extreme Double Ball Bruiser

Ze Extreme Double Ball Bruiser - Want to Go More Extreme?
Made of metal and literally designed to slowly brush your balls as the screws on each side are tightened, the Ze Extreme Double Ball Bruiser is a toy that’s best suited for those with a true passion for pain!

Parachute Ball Stretcher

Parachute Ball Stretcher - Want to Go More Extreme?
Prefer to hang weight from your balls? Test your limits with the Parachute Ball Stretcher, a stretcher that evenly spreads the weight around your entire sack, allowing you to attach as many weights as you can take.

Ball Stretchers

Ball Stretchers - Want to Go More Extreme?
This isn’t a particular product, but rather, the entire selection of ball stretchers over at The Stockroom. This company specializes in BDSM toys, meaning they have plenty of options for you to check out. Head over there and see what you find!

How to use testicle clamps safely?

As you might expect, using testicle clamps requires a certain level of caution to go about the practice safely. Fortunately, testicle clamp safety is mostly just common sense! Nonetheless, here’s what you’ll want to know.
  • Don’t use a clamp for extended periods of time, as this can cause circulatory issues. Generally, I would recommend taking a break every 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Establish a safe word beforehand. This is essential, as you don’t want to risk permanently injuring your partner if you get lost in the moment.
  • Start with a lower intensity and work your way up. This makes it easier to gauge how much your partner can—or can’t—take.

Testicle Clamps Comparison

Whether you’ve skimmed through the article or merely been overwhelmed by the vast number of products I’ve gone over, here is a summary of the most important testicle clamps I’ve shown you today The Ze Don Magnetic Stackable Ball Stretcher was my “Test Winner”. Easy to use, magnetic, and offered in four different sizes, these scrotum clamps are an excellent option for first-timers and experienced users alike. Another option worth considering is the Separating Ball Stretcher. It can be used as a standalone stretcher or paired with a crusher for a more intense experience: the option is up to you! If metal isn’t really your thing then you might want to take a look at the Leather Lined Ball Stretcher  Prefer something a bit more intense? Then definitely check out the Locking Spiked CBT Stretcher, a stretcher fitted with adjustable spikes for added pain-meets-pleasure stimulation!

How to Use Testicle Clamps

Never used testicle clamps before? Well, they’re really easy to use, and—if you follow the short outline—you’re sure to be a testicle clamp expert in no time!

Make sure your toy is clean

Make sure your toy is clean

Even for external toys, it’s always a good idea to clean your toy(s) before using them for the first time. Clean your toy! While you’re at it, make sure you familiarize yourself with the locking/securing mechanism before moving on to the next step.

Place the clamp

Place the clamp

Next, you’ll need to place the clamp. Place the clamp around your scrotum, ensuring that your testicles will be below the lip of the clamp once you shut it.

Tighten & secure

Tighten & secure

Lastly, you’ll need to secure the clamp. Some clamps simply use magnets to hold themselves in place, while others use snaps. Some even require tools to screw them into a permanent position! Secure your clamp and then enjoy the experience from there.

How to Clean Testicle Clamps

All testicle clamps can be cleaned using antibacterial soap and warm water. Clean once, then wash away any extra soap using water only. If you have a leather clamp then you may want to use saddle soap instead (to treat the leather). However, if your scrotum clamps are made entirely of metal then you can also sterilize them. To do so, simply boil a pot of water and drop the clamp inside for a minimum of five minutes. Once you’re done cleaning and/or sterilizing your testicle clamps, pat them down with a towel. Leave your clamps out to dry completely before storing them away. Never store your clamps away while they’re still wet, as bacteria can grow in the leftover moisture.


First, grab a flexible measuring tape, then wrap it around your scrotum on top of your balls. From here, tighten it up a bit and use this measurement! Remember, you want it to be tight enough to prevent the clamp from slipping off, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation to your testicles.

In general, I would say that stainless steel is the best material for testicle clamps! Easy to clean, non-porous, and widely available, these durable toys are sure to last for many years without worry.

Some can, some can’t. It really depends on the design of your particular toy. While some may have eyelets on the side that allow additional accessories to be attached, you’d be better off looking at ball parachutes if your main goal is to use weights.

That depends on what your clamp is made from! You can reasonably expect a leather clamp to last for a few years before needing to be replaced. However, if your testicle clamps are made from metal then they could potentially last a lifetime if properly cared for.

The main risk of using a testicle clamp is actually the loss of circulation in the testicles, which could have long-lasting effects if not addressed in time. As such, I recommend taking a break every 20 to 30 minutes while using these toys to prevent potential circulatory issues.

What are Testicle Clamps?

The testicle clamps mentioned in this article are also known as ball stretchers! These devices wrap around the scrotum, applying outward force on the testicles. Although these toys can be made from a variety of different materials, stainless steel is especially common for these toys since—being metal—it has some weight to it.

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