Facts and Statistics on What age do you meet your soulmate

When Do Most People Meet Their Spouse? [New Research]

Ever wondered what the average age is for people to find their spouse and soulmate? Our in-depth analysis delves into this intriguing question, presenting a comprehensive look at the average age Americans encounter their lifelong companion.

The findings, derived from a robust dataset of over 6,860 survey participants, might just surprise you. Dive in to uncover the patterns, trends, and insights that paint a vivid picture of love’s timeline in the modern age.

If you wish to gain access to the full dataset to do further analysis or explore the dataset please reach out to researchcenter@bedbible.com. Please reference any use of the data or insights from it.

Key insights

  • People on average met their soulmate and spouse at the age of 26 to 27.
  • Men on average started dating their current spouse at 28.5 years, while women do the same at age 24.3 years.
  • Married couples on average met 2 years prior to dating (at 22.4 years, while they on average start dating at 26.4 years).
  • 40% of relationships were friends before dating, meaning they had met their soulmate long before dating.
  • The trend is that people tend to meet and date their future spouses a lot later in life
    • People from The Greatest Generation (born 1900 to 1925 and met their spouse at age 17) on average met their first spouse 12 years earlier than Millennials (born 1981 to 1996, and met their spouse at age 30).
  • The average age of remarriage is 36.7 years old.
  • 1 in 3 believe they met their soulmate at age 21.
  • 2% of all US marriages met as high school sweethearts.

When do people meet their spouse and soulmate (average age of starting dating)

  • Married couples have on average met and started dating their partner at age 26.4
  • Unmarried couples have on average met and started dating their partner at age 26.2
  • Unmarried couples have on average started dating at a younger age.
  • Men on average meet and start dating their future spouse at age 28.5, while women do the same at age 24.3.
  • Men on average meet and start dating their future partner at age 28.4, while women do the same at age 23.9.
  • Women are average 4 years younger than men, when they start their current relationship (married or unmarried).
average age when starting to date current partner
Average age when people met and started datingAllMenWomen
Average age when meeting current partner (unmarried)26.228.423.9
Average age when meeting current spouse (married)26.428.524.3

The data shows that there is very little difference between when married spouses and unmarried partners started dating.

Married couples seem to have met when they were both slightly older when compared to unmarried couples.

Average age of meeting ‘the one for the first time

An important distinction is; what is the average age of people the first time they met ‘the one’.

This is not the same age, at which, you start dating.

A few studies have shown that chances are high that you have already met your future partner if you’re not already together.

It is not uncommon for long-term friends or acquaintances to end up in a relationship.

Average Age When meeting and dating future spouse or partner
Note: The first date numbers have already been shown in the first table and graphical depiction.
Average age when met the first timeAllMenWomen
Average age when meeting current partner (unmarried)24.725.322.1
Average age when meeting current spouse (married)22.423.621.2

In addition to looking at the respondent’s answers, to when they met their current partner we also looked at generational differences. We looked at which generation each respondent where born in and placed them here.

We only looked at spouses – that is, married people. However, we also looked at when they met their current spouse, and secondly at when they met their first spouse (only people who remarried provided differing answers). The 1,765 respondents had remarried and were, therefore, the respondents driving the difference between ‘first’ and ‘current’.

Based on the above we found the average age of when different generations met their first spouse or current spouse.

We find some clear trends:

  • People on average meet their first or current partners a lot later in life compared to earlier.
  • People from the greatest generation on average met their first spouse 12 years earlier than millennials (age 17 vs. age 30).
  • The youngest generation tends to meet their spouses at the age of 28-29.
GenerationsCurrent spouseFirst spouse
The Greatest Generation (1900 to 1925)23.317.4
Silent Generation (1928 to 1945)26.521.7
Baby Boomer Generation (1946 to 1964)27.125.2
Generation X (1965 to 1980)29.627.8
Millennial Generation (1981 to 1996)31.328.9

How many have met their soulmate at age 18, 20, 25, and 30?

As part of our analysis we wanted to see how many percentage was already with their current partner at a certain age.

What the data shows is that:

  • Over 50% have met their current partner during their 20s.
  • 17% met their soulmate before turning 18.
  • 24% meet ‘the one’ when they are 21 to 25 years old.
  • 15% of people meet their current partner while being 40+ years old.
Age when meeting current partner% who have met current partner(sum)

Other facts about when people meet:

The following sections highlights some additional insights we made from the nationally representative survey.

1 in 3 believe they met their soulmate at age 21

When asking respondents to answer when they themselves believe to have meet their true soulmate, every third respondents reported that they met their soulmate at age 21 years old. They did not report any marital or relationship status with the person. Simply, they believed that at age 21 they had already met ‘the one’.

2% of all US marriages met as high school sweethearts

In the survey, when asked if their current marriage is with their high school sweetheart, 2% of all respondents answered yes. In other words 1 in 50 marriages in the US are old high school sweethearts.

2 years is the average time couples have known each other before marrying

Our research suggests that couples who eventually marry have typically known each other for an average of two years before tying the knot. This timeframe allows for the development of a strong emotional bond and compatibility, albeit, it is evidently a short period before committing.

28% of married couples graduated the same college

In our analysis we found that an amazing 28% of college graduates attended the same college as their spouse. This means that college years could be a prime time for meeting your soulmate.

35% believe in love at first sight

When asked about whether or not the respondents knew, or would know when they meet ‘the one’ a whopping third of all respondents answered yes. In fact 41% of men reported to believe in love at first sight, while only 29% of women did.

36.7 is the average age of remarriage

While love at first sight might have been an illusion the first time around, doesn’t mean that meeting and marriage your soulmate can’t happen later in life. In the study we found that the average age of remarriage for men is 37.9 years, and for women, it’s 35.4 years.

40% of couples are friends before dating

Nearly 40% of couples in long-term relationships started as friends before becoming romantically involved. This suggests that many soulmates may already be in your social circle before you realize it.

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