Lovehoney All Tied Up Kit — Test & Review

   Jason Bragdon
Jun 21, 2024

Jason Bragdon
: 40
: Moderate
: Male
: Heterosexual
: Fleshligh Ice Lady

  • have a little experience with BDSM play
  • want a good variety of items to play with
  • are on a budget but want more intermediate play

  • get overwhelmed easily
  • are scared of BDSM
  • are just starting your BDSM journey and want a very simple kit


The Lovehoney All Tied Up Bondage Kit is made of 11 different pieces including adjustable, under mattress straps, 4 ankle or wrist cuffs, 2 nipple suckers, a flogger, a blindfold, a finger vibrator, and a vibrating cock ring. The mattress straps are made of high quality nylon but will need 2 people to install under a mattress safely. The wrist cuffs are comfortable and have nice metal clips but the foam material feels a little cheap. The same can be said about the blindfold. The rest of the items are made of high quality silicone and ABS plastic and look and feel great.

Lovehoney All Tied Up Kit -

Initial Impressions

Having just finished our review of the Lovehoney Bind Date Bondage Kit, we were excited to dive a little deeper into the BDSM rabbit hole. The packaging is almost identical to our previously reviewed Lovehoney kit. Everything is individually packaged in the box with no paperwork or instructions other than what is on the box. Since the under mattress straps are the exact same as the Bind Date Kit, we used those in place of the “new” set. The cuffs have nice ring clips that hold well to the mattress straps but the foam material feels a little cheap. The same can be said about the blindfold, but both are sufficiently comfortable. The silicone of the cock ring, finger vibrator, nipple suckers, and flogger all feel nice and smooth. The vibrators in the cock ring and finger vibrator can be removed to easily change out the batteries. Speaking of batteries, you will need to remove the paper divider inside the vibrators before you can use them, so be aware. Overall, the kit seems nice enough and we’re ready to get started.

All the Little Things

For starters, we added the smaller accessories like the finger vibrator, adjustable vibrating cock ring and the nipple suckers into some of our “normal” playtime.  These items were all made out of the same silicone material which felt nice and smooth.  The finger vibrator was a good size for both my partners and my fingers.  The vibrations weren’t crazy but good enough for some decent stimulation. The adjustable cock ring felt good but the spring loaded adjustable straps did not work well. The straps were hard to adjust and tightening and loosening the cock ring was a hassle. I personally enjoyed the nipple suckers but my wife, not so much. For me, they gave just the right amount of suction to both stimulate and be on the edge of “pain”. My wife felt they were too painful but considering the sensitivity of female nipples in general, this isn’t surprising. Your mileage may vary here.

All Tied Up with No Place to Go

Our next session moved on to using the restrains. They have nice metal clips on them but overall they felt very cheap. The foam, cover material and Velcro just didn’t have a premium feel. They were all perfectly functional. Once restrained and blindfolded we played with the flogger. Neither of us have had experience with this type of toy so it was very much about experimenting and finding out where the limits were for each other. Taking baby steps finding the “goldilocks” zone for both of us wasn’t easy.  I was open to a little bit more intense play but we didn’t go crazy. We are still dipping our toes into this world. We did notice that over an extended period of time, the blindfold would give us headaches. Overall, we enjoyed our sessions and look forward to playing in this world more.

Lovehoney All Tied Up Kit -

From a design perspective, there isn't much to talk about. They are all pretty basic and black. The nylon bed straps are of high quality. As are the nipple suckers, finger vibrator and cock ring. Although, the cock ring is hard to adjust and the batteries seemed to di after one session. They do give you an extra set so you can get back to playing quickly. The wrist cuffs and blindfold are easily the pain points in the set....pun intended. They just feel cheap, There is no weight to them, just thin foam.

Lovehoney All Tied Up Kit -

The most difficult part of using this set is the setting up of the under mattress straps. You will definitely want a partner's help in setting that up as it will require moving or lifting your mattress. Most of the items are self explanatory but the nipple suckers and the wrist cuffs will need a little dexterity to work with. The button on the vibrators very easy to push on and off. I don't see any major hurdles for anyone honestly. The biggest issue was associated with headaches that came with prolonged use of the blindfold.

Lovehoney All Tied Up Kit -

Quality is a mixed bag here. Some items like the finger vibrator and the bed straps are on the higher end. While the blindfold and wrist cuffs just felt cheap. They are made of thin foam and materials. The batteries on the cock ring also had to be changed after one session which was very disappointing.

Lovehoney All Tied Up Kit - <

For an entry level kit, the Lovehoney All Tied Up Bondage Kit gives you a lot of options for BDSM play. The different vibrators, the restraints, the flogger, the blindfold. There are so many options for play here. But with the varying quality of some of the items its hard to completely recommend this kit.

Lovehoney All Tied Up Kit -

Some of the items in this kit worked really well. I really like the nipple suckers and the finger vibrator. The cock ring was nice but I really struggled with the push button tightening mechanism and the silicone straps. It was hard to get a good grip and tighten to a point where I felt anything. They were not very powerful either but I can't complain too much considering everything in this kit. The blindfold was a major disappointment. It did a good job of blocking out the light but the single strap caused headaches after a prolonged period of time.

Lovehoney All Tied Up Kit -

The packaging here was incredibly simple. All items were individually packaged inside the box, There are no instructions other than what is on the box. It was simple and too the point and on par with other Lovehoney items.

Lovehoney All Tied Up Kit -

It was a real grab bag when discussing the materials used. The silicone in the nipple sucker, vibrators and the flogger were really nice. Smooth, soft and just the right amount of stretch. The cuffs and blindfold missed the mark. They felt cheap and/or caused pain after prolonged use. For the silicone items, water based lube is recommended and clean up with warm, soapy water is easy enough. The blindfold and cuffs will probably be better off being spot cleaned but can probably go in the washer on gentle.

Vibration speeds1
RechargeableNo, both vibrators take 3 LR41 batteries
AdjustableYes, Cuffs Adjust up to 11 inches, Straps Adjust to Fit Up to King Size
MaterialsSilicone, Polyester
FasteningStraps: Slide Buckles, Carabiner Clips, Cuffs: Velcro, Cock Ring: Sliding Ring
Remote ControlsNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

Lovehoney All Tied Up Kit -

  • Good variety with this kit
  • Nice quality silicone used
  • Nice bed restraints

  • Can be intimidating
  • Quality issues with some of the items
  • Batteries die quickly
  • Prolonged use caused headaches
  • Several items feel cheap
  • No storage bag

The Lovehoney All Tied Up Bondage Kit is great if you have a little BDSM experience and want kick it up a notch with your play. It comes with adjustable, under mattress straps, 4 ankle or wrist cuffs, 2 nipple suckers, a flogger, a blindfold, a finger vibrator, a vibrating cock ring, and a partridge in a pear tree... JK. Although there are a lot of options with this kit, the quality of the items varies and at $85, that's a lot for an entry-level kit.