The 8 Best Butt Plug Sets to Work Your Way Up to Amazing Anal

   Kevin Foley
When you’re curious about anal play, you might find yourself considering getting a butt plug. However, after a bit of shopping, you’ve likely determined that you can get multiple plugs at a lower price than buying plugs one by one. If this situation sounds familiar then you’re in the right place! Not every butt plug set is created equal, and some definitely offer a better value for your money. Below, we’ll be going over the various options—from budget-friendly to premium quality—in order to help you find the best butt plug set for you. Should you make it all the way to the end and still not know which to pick, we recommend going with our test winner (scroll down to see which set won!).
1 Test Winner

b-Vibe Anal Training Butt Plug Set

 b-Vibe Anal Training Set

  • Are trying anal play for the first time
  • Want a variety of toys
  • Are interested in anal training

b-Vibe Anal Training Set

  • Already own anal toys
  • Are used to larger sizes
  • Need a budget-friendly option

If you’re a complete beginner looking for a butt plug set, our top-rated recommendation is this butt plug start set from b-Vibe! As with most other butt plug sets, this kit comes with various plugs of different sizes. However, the other included goodies are what sets this kit of trainer butt plugs above the competition. Along with the plugs, you’ll also receive a lubricant applicator, anal douche, Complete Guide to Anal Play booklet, and even a travel bag. Perfect for first-timers, start your anal journey right with the b-Vibe Rechargeable Anal Training and Education Butt Plug Set!


  • Made of silicone
  • Includes anal guide
  • Sized for beginners
  • Includes travel bag

  • Not for experienced users
  • No color options
  • No size options
b-Vibe Anal Training Set
Length(S) 3.9 inches, (M) 5.3 inches, (L) 5.4 inches
Diameter(S) 1 inches, (M) 1.3 inches, (L) 1.6 inches
RechargeableYes (USB)
Vibration patterns6
Storage Bag IncludedYes
AllergiesLatex-free , phthalate-free

This butt plug training kit is designed with the complete beginner in mind. For that demographic, it works perfectly. Admittedly, the price is a bit high, but we think that—for the convenience and extra educational information—this slight premium is justified. The anal plug kit contains three different plugs in three different sizes, each made from silicone. Unfortunately, there aren’t any color or alternative sizing options offered. However, the included sizes should be fine for newcomers. If you fall into the target demographic for this butt plug kit then we highly recommend picking it up! On the other hand, if you’ve experimented with anal play before then you may be better off going with a different kit that offers plugs in larger sizes.

2 Cheapest

Silicone Butt Plug Trainer Set

 Silicone Butt Plug Trainer Set

  • Want something simple
  • Don’t need lube or other extras
  • Need a budget-friendly option

Silicone Butt Plug Trainer Set

  • Want an all-in-one kit
  • Prefer other colors
  • Require extra features (likes vibes)

Next on our list is the budget-friendly Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Set from Doc Johnson. Offered with either black or pink plugs, this butt plug kit includes three plugs ranging from 3 – 5 inches in length, with a maximum diameter of 1.25 inches. Every plug in this anal plug kit is made from high-quality silicone, meaning you can safely enjoy these comfortable plugs as you work your way toward larger sizes. Need a butt plug training kit on a budget? Then you can’t go wrong with the Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Set!

  • Easy to use
  • Flared base
  • Three sizes
  • Affordable

  • Only for beginners
  • No additional functions
  • No extras included
Silicone Butt Plug Trainer Set
Length(S) 3.25 inches, (M) 4 inches, (L) 5 inches
Insertable length(S) 3 inches, (M) 3.75 inches, (L) 4.75 inches
Diameter(S) 0.75 inches, (M) 1 inches, (L) 1.25 inches

The Mood Naughty 1 butt plug set is a good option for a first-time anal player who already has some basic sex toy equipment on hand. The kit is priced very affordably, giving you three high-quality plugs for less than $50. You also have two color options to choose from, which is a positive as it’s always nice to have options. However, this butt plug starter doesn’t come with any extras. You won’t get a lube applicator, and you won’t get any lube like you might with other butt plug sets. Still, if you already have these things on hand then there’s no need to pay for them twice. If you already have everything you need (sans the plugs themselves) then this kit of trainer butt plugs offers an affordable way to start out with anal play!

3 Glass

Crystal Glass Butt Plug Trainer Kit

 Crystal Glass Butt Plug Kit

  • Use multiple types of lube
  • Prefer weighty plugs
  • Enjoy temperature play

Crystal Glass Butt Plug Kit

  • Don’t like the idea of glass plugs
  • Prefer lightweight plugs
  • Want vibes or other functions

If you’re looking for a butt plug starter kit but want the option to use any type of lube then it may be worth considering a glass option instead. This Crystal Glass Butt Plug set includes three temperature-sensitive plugs. Being made from borosilicate glass, they can be safely used with any type of lube. As the kit of trainer butt plugs includes three different sizes, it’s perfect for anal training with silicone lube. Even better? This kit barely costs any more than similar butt plug sets, making it an excellent value for the money!

  • Perfect for temperature play
  • Excellent range of sizes
  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • Works with any lube

  • No colored options
  • Not ideal for all-day wear
Crystal Glass Butt Plug Kit
MaterialsBorosilicate Glass
Length(S) 3.25 inches, (M) 4.25 inches, (L) 4.5 inches
Insertable length(S) 2.75 inches, (M) 3.75 inches, (L) 4.25 inches
Diameter(S) 0.8 inches, (M) 1.2 inches, (L) 1.6 inches

The main selling point of this butt plug training kit is the fact that each plug is handblown using borosilicate glass. Worried about the glass breaking? No need: borosilicate glass is completely safe for anal use! Aside from the fact that the plugs in this butt plug kit can be used with any type of lubricant (which is already a huge win for those who love silicone lube), the option to enjoy temperature play may be enticing. Since the glass is extremely temperature sensitive, you can use this anal plug kit to enjoy chilled or heated sensations on top of the pleasures of anal penetration. Sure, it might not have any additional features like vibrations, but we definitely think that temperature play enthusiasts will love these plugs.

4 Metal

Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Butt Plug Set

 Jeweled Metal Plug Set

  • Are starting anal training
  • Like the cute factor of the jewels
  • Need a budget-friendly option

Jeweled Metal Plug Set

  • Want weighted plugs
  • Are used to larger sizes already
  • Prefer a t-base design

If you’ve ever looked up butt plugs before, chances are, you’ve seen the ones with jewels before. Fortunately for you, that’s exactly what we’re looking at next. Introducing the Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Butt Plug Set! This butt plug training kit features three different sizes of plugs, which has each plug adorned with a faux jewel at the end. Affordably priced but pleasant to look at, this butt plug kit offers a cheap way to enjoy anal play while also giving your partner a show. With sizes ranging from little to large, you’ll have a decent amount of variety with this butt plug kit.

  • Smooth and body-safe
  • Good range of sizes
  • Easy to insert
  • Made of aluminum

  • No jewel options
  • No plug color options
  • Not weighted
Jeweled Metal Plug Set
Insertable length(S) 2.5 inches, (M) 3 inches, (L) 3.5 inches
Diameter(S) 1.11 inches, (M) 1.35 inches, (L) 1.59 inches
AllergiesLatex-free , phthalate-free

Like many Lovehoney products, this butt plug set is a good option for beginners and intermediate anal enjoyers. The smallest plug measures 1.11” across; the largest has a width of 1.59”. This difference in sizing should give buyers a long time to enjoy these trainer butt plugs, assuming they don’t intend to go to larger sizes right away. The faux jewels themselves are a nice touch, although it would be nice to see some color options here. Still, if jeweled is the look you’re going for then this option is preferable to other butt plug sets. Like the previous option, these metal plugs can also be used for temperature play, though within a smaller range of temperatures (you don’t want to melt the jewel!). Overall, for less than $60, we think this set offers a nice aesthetic and good value for the money.

5 Prostate

Aneros Peridise Beginner Anal Set

 Aneros Peridise Beginner Set

  • Are new to anal play
  • Want stronger orgasms
  • Need a budget-friendly option

Aneros Peridise Beginner Set

  • Are used to larger toys
  • Don’t want a white anal toy
  • Want vibrations

Offering the opportunity to achieve what Aneros has dubbed the “Super-O”, the Aneros Peridise butt plug set is perfect for the person who wants to give their current orgasms a little boost. Although these toys aren’t trainer butt plugs, their modest sizing and ease of use make them a great option for complete beginners. Measuring 1” wide and 4” long, the sizing is big enough to offer good stimulation without being visually intimidating. Designed to transfer the natural movements of the body into powerful internal stimulation, the Aneros Peridise manages to offer powerful orgasmic potential in a small butt plug starter set!

  • T-bar base
  • Designed for p-spot stimulation
  • Unique, white coloring
  • Waterproof

  • Made of ABS plastic
  • One size only
Aneros Peridise Beginner Set
MaterialsABS Plastic
Length4 inches
Insertable length3.25 inches
Diameter(S) 3/4 inches, (M) 1 inches

The majority of feedback we were able to find for this butt plug kit was positive. In fact, only one person was left dissatisfied (their main complaint was the small size). As such, we wouldn’t recommend this anal plug kit to more experienced users. However, if you’ve never used a butt plug training kit or other type of anal toy before, you shouldn’t run into any sizing issues. Although modest, the design and shape of this toy are what really make it perform. It is made of ABS plastic. This isn’t ideal (as ABS isn’t completely non-porous) but it is a better option than PVC. Priced at less than $25, the Aneros Peridise kit offers a great way to enjoy stronger orgasms during routine sexual encounters while also getting some anal experience at the same time.

6 6 Piece Set

Bumper Booty Bundle Anal Sex Kit

 Bumper Booty Bundle

  • Are new to anal play
  • Want to start anal training
  • Love variety

Bumper Booty Bundle

  • Want strong vibrations
  • Have anal experience
  • Prefer using silicone lube

The Lovehoney Bumper Booty butt plug kit is a six-piece kit that offers multiple toys at an affordable price. Inside this butt plug training kit, you’ll find two plugs, anal beads, a prostate massager, an anal douche, and a bullet vibe. The bullet vibe can slide inside the included toys, adding an extra layer of stimulation to this simple anal plug kit. Sized with the beginner in mind, the Bumper Booty Bundle offers an easy, body-safe way to get into anal play without needing to break the bank.


  • Great value for money
  • Four unique toys
  • Bullet vibe included
  • Made of silicone

  • Small range of sizes
  • Vibrator can be hard to remove
  • Required AAA battery not included
Bumper Booty Bundle
Insertable length2.2 inches to 5 inches
Diameter1.03 inches to 1.27 inches
RechargeableNo (requires 1 x AAA battery)
Vibration modesVarious

As a butt plug starter set, the Bumper Booty Bundle really shines. The butt plug set offers various toys within a small range of sizes, which is ideal for complete beginners. However, if you’ve previously used a butt plug set before, you will likely find that the toys included in this kit are a bit too small. Most kits with trainer butt plugs go larger than the plugs included in this kit, making the Bumper Booty Bundle a poor choice for those who have already started anal training. That said, this butt plug set does offer an excellent value for the money. With four toys, a bullet vibe, and an anal douche included, you’ll only need to grab a little lube before giving this kit a test run!

7 Beaded

Satisfyer Booty Call Anal Plugs

 Satisfyer Booty Call Plugs

  • Want a variety of plug designs
  • Prefer silicone toys
  • Want something easy-to-clean

Satisfyer Booty Call Plugs

  • Generally use silicone lube
  • Want color options
  • Need additional accessories

The next butt plug set we’ll be looking at is the Satisfyer Booty Call Anal Plugs set! This set is less of a kit of trainer butt plugs and more of a variety pack. It features a two-bulb, a three-bulb, and a spiral butt plug in the package. With sizing running from small to medium, this kit can function as the perfect butt plug starter set (since it gives you something to work up to before graduating to larger sizes). The kit may not offer the widest range when it comes to sizes, but what it lacks in sizing it more than makes up for with variety. If you’re trying to find the butt plug sets that offer the most sensations in a single package, you can’t go wrong with the Satisfyer Booty Call Anal Plugs!

  • Three unique designs
  • Made of silicone
  • Affordably priced
  • Perfect for different uses

  • Lacks storage bag
  • Large handles can get in the way
  • Spiral plug falls out easily
Satisfyer Booty Call Plugs
MaterialsMedical-grade Silicone
Length(Triple) 5.4 inches, (Double) 5.25 inches, (Twist) 5.5 inches
Insertable length(Triple) 3.5 inches, (Double) 3.25 inches, (Twist) 3.625 inches
Diameter(Triple) 0.7 - 1.25 inches, (Double) 1.0 - 1.2 inches, (Twist) 0.6 - 1.25 inches

As noted by our tester, this butt plug kit is ideal for beginners and those with smaller anatomy. Maxing out at a width of 1.25”, it certainly isn’t going to be a challenge for more experienced users, but it should be enough for most people to enjoy. The two-bulb plug will likely be the hardest to insert due to its non-tapered tip. The three-bulb plug will be slightly easier as it starts on a smaller size. The spiral plug should insert the easiest, although this is also the one most likely to fall out during intercourse. As you can see, this anal plug kit manages to offer a decent variety within a single package (at a cost of under $25, no less!). While it may not be the longest-lasting butt plug training kit—as you may outgrow it rather quickly—it does offer arguably the most variety of anal sensations you can find from a kit at this price point.

8 Multicolor

Multi-Coloured Silicone Butt Plug Set

 Multi-Coloured Plug Set

  • Want a long-lasting kit
  • Prefer silicone toys
  • Like the colors of the bisexual flag

Multi-Coloured Plug Set

  • Want something for all-day wear
  • Prefer t-bar bases
  • Don’t like the color choice

The last butt plug kit we’ll be looking at is a multi-coloured anal plug kit. Purposely designed using the colors of the bisexual flag, this colorful anal plug kit is an excellent option for newcomers and the semi-experienced alike! With plug sizes ranging from 0.96 to 1.76 in width, you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of this butt plug training kit. Made using only high-quality silicone, these plugs are phthalate-free, completely waterproof, and easy to use: just add lube! If you’re looking for a colorful butt plug kit that you won’t outgrow within a few weeks, this kit is a great option!

  • Made of silicone
  • Unique coloring
  • Tapered tip design
  • Waterproof

  • Semi-large size jumps
  • A bit more expensive than alternatives
  • Suction cup isn’t very useful
Multi-Coloured Plug Set
Length(S) 2.2 inches, (M) 3.11 inches, (L) 3.94 inches
Diameter(S) 0.96 inches, (M) 1.34 inches, (L) 1.76 inches

The biggest advantage that this butt plug set has over the competition is the sizing. Unlike other butt plug starter sets (which often top out at a maximum width of 1.25”), this kit of trainer butt plugs goes all the way up to 1.76”! Paired with the fact that these butt plug sets cost less than $50 a piece, you can easily see why we recommend them. You’ll get a kit that you can enjoy for a long time at an affordable price! That said, we do have one question: why do the plugs have suction cup bases? Sure, some people might use them, but the vast majority of people won’t bother dealing with this feature. While it doesn’t necessarily take away from the plugs, we feel they would’ve been better off going with a t-bar base instead for increased long-term-wear comfortability.

Singular Butt Plugs That Are Great For Beginners

Kits are great, but what if you just want a single plug, not an entire butt plug set? Well, if that sounds like you, we have a few options you might like!

njoy Pure Plug

njoy Pure Plug - Singular Butt Plugs That Are Great For Beginners
Perfect for temperature play, the nJoy Pure Plug is a stainless steel butt plug that has a little heft to it. Weighing 140 grams, this stainless steel plug is sized for beginners, comes in a case, and can be safely enjoyed with any type of lube.

Lovehoney Butt Tingler

Lovehoney Butt Tingler - Singular Butt Plugs That Are Great For Beginners
Featuring a removable bullet vibe, the Lovehoney Butt Tingler is a toy that offers your bum a choice of three speeds and seven patterns for some back door fun. Measuring 1.19 across the bulb, this t-bar base plug is perfect for anal beginners who want a little something extra!

b-Vibe Novice Plug

b-Vibe Novice Plug - Singular Butt Plugs That Are Great For Beginners
This premium plug from b-Vibe allows you to remotely control your backdoor sensations using the tiny, handheld remote. Shower-friendly with six speeds, 15 vibe patterns, and a long battery life, this plug will quickly become your go-to anal toy!

Butt Plug Sets for More Advanced Anal Play

So far, a lot of the options we’ve looked at have been handpicked for beginners. Looking for some a little—or a lot—larger? No worries: we have options for you too!

B-Vibe mASSter's Anal Education Set

B-Vibe mASSter's Anal Education Set - Butt Plug Sets for More Advanced Anal Play
This butt plug set is designed with the expert in mind. Included in this kit are three oversized toys, some helpful accessories, and a complete guide to advanced anal play. Give yourself a challenge with this expert-only set!

Temptasia Twist Silicone Dildo Kit

Temptasia Twist Silicone Dildo Kit - Butt Plug Sets for More Advanced Anal Play
Plugs are one thing, but many people enjoy using dildos when it comes to anal play. If that sounds like you then the Temptasia Twist kit is worth considering. Containing three dildos made of platinum cured silicone, this kit is perfect for targeted p-spot and g-spot stimulation on a budget!

Satisfyer Love Beads

Satisfyer Love Beads - Butt Plug Sets for More Advanced Anal Play
Useful for beginner-to-intermediate users who want to try out something a bit different, the Satisfyer Love Beads measure 8.1” long with a maximum width of 1.25”. Made of silicone and crafted to please, these beads are the perfect addition to any sexual experience you’re already enjoying!

How to Approach Anal Training

If your only exposure to anal sex has been through pornographic films or saucy stories from friends, it can be easy to feel pressured to jump into penetration right away. Fortunately, like most types of media, skin flicks aren’t an accurate representation of how anal intercourse usually is. In reality, there’s no need to rush right to penetration. Instead, take things slow with anal training. Doing so with a butt plug training kit will allow you to get used to the sensations, train your anus to accommodate larger objects, and—once you do get to penetration with a dildo or a penis—make the entire experience much more enjoyable. You should approach buying a new butt plug kit with the mindset of “I can do this, but there’s no need to rush.” As long as you take things at your own pace and don’t size up until you feel completely comfortable doing so, your anal journey will be a pleasant one!

How to Use a Butt Plug Set

Now that you’ve selected your butt plug starter set or training set, you might be wondering how to go about using it properly. Not to worry: we’ve covered that for you below!

Figure Out Your Starting Point

Figure Out Your Starting Point

Butt plug sets contain multiple plugs, usually of different sizes. To get started, you’ll first need to figure out what the sizes are, and then select which one you want to try first. Unless you’ve previously used anal toys, it’s a good idea to start with the smallest one first.

Use the Plug

Use the Plug

Once you’ve picked which of the trainer butt plugs you’re going to use, prepare yourself for the toy. You’ll need to apply lubricant to both your anus and to the toy itself. Rubbing around or even gently inserting your finger into your anus before using the toy can help make insertion easier. If needed, feel free to add more lube to help you insert the toy.

Size Up When You’re Ready

Size Up When You’re Ready

Once you have the toy inside, you should have a pretty good idea of whether you can go bigger or if this is the right size for you. If needed, size up. If not, stick with your current plug until you feel comfortable trying a bigger one.

How to Clean a Butt Plug Set

Cleaning a butt plug set is just like cleaning a singular butt plug. Although it’s a good idea to clean every plug before using the kit, you’ll only need to clean the plug(s) you used moving forward. If your plug is made from glass, metal, or silicone and DOESN’T contain any electrical components, you can sterilize it by dropping the toy in a pot of boiling water for a minimum of five minutes. For any other material, you’ll want to clean it using antibacterial soap and warm water. Clean once, then wash the plug(s) off using warm water only. Pat the toy dry, then leave it out to air dry before storing it away. Never store a butt plug away when wet—even if it’s only damp—as any leftover moisture can cause mold and bacteria buildup.


Beginners should look for a butt plug with a diameter between 1-to-1.25 inches. Ideally, your first butt plug will have a tapered tip for easy insertion.

It’s not officially recommended to use a butt plug for more than 30 minutes. Of course, most people do anyway, but this choice is up to you. Should you decide to wear your butt plug for an extended period of time anyway, don’t forget to re-lube your plug as needed.

The best type of lube depends on the material your butt plug is made from. Water-based lubricants are safe to use with any material. Any type of lube can be used with a metal or glass plug. However, aside from these two materials, you should always consult your toy’s manual before using a non-water-based lubricant.

It depends on what you’re going for. Glass and metal are ideal for temperature play, whereas silicone is best for body-safe softness. Other materials (such as ABS plastic) will do, but—being porous and therefore unable to be completely sterilized—are less preferable.

The term “tapered tip” refers to the shape of the tip of the butt plug. With a tapered tip, the tip starts small and grows thicker slowly, making insertion much easier than it would be with a rounded tip.

What is a Butt Plug Set?

A butt plug set is a set or kit that contains multiple butt plugs. Generally, these kits will contain at least three plugs, often uniquely sized. This difference in sizing makes them useful for anal training, as one can start using the smallest plug in the kit and work their way up to the largest in the kit before graduating to even bigger toys (if desired).

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