Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps — Test & Review

   Cassie Mørch
Jul 5, 2024

Cassie Mørch
: 26
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
: Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Dildo

  • are already experienced with nipple play
  • enjoy a tight squeeze
  • want to try nipple clamps with a cute and unique design
  • are on a budget

  • prefer more weighted nipple clamps
  • need clamps that have a wider range of adjustability

The Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps are a pair of elegant metal nipple clamps for those who like a tight pinch. Standing out from other traditional styles of nipple clamps, these "rings" just clamp around the nipple, placing it between the two beads. Aside from being able to alter the size of the ring by bending the metal, they don't offer much adjustability. They're adorned with small heart charms that add some nice movement and sound to your nipple play.

Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps -

It’s Like Jewelry For Your Tiddies

My favorite thing about the Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps is the design! As someone who has wanted their nipples pierced for a while but always chickens out, these clamps allow me to enjoy a similar vibe. I adore the look of them, and I feel like I’m wearing jewelry when they’re on. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of jewelry I get to walk around with in public…

Simple and Accessible

One thing I love about these clamps is how easy they are to put on. You simply pull the ring apart and place your nipple between the beads. Easy-peasy-nipple-squeezy! Since I have larger fingers and often have long nails, I don’t like to fumble around with sliding a bar up and down tweezer-style clamps or adjusting the screws of crocodile-clamps. For me, this design is super easy and accessible.

Timing is Everything

When I first put them on I was a bit surprised. They were initially a bit more intense than other clamps I’ve used in the past. I did also make the mistake of trying them on for the first time as a ‘reviewer’ (while feeling very unaroused, I may say). Since my head nor my nipples were ‘in the mood’ the experience was more uncomfortable than kinky. So, the next time I put them on, I was a lot more receptive to the teasing torture of this tight squeeze. I also bent the metal ever so slightly to expand the ring and take a bit of the pressure off. This time it was perfect for me!

“Advanced” Nipple Clamps

I really appreciate that these clamps still offer the tiniest bit of adjustment. However, since the metal can be bent and the ring itself cannot squeeze past a certain point, this product will seem tame to those who are used to advanced nipple play. They won’t provide much intense pain but they can certainly provide intense pressure and pleasure.

Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps -

I really like the design of the nipple clamps! I think they're so cute and I like how they remind me of nipple piercings. Compared to other nipple clamps I've tried, I love that they're so easy to put on since you just place your nipple in between the beads. No fumbling around with sliding a bar up and down or screwing a little tab to get the right fit. That's a plus in my book! I don't think the Lovehoney logo heart charms will be for everyone, so it could have been nice if they were removable. But for me, I actually liked the look of them.

Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps -

The Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps are incredibly easy to use. For me, they've been the easiest to put on and take off compared to any other types I've tried. This plays a huge part in my desire to actually use them in my sex life!

Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps -

I personally haven't seen anything wrong with the quality of these nipple clamps so far. Although, I cannot speak for what happens to the metal over time. Since they're so affordable and quite thin and lightweight, I could suspect that they aren't the most long-lasting or durable set of nipple clamps. That said, I think the overall quality is pretty decent for something so cheap!

Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps - <

The Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps are perfect for anyone on a budget. Sure, when I saw the simple packaging and the lack of storage bag, I could tell that these were on the cheaper side. BUT once I was wearing and enjoying them, they seemed like they were worth a lot more. All in all, for this adorable design, the intense feeling, and the general ease of use, I think they're a steal!

Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps -

Yes and no. Yes, they were very impressive. They stayed put and provided a nice and tight pinch. The direct metal to skin contact also adds more intensity compared to clamps with soft tips. Although, they are labelled as "advanced nipple clamps" and I think some advanced kinksters may be disappointed by the lack of pain provided with these clamps. However, I think the intensity was perfect for me and my pain tolerance, so I don't have personal complaints.

Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps -

The packaging was pretty simple and probably the only thing that made the nipple clamps look a bit more cheap than they feel. They were packaged together in this little plastic container, and I would have loved to see them packaged in a way that didn't have them scratching up against each other to maintain a nice and smooth surface.

Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps -

The Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps are made of nickel-free metal. They are super easy to clean and polish with a damp cloth. I recommend buying a small storage bag (like a fabric pouch or a small box) to put them in so you don't lose them. They're very small!

Length1.5 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo

Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps -

  • Adorable and unique design
  • Heart charms add some movement
  • Easy to put on
  • Can be slightly adjusted to fit your nipple better

  • Can slip off easily on smaller nipples
  • No storage bag included

I LOVE these nipple clamps! I've appreciated traditional tweezer-style nipple clamps in the past but haven't used them regularly because they tend to fall off my (slightly smaller than average nipples). Not only are the Lovehoney Tease Me Advanced Nipple Clamps super cute, they actually stay in place! I think this unique (and slightly adjustable) design is what makes them stand out to me. I'll be exploring nipple play a lot more now that I have these. The only minor flaw is that they don't come with a storage bag. They're tiny and easy to lose so this would have been nice!