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How to Finger a Woman

The best fingering techniques to use, from foreplay to orgasm, that will drive her wild!

Knowing how to finger a woman is an important skill when it comes to foreplay and sex. After all, touching is one of THE most important aspects of intimacy.

Therefore, I am going to teach you all about fingering someone, why it’s important, fingering techniques and how to finger a woman until she has an orgasm. Plus, you will also learn the ultimate skill of making her squirt using special fingering techniques.

How to Finger a Girl: The Quickie Version

What is Fingering?

What is fingering? Photo of a woman lying down with a giant hand and finger touching her.

Fingering is pretty self-explanatory and means using your fingers to pleasure your partner. What’s more, fingering can be used during foreplay to arouse her slowly, as well as being another way you can bring her to orgasm.

Fingering a pussy sounds relatively easy, right? On the contrary, fingering a woman takes a bit of technique and finesse.

So, even though you think you can just start pounding the lady cave with 4 fingers at a time and have her moaning with pleasure, it rarely works that way.

Why is Fingering an Important Sexual Skill?

Knowing how to finger a woman is an important skill for many reasons. First, fingering her clitoris and vagina add so much to foreplay.

This is important because it is one of the ways to build her arousal slowly. In turn, the slow building of excitement will prepare her for the absolute best orgasms, including squirting.

However, have you ever experienced one of those nights where you just couldn’t perform? For instance, you just had too much on your mind to focus on sex, or maybe you just had too much to drink?

Also, you may have health issues or are taking medication that interferes with your ability to maintain an erection. Either way, fingering is a way to pleasure her sexually even though you may not be able to penetrate her.

Combined with hitting her erogenous zones, maybe a sensual massage, and incredible oral sex, learning how to finger a woman can provide that extra something that can fulfill her desires, all without penile penetration.

How to Prepare to Finger a Woman

Learning how to finger a vagina includes some steps you may not have though of. So, let’s take a look at the things you should do to prepare to finger a woman.

It’s a MAN-Icure, Just Do It!

Okay, so you don’t have to make an appointment at a nail salon, you can do a manicure at home. And a manicure is extremely important before you go sticking your fingers in someone’s vagina.

The reason for this is that dirt, under the nails, can cause a bacterial infection. In addition, uncut and jagged nails can result in cuts to the fragile skin of the vulva.

Therefore, trim and file those nails, and be sure and clean underneath too. She will be appreciative!

Lube Keeps Things Slippery

Lube keeps things slippery, photo of sign "Vagina may be slippery when wet"

The next step in preparing to finger a woman, is to be mindful of lubrication. Sure, if you have done enough to make her wet, her vagina should be nice and slippery.

But, it’s important to realize that the lubrication can wear down, especially with rigorous fingering. So, have a bit of lubricant on hand to ensure her comfort.

Any water-based lubricant will do, as you can reapply it, as often as needed.

On the other hand, I’ve known people that prefer to lube their fingers or the vagina with spit. Okay, you may find that convenient and sexy, but your partner may not.

Plus, you can pass bacteria to the vagina if you have poor oral hygiene, gum disease or any level of tooth decay. In the end, it’s best to use lubricant, which you can use for intercourse, sex toys and anal play too.

Work Your Way Down

Last, but certainly not least, when learning how to finger a female, you have to know how to get her aroused and excited before dipping into her happy place. You see, working your way up, or down, in this case, is so important for all sexual escapades with a woman.

Without reservation, beginning with arousing her mind – a woman’s biggest sex organ – kicks off the arousal process without being anywhere near her. This can be done with meaningful compliments, sexy texts or maybe meeting her for lunch and showing her how much you can’t wait to be alone with her later.

Or, consider a bit of porn created specifically to turn a woman on – think regular porn but with a storyline and plot twist. Trust me, she will LOVE it!

Then, touching and kissing her, before the clothes even come off, arouses her even further. You see, being a master at making out – kissing, looking into her eyes, touching her through and under her clothing – all fire up her arousal, driving her wild and making her want to tear your clothes off.

Finally, knowing her erogenous zones, and stimulating them with caresses and stroking and kissing, will get her horny and aching to be touched down there. After that, you can make your way down, and begin touching and fingering her.

Places On the Vulva to Pleasure with Your Fingers

Anatomy of the vulva, where to finger a woman

Knowing how to finger a woman involves more than just the vagina and clitoris. Indeed, the clitoris is a much larger structure than you imagine, also being situated behind the anterior wall of the vagina, as well as having extensive, nerve endings trailing down into the labia minora.

To demonstrate, the clitoris has more than 10,000 nerve endings, a fact just recently brought to light. So, touching her all around her clitoris and vagina will arouse her more than fingering her alone.

In addition, there are nerve endings surrounding the anus, giving you another place to tease with your fingers. But what are the best ways to finger a woman?

Let’s talk about fingering techniques for in and around the vagina.

How to Finger a Woman’s Clitoris

Fingering the clitoris is an art form. It requires a gentle touch and a bit of finesse.

First, remember that those 10,000 plus nerve endings are sensitive. So, rubbing too hard can cause pain and irritation.

However, that doesn’t mean that some women don’t like or need a heavier hand. Simply play it by ear, follow her cues and you’ll know how much pressure to use.

Next, use your forefinger or middle finger – sometimes both – to place gentle pressure on the clitoris. Sometimes, this is all it will take, depending on how sexually excited she is.

Then, you can rub in a circular motion, on top of the clitoris, then circling around it. This motion will drive her wild going from indirect to direct pressure.

Also, you can move your fingers from side to side or up and down. Meanwhile, keep abreast of the lube situation and either add a lubricant, or take a quick dip into her wet vagina – which will feel amazing to her.

Another way to finger a woman’s clitoris is to use your forefinger to tap, slowly at first, then faster. This technique mimics the low, rumbly sensations of a vibrator.

Finally, place your forefinger and middle finger on either side of her clitoris. Then, apply gentle pressure and pull upward, until her clit slips through your fingers, and repeat.

As a result, you’ll be pulling on the clitoral hood and giving the clitoris indirect, yet incredible, sensations. Repeat these fingering techniques, again watching and listening to her cues, to see which she enjoys most.

And don’t forget to slide a finger or two inside her vagina, then return to direct clitoral stimulation.

If you are ready to master the art of fingering, check out the video tutorials at OMGYES to learn some incredible, researched backed fingering techniques to unlock new realms of pleasure!

Fingering Her Clitoris to Orgasm

Consider this; only 25-30% of women can reach orgasm by penetration alone. Because of that, the remaining 70-75% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm.

Therefore, knowing how to finger her clitoris may be the best way to ensure she climaxes. In addition, you can stimulate her clitoris during oral sex as well as during intercourse – by using a small vibrator or a vibrating penis ring – which raise her chances of having an orgasm greatly.

So, I highly recommend you sharpen your clit fingering skills. That way, you can keep her sexually fulfilled and know how to bring her to the big-O, no matter how you are pleasuring her at the time.

How to Finger a Vagina

Now that you understand the importance of fingering the clitoris, let’s discuss the best ways to finger a woman’s vagina. And yes, there are various fingering techniques you can use to stimulate her g-spot, a-spot, and her clitoris at the same time.

How to Properly Finger Her G-Spot

The come hither finger

Fingering her g-spot properly is not only another way to pleasure her, but it can result in a vaginal orgasm as well as squirting. However, how does one find the female g-spot?

First of all, the g-spot is a spongy area on the anterior (front) vaginal wall, just below the pubic bone. It is theorized that this spot is part of the clitoris, which starts inside and extends outside of the body.

Furthermore, the length, size and development of the clitoris varies from female to female, potentially explaining why some can orgasm from internal stimulation and some cannot. So, it’s an important spot to learn about in order to possibly unlock her internal orgasmic potential.

Now, let’s discuss the best fingering techniques to reach and stimulate the g-spot.

Fingering Techniques for the G-Spot

Using the come-hither fingering technique

The easiest and most popular way to stimulate the g-spot is with a fingering technique called “come-hither.”

First, turn your hand to where your palm is facing upward and slide your forefinger or middle finger into her vagina, just past your second knuckle.

Next, curl your finger upward, until you feel the anterior wall of her vagina. Now, press against that area and move your finger toward yourself in a come-hither motion.

Continue making this finger gesture, over and over.

At this point, you may feel the area getting harder. Additionally, you may feel a walnut-sized bump, or the back end of the clitoris – which is made up of erectile tissues – getting hard.

So, if she begins responding with moans and groans of pleasure, you know you’re on the right track.


A great way to add pleasure to the “come-hither” fingering technique is by using your thumb to add pressure and movement to the clitoris.

As a result, you are stimulating the full length of the clitoris, internally and externally. What’s more, if you find a good rhythm and stay consistent, you can make her cum.

However, if you find thumbing to be awkward, use the fingers on your other hand to stimulate her clitoris with the fingering techniques I spoke of, above.


Another fingering technique that reaches the g-spot and stimulates her clitoris at the same time, is cupping. And this is best achieved when you are situated above her vulva, rather than being between her legs, facing her.

First, place your fingers into her vagina, curling your fingers upward. At the same time, use the palm of your hand to put pressure on her clitoris.


Now that you have the “come hither” fingering technique down, add the pulling technique. Simply press your fingers against the g-spot and pull outward.

Then, slide your fingers back in and repeat.

Make Her Squirt

How to finger her and make her squirt

There are several more fingering techniques to stimulate the g-spot, and not only bring her to orgasm, but potentially make her squirt. You can learn more about how to finger a woman and make her squirt by reading my full blog post.

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How to Finger a Woman and Stimulate Her A-Spot

A-Spot fingering technique

The technical name for the a-spot is the anterior fornix erogenous zone and it is located on the anterior, vaginal wall, about 4-6 inches deep, between the cervix and the bladder. So, the same area as the g-spot, only deeper.

Therefore, to stimulate the a-spot, find the g-spot, straighten your fingers and slide directly back, keeping a connection with the anterior wall. That way, you won’t hit her cervix, which can be painful.

First, you can stimulate her a-spot by sliding your fingers in and out, slowly. And then, if she’s responds positively, you can move faster and with a bit more force.

However, some prefer the fingers being moved back and forth, like the motion of windshield wipers. As mentioned previously, not everyone born female will have the same reaction to a-spot and g-spot stimulation.

That is why you must pay attention to her cues – moaning, panting, telling you it feels good etc. – and continuing if it feels good, or trying a different fingering technique if she says it hurts, she winces or scoots away from you.

But, if your partner does respond to this type of stimulation, you will notice her vagina getting wetter the more you stroke. Plus, this is a great indication that, with the right stimulation, she may be able to orgasm through penetration as well.

I Love Your Pussy Fingering Technique

I love you fingering technique

This technique is a great way to finger a woman while giving love to her labia at the same time. First, position yourself above her, so the palm of your hand is cupping her clitoris.

Next, slide your middle and ring fingers into her lubed-up lady cave. At the same time, straighten your pinky and index finger so that they lay on each side of the vagina, against her labia.

Then, slide your fingers in and out as well as up and down to stimulate her vaginal opening and nerve-rich labia at the same time.

If Fingering Techniques Don’t Work

If you happen to have short fingers, you may not be able to reach her a-spot. In that case, it’s best to know how to stimulate her using a sex toy, instead of fingering her.

For example, you can use a firm, yet pliable dildo to reach the a-spot and bring her to orgasm. In addition, there are vibrators, with an upturned tip, made specifically to reach the g-spot.

That way, if you don’t know how to finger a woman, or can’t quite execute the fingering techniques, you have another option. Plus, these sex toys are a great addition to bedroom play.

Combining Fingering Techniques

Once you master these fingering techniques and how to finger a vagina in general, you can combine all of these techniques to drive her wild. For example, stroke the g-spot a bit, go deeper to hit the a-spot, then pull your fingers out and cup your hand over her clitoris.

Or, you can mix fingering techniques while using your other hand, or your mouth to give her clit some love. But if you aren’t up on the best ways to eat pussy, I got you covered with this blog post.

How to Finger a Woman’s Anus

There are all sorts of nerve endings in the vulva area, including around the anus. Now, while some women may like their butts fingered, some may not.

But, simply placing your finger on the anus, without penetration, can add to the physical response of the clitoris and vagina fingering. Just be sure to use lube and back off immediately if she recoils in response to your finger being on her anus.

Most importantly, do not double dip! Meaning, do not touch or finger her butt and use the same finger to touch her vagina.

The reason for this is that you can take bacteria from the rectum and put it in the vagina, which is the perfect recipe for a rip-roaring vaginal infection known as bacterial vaginosis. Even worse, you can get the infection, with zero symptoms, and pass it back to her or another partner.

Therefore, keep exam gloves or a condom on hand if you want to finger her anus. Or, you can use personal or baby wipes to clean your fingers in between activities.

In the end, exciting the nerve endings around her anus will amplify the sensations all over the vulva and just add to the wow factor of fingering her.

The Vulcan Fingering Technique

The Vulcan fingering technique

As mentioned above, determine whether or not she enjoys anal stimulation. And if she does, try this way to finger her vagina and anus at the same time.

First, be sure your fingers (or glove) are lubed up and slippery. Then, turn your hand sideways, with your thumb up and punky down.

Next, slide your index and middle finger into her vagina and your ring and pinky fingers into her anus. Be sure and start slow and easy, so she can relax her anus!

In addition, this puts your thumb in the perfect position to give her clitoris a little bit of loving at the same time. In turn, she may just explode in a blended climax that may blow your fingers right out of her.

Finally, if you’re a Star Trek fan, you’ll recognize this hand gesture as the Vulcan Salute. I just consider it another way to finger a woman and possibly bring her to a trembling orgasm!

How to Finger Her, The Conclusion

In the end, knowing how to finger a woman adds another exciting element to sex. For instance, fingering can be used as foreplay and during cunnilingus, as well as being another way you can bring her to orgasm.

Additionally, fingering is another way to penetrate her vagina in the case that you may not be able to with your penis. Best yet, if you master the best fingering techniques, you may just learn how to make her squirt!

So, get her aroused, get undressed, slowly, slide those fingers inside her, and see how many ways you can make her scream with pleasure.

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